Last mantra question

The ‘mantra question’ that I used to post on this site—:

Why white nationalists do not nuke the anti-white narrative with the most powerful weapon in their arsenal: the book about the real Holocaust in which the Germans were victims of the Allies?

—has been responded here.(*) So this is the last time I iterate the mantra.

And thanks for the hundred bucks that a regular visitor sent me recently: enough to send James Fields Jr. another book by Goodrich to the Charlottesville penitentiary.

By the way, this vacation I will be reviewing some texts of my books in Spanish and won’t be adding lengthy entries here.

Happy Yule.


(*) By now the crucifixion of Fields should have flooded all white nationalist forums (not only this one). If American WNsts fail to turn their countryman Mr. Fields into a martyr, how can I expect they turn Germans into martyrs?

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  1. White Americans deserve what they’re getting from their pet Niggers and Beaners. They cucked their race so hard that it’s more or less doomed unless something seriously changes.

    WW2 Veterans who fought against the Axis especially deserve to get beat by Niggers and their wives pussies ripped up by Pablo.

    • I concur

    • I am more of a youngster (senior in high school). During veterans day we had a ceremony where we had to go to the gym and clap for the veterans and the band and orchestra played patriotic songs. I had to sit next to this blatino (my school is half white and half mexican) who was playing some shitty gangster rap (or the new trend of mumble rap, it all sounds like shit).

      I was surprised there was a ww2 veteran. His job was to collect the dead bodies in north africa. Its so insane to think the america he lived in had segregation, 90% white and was a functioning society. Those old veterans literally cant comprehend what happened to America. I don’t think there has been such a rapid change in a society. My heart weeps for afrika korps.

      • @ erthgi

        They weren’t fighting to do away with whites.

    • @ Aldon

      What about NVA veterans of the DDR who guarded and the Berlin Wall and the Inner German Border, and in some cases shot fleeing Germans? What about the countless East Germans who worked for or informed for the Stasi? What about the West Germans who embraced degenerate lifestyles and materialism and amped it up to the nth? What about the fact that Berlin, and then West Berlin, and now Berlin again, has been at the centre of Western liberal degeneracy since the middle of the 19th. century (with the possible exception of the Nazi period)?

      The World War Two veterans fought against the Axis on the orders of their governments and military commanders. They were not responsible for policy decisions any more than the young naive East German men who wore the uniform of the NVA and guarded a border through the centre of Europe.

      There’s plenty of blame to dish around, but it doesn’t get us anywhere because we all know that ordinary white people of every ethnic group are conformists and don’t bear moral responsibility to any significant extent for what is happening. We have the option of shunning them in disgust and re-starting with our own autonomous communities or we can work with the material we have. Or we can just give up.

      • Dude, they knew exactly what they were doing. There are countless of interviews where they claim that they saved the world from the Nazis and it was completely necessary that all those German men, women and children died.

        Thomas Goodrich even states that British Tommies were responsible for the Hellstorm Holocaust. What this means is that many British soldiers made the conscious decision to kill children and rape women, so don’t come here and tell us that they were “just following orders”.

        British soldiers who fought against Germany in the second world war deserve no mercy. Do they complain about the state of things today? No, they admit that today is what they were fighting for. So not only did they kill thousands of innocent Whites for little thin-skinned brats like yourself, but they do nothing to secure the world for the likes of yourself today. Scumbags, all of them.

      • You are absolutely right, Jack. And the same could be said about the Americans.

        Before Bill O’Reilly was kicked out from Fox News, he used to invite a Colonel to his shows. This Colonel openly and unabashedly said that it was good “to burn”—his words—the Germans’ “families”—again his word—during the Second World War.

        I could not believe it. But even right before Bill O’Reilly was fired, the American colonel used to say these monstruosities at Fox and nobody challenged him.

      • The Dishonest Treasonous Sissy Homosexual Jack Halliday is desperate to be taken seriously as a scholar and anxious to share his summative opinions about the Second World War and the culpability of ordinary British servicemen in it. He knows he is right. Knows it! Anybody who disagrees with him is clearly an idiot.

        Halliday, sat on his fat a.rse, begins his post with “Dude”. Who is this ‘Dude’ he speaks of? What does the word even mean or connote? Did I invite informality and colloquial vernacular?

