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I am not riling you up.

You think you are an atheist, but you actually have a religion.

I remember you stating “the English are my everything”. The English are your ‘god’—your top priority. So you protect this Anglo-Yahweh concept, and won’t let anyone accuse it of wrongdoing. You will defend this Anglophilic religion against all reason.

I accuse the English of race treason of the highest order, and there’s no avoiding the evidence. Your plea to their ignorance does not clear their indictment. Pleading Jewish-contracted insanity won’t either. The verdict is final: guilty. The sentence is extinction by degeneracy, as can be seen every day.

You need to stop defending British innocence and start attacking their self-image of heroes of World War 2. Then perhaps, in the process, you might awaken some of the übermensch Brits who still have ‘it’ in them. The power to overcome their illusions, their pride; the power to remove their wrong assumptions; to accept the fact that their people fucked up immensely, and they owe a huge blood debt to the white race.

Then these few Brits will start paying this debt by declaring war on degeneracy, in their everyday lives; and by doing so, your precious people will be redeemed.

But I get the feeling I am talking to myself, and none of this makes sense to you… If that’s the case, repeat this mantra ad nauseam:

Kill the enemy
Hang the traitor
Purge the weak

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    “Only man in his ignorance, pride and conceit [especially the American or Briton], his off-base worldview with himself as the center of the universe and above Natural Law, has made possible the awful mess people are living in today.”

    —James Mason

    • The Greek word is “hubris.”

  2. Again, I quote the venerable Alex Linder as regards World War II veterans:

    “They are green niggers.”

    I was in England not so long ago. They have Winston Churchill – whom his colleagues used to call “the shithouse” on their £5 note. W.C. were his initials, and he smoke and drank and stank. A horrid slob of a thing. This is England’s hero!

    I had not been in England for a number of years. It is a pure Moslem police state now. One can sense a great evil in the air.

    • Even a woman like Carolyn Yeager has more insight than white nationalists. Recently, these WNsts who suffer from the sin of superbia at The Occidental Observer disliked these commonsensical comments by her:

      Mr. Langdon,

      Why are you silent about your favorite nation’s deep concern for the welfare of Jews during and after WW2? The reason the UK can’t keep out the 3rd worlders is because it relied on them so much to fight Adolf Hitler’s sound regime in the 1940’s. It was Churchill and Halifax, not Barbara Roche, who declared war on Germany via a ruse when Hitler did not want to fight the English or its empire.

      The first blacks from the colonies arrived in June 1948 already from British Jamaica—500 aboard the Windrush, as a labor force. Beginning in 1947, there came the Indians, Pakistanis, and Bangladeshis. All had fought with the British in the war that there were many opportunities to end honorably but Churchill wouldn’t have it. Britain also welcomed immigrants from South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and Hong Kong for the same reason.

      So don’t try to blame your troubles on Barbara Roche; she is not responsible but only a beneficiary of what has happened to England. The English are responsible.

      ______ 卐 ______

      My mention of the Windrush was only to say that blacks first came to England in large numbers already in 1948! That Jews organized it is irrelevant to that point. The English cannot get out of responsibility for what happens in England. If you think that, you are assisting English suicide.

      ______ 卐 ______

      “You can understand this Jewish behaviour very easily. It’s governed by the eternal question: What’s good for Jews? (Whites, on the other hand, are addicted, perhaps terminally so, to principles, whatever the cost to Whites as a group.)”

      What principles were the White Englishmen addicted to when they instigated both World Wars? It seems to me their question was the same as the Jews’: What’s good for Britain?

      Furthermore, Whites are not a group.

      ______ 卐 ______

      Chris M.,

      Since the moderator approved your silly attack on me, I think he certainly should allow my full reply.

      Are you the Chris that recently came to my website to complain about an article I posted by a German on the subject of German-Polish relations leading to the G-P war of 1939? You ran away when I exposed your lack of understanding of the actual facts, and never came back. You’re doing the same thing here in your vague accusations containing not one whit of evidence.

      “Betraying people.” That’s a pretty serious charge.

      I have been a known, identified and valued worker and writer for historical Truth for white Europeans for well over 10 years … and who are you? I operate three websites, two using my own name. I have extensive archives; everything is available. You’re right that I don’t easily go along with the male-dominated WN demand for consensus that is ahistorical, supportive of the Anglo-American contrived narrative of the World Wars, and therefore anti-German and pro-Jewish. Why do you?

