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Unfortunately due to some untoward attention from The Far Left’s leading wrag Vice, The West’s Darkest Hour podcast show and my own talkshow station Lone Wolf Radio have both been taken offline, presumably because of our association with guest interviewee Norman Spear (a US national and former CIA intelligence officer currently domiciled in [REDACTED]).

Although Vice may appear to imply that Spear may have been involved in possibly illegal activity, the article cited above does not connect him personally with any wrongdoing, but instead merely relies on selected quotations from an alleged associate of Spear’s in a closed chat forum, and in which Spear does not appear to have partaken in. Upon contacting him for comment, Spear, who to my knowledge has never been arrested or spent a day in court, had this to say:

The entire original article is fabricated from lines of text in a general discussion room which Vice selectively picked out entirely out of context. In some cases the text has even been truncated or nefarious words added for effect. I would never be so stupid as to discuss or plan anything illegal online, and nothing of the sort occurred. The Vice story is literally fake news and they know it.

We knew something like this could potentially happen at any time so we were particularly careful to not discuss anything in such a manner that would allow it to be misconstrued. What we didn’t expect was the degree of flat-out fabrication these so-called journalists are capable of. We did not engage in illegal activity nor did we discuss or plan illegal activity. Vice cherry picked lines out of context deliberately aiming to sensationalize because there was no real evidence of anything nefarious which they allege we were doing.

The timing of LWR’s takedown is unfortunate as I was about to upload a 10 hour interview between myself and former US mayor Tom Kawczynski on his most recent book The Coming Civil War, which you can purchase on Amazon: here.

In the book Kawczynski [pic] demonstrates mathematically using well sourced statistics, that a violent upheaval in what is now the United States resulting in World War Two level mass casualties has at least a 90% probability before the end of this century.

Kawczynski was recently sacked from his former role in government as a result of his views on Somali immigrants becoming public knowledge.

Once I have finished editing and mixing this longest episode yet, Tom has kindly agreed to upload it to his own server in Maine for your further attention.

Best wishes,

Chris White

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  1. WHOA NELLY! Tom Kawczynski is another Crypto-Jew (Ulster Scot) Hillbilly up in Maine… These people are not legit, if you look on his Facebook and listen to Radio Shows Tom has done, you will see how many of his friends he keeps in contact with are Jews and even into LGBT… Just the fact, that he supposedly as a “Polish” guy of American descent, identifies more so with his Celtic (Scots-Irish) roots should be telling. This guy is a total fraud. Yeah maybe he told the truth about White Civil rights being under attack, but these Ulster Scots which were fundamental in the establishment of America have absolutely no care or altruism in the world for White Europeans.

    You need to understand who Tom Kawczynski is, he is a CIVIC NATIONALIST, another word for Pacifists who are tolerant towards the Multi-cultural cause. In some of his interviews, he even stated how he had no problem with the other Non-White Races which exist here.

    If you don’t believe me, do your own homework on the guy, check out to see who he’s associated with and listen to his pacifist ideas. He also has no problem with the whole thing of Women being liberated, since his people come from a Matriarchal bloodline.

    Many of you should question why nearly ALL the Nationalist Movements we see among Whites, especially evident in America always have Ulster Scots behind them. These people are mostly Ex-Military and a lot of them have former Felon histories! All of them are connected one way or another, at least somewhere in government or military, some were also placed on “dishonorable discharge” from the service, and many of those types happen to start up White Nationalist groups.

    Scott Roberts, Andrew Anglin, Bernard Chapin, these guys are SCOTS-IRISH (ULSTER SCOTS).

    John De Nugent, David Duke, Don Black (last 2 of Stormfront), also Scots-Irish and they are Fed Agents…

    The Ulster Scots / Scots-Irish belong the Jewish Tribe of “Esau” and they do not get along with the Oriental Jews which are usually known as Ashkenazi and the tribe of “Judah” or “Jacob”.

    At times, both Jewish tribes cooperate when there are Goyim to enslave. But when that power dissolves, they begin to fight each other.

    While they collaborate on things together, the difference is Esau Jews are not usually as involved in Finance, or when they are they are they get funds from other Jews to start up businesses. But for the most part, the Esau (Celtic / Scots-Irish) Jews enlist in Military. Over 50% of USA Military and Police forces are full of them.

