Initial scepticism

In the comments section of the previous post I mentioned a Swede I read in 2009. In internet forums that claim to defend the West, that was the first time I heard about the coming fall of the American dollar, something about which I also commented in the previous discussion thread.

The prediction that the hegemony of the United States will soon end with the fall of its economy, something that would free Europe from US troops (for example, the gringo troops in Germany), is such music to the ears of dissidents that ten years ago I dispatched those theories as wishful thinking. That’s why I can understand that visitors to this site are so sceptical that the dollar will fall. But there is something that happened precisely in 2009 that I must confess.

The guy referred to called me over the phone, from Sweden to Spain (ten years ago I was living in Gran Canaria), and we talked about one hour on various topics. Repeatedly I told him, again and again, that I did not think the dollar was going to tank. My scepticism was based precisely on the fact that such prediction seemed sent to us by a fairy godmother, which smelled like wishful thinking.

The Swede was disappointed by my persistent scepticism and that was the last time we spoke on the phone. However, the YouTube sources cited were there, in the text that the Swede had left. (Recently Blake Hood, writing in Volkish and speaking precisely about the Swede’s text wrote: ‘This is an edited version of this epic post from the blog West’s Darkest Hour. Go read the whole thing’.)

So I started to watch online discussions between Keynesian economists and the economists of the so-called Austrian school, to which belong those who believe that the dollar is going to tank. After watching approximately one hundred YouTube discussions I changed 180º with respect to my original scepticism and realised that those who predict a great financial calamity in the United States are right.

Take into account that the economists who belong to the Austrian school cannot be accused of self-deception for the simple fact that nobody among them, as far as I know, is a white nationalist (only the latter long for a glitch in the Matrix). The conclusions reached by the Austrian economists are based on facts and an interpretation of the facts, especially in matters of economy, energy and the environment.

Those who are as sceptical as I was when I lived in Spain would do themselves a favour if they listened, with due attention, the accelerated course by Chris Martenson (pic left). If you do, keep the very important quote of Dr. Albert Bartlett in mind, as I’ve noticed that white nationalists still think in linear, non-exponential terms (i.e., the collapse won’t be gradual: it will unfold very rapidly).

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  1. Carrying over from the previous comment I left on your latest thread…

    To give you my POV on this, to be honest I saw the Dollar Collapse coming when 9/11 happened and paid very close attention to how the FRS was protecting the markets and also knew about the gold confiscation under the NY building vaults…

    I also studied a lot of what the Austrian economics also claimed, and the Austrian economics do have a lot of forward-thinking in terms of currency crisis and other problems. A lot of their arguments are also valid, but they are not fond of the idea of any government intervention and believe in this “proverbial hand that guides the market” in that the free market corrects and guides itself and sets its own prices, which is actually a dubious myth.

    I also have not known any Austrian economists who were White Nationalists either, and many who were even questioned on the idea of Nationalism – as the tidal waves of it are re-emerging in the world – a lot of them seem to express a disdain for it.

    One thing I agree with that Adolf Hitler always spoke about is that in a Capitalist economy, entire industries could be wiped out in an instant by just letting the so-called “free hand of the free market” to do its job.

    A think a state managed economy with both public-private cooperation and the government encouraging and sponsoring private production is ideal and Volkische in nature. Capitalism cannot produce that because Capitalism is engineered on the principle of operating only for profit rather than on the basis of a Racial people’s overall well-being. And the fact that Capitalism seeks to sell goods at the highest price possible but with utilizing the cheapest levels of production.

    The thing is in terms of collapse, Empires collapse in vastly different manners than just a regular nation in decline.

    Nations which are either on a typical road of decline or experience a crisis on one particular issue could even be brought to their knees overnight or have their banking systems stop functioning altogether.

    But the type of way empires collapse is like an ice rink melting from the bottom of the ice and eventually the ice thins out at the very end where it takes everyone out unexpectedly.

    But even though the US Empire has been in decline for a long while, it has staved off the appearance by medicating itself and offsetting growing pressures from creating wars and also sacrificing certain segments of its population gradually as to not show the decay.

    One thing very prevalent in Americans, and probably the only reason why America still even exists in the country is that the people born here (or who come to this country) are indoctrinated in the ideas of Democracy and Freedom, and they equate Democracy with Freedom. The idea that you can be anyone or anything from any background and make life happen. The idea that elimination of Democracy means elimination of Freedom. They cannot comprehend that Democracy is the road to the biggest type of tyrannical governments and that Democracies do not last long.

