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The following is my response to a comment in the previous thread:

When I say that Jews engineered Christianity I’m sort of hyperbolic, as it is not absolutely clear that Mark—the author of the only gospel (as the other Synoptics copied and pasted large sections of Mark into their gospels)—was a Jew.

Now that I lean toward the Christ myth theory the role of Paul, with his celestial Jesus, becomes more nebulous. It looks like Mark was the big author behind what today is understood as Christianity.

My bicausal point is that, even if the four gospel writers were Hellenized Jews, you still need two to tango.

In classic white nationalism, Jewish subversion is the main cause of white decline (non-Christian white nationalists could say that the kike deceived whites with Christian morality). Remember that duck-rabbit image Kuhn used to illustrate paradigm shifts? I use the above image to illustrate my own paradigm shift from classic white nationalism to, say, Pierce’s Turner Diaries that depicted common whites as despicable degenerates. In contrast to the classical interpretation of the above caricature, I see it the other way: present-day whites are unbelievable naïve and stupid and gullible to believe what the kike tells them.

These days that I have been immersed in mythicism I discovered that salvation gods and individualism (not only in Christianity) always came after the empires were established. Only in the healthy stages of a culture religion was understood as something for the common good. This supports what I said in my previous post about the ‘One Ring’ or gold over blood: those decadent whites who embraced Christianity a long time ago (two to tango) were more responsible for the inversion of values than the subversive kike.

Bourgeois life and comfort seem like the main enemy of every white culture throughout history. That’s why I think that only a convergence of catastrophes in this century will save whites. Such a scenario may push the reset button and shift their presently rotten psyche back again to survival mode.

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  1. It may be helpful if you tell us what you mean by a Jew? For me, the essential characteristic is a refusal to recognise Jesus as the Messiah.

    • Please: go to Christian blogs to offer your comments. You very well know that this is an anti-Xtian site, not suitable for devout Irish Catholics like you.

      • Devout Irish Catholic? Ha ha ha. I’m just not buying your nietzchean argument that Christianity is responsible for the decline of the west. You could just as well say that the West’s own technological and scientific prowess is causing its destruction.

        Angela “Mutti” Merkel isn’t really German; she’s an anti-German; loyally promoting the EU’s project to rule over a continent of half-breeds. They may have taken a step backwards, for now, until they can create a new German government that isn’t as toxic as Merkel’s.

        Judaism as we know it, was invented by the Second Century AD as a reaction to the destruction of the Temple.

        David Lane is my man by the way.

      • Lane wasn’t Xtian, and this is not a site for Irish Xtians.

      • @CT have you noticed how obsessive and aggressive these Irish and Scots-Irish Christians have been lately!? I’m finding them in all arenas these days and they keep trying to push their Jesus nonsense on us…

      • I am far more concerned with American white nationalists and American southern nationalists who refuse to answer my question, How do you claim to be Jew-wise while at the same time you worship the god of the Jews?

      • @cesar : Do you really except something noble and worthwhile to come out america ?.

        Out of all places in western world, JewSA is neck deep in corruption and decadence, the place cannot be saved, and people cannot be redeemed of their sins

      • I think it was Revilo Oliver who said that they need from 30 to a hundred years of continuous suffering to change their ways, and a convergence of catastrophes is capable of doing it.

      • Forget about what revilo oliver or william pierce said, JewSA is finished , it cannot be redeemed, even with convergence of catastrophes or even if there is WW3, why not forget those despicable filth, Whites in JewSA are the enemies of european people, they are servants of Yahweh.

      • Hermann1

      • A picture is just a picture, it seems my point is misunderstood.

        Let me say it again- ” All whites today are Jews, they are spiritual Jews, they want all the things that Jew wanted, including a power to rule this world and have a permanent seat in world affairs, they want to dictate the morality to the world, call it hubris or great self belief in ones own morality or self worth, they love to trample upon every civilization under their feet if that does not fit into their world domination program, all whites posses this instinct, perhaps long periods of wealth and comfort gave them this belief”.

        This is why Christianity appealed to whites, its world domination program and missionary zeal of evangelism , moral righteousness all perfectly aligned with the psyche of white race.

        With the adoption of christianity , the white race underwent a new metamorphosis, like a caterpillar which becomes a butterfly, whites became ” Spiritual Jews” with christianity.

        Christianity will only die with complete eradication of Whites and western civilization, European people have never been humbled, ruthlessly subjugated or exterminated in mass numbers, all of these things are needed now more than ever for any paradigm change, and i believe nothing of this kind will ever happen.

        White man will inflict his poison and decadence on other societies or enforce a war upon others than suffer any civilization breakdown.

