On mythicism and Luke

Watching the video that a commenter recently suggested to me I made a discovery.

The atheist Richard Carrier (pic) is one of the foremost exponents of the Christ myth theory or mythicism. He has even responded to what I consider the strongest argument on the part of secular exegetes about the existence of the historical Jesus.

Remember that we have said that there are seven genuine epistles of Paul. In one of the oldest Paul speaks of the ‘brother of the Lord’. Based on what Paul says in Galatians 1:19 another atheist exegete, Bart Ehrman, believes that this is the strongest argument for thinking about the historicity of a historical Jesus (that is, a Jesus without miracles to distinguish him from the Christ of dogma). Before reading Carrier, I did not know that the mythicists had answers to this argument.

Regardless of who is right, Ehrman or Carrier regarding Galatians 1:19, what impressed me most about one of the conferences of Carrier was what he says about Luke the Evangelist.

From our point of view, it is essential to know if the writers of the New Testament were Hellenized Jews or not. We have already seen that it is highly suspicious that the first gospel from the point of view of chronology, that of Mark, was written right after the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem. In case Mark was a Hellenized Jew, this smells like a Jewish psyop or subtle revenge on the Hellenes (whites in the Roman Empire).

Yesterday that I watched Carrier’s YouTube lecture ‘Acts as Historical Fiction’, in 23:49 I came across this quote from Steve Mason, a specialist on Josephus, who wrote his history of Judea before Luke wrote his gospel. Mason tells us:

Almost every incident [of Judean history] that [Luke] mentions turns up somewhere in Josephus’ narratives… [And the] coincidence… of aims, themes and vocabulary… seems to suggest that Luke-Acts is building its case on the foundation of Josephus’ defense of Judaism.

Since the gospels claim that Holy Family were Jews, and Paul was a Jew, finding out the ethnicity of the evangelists ought to be fundamental for us (as is finding out the ethnicity of the bishops of Constantine and the bishops of the following Roman emperors that destroyed the Aryan culture).

For a single video of Carrier explaining his work, see: here.


  1. “The authors of the gospels”, says Richard Carrier on 1:03:40, “were diaspora Jews”:

  2. He has a book on Science in the pre-christian roman empire. Carrier condemns that a work that contained the science of Archimedes, was scraped off some vellum, such that the monks could inscribe hymns to Jesus.

    This is the extent of the mental poison. White men were diverted from science, and were bewitched into worshiping an insane Rabbi from Galilee.

    Wheless makes this point also. Today we are able to xray some vellum, and retrieve a few of these priceless works.

  3. All the things aside. i am more than convinced that christianity will return with vengeance. most europeans are corrupted and beyond any redemption,They are spreading the religion to every backward savage on earth so that they can go to heaven.

    I think we should not forget about corrupt decadent whites who willfully embraced christianity to obtain power and their genetic stock exists even today , whites have to suffer more, probably what ever is happening today to white race is some divine karma or some poetic justice,

    Evangelical cucks are the absolute filth , they have swallowed slave morality completely ,they adopt decadent races from all corners of earth and spread gospel with great fervor ,they are similar to liberals in embracing slave morality of christianity and contributing to the destruction of their own race and serving the Jewish master obediently.

    Whom to blame , the Jew who created a fake religion or the white knowingly embraced a lie for seeking control and power ?

    • The white traitor is worse than the jew.

      • 98% of them are like this, most of them love christ cuck religion.There is nothing that can be done, older generation folks are worst in this regard, they really love the dead Jew on stick.

        I really dont think about some faint realization from these people, lot of them are even eager to organize dating parties to newly arrived third migrants.

        Recently there is a great evangelical fever in many parts of Germany,Austria and belgium , they found a new market its Nepal and India.

      • This is the worst generation of whites ever, since prehistory: something that white nationalists, so hypnotized with the JQ, are incapable to see.

        Keep tuned to my January 1st post. The reason most WNsts are so blind will be explained there.

      • The more i see these people, the more i become pessimistic, the problems are not just jewish subversion which many claim.

        Problem is much deeper, i am not sure if there is any thing worth of preserving.

        As oswald spenglar said – ” optimism is cowardice” .

        My problem is not about the current situation, it is about metaphorical collapse, even some glimpses of collapse are not occurring.

        And i am sure ,Christianity and Christ cucks will simply move to some arab land or africa or India, mix with locals and continue worshiping their lord Jeebus.

        These people are filth , an absolute filth that has ever evolved in history of people, their gene pool has been continuing since Europe officially accepted Jewish virus named Christianity.

      • yes devan, these people are filth…

        read the account of indianapolis amanda blackburn: the justice system plea bargains such that the three wrecks don’t take her murder charge. and to make matters worse, her xtian pastor hubby announces he’s engaged to another — a camel girl, whatever the hell that means — a muddy? — shortly a year after the big event. (what does the dick know about the high calling to preserving a sacred memory?) fate screamed the fuker’s call in life. (lucky for him!) and his profane belief system blinded him to the obvious. his church is aptly named — i’m sarcastic, obviously — Resonate! how the hell does a vacuum resonate? (shame/ guilt/ fear in all the wrong places.)

  4. Agreed. Most of them need to perish its simply justice. The only hope is that a few of the best survive.

  5. Hope and Optimism like Faith require no evidence.

    • There is evidence though. Look at people like Varg Vikernes and his family.

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