Serving two masters

Or mixing metaphors:
On degenerate medusas

Exactly three years ago, on January 1, 2016, I published on this site ‘Ethno-suicidal nationalists’. Last month on Counter-Currents Greg Johnson acknowledged that many white nationalists are, like the rest of the Aryans, degenerates although he did not use that word:

I have been involved with the White Nationalist scene since the year 2000. My experience has been overwhelmingly positive, but not entirely so. The hardest thing to take has not been the crooks and crazies, but the pervasive lack of moral seriousness, even among the best-informed and most principled White Nationalists.

I know people who sincerely believe that our race is being subjected to an intentional policy of genocide engineered by the organized Jewish community. Yet when faced with a horror of this magnitude, they lead lives of consummate vanity, silliness, and self-indulgence…

I know White Nationalists who would run down the street in broad daylight shouting “thief!” at the top of their lungs if their car were being stolen. But when confronted with the theft of our whole civilization and the very future of our race, they merely mutter euphemisms in the shadows.

I know White Nationalists who are fully apprised of the gravity of the Jewish problem, who have seen the Jewish takeover and subversion of one Right-wing institution after another, and yet still think that they can somehow “use” Jews.

I know White Nationalists who are fully aware of the corruption of the political establishment yet still get caught up in election campaigns. I know outright National Socialists who have donated far more to Republicans than they have to the movement. [Note of the Ed.: Of course, they are not real NS men.]

I know White Nationalists who spend $50,000 a year on drinks and lap dances—or $30,000 a year dining out—or $25,000 a year on their wardrobes—or $100,000 on a wedding, yet bitterly complain about the lack of progress in the movement.

I know White Nationalists who tithe significant portions of their income to churches which pursue anti-white policies, yet never consider regular donations to the pro-white cause.

I know people with convictions to the right of Hitler [Note of the Ed.: this is Johnson’s hyperbole] who argue that we should never claim that we are fighting for the white race or against Jewish power, but who still think that somehow our people will want to follow us rather than 10,000 other race-blind, Jew-friendly conservative groups.

I know White Nationalists who believe that our race is being exterminated, yet insist that our enemies “know not what they do,” that they are deceiving themselves, that they are fundamentally people of good will, and that this is all some sort of ghastly misunderstanding.

I know White Nationalists who would never admit to hating anyone or anything, even the vulture gnawing at their entrails. [Note of the Ed.: demonising hatred is courtesy of what we have been calling the Christian problem.]

None of them are being forced to behave this way. All of them are operating within their self-defined comfort zones. All of them could do more, even within their comfort zones. So why do they fail to comport themselves with the urgency and moral seriousness called for by the destruction of everything we hold dear?

I want to suggest two explanations. First, deep in their hearts, they don’t believe that we can win, so they aren’t really trying. Second, and more importantly, they are still wedded to the bourgeois model of life… But you can’t overthrow a system you are invested in. You can’t challenge the rulers of this world and count on reaching retirement age. You can’t do battle with Sauron while playing it safe. In the face of world-annihilating evil, we can no longer afford to be such men.

Sauron and the One Ring are good metaphors for gold over blood as can be seen in Richard Wagner’s The Ring of the Nibelung that inspired Tolkien.

Going back to what Mauricio said last month (see also Carolyn Yeager’s viewpoint contra white nationalists in that thread). I iterate that white nationalism is a fraud: an impossible chimera between German racialism and Americanism or Ring slavery—a chimera in which the American part overweighs the European. These folks really believe they can serve Two Masters without realising that they will love one and hate the other.

The message of this site is that we must reject white nationalism in pursuit of National Socialism, and the first step in that direction is to read Uncle Adolf’s after-dinner talks.

Note that Nietzsche spoke of the ‘transvaluation of all values’ (in our terms, revaluating gold for blood values). The philosopher didn’t say ‘Let’s transvalue some values’ which is what the white nationalist, who keeps the Ring in his pocket, does.

Let’s now use another metaphor.

Many years ago an uncle gave me a present, the book The Medusa and the Snail by Lewis Thomas: a collection of scientific curiosities. I was struck by the chapter that gave the title to the book.

A particular medusa and snail in the Sea of Naples interact with each other in a pretty disturbing way. The medusa is affixed to the mouth of the snail and apparently gets a free lunch. When the snail produces larvae, they become entrapped on the tentacles of the medusa. At first it looks like the medusa is a parasite. But no. The snail’s larvae eat away the medusa’s tentacles and with time the medusa shrinks and shrinks in size. The snail grows until a new equilibrium is reached, attached with what remains of the medusa: a motionless, though alive, degenerate entity.

When the zoologists came across some specimens of this snail for the first time, they could not figure out what the strange, living, adhered entity was. It was only after a while that they discovered an amazing fact: it was a degenerate medusa!

What shocked me was that all the beauty of the translucent invertebrate not only disappears but, because it has been reduced to an ugly appendix of the snail, the suicidal symbiosis makes the most perfect antithesis of its former aquatic majesty.