  2. You make some interesting points. I agree, it “takes two to tango”, but I also think that the discovery of DNA and the significance of race lay far off in the future when the gospel of Mark was composed, whoever composed it. Therefore, it’s hard to make sense of the claim that Christianity was engineered to destroy the white race. To me it looks like a group project to which whites contributed more than their fair share.

    Humans are hard-wired to pursue ease and comfort, so this makes the development of a bourgeois society inevitable, given enough time and available resources. In their pursuit of these things they are like automata, or like zombies (to use my metaphor). Christianity, which preaches there is an eternal life after death, is the perfect religion for zombies. Under its influence, zombie society is becoming a multiracial superorganism, soon to merge with machines. Whether this is regarded as degeneracy or just the next stage of evolution depends on whether you think evolution has the purpose of preserving the white race, or indeed any purpose at all. I don’t see any reason to believe that it does.

    • > “soon to merge with machines”

      presupposes that no convergence of catastrophes will occur in this century.

      • At a cultural (i.e., behavioral) level, the merger is already underway, and even far advanced. Should machinery suddenly disappear, there’d be worldwide famine. Even a relative dullard like PCR has noticed the effect on culture that the internet has had – “a shifting preference for the virtual over the real”. Alex Linder quoted him extensively yesterday at his blog site. The internet is a global communications network for zombie society; the beginnings of a group mind, marking a transition into a Type 1 civilization according to theoretical physicist and futurist Michio Kaku’s classification.

        It’s far from clear that catastrophes from which the system cannot recover will occur in the short term.

      • We will see what happens in the US this decade (I predict the beginning of a recession before it really hits the fan).

      • Christians have been predicting the end of the world “any day now” for 2000 years.

      • A religious “prophecy” is not the same as a scientific prediction.

      • I think if economics were actually a science, there’d be far less disagreement among economists, and most would be billionaires.

      • Problem is that most of what is being taught as economics in the universities is bad science, just as psychiatry. But that does not mean that what I say about the trauma model of mental disorders is also bad science, or what Martenson says about economics, energy and the environment is bogus.

  3. Yup, Ireland is full of such people. Question the Jew Book and you are a Jew. That is the Christian logic on show whereby Christ can ascend into heaven from at least 3 contradictory times and places.

    “Judaism as we know it today…” was invented in Babylon in 700 B.C. The Talmud is simply a necessary revision. The Torah was leading them to destruction. They very nearly did not survive the Bar Kokbah revolt.

    I still consider myself a preconciliar Catholic – partly because I am not anything else. I’m not a pagan or an atheist. The term ‘deist’ or ‘agnostic theist’ probably best describes me… but I still love the Latin and fancy dress, and architecture and morality of Catholicism. I am as the heathen and the publican in Irish Catholic circles, though.

  4. 1. @Devan On “spiritual Jews”. Among racists, it is (or should be…) common to talk along such lines that a Negroid in American clothing still remains a Negroid. Then why should a White with a Jewish name like Joseph or John be considered fully “Judaized”? As long as blood remains, there is still hope.

    2. @CT Can’t the two directions of this site be united? Can’t the conversion to Abrahamism of the youthful, naïve Germanics that didn’t even have a written record be considered “child” abuse on a giant scale?

  5. Devan

    Aryans were made to dominate. The will to power is in our blood. You feel it in yourself, do you not? The fact that you see this as an illness that needs to be eradicated only shows that you are sick.

    • Devan is a weird visitor, maybe from Germany: something that explains a lot…

    • Through christianity you are enhancing the will to power of a Jew, and this is a wrong assertion that an Aryan is made to dominate, perhaps you are referring to christian will to power, which seeks domination and mongrelization.

      An Aryan seeks self over coming in Überwindung which can be called as self mastery.

      All domination and enhancing political power, killing negroids,race war all of these concepts are senseless when you never had self mastery.

      This is why the instincts of white race are governed by Jews, when you have the desire to dominate others without attaining Überwindung , you will remain a slave to the Jew, this is why whites have become spiritual Jews and this will destroy whites or turn them into decadent degenerates

    • The very instinct to dominate never occurred to Romans,Germanic or hellenic people, they simply sought out their racial advanced and only came into conflict with others when they have posed a threat .

      All the perverse instinct to subjugate others, dominate others, corrupt others, enslave them to your will is a decadent residue of semitic christianity in your spirit, you will always live with dissatisfaction and venomous hatred if you cultivate such instincts, this again proves that there are no Aryans left, decadent anglo like william jones in 18th century copied the texts from Iran and India, and started calling european race as aryan.

      Europeans are spiritual Jews, before Europeans called themselves as Aryans, they considered themselves to be one of the lost tribe of Israel.