    Maybe a bit off-topic here, but the average person who is so deeply ingrained with “Americanism” in their thinking, cannot comprehend the idea that America would ever be a rogue force in the world that inhibits freedom. Most Americans I still talk to cannot fathom that the we are an evil empire and are destroying other world’s countries, and they are largely ignorant of historical embargos, enslavement and dictatorial control that America has imposed on so many nations since its inception, which have either discouraged or destroyed prosperity and wealth from so many Nations throughout Europe, Latin America and pretty much everywhere else. Americans largely only measure success or greatness in terms of wealth and financial success and completely ignore culture, quality of life or any personal sophistication and development in a given culture.

    I also notice too that even despite the atrocities Americans commit, there is something specific about Americans and British people in that no matter how evil their militaries are, even those who claim to be against the Jewish control of both Nations which are fighting Jewish wars, they seem to still trust blindly and put all faith of last resort into our Militaries and the Servicemen behind them.

    To think otherwise is being “Non-American” and not being a real patriot and not defending freedom.

    I was born in America, but I never had this longing infatuation for the military like even many immigrants who come here. It just never was in me, I always sensed even from the earliest of age that our military was up to no good based on watching the speeches of new invasions and the bad vibes and scum personalities of American soldiers.

    • Yes of course: capitalism is bad for the 14 words. And we must reject the POV of Austrian economists that promote Adam Smith’s “wealth of nations” that actually destroys all Western nations (“the market knows no borders”).

      But Austrians are spot on about the coming collapse. I use them as “prophets”, not as ideologues of how to run the economy of the ethnostate.

      • Right on… Have you ever listened to anything by Marc Faber? He is very intelligent, I like his form of delivery and he seems to have a very seasoned view of things and is also very well versed in history.

      • Yes: he once said in an interview I watched on YouTube that the American dollar “will be like confetti”.

    • @rhnegatives “we are an evil empire and are destroying other world’s countries, and they are largely ignorant of historical embargos, enslavement and dictatorial control that America has imposed on so many nations since its inception… discouraged or destroyed prosperity and wealth from so many Nations throughout Europe, Latin America”

      What a fucking joke. America is evil precisely because it has imparted food and medical aid to all the niggers in the world! But in your mind, America is evil because it was oh so cruel to the countries, so repressive. Give me a break. With such ideas, you should be suckin Putin’s dick. But who am I kidding, there are “russophiles” on Alex Linder’s forums…

      The fact that even commenters here fail to understand the simplest things gives me cancer. Aren’t you a CI, with that nickname? Do you believe that Whites come from aliens?

      “which are fighting Jewish wars”

      Americans have not fought a war since 1945. And they probably can’t any longer – their country will immediately come to ruin, even though nobody can exactly conquer it. The population is half niggers, and they will chimp out when the gibs are not given. Even if on paper the US military can indeed take on the whole world, and without nukes.

      • @AdunaiLeVierte, your attitude is just as ugly as you are as a person. You definitely have some inferior blood in you, I can tell by how you speak, you are definitely not European-minded whatsoever. Also, the niggers didn’t just end up on American shores by accident. The same scum who established America, brought them over. Enough said. The day that America and Britain collapses and that our soldiers become assraped by those who overtake them, will be a day of rejoice for me.

  2. A bit off-topic, but I have re-read 3 essays by William Ventvogel on page 270 of this blog, and they have disabled comments.

    I’d like to say that my own paradigm is a bit more radical than that. I place zero blame on White women behaving badly, and I don’t blame niggers for the incidents in Rotherham either. To me, this whole ordeal is entirely in White man’s soul. To me, it is silly to blame women for anything – in a proper society, they wouldn’t be allowed to speak in the first place. To me, it is inadequate to be angry over the rapes – in a proper society, those women could not have been raped in the first place.

    From the point of analytic philosophy, a nigger cannot rape a White woman in modern times – because there are no White women left. (I’m now talking like Devan with his “spiritual Jews”, but about sexes.) Rape is an offence against a father or a husband – and there are no fathers and no husbands left either. Also, nigger virility is akin to “homosexual virility” in my mind – a weird and useless concept.

    On another note, have you really never thought of the possibility of Whites degrading their psychoclass to endure in the times to come? This was the first idea that came to my mind when I learnt of deMause’s theory, not surprising considering I’m so used to looking back.