The moral of the bizarre story is that whites degenerate horribly once they delegate their will to survive to other human species to do the hard work. Instead of continuing to reproduce through blond nymphs as they did for millennia (see the sidebar), Aryans drastically inhibit their reproduction rate and import orcs to perpetuate the welfare state.

I have said it more than once: the main cause of white decline is not the Judeo-Christian problem, but gold over blood policies as recounted so well by William Pierce in Who We Are and also in Arthur Kemp’s March of the Titans.

The reason the white nationalist dislikes these two books (including Johnson) is that he wants to keep the golden Ring in his little pocket.


  1. Nietzsche spoke of the “transvaluation of all values” and not the “transvaluation of some values” and I agree with this fully. To me this means embracing everything Christianity terms as Evil (remember Nietzsche’s words in Genealogy about how ‘pagans’ didn’t recognize evil, just good and bad, the term evil being a Judeo-Christian invention). Yet I have some doubts you’ve really do advocate such a thing. Your vision for the future appears neo-Christian to me, like a neo-Christian world without non-whites, white people living in love and peace devoid off all unnecessary suffering.

    I want no such thing. I want a more evil world, what attracted me to Hitler and Nazism was its aura of evil and hatred, I am one of those people who Greg Johnson would say was drawn to racialism for the ‘wrong reasons’. The part of your vision that appeals to me is not the utopia that follows the mass genocide but the mass genocide itself. Remember Pete Helmkamp’s words? “A simple lesson: to reckon with the knowledge that it is often necessary to burn the village in order to save it. And to loose that which resides in the heart of every man: the glad stirrings of genocide.”

    I love the thought of mass murder and mass genocide and I’m not going to apologize for that fact. I enjoy the feeling of hate, I prefer war to peace, I like admire certain serial killers etc. in other words I am naturally drawn to extremism and so-called evil. I have transvaluated Christian values and embrace what gives me pleasure no matter how sick or evil moralizing society finds them.

    Nietzsche specifically wrote he wanted a world more full of evil and suffering than ever before. That gives me an idea of what he meant by “transvaluation of ALL values”.

    By the way, Happy New Year Cesar! All the best for the year ahead and I hope you outdo yourself on TWDH this year and produce some of your best insights yet.

    • Happy new year you too.

      Wishing a better world is not necessarily a Christian tail. Even Plato fantasized about it in his Republic.

      > “I want a more evil world, what attracted me to Hitler and Nazism…”

      You really have to quote both in full context to convince me that they wanted a more evil world.

      Genocide is not evil, even in the billions, as long as you are exterminating the Neanderthals (what I recommend in my latest book). But the Hellstorm Holocaust was an evil deed.

      As to serial killers, I only approve people like the one whom Pierce dedicated his second novel: the one who targeted mixed couples.

      • “You really have to quote both in full context to convince me that they wanted a more evil world.”

        What do you mean by quoting both in full context? Maybe you have misinterpreted what I meant not being a native speaker of English. I don’t think Hitler and the National Socialists wanted a more evil world but when I was much younger that was the impression I had of them and that was a large part of my initital attraction to Hitler and National Socialism. I entered racialism through anti-Christianity, I was a Satanist who worshipped evil (I was just an adolescent at the time) and became anti-Semitic the moment I realized it was the Jews who created Christianity. I hated that race of moralizing holy people immediately and understood National Socialism very quickly. The world the ‘Nazis’ wanted seemed to be much more honest about human nature, returning to the ancient pagan world in its values, being like a world of iron compared to the soft world of modernity. Most humans today would consider the world the NS men wanted as evil and such concepts as total white supremacy as evil but that is just one perspective on what is evil.

        I suppose the definition of ‘evil’ depends on one’s personal perspective. There is no universal definition of what is ‘evil’ for all humans. Races and nations have different moral codes, religions have differing morals, man has changed his definition of evil as the centuries (and as we have seen, even decades) have progressed. Is there an objective definition of evil or is it subjective depending upon each individual? I believe morals are subjective, I suppose I’m a moral relativist. You say genocide is not evil in and of itself, rather it depends on who is being killed. As long as you are exterminating the Neanderthals it is not evil but the Holocaust of higher mankind (Germans) in WWII was evil. From our enemies perspective the genocide of the white race is not evil it’s a moral good as they are preventing the possibility that whites would regain supremacy and even commit mass genocide taking the planet for themselves (as you wish them to do). In a sense I would contradict what I just wrote and say I do believe that in an objective sense the genocide of higher mankind, the white race, is evil or at least negative while the genocide of lower mankind is morally good. But maybe that is all just more subjective perspectivism.

      • It’s objective perspectivism, as a world without Neanderthals would significantly diminish unnecessary suffering. ☺

    • I too wish for a cold world of iron.