      I wonder if many of the people writing and commenting here agree with you that a “Hitler obsession” is a dead giveaway of being a Tribal Troll. How exactly does that work? I’d like to know.

      ______ 卐 ______

      Dear Curmudgeon,

      Thank you for your reply; I appreciate your intention. But honesty compels me to say that what we have from you is “Whites have no agency – therefore no responsibility – all that Whites have to say to get off the hook is ‘The Jews made me do it.’”

      Similarly, “Whites who collaborate with Jews to advance Jewish goals are not White – therefore don’t count.” Is it any wonder we’ve lost the game? Does it pay to continue to make the same excuses no matter how well it’s laid out by writers Andrew Joyce and Tobias Langdon?

      The Windrush is mentioned only once in my comment because that happened to be the ship on which the first blacks immigrated to England from the colonies.
      The other third-worlders mentioned came from the colonies too, and the reason given for all was that they fought for England in the war — both world wars. If the English had not inducted them to fight their battle, they wouldn’t have been beholden to them. In fact, if England had lost the war to Germany the first time, it would be in far better shape today in terms of economy, financial fitness and racial homogeneity from the WN’s perspective. So why the inability to admit that?

      Why not admit the English arrogance and desire to dominate the world (and particularly Europe and other Whites), and not the Jews, is the reason for its downfall. In fact, that is why/how the Jews got so powerful in England! This unrealistic arrogance and ‘head in the sand’ is still going on today. I note that Winston Churchill’s statues are honored in England while Anglo-American policy refuses to allow any recognition of Adolf Hitler in American-controlled Germany, or in a single newspaper. This situation has the tacit approval of most associated with this site.
      For more explanation, see my latest series of posts re WWI beginning: here.

      • Germany is mentally miserable nation now, full of traitors and decadents.

        Monica Schaefer who was in prison for Holohoax denial has this interview.

      • Of course, Devan. But what Carolyn is arguing is that ultimately blame rests upon the shoulders of whites. Self-righteous white nationalists, so overwhelmed with the sin of hubris (as most whites today), don’t want to see the monster on the mirror: a monster I expose on this site.

      • Unfortunately, CT, there’s no money in self-blame. Whites as hapless victims, brainwashed and “controlled”, is a much easier (and more profitable!) sell to the limited amount of paranoids and conspiracy theorists that make up the racial right’s donor base.

        I notice that Linder today, on his Kirksville site, is calling for revolution now. But is the time really right for revolution? What would happen if someone did something really effective? Something other than shooting up a few old negroes or kikes in a church or synagogue? A 9-11 event that killed a few thousand or millions of people? Would the white mass man sympathize with the perpetrator(s) and join the revolution? Or would he merely redouble his efforts to eliminate racism, i.e., cause his own racial extinction? I’m guessing it would be the latter.

        You can draw the attention of the zombie horde just by causing a commotion, but you can’t make them think. You can’t make them do anything. Zombies gonna zombie, just as nigs gonnal nig. Lemmings run over a cliff from time to time. That’s just what they do. A useful illustration of this is to compare and contrast the careers of William Pierce and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Who had the better success? Pierce aspired to form a political movement, but also engaged in some half-assed revolutionary activity via The Order. The political movement never got off the ground. Schwarzenegger arrived a penniless immigrant to the US and rose to become the governor of one of its largest states. His net worth is in the millions, while Pierce was always strapped for cash. No doubt Pierce’s IQ far overtopped Schwarzenegger’s, and he had the advantage of being a natural-born citizen and native speaker of the language. On paper, he should have done better than Schwarzenegger, but didn’t. He didn’t even come close. The difference is that Schwarzenegger “led” the zombies in the direction they were already headed. The zombie “leader” can only be another zombie. If you are not a zombie too, they’ll smell it. Fresh brains! They’ll suss you out and devour you.

      • Which is why I recommend (pace Linder) those apprentices of Bob Mathews to wait until recession arrives. My prediction is that the Fed will panic. Blunders will be committed: rates will be again down to zero along with a QE4 so massive that the dollar will tank.

        Then and only then will some zombies start to pay attention to what WNsts say.

  3. England is not my religion. I have criticised the British on this very site. Your post, Mauricio, is mindless twaddle.

    • Andrew:

      With identical IP and the sockpuppet name of “Stephen Wendell” you also tried to post:

      Mauricio says: “You need to stop defending British innocence and start attacking their self-image of heroes of World War 2.”