        Halliday then absolutely assures me that these British servicemen knew exactly what they were doing. Oh yes! They had access to the worldwide web, you see. My own grandfather, when he wasn’t down the pit, had a subscription to Virgin Broadband and was logging on to white supremacist websites in the United States – run by Henry Ford – to keep up with the latest on the Jewish conspiracies and the finer points of Nietzsche.

        “”Eere, look here love!”

        “Oh Bill, you’re not on that t’internet again, are yer!”

        “Eh, it’s good this. Look, ‘ave you ‘eard about the Jewish conspiracy and did you know that Nietzsche was right and it’s all down to Christian axiology.”

        “Yer dinner’s cold.”

        “Never mind that. We, the white men, need to become the new Zarathrustra, or summat like that.”

        “Racist claptrap”.

        So you see, they knew. And that being the case, clearly my grandfather – the 18 year-old uneducated coal miner from the West Riding, who left school at 14 – must have hated Germans, was fully responsible for everything that happened in the War and is to blame for the demise of the White Race. Oh yes! Definitely!

        You’ve sussed it Jack! You’re a f.ucking genius!

      • @ C.T.

        He is not “absolutely right”. He doesn’t even know what he is talking about.

        The fact that you endorse him and are encouraging him in my view brings you into question.

      • I think that it is you, Andrew, the one who never answered the content of my links in previous threads where other English commenters demonstrated that ordinary Britons are to blame for the Orwellian situation in today’s UK.

        After you never answered the content of those linked articles that I linked more than once, I gave up discussing with you.

        I knew you would never address honestly the issues.

      • Hate to speak anecdotally, but my own grandfather recently told me a story of my great uncle who stole the watch off of a dying German soldier’s wrist, and spat on him. He recalled the tale with pride.

        These people deserve absolutely no pity. They have no remorse whatsoever for their actions, and deserve the cards they’ve been dealt for their role in the greatest racial treachery in history.

      • Absolutely. As I have stated many times, this is the worst generation of whites since prehistory (the British included).

      • @ C. T.

        I genuinely have absolutely no idea what threads or comments you are referring to. That will be because I have to work for a living. I don’t have the time to respond to everything and therefore I deliberately ration what I look at. I probably stopped reading the threads, which is why you didn’t get a response. By all means, summarise your points here in this thread, and I may respond, but if I don’t, it’s not because I can’t discuss it – as you can see, I am willing to discuss things – it’s because I simply don’t have the time to get embroiled in exchanges in which you are misunderstanding what I am getting at and telling me stuff I already know.

        What you need to bear in mind is that I agree with the broad PoV of this site and with Britain’s responsibility for the War. I’m tired of repeating this, since everybody keeps ignoring that this is my true position. What I object to is maligning ordinary servicemen. And that’s not because of any vestigial Christian ethic, which Mauricio snootily alleges (as if he has no lingering Christian ethics!), it’s because I am trying to be realistic and reasonable about what can be expected from people in the past who didn’t have access to the information that you and I do.

        It’s no more than that. Please bear what I have just said in mind when you respond. Stop accusing me of holding positions I don’t actually hold. My position isn’t all that belligerent and it doesn’t contradict yours. The reason these discussions get heated is because you and other commenters are over-reacting to me and over-stating the culpability of historic actors who lacked the necessary knowledge and had limited moral agency.

        Thank you.

      • Andrew:

        I only read the first line of your above comment.

        I won’t read further comments from you because by now it’s obvious that you are not being honest.

        In this thread, you called Jack a homo and then a Jew. I asked you to provide evidence with links and you provided none.

        I never banned Arch Stanton for crying “Jew!” with no evidence. I wish he banned himself to the point of not commenting here again.

        You should do the same.

      • @ esotericisms

        And was this a British soldier or was this another one of those German-Americans who gets called an ‘Anglo-Saxon’ on here?

        Anyway, whatever your ancestor was, and assuming your anecdote is true and not just a soldier’s boast, the reality is that this was a war in which men were being taught to hate the enemy and Germans will have done much the same. That’s the problem with the brutality argument – the other side will always be able to say, ‘But Germans did much the same thing’ (which they did). Nobody is surprised that Allied soldiers behaved badly.

