Homework for British nationalists

This flaming debate in another thread has moved me to call the attention of every British nationalist to ponder what commenters said in a couple of posts in this site:

Anglos and Hitler (2013)

Fuck the British! (2017)

The second one has a superb quotable quote by Andrew Anglin before the System took his blogsite down.

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  1. Well Stated…

    Unfortunately (or Fortunately) I have never had a strong opinion in favor of the British. Time and Time again, they always show their true colors as deceivers and opportunists, whether it’s the Anglo-Jews, or the “Britons” themselves.

    They are not ever concerned with the truth, except when it benefits them, and when it doesn’t suit their interest, they begin their autistic screeching and howling, becoming unhinged. Unwilling to accept the fate for the bad decisions their ancestors made for the fate of their Empire.

    Today’s British people are not the same people which once inhabited the Isles which used to be related to the Saxons “hence, Anglo-Saxons” which were a Germanic tribe. Of what numbers of them do exist, who knows, but since 1066 the subsequent Norman invasions and influence has outbred and over time removed much of the Germanic Blood that used to inhabit that land.

    I always prefer to make a distinguishment between an “Englishman” and a “British” or “Briton” Man, in which actually the word “Brit” descends from a Hebrew word and Britain came from the word “Bretons” which were a savage group of barbaric tribes that were a part of France, very close to the British Isles.

    The eradication of the early English Settlers in America also died off over time as well and was replaced by the same savage people that mostly inhabit the UK today. This took place in America after the civil wars, because Pre-civil War, America’s racial stock was mostly Anglo-Saxon.

    After that, the Scots-Irish and other Settlers and then eventually the doors to most European Nations were opened to seek work in the USA subsequently after the Abolishment of Slavery since the ruling class of the USA did not have any means for maintaining the USA without those who perform physical labor.

    The French pretty much also follow in lock-step, historically, with whatever England and America want.

    Experience and History has shown me that the American Yanks, English, Dutch and French pretty much view themselves as the superior class of White people and they inwardly really despise all Europeans whether they admit to this or not, and their incessant greed and desire to maintain a stranglehold over Europe and to be involved in 2 very bloody wars has now taken its toll as they see their future eroding before their very eyes.

    The British even exploited their neighbors in Ireland, Scotland and Wales, watching and benefiting from internal conflicts between Clans and setting them up to fight each other, all in the interest of what served England.

    The appropriate attitude that someone from Britain, the USA or any country in which their ancestors have made bad decisions, is you must accept that what goes around, comes around. And that there is a such thing as fate. Good or Bad, you must inherit it and reconcile with it no matter what struggle or difficulties it brings. That’s just how things work in the natural world.

    British Nationalists should be no different in that respect, compared to other Nations which have also made poor decisions in their Political Leadership.

    Basing ones existence on Pride alone always leads to one’s downfall, and this is a lesson that British Nationalists should ponder.

    Here is an article as well which has some information from the German National Socialists and other figures which spoke about the races, origins and characteristics of those who inhabit the British Isles:


    • Please don’t add bare URLs (I had to fix it).

      • @CT, I’ll make note of that for the future.

    • If you look at Tom Jones, he has a Jewfro.

      B’rith is Hebrew for ‘cutting [a deal].’ Also pronounced ‘Bris.’

      I think that when Saint Edward annexed Wales he flooded it with Jews.

    • That you think British is a Hebrew origin word is a major tell. You simply have not even the most essential grasp of the topics you pronounce on.

      I will be kind to you and simply assume you are an idiot.

      César, most of the commenters on this blog are clowns and they are turning this blog into a joke.

      • Typical British Style Superiority Complex… HaHa!!! :D

      • Cesar rightfully called out something that stands out regarding British Nationalists… Not even the French are this thick-headed or ignorant. I don’t know any European Nation which is so delusional and blinded with pride like the British are. Even Americans take doses of harsh truth better than you, despite being a Nation that shares common lineage.

    • @ rhnegatives

      You insult the British. If you want to do that, then the least you could do is get your facts right and know the topic.

