70 AD

Above, the first page of the Gospel of Mark in the readable edition (9.5 x 13″) of the four gospels that I inherited from my father. Regarding the Old Testament, to English speakers I recommend Young’s Literal Translation, an 1862 word-for-word translation of the Hebrew text. It sacrifices the beautiful poetry and readability of the KJV for extra accuracy.

Through a bizarre, subterranean and astonishing struggle, Judaism has not only persecuted the old culture, and Rome, its mortal archenemy, adopts a Jewish creed—but the Jewish religion itself, so despised and insulted by the old Romans, is now elevated as the only official religion of Rome along with Christianity!

Thus spake Evropa Soberana in a crucial passage of what has become the masthead of this site. Could it be a coincidence that the Gospel of Mark was written around the time when the Romans conquered Jerusalem and destroyed the Temple, in 70 C.E.? Keep in mind that, according to a chronologically ordered New Testament, Mark’s gospel was the first gospel ever written, which means that the author inaugurated a literary genre that has hypnotized whites to date. As Soberana implied in his essay, the conquest of the Aryan soul by Judea was complete after Constantine and his Christian heirs. So complete I would say that even some of Alex Linder’s fans still worship the god of the Jews.

Last Saturday for example, I received an email from one of the regular commenters of this site, a Linder fan: a communication apparently sent to a circle of white nationalist correspondents. His letter contains this phrase: ‘Religion is a potent force in this world irrespective of whether or not God exists… and I privately believe that He does’.

If Judea had not conquered Rome, no white man today would be speaking about ‘God’, a word that I prefer to write with small letters, ‘god’, as it obviously refers to the god of the Jews. Without Judea’s triumph, polytheism would still exist today, along with atheism—but never monotheism, as ‘Thou shalt have no other gods before me’ is clearly a commandment of Semitic import.

Recently I mentioned my book ¿Me Ayudarás? From that book, only a couple of essays have been translated for the latest edition of my Day of Wrath. Several times I have linked both essays, including ‘God’. But apparently most white nationalists are uninterested in the notion that the Big Bug that is destroying the Aryan race is precisely the sort of Semitic monotheism that the Jews started to install in the white psyche right after the humiliating defeat of 70 C.E.

Or perhaps I should say 70 AD, the year when the Gospel of Mark was probably written, as even nationalists believe in such a thing as the anno Domini?


  1. My footnote in the above pic says “Precisamente por ser narrador omnisciente, esto tiene toda la cara de ser ficción”. (“Precisely because he [Mark] is an omniscient narrator, this has the whole face of being fiction”).

  2. Stephen Anderson and Co. use the Reina Valera, the “Spanish KJV.” I know some Latin vocabulary , but no Spanish, however I was able to make most of that page out. I might buy a copy of the Reina Valera. I find the bible great for learning foreign languages, because of 30+ years of exposure to this text.

    • I also have a couple of copies of the Reina Valera edition of the NT.

  3. By the way I always refer to the Yahweh god in small letters. I was referring to Thomas Paine’s God, a God of Nature. I was making the point that Religion is a potent force in this world irrespective of whether Thomas Paine’s God exists or not.

    • Again, if in the West you talk of ‘god’, you refer to the Jewish god invariably. Even the Deists’ idea of god is inspired by the Judeo-Xtian god. No true transvalued man would speak of ‘god’ insofar as it implies monotheism, which is ultimately rooted in the destruction of polytheistic Greco-Roman (i.e., Aryan) civilisation.

      The phrase ‘I believe in god’ would make no sense now if Xtian takeover had not occurred 1,600 years ago.

  4. Would you say Adolf Hitler worshipped the god of the Jews seeing as he had a belief in a monotheistic ‘God’? Heinrich Himmler didn’t allow atheists into the SS, every SS man had to say they had a belief in God. I’m not entirely sure monotheism is strictly Semitic either. Monotheism didn’t originate with the Jews, the Jews were orginally polytheists like all other tribes, the person usually credited with being the first monotheist is the Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten who was part-Aryan himself. Apparently the Jews copied the idea of monotheism from Akhenaten when they were in Egypt during his disastrous reign. Sigmund Freud wrote a book about this called Moses and Monotheism.

    All that said I think you are right in saying that belief in a monotheistic God among Aryans is further evidence of the total triumph of the Jews over the Aryan mind as Aryans’ indigenous blood religions were polytheistic. Although I much prefer our race’s ‘pagan’ religions to Christianity I find it harder to believe in polytheism than monotheism. Ultimately I’m agnostic on the existence of God or the Gods. For me a higher power exists in Nature which I can see in operation all around me. I am dependent on air to survive for example. Nature is the master of man and all life, and this power that is higher than man is sufficient for me. I don’t worship Nature, I don’t worship anything, nor do I pray or engage in any religious activities in my everyday life. While agnostic I lean toward an atheistic, scientific conception of the Universe.

    • I’ll respond in a full entry.

  5. Yeah, I especially dislike “Anno Domini” as it recognises the Lord-ship of Rabbi Yeshua’ from the Bible. Not quite ready to use “BCE” yet, though.

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