    • I never blame women for what they do. Per Schopenhauer, it’s like men empowering half-grown men.

      As to your last sentence, my big, big question that always torments me is why do I hate so much and white nationalists don’t? Could it be because I was abused like hell in my teens and they not?

      Whatever the answer, remember Pierce’s 2nd novel: whites need about 600 kicks on their asses to change their ways…

      • @CT, well women definitely don’t have valor or honor, I agree…

        But the thing is, the damage to the West has been done. Something will eventually grow out of it, but I don’t see anything continuing forward without a massive depopulation taking place, and a lot of it is a result of Women’s bad choices with feminism and race betrayal, and the low birth rates, etc. Nature will have its final say, and I believe Nature will ordain that there will be Millions of single, used up worthless women who just are not even mentally stable enough for a relationship or marriage, let alone providing anything useful for a higher culture. Nature must run its course, in the end. Educating the youth is really the most crucial thing to raise new generations of fierce Men and Women who are brought up with the right direction.

      • Here I agree with Anglin: abducting & raping the Sabine women will automatically do the trick. The rape by young Aryans to found families will be their education, or spanking if you like. It’s as simple as that.

        (We should only spare from that spanking the virgin Sabines who have behaved with modesty, or with fidelity if they are already married.)

    • AdunaiLeVierte, you are clearly a part of the cancer of our society. The fact you don’t want to blame women for their behavior proves your matriarchal line of thinking and acceptance of the status quo. You aren’t part of the solution, so therefore you are a part of the problem. One in which, a society has been enduring many ills by offsetting the problems and lack of agency or responsibility from women’s bad deeds and incompetence. People like you will definitely be meeting the guillotines during a revolution.

      • See, you are empowering women. A race can’t survive when their women are empowered. It’s a joke.

        Women can do no wrong. There, I said it. When a woman “does” wrong, it’s a fault of her father or husband.

        But you probably weep at night over that beheaded Norwegian whore. Don’t worry, she had sucked plenty of cocks beforehand, her trip to Morocco was not in vain.

      • It’s a fault of both. Enough of this bullcrap, people may be influenced by who raises them but ultimately a person is responsible for their choices and actions they make irrespective of what they’ve grown up to accept as normal.

      • > “ultimately a person is responsible for their choices and actions”

        Honour (valor and honesty) is characteristic of fair men. Women are incapable of that. They must be judged with another standard altogether (modesty, fidelity, etc).

        The experience I have had with the woman is that we simply can’t treat her like another guy. In the past, when I treated them as if they were like us I invariably hit a concrete wall. They’re not a serious sex. Trying to reason with half-grown men (i.e., women) is a fool’s errand.

  3. My problem with this sort of thing is that it always omits the key piece of information: *when* will the collapse occur. Without that it is useless. Consider Doug Casey who has made a very long career out of selling his books and doing lectures on “how to survive the coming collapse.”

    • @Hobbithabit123, EXACTLY… Doug Casey is another one of those financial hyenas who descend from the Ulster Scots (Scots-Irish) I speak of which come from the Bloodlines of Crypto-Jews… Doug Casey is also affiliated with other related families who are doing the same thing, most of who are double agents who formerly worked for the CIA or other government agencies, the likes of Jim Rickards and David Walker which are a part of the Peter G. Peterson foundation.

      If only the average person in the West knew the detailed connections of these families and how they establish their wealth and how vast their networks are in what they do…

    • My problem with this sort of thing is that it always omits the key piece of information: *when* will the collapse occur. Without that it is useless.

      Let’s see the problem in the following way.

      As many visitors know, on September 19, 2017 we experienced a huge earthquake in Mexico City. Several buildings fell killing many people (I live in a safe zone so nothing happened to our house).

      The engineers in charge of checking the damaged buildings that remained standing, recommended the inhabitants not enter them. They predicted that the buildings could fall from that day until ten years later. They did not know the exact date even though static physics is a science. (It is impossible to gauge the condition of each brick, concrete block, or metal rod, etc., that supports damaged buildings within the walls.)

      I remember a guy who played it. He entered to rescue his things, and by bad luck at that moment the building collapsed. But the building could have been standing for ten more years…

      Does that mean that the building is not going to collapse? No. It means that even engineers cannot measure all the forces that sustain an old building, damaged by the quake. They can’t predict the exact day of the collapse.

