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An update to ‘Counter-Currents BS’

According to the American Renaissance webzine, ‘Robert Hampton is a Middle American who chose to wake up’.

He is certainly far more awakened about the Christian Question than many commenters in white nationalist forums. While I criticised Greg Johnson in my above-mentioned entry for publishing a pro-Christian piece, I must acknowledge that today’s Hampton article in his webzine brings balance to the subject.

I had not read before any article by Hampton. It looks like he is a sound scholar and we will be paying attention to his writing career.

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  1. Yes that article points out that christianity CANNOT be useful to europe any more.

    However “Christianity” as it stands must be ruthlessly redirected, as its not possible to throw out much of its core as it contains aryan ideas and celebrations as these are so much of our history and culture. eg Christmas=becomes Yule or Mid-winter.

    We need a new reformation by a NON-BIBLE based religion by highlighting that bible-christianity no longer serves white peoples needs, and its ONLY a veneer over our indigenous european religion developed by our peoples spirit.

    • I prefer the complete repudiation of Xtianity over it’s reformation. By the time “Aryan Christianity” becomes the norm, we’re going to have to excomunicate the vast majority of mulattos and hapas from our “faith”, and the bleeding-hearted Whites won’t roll with that.

      Death is often the best healer. Cut the short trees. White interest = Non-white extermination. We need a religion that makes smart Whites reproduce, and dumb Whites to kill racial enemies. Not that killing is an abasing errand.

      • Amen.

        But I posted the above entry in fairness of Greggy, who last month had published a ridiculous article by a Xtian and now has allowed a critique of it.

    • yes probably just let Christianity die its death from its own causes.

      Greg Johnson reply from that thread – covers the main points well.


      • here is quote 1. European civilization existed before Christianity and continues to exist where Christianity has all but disappeared. Christendom, moreover, has always incorporated non-Europeans. The majority of Christians will be nonwhite in the near future if not already today. I am waiting for the first black pope to put the final nail in the coffin of the airy assertion that The Faith = Europe.

      • Greg Johnson reply from that thread – covers the main points well.

        Indeed. But one of the troubles with his webzine is that he likes to publish completely contradictory articles: for example, pro-homo and anti-homo (the latter by Guillaume Faye). The reader is sometimes confused with this schizophrenia, as I was confused last month with the pro-Christian Quintilian piece.

        P.S. What does <> mean?

      • Instead of waiting for the death of christianity, One should actively participate in destruction of Christianity and christian ethics .

        Its christianity that laid foundations to slave morality in aryan society, and created a mass of subservient untermensch,decadent rotten filth who always served the interests of Jews.

        One should get rid of traitors from within,before neutering the enemy, white nationalists focus too much of JQ without resolving christian question.

        Christianity created a slave like domesticated aryan who serves the interests of Jews. Much of modern problems concerning cowardice,apathy, slave morality ,materialism ,holocaust guilt and reluctance to fight the noble war all trace back to the era when europeans internalized Christian morals

      • Perhaps you have missed this.

  2. Sorry tried to use around quotes, but web deleted quote.

    CounterCurrents is a money making organisation so wants readership by providing arguments for all sides :)

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