      • you sound as immature as Ezra. What is self-mastery? How can it be assessed? What must one do before they have been considered to have mastered the self?

        So was Hitler a spiritual Jew? He explicitly stated his desires to conquer the Slavs and Himmler spoke of his plans to subjugate them like livestock. We can see this behaviour in pre-Christianised Whites. For example, the Vikings raided and plundered many places in Europe, North Africa, Asia, and even America. The Hindu Aryans in India subjugated the Dravidians and instituted the Caste system. The hellenist tribes who lived in Italy had to expand and conquer to create the Roman Kingdom, which then became the Roman Republic. This included kidnapping young girls to use as wives from neighbouring tribes.

        Aryans – I’m so sorry – WHITES – were the most prolific in this field. It is self-evident that it is in the very nature of Whites, at least in the more Nordic infusions, to dominate others. Of course, we should be abolishing others from life, not sticking them in chains and still breathing our air.

        And as for Anglo-Israelism: they are a fringe group who very few take seriously. To say Aryans all deserve to die because of this is the biggest non-sequitur I have seen.

      • Self mastery can be gained through discipline in life, You must simply focus on procreating best people and let nature solve the problem of untermenschen.

        First stage of self mastery always involves in segregation from others ( other races not domination ).

        All examples that you have cited are factually in accurate assertions, no classical man or emperor went around the world just to have some fun in subjugating others by calling them as lower races, all the warfare is driven by necessity, warfare always destroys most worthy people of ones race, no one engaged in mindless warfare.

        Only people who engaged in warfare simply to subjugate other religions,destroy their idols and desecrate their culture to enslave them are ” Christians, Muslims and Jews”.

        Ever since an European man metamorphose into a Spiritual Jew his instincts are corrupted , there is no former self left within him, and your ramblings are best proof of that spiritual contamination which already happened.

        Its only Christians,Muslims and Jews who seek a holy war in order to conquer , destroy the idols and subjugate the masses, a classical european man never did these things for fun or show to others that he is an Aryan and it is his will to enslave others, if he did engage in warfare it is out of necessity.

        Even WW2 was forced on germany , germans are not interested in war , hitler never had any interest to enslave slavs or exterminate them, its a propaganda from Ilja Ihrenburg.

      • Slavs would be serfs by now under the Reich if the evil and idiotic and psychotic Anglo-Saxons had not intervened in favour of Sauron (they behaved like traitor Saruman with the difference that unlike LOTR Sauron won).

        You must read the Hilter’s Tischgespräche im Führerhauptquartier, especially if you know German.

  6. @Devan Are you saying that Alexander the Great went against Persia out of necessity? Or that Romans were “forced” to loot and rape (and enslave!) the entire Mediterranean?

    There have always been various causes for wars. Some were out of plain greed, others due to petty offences. Genghis Khan was never an aggressor if you squint hard enough. People aren’t that cold-blooded and calculating when it comes to violence, unless it’s a war with bags of money like in the times of Venice or colonial empires.

    Not exterminating the subjugated races has always been a mistake.

    Determining the NS attitude towards the Slavs is indeed a minefield, however. Either way, I always cringe when people forget about Slovakia.

    P.S. Now that I think of it, every time I read about Himmler’s negotiations via Sweden, or Hess’ flight to England, I feel a difference in spirit between the times. In that time, the states of Europe were still breathing, but in modern American historiography we don’t see them as independent states. We see good vs evil.

    Hell, what was Adolf Hitler’s position? The hilarious answer: a mass murderer! But in truth, he was Chancellor of German Reich. See the difference?

    It was a war between states. But Anglo-Americans never seem to have behaved like states with their own agendas and aspirations. Unexpectedly, this train of thought has led me to the same conclusion as @RevileChrist – even in real history, Anglo-Americans behaved like fictional protagonists, like Christian zombies. Why did they attack Germany? Because that’s what their Christian instincts told them to! The body-snatched Protoss…

    • You think Adolph Hitler’s declaring war on the United States had nothing to do with it? The Jews who owned FDR wanted war with the Third Reich and FDR saw to it that they got that war. Democracy works for (((them))) as long as the sheeple obey their political masters.

  7. If tomorrow christianity asks people to exterminate blacks and every non white race on earth, will you celebrate christianity.

    Is your only complain against christianity is that its not exterminating every non white race on earth and religious morals are not genocidal enough to decimate other racial populations ?.

    Christianity is actually doing that Job, it uproots the cultures and traditions of every race and enforces a decadent morality, in the long run every culture which has been Christianized will destroy itself.

    • You are missing another ironical twist. Christian poison seeks to eliminate all existence, and that will lead to the fulfillment of the 4 Words. Just overdone a bit.

