Infected minds

The present is a reply to what Joseph Walsh said in the previous thread, ‘70 AD’.

The young Hitler once wanted to enter a Benedictine monastery. Undoubtedly there were reminiscences and a Judeo-Christian tail in Hitler, Himmler and others of our heroes. Even in myself! Not long ago I said on this site that I considered myself ‘panentheist’, keeping in mind the philosophers of German classical idealism who flourished in the century when the Führer was born.

Not everything that Hitler opined should be accepted automatically, for example, what about Charlemagne he said in a table talk. Pierce, Kemp and Sunic had not yet spoken about this Christian murderer of non-Christian Saxons.

I speak of monotheism in the West, not of monotheism in universal history (Egypt, Palestine and the desert religions). In the Western forest and its Aryan man, the idea of a single god is clearly a Judeo-Christian bug that has its roots in the ‘Apocalypse for Whites’, as I named the Evropa Soberana series. The fact that you believe that theism is more probable than polytheism means that—as I myself was in the past on this site!—there are Judeo-Christian reminiscences in your mind.

It is very difficult to remove them because we grew up with them. In no way polytheism is more improbable than theism. We suffer that impression only because we were born in a Christian milieu, and we have burnt the idea of a single personal god in the depths of our psyche. Just imagine a world without Christianity. If the Greco-Roman world had not been assassinated by Judeo-Christians today there would be a lot of atheism, but the agnostics would still feel that the existence of the picaresque Gods of the classical pantheon was infinitely more probable and benign than the existence of the surly god of the Jews.

The fact that we fail to realise this in the Christian era (I write this in 2018 AD) can only mean that we have not run several programs in our minds to disinfect ourselves from Judeo-Christian programming. A good program is what Nietzsche says on the last page of The Antichrist: ‘The holy history should be called by the name it deserves, the cursed history; the words “God”, “saviour”, “redeemer”, “saint” should be used as terms of abuse, to signify criminals’.

But Nietzsche did not know computers. Here is a modern metaphor. The mind of the common Westerner is similar to the hard drive that an internet teacher in Houston told us, in class, that was so infected that it was better to throw it away.

Confronted with that hard disk, the types of the Alt Lite instead of throwing it have run antivirus programs like Norton and Kaspersky. The Alt Right types, in addition to those two programs have run on the hard drives of their minds, Cylance and PCprotect. The white nationalists, in addition to these four programs, have run AVG and McAfee. The national socialists of our time, in addition to those six, have run in their minds Panda. But only in recent times yours truly runs in his mind, in addition to those seven, another antivirus, TotalAV: which expands the Jewish problem into the Christian problem (let’s imagine it in a Venn diagram).

The gradual Semitic infection of the Aryan mind has been going on for two thousand years. As commentator Devan said recently on this site, today whites are, psychically speaking, Jews. It is impossible to diagnose the whole infection unless one becomes an aseptic priest of fourteen words. Part of the priest’s job is to detect the Semitic malware in his own mind, and run each of the antiviruses to eliminate it.

Of course, when the priest goes out and sees the white normies, all he can think about is throwing the hard drive of these NPCs in the trashcan, as my old internet teacher advised us. Running eight antivirus programs in your own mind is a feat for a chosen few.


  1. I am sure Adolf considered becoming a Benedictine monk in the hopes of attaining spiritual enlightenment, not because he loved the Jesus Juice.

    We modern Europeans are deeply corroded spiritually .
    As a race we have stumbled off the path of Natural Order.
    We must reject every morality, every philosophy that spawned since the birth of Xtianity, and examine how we were before it infected us.
    The notion of Monotheism, One God, One-Beginning-One-End, seems unnatural to me. It’s too simplistic. It seems like a psy-op that leads to mantras like “since we all came from the same source, we are basically all the same.” It feels like an insidious priority-switching program.

    The Judeo-Christian worldview is a cosmopolitan one. As this shopping-mall-world turns into a nigger shithole, Whites will remember the old worldview that Might makes Right, and begin to prioritize human quality over human quantity. Then we will be aggressively regenerative. We will adopt mantras such as “Crush your enemies and take their wives. No mercy for traitors, cowards die in shame.’

    Whatever spiritual practice that emerges naturally from the survivor villages, it will view Life as a constant struggle. And to win that struggle, it shall respect the masculine virtues of strength, courage and honour. Never slacken, for it is unmanly; Never give up, defeatism only prolongs suffering; Never despair, for you are a link in an unbroken, eternal chain. If we were polytheists before, we will be polytheists again.