      You don’t. It’s not a superiority complex to point this out, especially when it’s obvious anyway.

  2. The English will be a minority in England by 2050, 32 years time, and the British (English, Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish) will become an ethnic minority in the UK as a whole sometime in the 2060’s. If present demographic trends continue I can imagine the British meeting their demise sometime next century. The UK could be an Islamic state by the end of this century. There was an article that came out 5 years ago in The Telegraph newspaper stating that the UK population could potentially rise to 130 million by 2110. Savitri Devi said that as a result of siding with the Jews instead of Hitler, England would die and predicted the British Isles to be overpopulated with 200 million mostly dark-skinned ‘humans’ by the end of the 22nd century and just a minority of Britons.

    What damns the British is that after making a mistake (and I’m being generous here) by siding with the Jews, they refused to recognize their error and make good for it, instead further compounding their error over and over again by stubbornly clinging to WWII mythology. The British have made their bed and they can lie down in it to die. I know most British men who fought in WWII regretted their decision to do so but nonetheless after WWII they and their descendants never did anything tangible to oppose their replacement by foreigners enacted by British traitors, even something as simple as voting for the National Front or the British National Party. It shows that, as a whole, the vast majority of the British are not passionate enough to enact violent protest against what is being done to them and are indifferent to the fate of their nation and the future of their children and descendants on the British Isles (and it IS a bad future that awaits them if things continue as they are going).

    Britain is one of the great tragedies of modern history. I watch the old video of Oswald Mosley in the early 1930’s saying “In the lives of great nations comes the moments of decision, comes the moments of destiny. And this nation, again and again in the great hours of it’s fate, has swept aside convention, has swept aside the little men of talk and of delay and has decided to follow men and movements who say we go forward to action”. He is full of hope for the future then. Mosley was invited by King Edward VIII to discuss Fascism with him and there even exist photos of Queen Elizabeth II (Oswald Mosley’s fourth cousin once removed) giving Nazi salutes when she was a little girl with Edward VIII before he became king. But the Anglo-German alliance that Hitler so badly wanted was not to be.

    I also look at the videos of the English celebrating ‘VE Day’ on the 8th May 1945 and carrying banners saying “There’ll always be an England”. They have no idea about what is about to come (even today most British are too uncomprehending and incapable of facing reality to recognize what has actually happened to Britain). There is a group of people from Lambeth in London and a Lambeth man says “No-one messes with the Lambeth people” or something to that effect. Yet within a few years the British government began replacing those people with African savages. There are hardly any white people left in Lambeth today. They can stand up to Luftwaffe bombing when authority gives them permission to do so but they can’t defend their nation and instead flee from conflict when they haven’t got permission from the government and the state.

    Unless there is drastic action taken, Britain, especially England, is finished.

    • Nothing is more beautiful and celebratory sight that to see complete annihilation of british race, the anglo saxon abomination should be exterminated from gene pool of european races.

      For any revival of europe to take place, we need blood sacrifice, and in this current time we need the blood of anglos and their racial annihilation to purify the soil of europe which they have contaminated with their blood.

      • Totally Agreed… I have no sympathy for the British, they are simply getting what they deserve after centuries of what they done, and their pinnacle of criminality and deceptions and cover-ups in WWII.

        The British always demonstrate themselves to always prioritize their love of Business Enterprise over any kind of personal decency, humility and preservation of culture. Hence why they have sold their empire out for their own enrichment which they are going to lose in the process.

        Indeed, if the British really did have true all-encompassing regret, particularly those who knew they fought on the wrong side of the war, there would be much more resistance posed from them, but they are simply content in so far as that they get to live in comfort believing that having regret is simply enough to justify them a free pass.

        The British have always been known to be very thick-headed and arrogant. Churchill was no exception.

        The British also have sold the last two centuries a major wholesale of subversive ideas between Liberalism, Atheism and Democracy which has permeated the ideas of many modern philosophies and caused great destruction in Western Education.

        I myself, will also be in great celebration and cheer when the British Empire finally dissolves and that God-forsaken island sinks into misery. We don’t need them. We’re far better off without them.