      • @ C. T.

        Haha! This is what you ALWAYS do. When the argument is lost or when somebody has valid points, you turn on them and use your sycophants to bully them, and when that doesn’t work, you just say: “I won’t read any more of your comments”, etc.

        Ironically, the comment you are ignoring is perfectly reasonable. It states that I agree with the PoV of this blog, but disagree with a detail that is unnecessary to your argument – the maligning of ordinary soldiers, something I especially find offensive from a comfortable middle-class Mexican who has never done a day’s work in his life and spends his time reading and writing while sneering at ordinary men who were put in near-impossible dilemmas.

        You show yourself to be limited in a number of ways.

      • The reason I said “I won’t read any more of your comments” is because you didn’t provide evidence that Jack is Jew or homo, which means you have been dishonest on this thread.

        It is you the one who should have the courage not to comment here again.

      • @ C. T.

        This isn’t a naval rustication. I don’t need to provide evidence for such assertions as Jack Halliday is a Sissy Homosexual and a probable Jew – though on both points, he has made comments to the effect in the past, so actually, it is you who is being the dishonest one here. I’m not going to link to the comments – the relevant controversy is well-known on here and was played out in a heated comment thread, just another argument with Jack Halliday at the centre of it, and led to the banning of another commenter because he got on the wrong side of your apostle.

        In any event, you can’t dismiss what I say on that basis. Not that I much care, but you’re the one making an issue of it. It’s a matter for you, but it means you are ignoring comments and arguments whatever their merits, which is not an intellectual position.

        Your position on banning me is very odd. It’s your blog. You evidently don’t like my comments – which is also odd, given that I’m not actually contradicting you on any of the major aspects of your case – but that being the case, why not just be rid of me? You’re not the UN. You don’t need to observe protocols and due process, it’s just the click of the mouse.

        Perhaps your reticence is down to the fact that you recognise I have a point on the topic in question – indeed you have overstated your case – and you find it annoying to be challenged and shown to be even just a little bit wrong, even on something that is minor in relative terms.

      • If you can’t provide evidence that Jack is a homosexual Jew (your claim), you already lost the argument.

      • I don’t recall anyone here referring to German-Americans here as “Anglo Saxons”
        But ok.
        And it is, indeed verifiable. My uncle has the watch in his possession, in a small safe, not that it’s relevant.
        Have fun making an ass of yourself and further disgracing the denizens of the British isles.

      • I prefer to blame the politicians who instigated the war. They are the guilty men, not those who did their dirty work. Hitler is not one of them, though.

      • So you don’t blame the British who forfeited their duty to vote BNP?

  2. Recently Richard Houck (heywildrich at twitter) got into a debate with Anglos, or “Anglos”, when he said that the American veterans of WWII are reaping what they sowed. He also said they should be remembered as the most gullible morons of history, nothing more than clay golemns of their Jewish masters. (To paraphrase.)

    From what I saw the Anglos were more interested in excusing their grandfathers, and the debate, such as it were, quickly devolved into accusations of “Nazism” and “anti-semitism”. So yes, I wouldn’t expect much from people like these.

    Also, Happy Yule. Thank you for the many interesting entries this year.

    • I hadn’t heard of this Richard Houck until you just mentioned him and I’m not on Twitter, but having just viewed his profile, I can tell immediately he’s not white (assuming that is him).

      Putting that aside, what life experience does this Richard Houck have? Has he been an 18 year-old coal miner in Yorkshire conscripted to the Royal Navy and then trained as a gunner and sent out into the wild Atlantic and ordered to shoot down German aircraft? Has he returned from a war with severe nervous and psychiatric problems, having had to kill brave Germans and watch them set on fire, screaming as they are burning alive and crash into the sea, and then spent the rest of his life homeless and sleeping out of bus shelters?

      If not, has he had any comparable experiences that would allow him to sit in judgement on ordinary men who didn’t have the education to read advanced and specialist books and didn’t have access to the worldwide web, and who had to earn a living and didn’t have the time to sit on their fat a.rses writing blogs and pontificating about events that took place decades before and of which they have the most superficial knowledge?

      I expect that I will agree with the political-historical premise that Houch adopts, but where I part company with him and most people here is that I don’t point the finger at good, kind, brave and honourable men who simply did as they were ordered and did nothing more than what generations of men did before them, which is fight for their country.