      In reality, however, we cannot be sure that Christianity is going to succeed in exterminating César’s countrymen. Doesn’t non-White DNA make folks resistant to the life-threatening effects? Especially when it’s a milder version, Catholicism? And especially when the Industrial society is no more?

      • Ten years ago a Swede wrote:

        With the dollar collapse and the complete breakdown of our economical (and then political) world order, mass starvation will spread like a wildfire across the southern hemisphere. This since their population numbers are not supported by themselves, but entirely backed by us. It will all fall apart.

        So the concrete effect of Christian ethics here is to make the number of people that will die in starvation and suffering as high as possible once it hits (we are speaking of billions thanks to Christian ethics). Only the devil himself could think out such a brutally cruel scheme, and Christian ethics of course, in which case it’s according to the idiom “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

        But that’s not enough. This mass starvation, where we can expect something like two thirds of the people dying in the Third World countries, will slash these societies into pieces, and they will meet a complete breakdown.

  8. “and they will meet a complete breakdown”

    It’s funny to see your using such words. As if modern African/European societies can be described as anything other than that right now (for opposite reasons). The only countries not in a death spiral in 2019 are some of the ones from Turkey to North Korea. Does it matter if there is a billion niggers in Africa or 100 million? Aryans will starve out in proportional numbers.

    Most of the world is directionless and willless. Whites have to set out an agenda as a race. Of course, Christianity is an antithesis to that.

    • As of christianity and million + christian funded NGO’s ,organizations,lobby’s , Ministries,Missionaries, Evangelical aid shelter programs are working over night to spread the gospel to every negro and every one on earth.

      Almost all the money and assistance is offered by whites, every infiltration,subversion and corruption of eastern non christian religions is happening because of whites.

      Whites are worse, whites loved christianity because it is something that they always wanted to subjugate rest of the world through evangelism, you should be now cherishing christianity , if not for christianity whites will never set their feet in south america, or africa or some remote corners of india.

      One should understand, modern europeans are Jews, christianity is adopted by europeans because they are Jewish in spirit, all the complains about subversion of Jew and corruption of Jews, is a christian jealousy and propaganda, the original corrupters and subversives are whites.

      This is why the white race is dying a slow ,decadent death and its very much warranted.

      • yup. christianity == domination. a christian can not/will not ever accept/ respect a non-member. “he that is not for us is against us.” (what idiotic stupid shit logic.) such is jew life ethics. utter crapola.

  9. I have said this many times here, there are no Aryans in this world, whites are Jews, they are million times corrupt if not worse than Jews.

    I ideal for a white man is to become a Jew, adopt his true self and true spirit. There is no difference between a white and a Jew.

    You are living in some idealistic world, you believe some angelic attributes in white race which are absent in others, when in fact, whites are worse in many cases compared to others, and this has nothing to do with post WW2 ethics or christianity, its simply because whites are Jews atleast in spiritual sense. The Aryan identity should be given rest, whites were never aryan , never will be aryan.

  10. White people can be split into two groups; those who think niggers are men like them and those who know that they’re not. The former are libtards living up to Rousseau’s fantasy of the natural man(or is it noble savage) and who was declared the equal of the white man by the French Revolution.

    What do you think “egalite” means?

    • Christians like to blame Rousseau and the French Revolution for introducing the idea of human equality, but forget that Rousseau cribbed this idea from Christian theologian John Locke, who based his argument on the Bible. Also, long before Rousseau was even born, Catholic theologians such as Francisco de Vitoria and Bartolomé de las Casas proclaimed and advocated for the equal “rights” of indigenous peoples of the New World.

      People can indeed be split into two groups: Those who split people into two groups, and those who don’t. So runs the old joke. However, if we are going to split people into two groups, I favor the division zombies and non-zombies. Zombies want to be part of the emerging superorganism, and non-zombies don’t. Zombies are faith-based and can’t be reasoned with. They are full of faith — faith in the imagined dignity of man, in Western civilization, in the salvific power Jesus, in scientific “progress”, etc. Because the non-zombies trace their heritage back to pre-Christian times, they put a lot of energy into trying to persuade the zombies not to be zombies. This describes the online activities of most of the racial right. But history shows this is a useless endeavor. Eventually, one realizes that there is only one way to deal with zombies. You shoot them in the fucking brain. Six rounds, unloaded point blank into the face works wonders.

      • The zombie metaphor is perfect. Recently I have been thinking a lot about a lost friend who, in spite of the fact that he’s an educated, smart man, cannot give up Jesus.

        Mixing metaphors I’d say that millions of white and non-white men are adepts and addicts of the bluepill.

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