    • Unfortunately the “myth” of Great Britain for its people has become a toxic one of multi-culturalism, empire and defying europe, a British version of American exceptionalism.

      The only possibility I can see is that during the death throes of christianity a true British rebirth may arise. Unfortunately the symbiotic institutions of English Royalty and Church is very strong, unless these two fade away, or better are overthrown in revolution they have no hope (except for the very-faint possibility of English royals standing up for their own people).

      QEII is set to go down in history as the Queen that reigned in Englands desecration.

      • English royals standing up for their own people? The recent royal wedding with an ape-ish woman demonstrated that they’re goners. Only Turner Diaries levels of revolution can save what’s left of the English: their precious DNA.

        But only a convergence of catastrophes could provoke the social conditions for such a revolution. Since the pound is fiat currency like the dollar, there’s still hope even for the near future after the financial crash (the first of the three catastrophes which sequels will converge according to my ‘prophecy’).

    • @ Joseph Walsh

      Again, you repeat this allegation that the British sided with the Jews. The British did no such thing. Some of the British elite may have sided with organised Jewry, just as Hitler did (Hitler was funded by Jews too), but ordinary British people did not. As an aside, the War was also very unpopular in Britain.

      I don’t mind historical simplification, where it helps us understand critical essentials, but you are simplifying things to the point of parody. You and César omit a ton of facts in your selective elucidiations, among them that France declared war on Germany too, and France had a vast overseas empire too. I could go on.

      Also, the terminology being used by various commenters here is confusing. Some are referring to the British. Some refer to Anglos. Some to Anglo-Saxons. Some to Saxons. These are different groups, and some don’t even exist.

      The British are an ethnic group unto themselves, and also a meta-ethnic group, and furthermore, the term is also a descriptor for Ulster-Scots in Northern Ireland.

      Anglos don’t exist. The term is meaningless and illiterate.

      Anglo-Saxons don’t exist and haven’t for at least thousand years. To refer to modern-day white English speakers as Anglo-Saxons is ignorant and nonsensical. We may as well refer to the French as Franks. The term is valid in history, archaeology, literature and related academic disciplines, but in ordinary non-specialist language, it is used only as a jokey colloquialism.

      It’s also worth noting that Nordish Anglophones are not always of English descent – a simple fact that puts paid to a lot of this site’s criticisms of so-called ‘Anglo-Saxons’. In fact, many of the American soldiers who served in the War were of predominantly German or Scandinavian descent – especially if they came from ordinary families in the Midwestern and Western United States.

      As for Saxons, they only exist in Germany. I laughed out loud when some idiot on here referred to “vile Saxons”. How stupid can some people be? The answer seems to be ‘Very’.

      The reason all this strange and antiquated terminology is being used is, partly, because some commenters want to look cleverer than they really are, and also partly because there is little or nothing to the accusations in the first place and the archaisms are an attempt to distract from this shortcoming. It would be like me making blanket accusations against Mexicans by calling them ‘Aztecs’. I would do it in an effort to confuse and bamboozle you. It’s similar to the dialectic technique of blinding with science.

      • British, English, Anglo , Saxon…… etc

        A year or so ago there was a lot of internet chatter about “anglo-normans” been the cause of Britains fall. The Norman invasion of 1066 created a whole new racial ruling class and religious structure for England.

      • @ Berk

        True, but there again, if we’re honest about this, there is a tendency to disclaim the bad while claiming the good. A complication is that what is seen as ‘good’ and the ‘bad’ also changes over time, depending on who is in charge of the narrative, which in turn influences how the morality of historical actions are conceived. At the moment, it’s Nazi=Bad, Allies=Good, which means that most normal people are happy to claim the Allies by surrogate, albeit with some caveats concerning DoublePlusBadActions that are allowed to be known about within the narrative framework (i.e. the Dresden bombing, etc.). That could change. Dresden might become the norm, and it could be Nazis=Good, Allies=Bad, or some variation on the theme.

        Another thing I’ve noticed is the tendency for Scots to claim British achievements and perspicacity as their legacy (not without a degree of justification, it should be said), while at the same time wanting to associate British imperialism with the English alone. People want to have their cake and eat it.