      Yes, I agree, they were wrong. Yes, I agree that classical British patriots are dim-witted and annoying. I accept that Hitler was right and National Socialism should have prevailed, but you can fight on the wrong side and still be recognised for your bravery and sense of honour. Before things went crazy in Britain, it used to be the case that war commemoration in a broader sense recognised the uncommon skill and bravery of the Third Reich’s generals, soldiers, airmen and sailors. They may have been perceived as having fought on the wrong side, but they were still honourable and brave men who were fighting for their country. Who can begrudge this?

      If I am trying to excuse British grandfathers, it is only for that reason. I’m not trying to organise a victory parade, nor am I gloating now that I can see that the National Socialists were correct. I’m merely showing some respect. These men weren’t aware of the implications of what they were doing.

  3. ….These men weren’t aware of the implications of what they were doing…..

    You miss the entire point, it was the brutalisation the western allies did AFTER the war that is their greatest shame. The whole civilising rules of war developed to avoid the worst horrors of war to soldiers and pain to citizens from Edward I to Napoleon was thrown out by the Western Allies and their men at the end of WW2.

    Nazi Germany did behave horribly on the Eastern front so to expect some rough retribution by the USSR was expected. But by most accounts they followed the rules of good conduct on the western front “Geneva Convention etc”. The victorious western allies in turn behaved terribly to the defeated and surrendered German armies and civilians, ultimately the blame starts with orders from allied supreme command, but those orders were often carried out by western allied soldiers without any softening trace of human compassion.

    • @ Berk

      No, I am not missing the point. I am addressing comments on here that malign ordinary servicemen.

      It is YOU who is missing MY point. I was not directly addressing the original post, and I am not doubting there were Allied war crimes – something known about and the subject of scholarship decades before Goodrich’s book. I was addressing the comments underneath it, which have now become routine on this site.

      Your screenhandle suits you.

      • @ C. T.

        Jack Halliday is a homosexual and a self-confessed Jew. Please, go ahead and ban me. I really don’t mind. I would consider it a badge of honour.

      • Andrew, there isn’t a cunt on this Earth who I would let call me homosexual, a sissy, then say “I am going to do x to you”. I don’t care if you’re 8 ft tall or 4 ft.

        Such things are easy to do over the internet, so I am waiting for you to give me your home address and we can see if you have the courage of your convictions.

      • @ Jack Halliday

        Why would I share my address in public, let alone hand such sensitive information over to a stupid, low-life scumbag like you?

    • hey andrew, how’s your brother simon doing?

      • This is Andrew’s narrative, in a nutshell: “Forgive them, Father, for they knew not what they did.”

        His mind is so coated in Xtianity, it’s revolting. He calls Jack Halliday a homosexual​ just for countering his arguments.

        Andrew, get that Xtian shit out of your head. It doesn’t matter if Brits were not aware of the consequences of their actions. The end result was millions of dead Whites. Ignorance does not absolve them. The English were, and still are, race TRAITORS. You grandfather was a RACE TRAITOR. I’m sure you love(d) him and your people, but right now, that same love is murdering not just the British, but the whole White race.

      • “Forgive them, Father, for they knew not what they did.”


      • Who’s Brother Simon when he’s at home…??? I’m just guessing here, but if he’s some sort of religious figure, then perhaps I should make it clear that I am a lifelong strong atheist, and until maybe 3 or 4 years ago, I was a mechanistic atheist. It’s rather unlikely I would know someone called Brother Simon.

        Anyway, another point I would like to make about Berk’s post is that it could be (though I only say could be) a tactical mistake to shift discussion from the rightness/wrongness of Germany’s prosecution of the War to the issue of brutality. This is simply because there was brutality on both sides.

        Dealing with the British, war crimes were committed from the air and I make no excuse for it. It was disgraceful – and most ordinary Britons, to their credit, will readily admit this (a rare example of an exception to the orthodoxy). But the Germans did much the same, bombing civilian targets in Britain here, there and everywhere. I agree that Britain started the War (and, additionally, Britain and France formally declared the War), but that doesn’t excuse brutality or dishonour on the part of anybody.