      The same with the American economy. Those economists who studied at the university but who have broken with the Keynesian dogma, know that when a nation violates economic laws (the United States before 1929; Germany after WW1) a financial accident will occur.

      It is not about knowing if the crisis begins tomorrow or in ten years: It is certain that the building, or the economy of a nation, will collapse.

      The wise thing is not to enter damaged buildings after a strong quake, or to start saving some silver coins when your government prints trillions of dollars out of thin air. In cases of rich people like Richard Spencer, Sam Dickson and others of the Alt-Right, they should prepare with gold coins.

      Even revolutionaries should do it! If a freedom fighter manages to save, say, ten thousand dollars in precious metals, after the fall of the dollar the purchasing power of that savings will be transformed into $ 100,000 to buy weapons.

      So Austrian economics could become handy if only the white nationalist took the trouble of studying carefully Martenson’s courses.

      • Stock market investing too dangerous then?

      • It’s a risky business.

        Many years ago, long before I discovered WN, I knew that there were risky speculators and conservative investors.

        The former could make a fortune but they could also lose all their capital if they invest it in the wrong business.

        The latter does not speculate as much as they settle for secure gains, although not as spectacular as those who risk everything.

        Now, with the crisis looming, instead of risky speculation (bitcoin, etc.) I would suggest going to the most solid: precious metals, land and art (well, only millionaires can do it!).

      • Science only attained more prestige than religion in the modern age because of its success in making accurate predictions and getting results. If science couldn’t get results or make accurate predictions, it would be just another belief system akin to religion. But because it can, all kinds of ideologies and intellectual systems now try to dress themselves up as a science by co-opting the name and some of its methods; yet an inability to make accurate predictions shows them up for impostors. A prediction that the dollar will collapse “someday” is likely true, but isn’t very useful without a date, and a valid methodology for setting the date. Empires rise and empires fall. Spengler said as much. Was he a scientist? Does noting that fact make history a science?

        Gold fluctuates, but it’s a gamble, not an investment. E.g., gold closed 2012 at $1664/oz., so if you’d bought gold then you’d still be trying to recoup your investment. (It closed today at $1287.50).

      • Your data on gold is myopic. You need the whole picture: its purchasing power since the times of ancient Egypt.

        In Ancient Rome, you could buy handsome clothing for a man for the same ounce of gold that today can purchase an expensive suit. Gold cannot crash as hundreds of fiat currencies have crashed (currencies that no longer exist) as it’s made in the stars, and no government can “print” trillions of gold coins.

        > A prediction that the dollar will collapse “someday” is likely true.

        The same ten years could apply to the damaged building as to the dollar. Does that mean that after 11 years of non-collapsing the engineers in Mexico were wrong, or their field pseudoscientific? Hardly. As I said, there’s stuff that cannot be predicted with astronomic precision (planet orbits are easy to predict with calculus). And other buildings were indeed collapsing within the ten-year prediction.

        Doctors can predict that a 30-year-old chain-smoker has more chances to get cancer even if he reaches 90 years remaining healthy. Does that mean that medicine is bad science, because it could not make an exact prediction about this guy? No, because other smokers get cancer.

        I cannot believe that WNsts are so sceptical about sound (non-Keynesian) economics when every time that a nation violates the laws of economy something catastrophic happens (collapses of the peso in Mexico, Argentina, Bolivia in the past, and more recently in Venezuela—and let’s not talk of Zimbabwe).

      • @C.T. It’s true, many WN’s have no real cultural understanding of Gold… Also there is some confusion in terms of Hitler’s approach to it, but even though Hitler admitted his desire to only issue German DM Notes based on Industrial Capacity Units, he described in other writings his main reason for not backing the German State with Gold was because Germany had none as the Jews took nearly all the Gold out of Germany. Ironically Hitler got the false blame attributed to stealing Gold from neighboring countries when in fact it was FDR using bank freezes and panics throughout Europe as a means to confiscate the Gold for America.

        In any case, Gold should be desirable when and if its available because it is indeed sound money due to its properties, portability, divisibility and so forth.