      If we completely exterminate every sub-human on this earth (as Nature intends us to do), we still would not have everlasting peace, not even among angelic pure Aryans. From the superior post-darkest-hour overmen that would thrive unabated, a new overman would emerge – better, stronger, smarter. Less treacherous and less easily manipulated. More inoculated against the errors of the previous race. These new Aryans, in their turn, would righteously declare race war against the older Aryans.

      Our ancestors had ritual wars. Hoards of virile young men from various tribes would gather on sacred ground, on a sacred day, and fight to the death in honourable combat. The victors get renown and reproduction rights, the vanquished get a funeral pyre. Clean, institutionalised Darwinism.

      Our enemies have it well figured out: the best way to destroy us, it seems, is by depriving us of this natural ‘infra-cidal’ speciation process. If we’re not killing our worst, we’re mating with our worst. It’s slow, but effective.

      Orwell had it half-right: “The war is not meant to be won, it is meant to be continuous.”

      Happy New Year, friends.

      • Recently I have been advertising Richard Carrier, who is good in debunking the historicity of Jesus but he’s a typical graduate of Columbia University. After minute 2 of this interview for example he answered the question, “What good does Christianity offer the world?”:

        “If they would enact and defend what they think were the teachings of Jesus” then modern men would subscribe “anti-self defence [!!], anti-war, feeding the poor”. Later Carrier added, “If Christians were [true] Christians how many pacifists there would be”.

        There’s no question: even the brightest minds of today belong to the most Neo-Christian, suicidal generation of whites since prehistory.

  2. 1. ” that they are deceiving themselves, that they [our enemies] are fundamentally people of good will, and that this is all some sort of ghastly misunderstanding. ”

    This is your brain on Christianity. Live and let live. Mind your own business. There are no bad races, only bad people. Good and bad people exist in all races.

    No! Whites have to cut out this disgusting universalism in themselves like the Protoss cut out the khala. A Turk’s well-being is our disaster. A good Turk is a dead Turk! Unfortunately, Turks are incredibly strong and can easily exterminate half of all Europe.

    NS Germany was still a diminishing race – because they did not ban women from higher education, work or owning property on legislative level. You believe the Ring to be mere gold. It gets complicated if it is the entire industrial civilization.

    But if you don’t build rockets, the Aryan race will fade out sooner than if you do and somehow manage not to get corrupted by them.

    2. Tolkien was a Catholic and a mythicist. I myself was infatuated with his half-fiction when applied to real world history…

    By some calculations, the Third Age ended in 4986 BCE (Sauron’s supposed defeat), the Sixth in 4 BCE (Tolkien loved Jesus), and the Seventh will begin in 2041 CE. A century after the Downfall of Hitler’s Atalantë, the eucatastrophe of Christianity’s demise might herald a new Age…

    web archive org/web/20150627145623/http://liga-ivanovo narod ru/lt-tab.htm

    I admit, it sounds incredibly eschatological. But nothing short of a miraculous convergence of catastrophes can do the trick. Maybe, a Negroid Pope?

    3. Didn’t know you adored medusae. Don’t they remind you of spiders which you despise? I for one like crows. I feed them nuts.

    4. Ten days ago I had a dream, one of those once in a year when I feel strong emotions denied to me in waking life. This time it was grief for the lives destroyed by shrinks. But then I wake up, and am I supposed to pity the weak? Pity leads to death. It is hard to pity when you see the big picture of what is necessary for life to continue. But in a dream you forget.

    • I don’t love medusas (but they look good in the ocean). And remember: don’t add bare links.

    • Christianity will not be destroyed naturally, Whites will carry the cross till they are exterminated in massive numbers.

      If there is one race that seriously deserves removal in order to restore the balance in this world, its white race.

      The real parasite is not the Jew, its the white race, Jew is a mere symptom of disease.

      Ask yourselves did whites adopted christianity because they were simply misguided or they understood the universalist doctrine in christianity will be useful for them to ” convert the world and conquer the world”.

      Whites innately think about their moral superiority , the deserve an axe to their neck.

      The Jew that we despise so much would possibly redeem this earth from the plague of christianity and white race.

      Whites are subservient race , they destroy their own kin and kith for the sake of Jew and spread the gospel to all corners of earth and destroy the native cultures everywhere, a Jew is not doing that, whites are more eager to baptize and breed with negro than a Jew.

      Such a despicable , materialistic race deserves extermination,

      Whites do not care about race ,they believe in Rabbi Jesus and hope for a place in heaven , they are more eager to spread the gospel and bring Jewish dominion over this world than care about survival of their race.

      • Which is why I believe that 99% of human neanderthals (including quite a few white trash peoples) must be exterminated.

        But… we are biologically programmed to spare the beautiful specimens of Aryan nymphs (and we’ll need a few males to impregnate them after the convergence of catastrophes takes place in this century).

        It’s present-day whites the ones who deserve extermination, the worst generation of whites since prehistory; not all whites.

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