    Oriental Jews (Ashkenazi especially) feel that they are the most superior bloodline of Jews and do not like to fight their own wars but get others to do it.

    Ulster Scot Crypto Jew Tom Kawcyznski is still a Trump supporter as well, and completely overlooks all the points of Trump being a Zionist agent. Trump is also of Ulster Scot Heritage, you have to understand that these people are always loyal to all their own and nobody else.

    Who do you think gave us the KKK (a protestant organization) and Democracy!? These all come from the Ulster Scots.

    But don’t tell them that you know they are Jews (or do tell them), because they usually remain silent and never like to admit this secret.

    Most of them are aware of their hidden Jewish origins, but some of them are not.

    • I have always said this time and again, associating with anglos ,celts or saxons will end in misery for your race,culture and entire nation.

      All anglos are crypto Jews, USA is a Jew nation, Irish scum are pro Jew , in some cases they are worse than jews

      • Devan, I am impressed you recognize this… It is frustrating but so very few people recognize who these people are, or the fact that they are a hidden bloodline of Jews… Indeed, also the Anglos today are crypto-Jews or of mixed Norman ancestry, there are very few left who have true Anglo-Saxon genetics which were the true relatives of the Germans…

        I studied the Linguistic conversions of Gaelic surnames and terms, and if I didn’t do the research and stumble across some strange symmetries and other unusual things about them, I would have never known they were a secret bloodline of Jews, and the reason they exist under different identities and a different language is from how they had to hide their identity through a very serious expulsion and war with the line of Judah.

        I used to be of the opinion that when we encountered Redheaded or Celtic Jews that it was an admixture between Jews and the Irish or Scots, but that’s absolutely not the case. They are from the Tribe of Dan.

        Like you said, they are sometimes worse than the regular Jews, they can often be much more aggressive and they always smell and have bad breathe, cannot cook properly and have no sophisticated decency or culturedness to them whatsoever.

        I am not against bearing arms, but the Scots-Irish are the highest demographic in terms of the armed population in America, and it’s by no accident. The only problem with it is that the Scots-Irish who are really only Scottish Highlander / Picts, NEVER had a stable or flourishing culture that lasted, depending on constant warfare with outsiders or among their own tribes when they get bored or need resources. They are total savages.

        They pride themselves on being armed more than they care about their own people, it’s every man for himself in their view, and the reason they are more likely to hide in rural areas and be so armed is because if people ever discover and awaken to who they are en masse, they know that they will be hunted down…

        The Judah line of the Jews on the other hand prefer to settle on coastal areas like port cities so they can escape quickly by boat or otherwise, but those Jews tend to be far wealthier and not so much into the rural homesteading self-sustenance.

        But the Scots-Irish are going to lose this country and their grip on everything, day by day they are becoming more desperate, so desperate that they have been trying to employ this “Civic Nationalism” and collaborate with Non-whites because they are realizing their options are limited in terms of ever gaining power back. Certainly they could use it as a ploy to only create a new form of slavery once they regained power, but I don’t think they will ever be able to regain power after how much destruction they’ve caused of this Nation, and also the fact that because of them, America has been a Nation at war against the world’s Nations from Day One, and every American war fought has been in the Tradition and Family Blood of the Scots-Irish Dirtbags.

    • Having spent 10 hours and more actually talking to the man and listening to him for more than three hours online, and having read his entire book ‘The Coming Civil War’, I can tell you in all confidence that Tom Kawczynski (whether or not he has any Jewish ancestors – and seriously I don’t know that he does), advocates for political ideas that would overwhelmingly favor White racial and cultural supremacy on the North American continent.

      I believe that Tom wishes to promote a regime that although not racially explicit, would necessarily emphasize White ethno-nationalism implicitly at its core, and that Tom was a key activist during the 2012 campaign for Ron Paul’s presidential nomination – a campaign which although with its own faults and incompletions, I nevertheless supported.

      Although not in favor of securing America’s borders to the point of promising the American public radical administrative and political measures were he to be elected President as Trump falsely did, Ron Paul did nonetheless promise to end the USA’s role as global policeman, promised to disentangle American foreign policy from the Middle East and the World at large, promised to restore rights of gun ownership, free speech and association, promised to close down the fourth branch of American government controlled by Jews (the Federal Reserve), promised to cut massive public wealth transfers from American incomes, commerce and industry to the corporate and Jewish special interests (whether by direct taxation or by deflation), and promised to restore the non-malleable dollar.