        The only unprecedented action which has tarnished the cultural significance of using and owning it is that since Nixon’s actions in 1971, for the first time in history, Gold was entirely demonetized globally and allowed to float freely on the exchange. This action has also allowed the speculators to suppress it to an extent where it doesn’t always buy exactly what it should at some given times because in reality, Gold and Silver today are so out of whack compared to oil prices and other commodities since the values are manipulated, but this was not true for thousands of years up until Nixon’s actions. But Americans haven’t been using Gold officially since 1933 because it was only theoretically being backed after FDR outlawed usage and repriced it, in which they would only honor Gold Exchanges for International Banks since 1933. The only exception is that by law the US Mint has to manufacture them, and the US mint is one of few Mints which has to often buy more supplies on demand to mint them, but they go uncirculated.

        In terms of what RevileChrist says in the comments here, I disagree with his approach because Gold is not actually an investment or a gamble. Or at least you shouldn’t be looking at it that way, it’s a hedge which allows you to preserve your money and should only be looked at as a long-term way to preserve your money for the inflationary damage which is building up. During Hyperinflation is when one will be able to profit FOR A LIMITED TIME as they can buy more dollars to either pay off debts or finance something they want, but at some point I do believe if commodities and foodstuffs become to scarce and if things get really bad, Gold or even Silver may not be acceptable. But it is wise to own it, it will be required or usable for some time definitely more than Cash especially when the real chaos begins.

        White Nationalists are not usually known for having a rich background in history or culture. That’s probably why their views are so limited and programmed. Most of them are involved in what they are involved in only for their own benefit or due to misfortunes or other personal issues, but never for a collective interest of their people and culture as a whole. Unfortunately…

      • Exactly. You can imagine those who at The Daily Stormer use Nazi paraphernalia and Nazi avatars watching Wagner’s operas, at least in DVDs! Those neo-Nazis have little culture, and if I met them I could not even talk about the plots of my favorite Wagnerian operas (let alone the music)!

        I suspect that they are prejudiced against gold because of what they know about Ezra Pound, who disliked it. It is comical to read Greg Johnson’s own essays about the economy where he advances the idea of making money out of thin air for the ethnostate.

        If we shared some background culture (I mean the WNsts and me) we could have fascinating conversations. But no: for many of them, their culture does not go beyond what they read in the WN forums.

        Tom Sunic is the exception of course. I could say that Greggy is pretty educated too, but his economics are nuts!

      • Your metaphor is inexact. OK, the news mentioned someone who died after going into a damaged building but I’m sure that hundreds or thousands of others did so without incident and they received no mention on the news (selection bias). No-one plans their life on the basis that they might be struck by lightning. Also, there is opportunity cost: in general, money invested in productive activity right now is going to yield more than precious metal sitting in a safe. It seems unlikely to me that after a collapse that ammunition will be easy to purchase. I should add that if Spencer is a millionaire then it seems odd that he would be a regular on the Heel Turn livestream reading out comments from the chat in exchange for small donations.

      • The idea of the metaphor was not to focus on that single guy who got killed after the building collapsed. It was rather to show that it is irrational that people say, “This building will never collapse” or “The Titanic will never sink” or “Yes: Mexico, Bolivia, Argentina and Venezuela have experimented devaluation of their currencies. But the US will never suffer another crisis like that of 1929”.

        That is superbia, and within the WN community there are lots of people who believe that the US is different: that it is above the laws of economy even when, presently, it is the most indebted nation of the world.

        Also, my advice is to save precious metals and, within the couple days after the collapse—before anarchy hits society—buy powerful guns with the astronomic purchasing power that those metals will have right after the crash.

  4. @rhnegatives

    “… when the real chaos begins.”

    If and when that happens, I’d rather have guns and ammo than gold. They’d be more valuable, and using them I could get gold whenever I want.

    Owning physical gold is also a risk. Last year I met a man who buried his life savings in gold in his back yard, and lost it to a thief.


    “The same ten years could apply to the damaged building as to the dollar. ”

    Yes, but how is the figure 10 years arrived at? Why not 8? Or 4? Or 12? Anyone can guess at when disaster will happen, but few if any know. Ten years ago some economists were “predicting” collapse just as they are still today. Science (ultimately from Latin scire, to know) is about knowing, not guessing. If economists actually knew what the markets would do and when they’d all be billionaires. It’s the difference between offering the general advice “Buy low, and sell high”, and being able to consistently do it.

    • Did you watch Martenson’s video?

      Economics, like all social sciences, is not a science. That’s why it cannot predict when the markets will figure out that the Fed is just bluffing. My educated guess is that recession will start this year but not the collapse (that would only happen if the Fed goes back to zero interests and launches QE4).