    And speaking of de-programing Aryan NPCs, that is the task for the most veteran of Priests of the Fourteen Words. He must carefully diagnose the level of infection when encountering an Aryan mind, then use the appropriate anti-malware to tackle a single, specific malware, one at a time. The Aryan’s programming will begin to glitch, and he may begin to wonder if his worldview is as solid as he thought it was.
    Or he may ignore the glitch and carry on, as many are too proud to admit they’ve been duped. Anyway, never waste too much time with just one Aryan mind. If 5 minutes of red-pilling won’t even make a dent, then 5 hours won’t either.

    Lonely are the men who walk ahead of the curve. We will have to live with Xtianity for many, many years, it seems. I know you won’t live long enough to see it’s demise, Cesar, but you might just see the West collapse into a balkanized warzone. You deserve at least this much.

    P.S. In this post you used Cylance twice as an example:
    “The Alt Right types, in addition to those two programs have run on the hard drives of their minds, Cylance and PCprotect.
    The white nationalists, in addition to these four programs, have run AVG and Cylance.” How about McAfee as the sixth antivirus?

    • Oops. Mistake corrected. Thanks.

    • i think one must weigh cost/ benefit when considering constructing a worthy defense against believing xtianity. is shit worth anything? how much can one expect to sell a bag a shit for at a farmer’s market. honestly. that’s the end of the argument. let the fuker idiot believers make their own fictionalized one-sided cases. mentally strong people don’t consider utter nonsense for any longer than 5 sec.

      yes, never waste too much time with just one Aryan mind. If 5 minutes of red-pilling won’t even make a dent, then 5 hours won’t either.

      Nietzsche’s apoptosis by turning the subject on its head is very effective and requires very little expenditure of mental energy. only repeating the same simple oppostion every time the subject pops into one’s head, Cursed history. “God”, “saviour”, “redeemer”, “saint”, “holy spirit”, are terms of criminal abuse.

      and even faster, the 2-word phrase, utter nonsense.

      after 6 years of deprogramming, i find myself still repeating the short and simple 2-worder, though only infrequently now.

    • You stated:
      “Crush your enemies and take their wives. No mercy for traitors, cowards die in shame.”
      Careful! As another insightful man told me on another thread: ‘What are you going to harvest when you beat the black man? Black women?’
      We need something much more profound in our endeavour than capturing women.

      • We’re not going to beat the Black “man”, we’re going to exterminate him. Kill every nigger we find, and the half-black freaks too.

        Black “women” aren’t wives, they’re sub-humans. Worse than animals.

        If you have qualms about capturing women, I suggest you read David Lane’s ‘KD Rebel’. It’s entirely natural for a strong man to take a weak man’s wife for himself. He’s doing the race a favor by preventing weak genes from reproducing.

  2. Could the process also resemble David Bowman pulling out the circuit-modules of HAL-9000 in order to ascend to star-child being?

    • No. I see that part of the film as not committing the blunder of putting A.I. machines in charge of an important mission.

      • So you reject the Angin phantasy of a strong a.i. becoming an Aryan ally? This would be undesirable?

      • That is Andrew AngLin of course.

      • It is too risky. A HAL 9000 sooner or later will pursue his own interests. And pace normies, I predict it won’t even happen in our lifespans.

      • What of the vaunted robotics revolution? How will this effect the collapse?

    • That’s prolefeed for the proles. Non-proles know that the real catastrophes that are coming soon are the financial crash, and later in the century energy devolution (peak oil).

      • Most debt is virtual and stored in the Matrix of finance computers. Why not a big reset that leaves the real world intact?

      • You certainly are a new visitor to this site. To know what I am talking about, please take the YouTube courses of Chris Martenson or the four first episodes of Mike Maloney.

  3. Hm, My understanding is that Hitler thoroughly understood the flaws of Christianity early on. In his earlier years when he was a childhood though, he may have been more fond of it, I know Goebbels was fondly Christian in his early years also, but alas this is also what they grew up with.

    But Hitler used Political Subterfuge by trying to gain the support of the votes from Social Democrats as well as the Christians and Christian parties (along with support from the Vatican) so he could get into power and also resurrect Germany by trying to defend Christianity. Once he was voted into power, little by little the Anti-Christian sentiment began to increase consistently.