      Isn’t it interesting therefore that whereas a White Man who supports Trump (a man who has literally sold his own daughter to The Jews and who has publicly vowed on stage to bring “destruction” to anyone among his own people who opposes them with The Sword), such as self-defined revolutionary pacifist and former vegan Leftist Andrew Anglin, is largely praised and generally supported throughout The Movement, whereas a White Man who has been actively involved in an 11th hour attempt to dismantle the very military-industrial / media-government-education complex that is the mechanism for our own apocalyptic demise, is decried and denounced as a “Crypto-Jew” and as a enemy agent of disinformation in disguise?

      The Jews did NOT consistently oppose The Narcissist Donald Trump, despite all of Trump’s bombastic bluster about “building a wall” to implicitly save White America, (that would have costed at least 100x more than constructing an anti-personnel mine field – a far more effective method than a wall). Instead The Jews consistently opposed RON PAUL – a man who had not offered the American electorate any radical measures at all in order to address massive colored immigration into the United States.

      What does this teach us about the most effective way to fight and undermine Jewry in North America? Yes, The Jews hate Trump because of what his political momentum and success symbolizes, but when the push came to shove they chose to push the geriatric goldbug under the bus NOT the orange gameshow host masquerading as Uncle Sam.

      Tom Kawczynski may be an ‘ethno-nationalist’ and an ‘alt-righter’ as opposed to an explicit racial nationalist and direct White separatist, but I am a pragmatist. I have to be because I know that the White Race is no longer in the formerly strong position it once was in. At this point I support whoever and whatever works, regardless from what quarter. If the Chinese as a prospective replacement agent for the US hegemony, offered the same compromise that the 2012 Ron Paul campaign offered, then I would be just as interested in what they would have to lay on the table.

      • Chris White, it is very clear you are definitely a Pragmatist. And that’s the problem… We don’t need this Pragmatism. The thing is people like Tom and all the others he is associated with have NEVER been able to create order or leadership which is why they never get anything done. They are just big eloquent speakers which love to use diplomacy and egalitarian values, which Kawczynski is big-time softie when it comes to Egalitarian views. This goes back to the history of Ulster Scots. For thousands of years they never were capable to create any kind of real leadership or organization, even when it came to war. But then when they go to these public protests that the Alt Right has, they act like their ability to attend them and make themselves known was equivalent to moving mountains! Not to mention the constant in-fighting between them that happens behind the scenes… By the way, Protesting is a Jewish activity!

      • Concerning Tom’s Jewish Ancestry, you will not find it by Traditional means because he belongs to Pictish / Scot Bloodlines which are Jews that exist under a different Name and Language. But racially they are Jewish.

    • Matt Dillahunty as well. Ex Southern Baptist. He has brown eyes. In Ireland, very often Protestants are swarthier and have those deep brown eyes. Us Catholics tend to be lighter skinned, blonder, and with bluer eyes. I can sometimes tell a Protestant by sight.

      Another reason why I don’t want to give up my Catholic identity. Catholicism is like a racial/ethnic thing in Ireland. As the Atheist Dara O’ Briain put it:

      “I’m an atheist. I don’t believe in God… but I’m still a Catholic.”

      • @gaedhal, true… There is some occasional spillover on both sides, but the Scots of Northern Ireland from Ulster, tend to be very brash in their conduct, have lack of taste or decency in anything, they are brash, always drunk and they often are dirty and don’t dress clean. It just so happens that the differentiation between the two groups is print identified between their religious differences, but there is a racial component to it as well. The Irish Catholics also tended to settle more in industrialized cities whereas the Ulster Scots went rural. But they can be found everywhere.

  2. It is UNACCEPTABLE that they allowed themselves to be infiltrated. What platform for “secure chat” did they use? It needs to get public so that nobody uses it again? Or were they lousy with their vetting?

    • I already advised them to use an encrypted way of communication. Hope they’ll accept my counsel.

  3. Some say that the word ‘goidelicus’ whence we get ‘gaedhal’ and ‘gaelic,’ means ‘savage.’

    Like César I consider myself an alien amongst my own people.