        As you will know, the interpersonal brutality (rapes, murders, etc.) chronicled in Goodrich’s book is virtually entirely committed by the Soviets and has nothing to do with the British. These are the same Soviets that a third of the German population peaceably allied with following the War, forming a Soviet satellite state that was – for a time – the Comintern’s showcase society.

        Why didn’t these Germans rebel against their Soviet oppressors? Well? And when, finally, the Marxist-Leninist DDR did fall, the East Germans ran to the liberal-democratic West. In fact, most of them couldn’t run there fast enough. Only a very few number of East Germans recognised the positive aspects of the DDR for the German people and tried to seek reforms that would humanise the system along the lines of a social democracy while retaining its ironic and unintentional völkisch character. Of course, they were naive, but it still stands to their credit – yet they were very few in number.

      • the interpersonal brutality (rapes, murders, etc.) chronicled in Goodrich’s book is virtually entirely committed by the Soviets and has nothing to do with the British.

        Perhaps you missed Goodrich’s second book on the subject, Summer 1945, where he says that Anglo-Saxons were involved in the raping too.

        (Incidentally, this is the book that I’ll send to Mr. Fields.)

      • @ Mauricio

        I’m confused by your post.

        First, I am a lifelong strong atheist. Unlike some people on here I could mention, I was never stupid enough to believe in God or gods. I disbelieved it from the start. Therefore, I’ve never had to go through this agonising process of shaking off silly, half-baked superstitions and I don’t need to write reams and reams about it.

        Second, there is no vestigial Christian ethic in my posts. I am not asking anybody to “forgive” anybody else. There are ethical matters that have nothing to do with Christianity, but here I am not raising ethical matters, I just making a point about simple realism in understanding people’s actions and omissions from more than seventy years ago, based on my own experiences, my life experience and my understanding of human nature.

        Either you have failed to comprehend what I have actually said, or you misunderstand Christianity itself and are applying your misunderstanding to my posts, or you’re just riling me up.

        As for Jack Halliday, I call him a homosexual because he is one and because he has behaved badly towards me and others on here and I’m giving him what he deserves. If I ever meet him in real life, I will crush his skull.

      • > “As for Jack Halliday, I call him a homosexual because he is one”

        Any evidence for that?

        We must be living in parallel universes, but skull crushing one of our finest commenters?

        Or has Jack said something so heinous that deserves the crushing? Please link the offensive Jack comment in your next post.

        Otherwise, I’ll see you as I see Arch Stanton: crying “Jew!” when Stanton was losing an argument with Jack.

      • @ C.T.

        First, you’re using the term “Anglo-Saxons”, which is interesting. Again, it overlooks the obvious Germaness of white Americans, the American troops and their commanders – to acknowledge such would complicate your argument in a way that your simple ‘black and white’ mentality probably couldn’t cope with. But the main point is that the term Anglo-Saxons is useless in any real world context. Why aren’t you being precise?

        Second, I did not say that all such brutality was committed by the Soviets. As I have already stated, there was wrong-doing on all sides, as there is in any war.

  4. @Andrew

    I am not riling you up.

    You think you are an atheist, but you actually have a religion.

    I remember you stating “the English are my everything”. The English are your ‘god’ – your top priority. So you protect this Anglo-Yahweh concept, and won’t let anyone accuse it of wrongdoing. You will defend this Anglophilic religion against all reason.

    I accuse the English of race treason of the highest order, and there’s no avoiding the evidence. Your plea to their ignorance does not clear their indictment. Pleading Jewish-contracted insanity won’t either. The verdict is final: guilty. The sentence is extinction by degeneracy, as can be seen everyday.

    You need to stop defending British innocence, and start attacking their self-image of heroes of WW2. Then perhaps, in the process, you might awaken some of the übermensch Brits who still have ‘it’ in them. The power to overcome their illusions, their pride; the power to remove their wrong assumptions; to accept the fact that their people FUCKED UP IMMENSELY, and they owe a HUGE BLOOD DEBT to the WHITE RACE.

    Then these few Brits will start paying this debt by declaring WAR on degeneracy, in their everyday lives; and by doing so, your precious people will be redeemed.

    But I get the feeling I am talking to myself, and none of this makes sense to you… If that’s the case, repeat this mantra ad nauseam


    • Well said.