        Tommy Atkins – and Jock Atkins – do have some responsibility in so far as they went along with it, even if they were following orders or conforming to social pressures, but they don’t bear political-historical responsibility. To face facts, they are responsible, but it’s the small responsibility of small people. Obviously where war crimes and other obvious wrong-doing was committed (Hellstorm, etc.), that is a different matter entirely, but in regard to those things, the facts are open to dispute – on both sides.

  3. Sidenote: Andrew Anglin?

    • Please don’t add bare URLs (I had to remove it).

  4. The two links contain no substantial intellectual content whatsoever. It’s just a series of strident assertions based on sweeping judgements and assumptions. Most educated English speakers would not take this stuff seriously. I don’t know what passes muster in Spanish, but in English we expect precision and argument, and preferably the use of evidence/references in serious articles.

    It is asked why the British did not rise up and rebel. Interestingly enough, Orwell asked this same question from a slightly different ideological point-of-view. He had believed that the military regimentation of the country, even the formation of a British Home Guard, would precipitate an English socialist revolution. It seems we English can’t win. Even when Englishmen defend their own territory (I accept it was on a misguided premise), there’s some smart-arse book-worm somewhere on hand to give us it in the neck.

    You do realise that the War in Europe was in two chronological stages, and that Britain in effect lost the ‘first war’ to the Germans at Dunkirk. It was at that point, and in view of the German annexation of Norway, that the Americans occupied Britain (which is from where Orwell’s expression, ‘Airstrip One’, originates). Oh wait, the Americans were ‘Anglo-Saxons’ weren’t they. Yeah, right….Those young men from Minnesota, Illinois and Pennsylvania – thoroughbred Englishmen.

    Where were the Vikings when all this was happening, by the way? Surely they should have turned up in their wooden boats and sorted those Germans out? Were they too drunk?

    I could ask why didn’t the West Germans rebel against the Bundesrepublik and Allied occupation after 1945? The East Germans supposedly overthrew the DDR in 1989, but instead of replacing it with a volksstaat (as the East German rebel leaders wanted), the populace embraced liberal-democracy – with undiluted enthusiasm in some quarters. Some of them couldn’t get rid of their Trabants fast enough. In fact, in my experience of Germans, most of them would crawl bollock-naked over broken glass for the pagan god of avarice.

    We could go on and on with the accusations. And round and round and round, with responses and rejoinders. It gets us nowhere. It just divides us. Maybe that’s what you intend?

    This is supposed to be a pro-white blog, yet you allow anti-white comments and promote anti-white feeling yourself.

    • The two links contain no substantial intellectual content whatsoever.

      Did you read the comments section of those articles?

      Devan may be a little crazy about the British, but you have not addressed what Walsh said above (e.g., “they refused to recognize their error and make good for it…”). Nor did you respond to what I told you here and here.

      • And you lot don’t address my points! In any case, I will not read previous comments in other threads. I simply don’t have time. I have bills to pay.

        Yes, I did read the comments section of the articles.

        I HAVE addressed what Walsh said above. I have already told you – now three times – that:

        – in my own anecdotal experience, many British servicemen did recognise their country’s error. This was common;

        – ordinary British servicemen were not responsible or to blame for this error, any more than ordinary Germans were responsible for the admitted errors of Hitler;

        – the War was very unpopular in Britain at the time, there was a mass anti-war movement during 1939/40, and even many of the elites opposed war with Germany; and,

        – as for why these men didn’t overthrow British liberal-democracy, it should be obvious to you why. It’s for the same reason people in other countries didn’t do the same. I could spend hours explaining it. One simple reason for it is that, while the War was unpopular and not wanted, the emergent consciousness about why the war was an error took a long time to form, and even then most of these men would not have understood the ethnic dimension to it, let alone the deeper issues discussed on this blog.