    Protestants, although an extremely small minority in the Republic, are usually behind extreme left causes. Trevor Sargent set up the Green Party, which was one of the first parties in Ireland to campaign for “homosexual marriage.”

    • @gaedhal, for sure… In fact even the Greek word “Keltoi” to refer to the Gauls previously, it meant “Barbarian / Savage”.

      While the Greeks and Romans considered anyone Non-Greek or Non-Roman to be essentially a “Barbarian”, they had different classifications, ones who could be civilized and ones who couldn’t be.

      But yeah also what you said, I guess that makes me three of us, because I have much dislike and my own gripes for fellow Italian people, and I have no qualms of culling them on any grounds where and when it’s required… I am really fed up to the gills with the Italian attitude of “oh well, what you gonna do” and the pacifist attitude of many of them which only further fuels corruption and incompetence, and the fact that we have not been able to fight wars since Rome fell…

      Greeks and Romans used to be GREAT people, we live off their legacy in the Modern Europe we’ve come to admire. But the attitude is that because we had greatness in the past, that we can somehow reneg or ignore treason and incompetence within our own people.

      The reputation of Italians worldwide has become poor over time, although many people I believe appreciate our accomplishments and culture over epochs of time, but I do not believe they admire how our people or nation operate individually.

      And many claims that people have against us are not necessarily unjust.

      Some Italians are some of the most unscrupulous liars even to the point of not realizing how ridiculous they make their lies to seem believable, and the thing is since Rome fell and Italy has been established, most Italians do not live for the state but only for their own personal families and do not live for a common idea or system of moral principles and decency.

      This aggravates me to no end, because you cannot have a culture with higher status and a meritocracy if people ideally do not live for the State. Under the Roman Empire, people lived for the glory and legacy of Rome.

      When a Nation bases itself on permitted and excusing people’s incompetence and ineptitude based principally on one being of family or only on grounds of the being the same race, it is a breeding ground for corruption.

      Not just Italy does this, but many other Nations also engage in this practice, especially Romance speaking Nations.

      Since Rome fell, our Racial Blood has mostly been compromised by conquerors and also Jews which intermixed with some families. The rest of us have been left to hang out and dry, while the Parasitic ones and especially those with Jewish blood have a monopoly over all wealth and influence in Italy today just as much as they did around 500+ years ago.

      It is very frustrating, because few decent and ordinary Italians with a good head on their shoulders are to be found anywhere anymore.

  4. the holy trinity: israel, britain & u.s.

    no wonder these allies always gang up against germany. they are all jewish nations.

    • Tuatha de Danann. Tribe of Dan. Also, the supreme deity of the Gaels was “Belannus” or “Beul” or “Beal.” This is Bel, Ba’al of the middle east. Human Sacrifice – a Semitic Religious Practice – seemingly was offered to this demon.

  5. The Ulster Scots came primarily form the Lowlands and the Border between Scotland and England, these people have little Celtic about them and they never spoke Gaelic. Few of them came from the Highlands, and many of the major Highland clans who were not Celtic were ruled by houses that came from Normandy, Flanders, and France. The true Gaelic clans of the Highlands were not well represented among the Protestant Plantation. Also, there was a sizable number of Sassenachs from Yorkshire in the Ulster crowd. The flag of Ulster is essentially the flag of England (white field with a red cross), with a yellow star of David, and the Red Hand stolen from the Gaelic O’Neill clan which once ruled Ulster before the Plantation. So how Scottish are they?

    • Yes, originally they are from the lowlands, but the distinction of the Scots and Gauls I’m referring too have descended from groups such as the Picts, Scythians, Helvetti, Caledonians and Bretons. There are some other Ancient tribes as well, and they are completely barbaric, uncouth, warlike and big time drunks… Over time they have warred against the other Scots and people of Ireland and England who were if Anglo-Saxon origins with completely different work ethics and values. The Ulster Scots came to America under the false claim of them being Irish only because they came from Northern Ireland, but they only migrated there when England have them a plot of land there. Yes, surely some of these clans were intermixed with the Normans as well, another SCUM Tribe but instead the Normans came from Germanic Tribes in Scandinavia, such as the Franks. These groups have a lot to do with Anglo-American influence and they have proven themselves time and again that they are incapable of creating culture.

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