    • ubermensch, the mental vaccine that kills the jew mind virus,


  5. To add my thoughts to the anti-British comments, being British myself and living in England I can say comments like Mauricio’s above are particuarly apt. The British are a dying nation. They are dying due to their own stupidity and cowardice. It’s difficult to for me to fully understand and explain what has happened to the nation that created the largest empire in history by conquering a quarter of the globe, the nation that had proud and triumphant national anthems with lines like “Britons shall never ever be slaves” and “land of hope and glory, mother of the free” but they have now become stupid and infantile mentally, incapable of comprehending reality or, if they can comprehend their situation to a certain extent, incapable of coping with reality. They literally can’t wait to die, they appear to have lost the will to live and they are desperate to hand over the country that their ancestors owned to foreigners.

    Recent evidence of this is the fact that the UK may soon have a Muslim Prime Minister as an addition to the Muslim Mayor of London. Why not just hand over the country to Muslims and get it over and done with? More and more mosques are going up by the day, all meat is becoming halal, over a million white girls have been raped by the Muslim conquerors etc. Or if Jeremy Corbyn becomes the next Prime Minister it is likely he will appoint the low IQ Black Supremacist Diane Abbot as Home Secretary where she will oversee immigration. The British will have literally put a negress who said “All white people are racist” in charge of immigration. Yes, just hand over every job, all benefits, every house, all school places etc. and finally the entire country over to foreigners while arresting any white person who shows resentment at what is being done to their nation by the hysterical majority. Making your nation a minority in what was its own country in the space of a hundred years is pathologically sick. I could write a book on the swift decline of the British since the 19th century (when the ban on Jews being allowed into Parliament was lifted) to the present. There’s too much for one comment.

    Recently I attended a patriotic march against the ‘Brexit Betrayal’ and I had the thoughts that this nation-my nation-is truly unfit to survive. Remember those on the march are the patriotic element of the nation so they at least have somewhat of a survival instinct (however confused). But they were chanting the name of that (((controlled opposition))) Zionist ‘Tommy Robinson’ as well as singing ‘God Save The Queen’ (the traitor Queen, the worse monarch in English history) and then finally as we neared the main stage for the event they started singing “Praise Yahweh” or rather ‘Hallelujah’. No, they ARE unfit to survive. I don’t rate the chances of our race surviving that highly and I believe the British have even less of a chance of survival than our race as a whole. The British will most likely become a vanished Aryan nation like Rhodesia or South Africa have become. Several other Aryan nations will probably join them. Of course, if our race goes extinct ALL Aryan ethnicities will vanish from Earth.

    I have a mate who campaigned with the BNP for years to “save” the British. About 4 years ago after the Rotherham scandal he became disillusioned and now refers to them as the British scum. The other day he said to me over the phone of the British “good riddance to bad rubbish”. We are both British. My English grandmother saw Oswald Mosley march in the East End of London during the 1930’s. But after being treated with nothing but contempt by the VAST majority of our own countrymen we now despise our nation with a vengeance.

    • It’s difficult to for me to fully understand and explain what has happened to the nation that created the largest empire in history by conquering a quarter of the globe…

      It is the second time in Western history that whites go bananas big time; the first time, right after Constantine betrayed the Roman culture to impose a Semitic, destructive cult.

      The knowledge I have about psychiatry (or should I say anti-psychiatry?) has helped me a lot to understand the current psychosis that is destroying whites around the globe.

      It is not that hard to understand what you say if you observed analogous forms of psychoses coming from your loved ones: a taboo in our culture I’m trying to break with my writings in Spanish (although DOW gives a flavor of my analysis of wicked human psychoses).

    • Why are you turning so viciously against your own people? You are struggling with false convictions implanted in the minds of your people by those who own your society. Identify those who are consciously working with the enemy to attack your people and find ways to deal with them, appropriately.

      • @ Dan-0-lee,

        That’s the old monocausal POV: Jews are the only ones to blame and the English et al (you’re Irish, right?) are saints with halo, even though they had the chance, in previous decades, to empower BNP and failed to do so.