      At any event, believing that, unlike 1929 and Weimar Germany, business as usual will continue in the US is the worst delusion that Americans suffer now. It is just hubris. The collapse is coming, just as a damaged building will fall apart in Mexico.

      If the dollar hyperinflates because of the Fed blunders, it’s gold which will have an astronomic purchasing power to obtain guns in the US; not the other way around.

      The second half of Trump’s presidency will probably mark the beginning of the recession and the next Democratic Party presidency the fall, as theirs is now a socialist agenda (Bernie Sanders types).

      But again, all social sciences are not exact sciences and I’ve never claimed they were. The only certain thing is that those of us, poor racists, who fail to buy a few silver coins will lament it when it hits the fan. (There are safe places in security boxes for such coins outside our homes.)

      • Would the collapse of the dollar be the main event that causes the fall of the USA? You write in your sidebar that the collapse of the dollar will mark the beginning of the end of America’s domination of Europe (and I would guess logically the rest of the world too). After the dollar has collapsed will we be in a multi-polar world where America has been brought down to the level of China, Russia and India and is no longer the leading superpower of a uni-polar world?

        I understand that at some point in the relatively near future (i.e. the next three decades) the dollar will lose its status as the world’s reserve currency-will that occur when the dolar collapses? Excuse my ignorance but I’ve not studied economics really. I’ve noticed the US debt is increasing exponentially (it’s almost $22 trillion now). An associate of mine said two years ago that hyperinflation would soon occur with the dollar. There’s also the petrodollar being undermined gradually as oil is now also being traded in what’s been termed the petro-yuan so I would think that brings the downfall of the dollar ever nearer.

        When the dollar collapses (from what I understand it’s a when not an if) then the ability of the USA to project power will be greatly weakened. This will be good for racists in Europe as the chance Uncle Sam would use his gigantic military to stamp out an ethnostate or ethnostates in Europe will be reduced (and I wouldn’t think it likely Russia or China would invade Europe but who knows? There’s talk of China making a possible attempt to occupy parts of the USA in the future). The coming downfall of the USA is something for mankind to celebrate. I believe in American exceptionalism, America was and is a unique country in history. But mostly for negative reasons. (James Mason said in 1980 that the US government was the most evil thing that has ever existed on earth). Ultimately though, America is no exception to the laws of history. The whole American experiment has been one gigantic episode of mayhem from its beginning to what will no doubt be its bloody end.

      • Long before those three decades you mention, the US dollar will lose its privilege of being the currency for international exchanges. They won’t be able to make anti-white wars in Europe anymore (e.g., Bill Clinton bombing Serbia in 1999 and siding the “poor” Muslims of Kosovo).

        Whatever happens to Russia and China with Europe is related to the question if the white Europeans will, after the interregnum is over (1945-2023[?]), reclaim their societies or not.

      • “Did you watch Martenson’s video?”

        Yes, and now I have to wonder whether you watched it. There’s nothing in there about a crash happening within 10 years specifically. In fact he says he’s an optimist, that the crash is only “a possibility”, and not inevitable. Interestingly, he also says that the first version of his video dates back to 2008 — more than 10 years ago!

        “… it’s gold which will have an astronomic purchasing power to obtain guns in the US; not the other way around. ”

        In conditions of total anarchy, the man with guns shoots the man with the gold and takes it if he wants it. Plus, the mere fact that anyone would want to exchange gold for guns is an admission that the gun is now the more valuable item. Gold can have value only in a market economy where there is some ability to enforce rules. In a total collapse, it would be much better to have guns and ammo than a whole pile of lumps of yellow metal.

        The condition of the white race in modern society is like a man slowly being suffocated to death in the clutches of a Burmese python. Tighter and tighter the python squeezes him, but he thinks “Aha! This python must let go sooner or later. Though the pressure he exerts is increasing exponentially, his strength isn’t infinite. He’ll get tired and let go, and that’s when I’ll make my break for it.” This is just wishful thinking; a way of distracting oneself from the pain of dying, and the humiliation of being powerless to do anything about it.

      • I didn’t try to imply that in total anarchy (i.e., months after the collapse) it would be easy to buy guns. But that right after the crash (i.e., days after the collapse) guns will be cheaper to those wise enough to save precious metals.

        nothing in there about a crash happening within 10 years specifically. In fact he says he’s an optimist, that the crash is only “a possibility”, and not inevitable.