    It was a smart thing to do, because he was able to get the Vatican to help finance the Wehrmacht and gradually with the help of Goebbels re-educate their people away from Christianity, to help them understand the detriments of Christianity and only apply “Positive Christian Morality” to the Cultural Values.

    Judeo-Christianity was definitely the nail in the coffin for the Greco-Roman world, in some ways worse for the Modern Greeks because Greeks today have entirely sold their race out and entirely have placed Orthodoxy above even being Greek by Blood.

    In fact, the Greeks consider that if you are not an Orthodox Christian, that you are not accepted as a True Greek and are not regarded or treated as one!

    Although Italians, our people are extremely religious, they are not to that same degree, but religion is a serious problem that has caused the decay of our people since Ancient Rome.

    Look at the idolatry, for example. We have some unfortunate traditions where instead of holding up SPQR Standard Banners, all our Banners today in Italian City Centers display Christian symbols and icons and the people throw or tape money on the Saints. Our Ancestors would have frowned on this degeneracy from the times when Rome had high moral standards!

    Christianity makes people soft, and I view Christianity and the Church as an Emotional Guilt Agency for people to reconcile their lack of strong will and decency as people because it’s a religion that promotes hypocrisy, with the idea that you can always ask God’s forgiveness and somehow be granted it! Such a delusion!

    But getting back to Hitler, I think Hitler’s main approach to Christianity was he wanted to silently let its death run its course by also making it more irrelevant, compared to the National Socialist worldview.

    I am personally of the belief though, that as Europeans, yes we should have a belief in God, but the problem is the concept of God, the large majority have an understanding that is so warped and off-base that it is teeth-cringing to even get into such discussions because the minds of our people have been tainted so much with the Abrahamic line of thinking, that they have this black and white view of God and Religion that they just seem to be unable to grasp an entirely New and Refreshing concept of what God is.

    • But it is precisely this new concept of god what I understood from Hegel. The problem with such theology is that it doesn’t run the TotalAV software, as Hegelianism gave rise to rightist (Xtian) and leftist philosophies after Hegel. (That’s why I prefer Nietzsche’s POV to break away from our religious past.)

      • I’m not familiar with Hegel’s theory. I’ll have to check that out. In any case, I view God as more of something that resembles energy but does not live in our time dimension. We need to eradicate these things and ideas such as that a God of any sort would demand a system of worship, and we have to convince our people about the delusions of prayer. We need to eradicate this idea that people can ask for forgiveness for what they do wrong and that they instead owe Karmic debts for any bad choices or actions they make.

      • as much as i demean the bible, john 1:1 gives a [perhaps] working definition of god, and i prefer restating it substituting discussion for logos,

        in the beginning was discussion, and discussion was w/ god and discussion was god.

        narcissicstic personality disordered people — as well as other high-conflict personalities — don’t do discussion well.

    • @rhnegatives,
      the idea that you can always ask God’s forgiveness and somehow be granted it! Such a delusion! and a cofactor in mental weakness. and why sovereignty attracts me: each of us owns our choices and their consequences. nature does not discuss victims/ entitlements.

      • @highrpm.

        The irony is I don’t think most people in this world are evolved enough or mentally stable enough to discuss different concepts of God. It seems throughout history that most of people who believe in God did not believe in it from abstract concepts but that it was a crutch or aspect of something that people wanted to believe in, centering on the creation of myths to write who or what they believe God is. That’s what many religions have done throughout time.

        I typically do not get into Theological discussions because a lot of times it is not good to get into something if I don’t know the other person is on the same certain wavelength.

        Considering from the standpoint that God is an energy source, and an infinite one at that, it makes no sense that a God or Gods would require a form of worship. Especially when these same hypocritical religions love to claim we were given “free will”.

        A God that demands we worship it would most certainly be one that is Narcissistic with a Big Ego, and no doubt the Devil himself.

        That’s why the thing is most people in this world who believe they are worshiping God, are working the Jewish God YHWH, Jehovah, Bael or any of the other names to describe him. It’s the false god.

        Also, I believe more in the notion that “God is waiting on us”, to fight for our place back underneath the Sun, rather than the delusion that we should be waiting on God, the pacifist attitude that is prevalent in Christianity as an excuse to fight for nothing and stand for nothing but to put all one’s faith and trust in some god lol.

  4. To my way of thinking the Roman Catholic Church is a spiritual protection racket and a very profitable one at that.

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