        My grandfather was a Yorkshire miner. He’s hardly going to be turning to my grandmother and saying, ‘Hey, I’ve just realised why white countries are failing – it’s the Christian axiology!’ Of course, I exaggerate for effect, because there was a very strong working class education movement in Britain during the late 20th. century, so it’s not out of the question that a man such as my grandfather could have read history, economics, philosophy, anthropology, etc., and also learned foreign languages – but my point is that, mostly, these were simple people.

        The problem here is, partly, that like a lot of high IQ people, you seem to have a very naive understanding of people and human action. I am myself a member of MENSA, but I’m something of anomaly at that cognitive tier in that I’m a bit of a fuzzy thinker. I’ve noticed that most of ones I’ve had discussions with are more like you: they reduce human complexity to a simple set of abstract rules and motions. The real world isn’t like that. In the real world, most people lack foresight or any interest in things going on outside their immediate lives.

        And once again –

        The crux of my complaint is not that you are blaming Britain. I agree that Britain deserves to be blamed to a degree.

        Let me repeat – I HATE THE BRITISH STATE.

        Yes, Britain should be blamed, along with certain other countries, including France, Poland and Czechoslovakia. The latter two countries in particular always wrongly escape their share of the blame in these discussions.

        I have also said that Britain started the War. I agree with the PoV of this site. That’s not the issue for me.

        The issue here is that you want to go further in generalising blame and responsibility by holding Tommy Atkins accountable too. That’s both unfair and wrong and it is fuelled by Anglophobia, something that is now of sufficient concern to me that I no longer consider myself a white nationalist proper. Tommy Atkins and other ordinary Britons were no more to blame than the ordinary people of other countries. It gets us nowhere pointing fingers at each other, but since that’s your game, I now confine my interest to the welfare of British heritage peoples only.

      • @Andrew:

        WHY IS IT that you British and also Communists from Russia who fought the Nazis ALWAYS have to bring your family losses into the equations of everything!? Is that your only device to justify your side of the war!? The Axis Powers rarely mention about family losses, except when it’s just as a matter of fact in conversation. But you British and the Russian Reds ALWAYS mention and whine like a baby how many of your people you lost in the war, nothing but Jewish trickery and victim-blaming to offset your crimes against Germany!

        This nonsense is visible to us who understand British and Communist techniques!

        We National Socialists, while we do not like blood losses, we accept the necessary cost in any war and conflict of sacrifice and NEED NOT boast about our losses. RATHER, we regret that over 90 Million Europeans of Good Racial blood lost their lives all because of a deadly ideology known as Communism was determined to Wipe out all of Europe, while you British were going to kick back and enjoy as Europe became enslaved! UK and USA equally had a hand in financing and bringing Communism into power!

        You will not hoodwink us!

    • @ANDREW:

      Further more, I am very tired of your atrociously disgusting technique of speaking out both sides of your mouth as if you have morals and on one hand you will always defend some of the most worthless points just to make it seem like you aren’t biased in favor of your British superiority, even trying to claim how you hate the British State.

      That will NOT earn you brownie points, sir!

      The State and the People it governs must bear the fruit of its choices and consequences for its decisions. Whether you like it or not.

      I live in the United States, and I myself welcome whatever fate is necessary that must be brought to this Nation when it falls on its knees, which it rightfully deserves.

      The only appropriate attitude of any British person in Britain who recognizes the truth and consequences of the war is to morbidly and painfully accept their fate for the bad decisions of their leaders and to go down with a whimper and with shame, squalor and humiliation.

      Mark my words, No European country, and I highly doubt even the French will EVER be willing to lend a helping hand once the British Empire Dawns Bloody Red on that fateful morning of your demise.

      And your country will deserve whatever fate bestows it.

      Your Nation has burned all your bridges.

    • @ANDREW:

      And don’t even act like you are just suddenly “turning your fellow Englishmen” to focus on their heritage and well-being, when you know your mentality is geared in this stubborn pride all along to only see things through the worldview of what is good for the British.

      In your mind, what is not good or not convenient or Britain, does not exist, as is the same in nearly every British person.

      There are some of us who are very well schooled in British thought and British Propaganda, and we see right through the verbal diarrhea you feed us constantly.

      There is nothing more disgusting, offputting and atrocious than British Pride.

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