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Never forget that even after he became a respectable person in the white nationalist movement, Greg Johnson delivered pious homilies in a San Francisco church.

In his webzine, yesterday Johnson published a piece of Christian apologetics authored by a nationalist. What bothers me is that none of these pundits has ever addressed the points of this site. And of course they never will.

By continue to advance Christian apologetics to rationalise what cannot be rationalised—that Christian nationalists still worship the god of the Jews—, these people are ultimately traitors to the 14 words. They fancy themselves as kind of knights of those words but in the final analysis they are slaves of the (((New Testament))). See for example my Monday and Tuesday articles.

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  1. Judeo-Christians really worship the Jews; they do not worship the God of the Jews. There is a difference.

    • I have made this observation myself. This seems to be especially prevalent with Calvinists. On one South African Blog, I criticized the Holy Jew once and the blog owner just about had a nervous breakdown. It was especially surprising since he understood racial matters extremely well but on this issue the mental blocks were just insurmountable. For some Christian Whites, their national identity is so intertwined with Christianity and the holiness of Jews you can’t do anything with them.

    • What makes you think that they don’t worship also the god of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob? That’s what they themselves say, right?

      • Actually, Dan is correct. While they are self proclaimed devotees of Yahweh and the Jewish patriarchs in reality their reverence is one of the Jewish people rather than the God of the Jews, at least the majority of the time.

      • In past, I have mentioned several times that vast majority of whites today are Jews, atleast spiritual Jews, some are intermarried with Jews,so they have become biological Jews, You will find such people in vast numbers among the white race.

        White man adopted christianity , not because he was forced to choose between Christian and Germanic or Hellenic religions, He adopted christianity because deep inside his heart, he always wanted to be part of chosen race.

        Entire conflict in WW1,WW2,30 year war and inquisition can be surmised as a conflict between whites who wish to retain their old faith and whites who wanted to be part of Gods chosen people, In each war whites who are spiritual Jews won and they imposed never ending guilt on other whites for seeking to retain their old ways and rebuking the god (king ) of Jews.

        A white man today is technically a Jew, at least in spiritual sense, there are still some european folk who have no interest in bowing down to Gods chosen race, but you wont find such folk in vast numbers.

        This is why i say , everything that comes of USA or JewSA is contaminated. Do not worry about future of Whites in USA or UK or Sweden, Start seeing past their skin color, observe their morality, most of them are contaminated by christian ethics, not much you can do at this point than let every thing perish in those nations.

        Worry about those whites in small european nations like Estonia,lithuania ,Norway,Denmark , Finland , Croatia, some parts of Germany and Austria, Lichtenstein,Luxembourg,slovenia etc..

        Rest of the nations and people in it are irredeemable at this point , Yes this includes christ cuck nations like poland, hungary, russia ,ireland and good old Jewsa.

      • arguing whether one worships jews or yaweh splits hairs. each of us creates our god in our own image, whether or not we realize it. watch a few hillsong worship videos. are the masses in the assembly, with eyes closed, heads lifted skyward and arms raised worshiping the jews or the jew yaweh or both? regardless, these worshipers are in a state of emotional ecstasy, which is their motivation for attending such circus events. and as they leave at completion of the event, they switch the channel back to living in the cold cruel world and working (slaving) for living. ah, the life of a jew.

      • @highrpm : Problem is not each worshiping the god of their choice, problem is in embracing the ethics & morality from Judaism and being imprisoned by those ethics who makes one inept to taking action on the adversarial enemy who created those nihilistic moral values.

        If each human worships his god or Gods, why be a slave to moral and ethical code preached by the Jew Paul.

        With their ability to create moral values and religious stories , Jews have essentially imprisoned the minds of 3 billion humans on each who worship one or the other variant sect within judaism ( both Christianity and Islam are essentially branches of the Jewish tree )

      • @devan,
        good clarifying. yes, xtians rule of law = jew defined ethics ($$$, accumulating possessions, celebrity, lying, stealing, killing and destroying.) since gods are imagined, each of us creates our own version of yahweh: for some authoritarian, others, the more engaging & approachable “papa god,” i.e., the [imagined] father we never had. (more a father symbol, rather like an sex symbol is for men and a success symbol is for women.)