      To be fair, Andrew did that very thing. This attack is an exaggerated and selective reading of what he actually said.

      Don’t use socks here, please.

  4. “Don’t use socks here, please.”

    Which is hypocritical nonsense, given that every username on here is a sockpuppet.

    • A sockpuppet is an online identity used for purposes of deception. It’s not a synonym of penname. You are not Stephen Wendell, therefore you tried to use a sockpuppet until I detected the IP.

  5. Let’s look more closely at this condescending twaddle from Mauricio:

    [quote]You think you are an atheist, but you actually have a religion.[/quote]

    Yes, I DO have a religion! You are right! In the first place, being an atheist does not make somebody irreligious. Religiousness is an innate human faculty. This very blog is religious. That is manifest from even the most cursory reading of the material and comments published on here. The owner of this blog, for instance, is clearly orthodox in his mindset and intellectual habits: he refers to such things as the Holy Ghost, martyrs and so on, which he employs as metaphors, and he quotes extensively from books that he regards as authority and that he puts above experience. Of course I have a religion. I am a human being. It’s human nature.

    [quote]I remember you stating “the English are my everything”. The English are your ‘god’—your top priority. So you protect this Anglo-Yahweh concept, and won’t let anyone accuse it of wrongdoing. You will defend this Anglophilic religion against all reason.[unquote]

    I did not say that the English are my god. That is a dishonest leap on your part, which s necessary for you to make in order to put forward your dishonest assertions. You ignore what I have actually said and replace it with what you want me to say, using a selective commentary and emotional child-like simplifications to make a false point.

    The English and the British are my ethnic groups. Naturally I will defend them, but at the same time, I have also criticised them – this includes criticising the actions of the British on the very topic we are discussing. I have acknowledged British responsibility for the War, for instance. That being the case, whatever my religion is, it is not Anglophilia, and I don’t object to criticism of the British and English qua British and qua English. That was never my point. My objection is to maligning these groups.

    The rest of what Mauricio says makes sense in the context of practical implementation. I agree with his call to English/British people, I just wish he wouldn’t over-state everything with this exaggerated, clownish rhetoric. It is based on the incorrect assumption on Mauricio’s part that I have misunderstood the PoV of this site. In fact, I understand the PoV of this site completely.

    • Now every single comment from you is moderated, per this post of almost two months ago:

      I am sorry, but when a commenter calls ‘Jew’ another commenter on this site with no proof of his Jewish background, he or she has to be banned. (Usually, this happens when he who cries ‘Jew!’ is losing an argument in the comments section.)

    • @andrew,
      religion is not science. pehaps we can agree on that. the miraculous claims of of the big three abrahamics cannot be clinically verified: independently repeated with the same statistical results. further, apparently our biological construction does not include a communication link to mytical entities, despite the many claims by many folks otherwise. the best each of us can do at this point until science cracks open the quantum door a bit further is to avoid imposing our fantasy claims — those not backed by clinical data such as man’s ability to walk water and mysteriously transport ourselves from one point to another — on others.

      • in defense of this site, c.t.’s done a very good job of pointing out the volumes of research by many sources offering a substantially different narrative than the abrahamics. still, since the authors of these works play the role of historians, combing old sources and attempting to put the results in a cohesive that supports their arguments, and no one yet has discovered how to replay history, as in baking a cake using a published recipe, the results must still be considered attempts at storytelling.

        otoh, c.t.’s writings about psychiatry reveal it as pseudoscience. and that’s adding value to his readers’ lives.

  6. Hi, my apologies for replying here regarding James Fields but the comments are closed on that thread. Anyway, you can’t send him a book directly. The jail rule is that it can only be sent from a publisher.

    • Thanks for informing me.

      I was expecting that the postal Christmas traffic was over to send Fields the second book by Goodrich about what the Americans and British did in 1945. I am afraid it makes no sense to send it now. I wonder if Fields is allowed to receive at least letters?

  7. They allow paperbacks only (no hardcovers because the inmates can make knives from them). Allowed source of books: Any online book store or place like Amazon. You just can’t send it yourself.

    Letters and postcards are allowed. You can include photos but not money or stamps. A return name and address is required.

    The canteen fund is for sending money to an inmate: link

    Some more info in a post on Gab: link

    • I’ll consider this.

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