    • the brits became infected w/ the jew mind virus. this virus is fatal. both to the hosts and the host society. (and yes, c.t., it is monocausal. in this way: the virus destroys the host. but its infection is not the host’s fault. like biological viruses — and science may and likely will find the jew mind virus is biological — this one infects w/o the host’s consent. silently. maliciously. imposing. however, if the host is lucky and has a strong enough self — the mind’s immune system, if you will — and he pays heed to his gut instincts and feeds his mind immune system with some anti-jew mind virus thinking, just like the nucleus of our cells works to cut the virus dna’s and destroy them, he may personally triumph over the jew mind virus infection.)

      pls forgive my virus metaphor. still, it seems to fit well to classify the jew mind set and how it infects and destroys individuals and societies, to use biomimicry of how cellular dna gets infected and either succumbs or destroys the infecting virus.

      constantine was a dick.

      • Humans are not like those insects in the animal world that become hypnotized by worms or wasps insofar as that’s a biological infection; and in our case, we willfully accepted Judeo-Christianity in several stages: Constantine and his successors, Luther and his successors who introduced the Old Testament in the morals of Protestants, and finally the secularized Xtian axiology after 1945 that took Jesus’ principle (“universal love shall murder the white race”) to its logical conclusion.

        The monocausal meme that exonerates whites for not doing their own bed is for those WNsts who don’t want to see the monster on the mirror.

  6. I rejoiced when I saw a British Policewoman kicked in the head and beaten by a black yoof on Sky News.

    Why I like Alex Linder so much. He is like a slaughterhouse of sacred cows. Badge Worship – worshipping the fuckers who enforce our genocide – is another Conservative sacred cow that Alex has adeptly dispatched. He is like a Matador when it comes to sacred cows!

    • Entire populations of some countries are also like those sacred cows.


      Your comment above is beautiful: “The verdict is final: guilty. The sentence is extinction by degeneracy, as can be seen every day”.

      I would expand that sentence to all countries who declared war on Germany, even the one in which I was born.

      • While it is satisfying watching Aryan nations that waged war against National Socialist Germany now perishing as an unforeseen consequence of their treasonous actions I’m not convinced this is a result of any supernatural karma or cosmic justice as all white nations are going extinct by degeneracy, including Germany.

        If some cosmic karma governed human affairs then the Axis countries would be miraculously spared from the extinction by degeneracy that the Allied countries are experiencing. Then there’s complicated issues like Allied countries having certain citizens who were on the side of the Axis and in some cases were imprisoned for their beliefs. Where’s the justice for them? What about Axis nations that didn’t declare war on Germany but switched sides to the Allies as the war progressed? How does karma handle them?

        The rational explanation, that the white race is headed for extinction due to a mass psychosis and its own degeneracy, is the logical explanation for what is happening. That the Allied nations that fought against Germany are now perishing is a nice irony of history that we may draw satisfaction from.

        True justice would be if the white race survives to avenge the martyrdom of Hitler and Germany and take revenge on traitor whites as well as finally exterminating the Jews.

        Then again I can also see a certain justice in the white race going extinct and leaving behind a non-white planet in its wake. As a consequence of the majority of whites waging war on Germany during WWII and then almost the entire white race refusing to embrace Hitler’s spirit instead making themselves extinct the Earth reverts back to a primitive Stone Age existence with small populations of non-white savages, as well as the civilized East Asians, existing in chaos as Hitler prophesied would happen in Mein Kampf. Hence the scummy ‘human’ species ends in savagery and chaos as a consequence of not following Hitler upward to the next stage of human evolution. The white race would also richly deserve their extinction as Nature gifted them with so much potential yet they wasted it all. And the Jews would also deserve their victory as they have worked consistently for their entire existence toward their end goal.

      • Victory won’t be for the Jews.

        It’s like the fable of the scorpion and the frog: the white race goes down the lagoon and the scorpion goes down as well, as the Chinese or the Muslim world won’t accept them after the Islamists nuke Israel (no US protection, no Israel).

  7. a test for this mind virus infection is one’s reflexive (emotional) reaction to the sovereignty of the nation-state germany and the rightfulness and validity of their past attempts to protect and defend their citizens against litvak assaults.

  8. This thread is now more than 50 comments.

    I’ll close it now but I’ve just added another post to continue this discussion, today’s “J’Accuse…!”

    See you there.

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