      • In Saduceeanism, Yahweh and the Jews are one and the same. This is why I contended with Emily on this point. Yeah, there might be plenty of woo in the Torah, but the elite Jews, the Saducees, simply saw this as poetic hyperbole. As Laurence Krauss points out: there are plenty of atheists who are nonetheless practising religious Jews.

        When Yahweh prevents Aryan man from placing the capstone on his civilization – figuratively, the tower of Babel, the gateway to godhood.”Bav El,” – the Saducees see this fable as no more real than those of Aesop. The point is that the Jews must stop Aryan Man from progressing beyond the point of needing Jews as Middle men and parasites. Otherwise the Jews will become obsolete, and will no longer be able to pervert and destroy the civilizations of the Goyim.

        Alex Linder is rightly excited concerning cryptocurrency. Just as the internet got rid of our need of Jews as News Middlemen – media is Latin for “middle.” – so too has cryptocurrency the potential to get rid of Jews as financial middlemen.

        Our exposing the Bible gets rid of Jews as middlemen – or intercessors – between God and Man.

        Yes this is the West’s Darkest Hour… however, it is nonetheless an extremely hopeful time. White man continues to evolve past a need for Symbiosis with Jewry.

      • Very impressive interpretation about Babel. I really appreciate your efforts for a deep analysis of Judaism. But Linder is wrong about cryptocurrencies:

    • One cannot solve JQ ( Jewish question ) without first solving CQ ( Christian Question ).

      • Indeed. And this is something that those idiots at Counter-Currents just cannot see. They, those kind of white nationalists that continue Xtian apologetics, are your “spiritual Jews”, Devan.

  2. The Jewish question. How do you make it lawful for a Jew to obey the law of the land in which he resides?

  3. Greg Johnson is now publishing the collected writings of a “brony” naming itself after an animated horse! Link: here

    • And he fancies himself as far superior to both the NS men and the POV of Americans like Wm. Pierce. But what bothers me is that people send money to Greggy. Instead, that money should be given to the genuine pro-Aryan sites.

  4. There is only one middle man – or “mediator” – between God and Man… and he just so happens to be a Jew, Goyim. An insane bisexual Mishnaic Rabbi called “Yeshua.”

    Thomas Paine condemns the idea that one needs a mediator between man and God. The Jews also reject this idea. A Jew needs no mediator to speak to Yahveh. I don’t push this point, a lot, though, because I still think that a religious hierarchy could be useful. I was reading yesterday about “Grecian Revival” in 19th century Ireland. The man whose thesis it was called them “temples”! Beautiful Photographs too. The spirit of these buildings were Pagan… sometimes “obscenely” so… from a Christian Perspective. When I see a Grecian-Revival building with “DEO OPTIMO” carved upon its portico, it just inspires me… gives me the dopamine goosebumps.

    There will always be a superstitious, stupid, excitable, easily led sheep class… and in my view, they need a hierarchy to keep them out of mischief. Something seems to be keeping me within the preconciliar Catholic Church for this end. Something is telling me not to quit it. I know that it would be a terrible strategic mistake.

    Even William Luther Pierce – an atheist/cosmotheist – conceded that most whites are “lemmings”.

  5. ‘And the Lord said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.’


    Ben Klassen suggested that this “one language”, or Aryan Lingua Franca, could be Latin.

    One of the most damning verses of the Bible. Yes, Yahweh is a foreskin amputator; a rapist; a paedophile; an instigator of Human Sacrifice; a Pimp; a child-murder; a cannibal; a gang-rapist… and these things really ought to persuade our people to cease worshipping this thing.

    However, White Man also loves genuine progress, Civilization, etc. Here Yahweh is preventing Man from this.

    Christopher Hitchens once said that “God is the most ancient enemy of our species.” There is a lot of truth in this. Certainly Yahweh, the Semitic deity, is a 3,000-year+ enemy of the White Man.

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