        Martenson has a website and definitively he believes that the economic collapse is coming, even in his most recent videos. I chose his accelerated “crash course” because it’s less than an hour.

        He tries very hard to not scare people, so as not appear as a doomsday prophet. That’s why he phrases his ideas in a sugar-coated way. But obviously he is preparing for the collapse in his personal life.

        P.S. My “ten years” phrase was an invention of my own. I had in mind the damaged buildings in my town. After people actually died trying to rescue their property (bad luck that the collapse occurred in that very minute!) the survivors are no longer doubting that the diagnose of the engineers is sound.

    • @RevileChrist, it’s not wise for anyone to put all their eggs in one basket, that should be common sense.

      But what you are describing to me sounds like the old boys club Scots-Irish / Yankee mentality.

      I have nothing wrong with guns, but the problem you American Yanks have is that you value Guns more than Brotherhood, and I know that even from the American Revolution that someone who did not know how to fire a gun was considered essentially worthless in the overall scope of this filthy Scots-Irish culture. You take the idea of gun ownership not from a defense perspective but from a paranoid one because the means of which your ancestors survived and thrived was off of perpetually being at war. The same was true in Scotland, and the English Kings knew this very well about Scots which was why they used the Scots to their advantage to play all people from the British Isles against each other to the benefit of the English.

      It sounds more like you are paranoid in general and risk averse, nobody knows how anything can play out. That’s the reason why America never had obtained a rich or sophisticated culture and relied on importing European and then later inferior cultures to give it any semblance of life…

      Very soon Europe and the world is going to recognize the truth about who exactly the people from the British Isles are along with the origin of the Celts (Gauls), and their role in establishing America along with Anglo-American Imperialism, and how Europe has been destroyed in the process.

      May we all be very, and soon we shall be, of Celtic rule over any European Nation.

      • America is nothing more than a landmass with a population. It was like that from the beginning. No true developed culture and civilization ever flourished here that will leave an immortal footprint, and it is because of the Anglo and Celtic peoples of the British Isles who are actually Gallic.

        The other Jewish tribes came over later and took control of the USA’s financial system and eventually morphed the Republic into a Corporation. But the Scots-Irish fight the wars for the Jews, since the Talmudic / Oriental Jews consider 1 Jewish life to be worth 1000 Gentile lives.

        There is a saying of the Scots-Irish who came from Ulster, that life was generally considered relatively successful and just great, so long as they had their guns, the was whiskey to be poured and they had at least something to eat. Nothing else to them ever mattered. These people have proven themselves to be incapable of creating a sophisticated or enduring civilization, advanced literature and beauty. Beauty did not matter to them at all.

        Even the Romans knew that the chief career and way of life for the Gallic Tribes, of which there were many different ones, was War. When not at war with other Nations or Empires like the Romans, they were at war with themselves to reap provisions and assert whatever they needed for the time it served. Never forward-thinking or ever having a long-term vision for the maintenance of a culture, no belief or interest in centralized planning or the idea of a central authority. This is a major character flaw, it’s just now in them to be this way.

        As far as how Britain became a mighty Empire that flourished for centuries, it was due to the Anglo-Saxons and Normans that gave it forward-thinking ability to do that.

        For all these reasons combined, I’m extremely bitter about anyone from the British Isles, because they along with their American counterparts prove themselves time and time again to be betrayers of Europe and are trying to drag down Europe yet again economically.

      • “… you are paranoid in general …”

        As the saying goes, it’s not paranoia if they really are out to get you.

        “… you value Guns more than Brotherhood …”

        I’m not sure where in Europe you write from, but in general I can’t see that Europeans value Brotherhood any more than Americans. If they do, their immigration policies certainly don’t show it; nor their hate speech laws, etc.

        “… no belief or interest in centralized planning or the idea of a central authority. This is a major character flaw, it’s just now in them to be this way.”

        I don’t think it’s a character flaw, but I also don’t think it’s true. Your average American right-wing dope worships authority. He loves the police and would rather saw his right arm off than knowingly break the law. Even so-called WNs are mostly like that. Christianity itself, with its vision of a personal God in charge of the universe who is also an object of worship, is a perfect religion for such zombies.

        Empires require a centralized authority, but empires are the death of race. So I’m not a fan of either.

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