Darkening Age, 20

In chapter 10 of The Darkening Age: The Christian Destruction of the Classical World, Catherine Nixey wrote:
In Alexandria, Cyril conducted house searches to hunt out works by the loather pagan emperor Julian ‘the Apostate’…

This was a new literary world and a newly serious one. ‘The extent to which this new Christian story both displaced and substituted for all others is breathtaking,’ writes the modern academic Brent D. Shaw… And in the place of humour, came fear. Christian congregations found themselves rained on by oratorical fire and brimstone. For their own good, of course. As Chrysostom observed with pleasure: ‘in our churches we hear countless discourses on eternal punishment, on rivers of fire, on the venomous worm, on bonds that cannot be burst, on exterior darkness’…

Less than a hundred years after the first Christian emperor, the intellectual landscape was changing. In the third century, there had been twenty-eight public libraries in Rome and many private ones. By the end of the fourth they were, as the historian Ammianus Marcellinus observed with sorrow, ‘like tombs, permanently shut’…

As a law of AD 388 announced: ‘There shall be no opportunity for any man to go out to the public and to argue about religion or to discuss it or to give any counsel.’ If anyone with ‘damnable audacity’ attempted to then, the law announced with a threat no less ominous for being vague, ‘he shall be restrained with a due penalty and proper punishment’…

In Athens, some decades after Hypatia’s death, a resolutely pagan philosopher found himself exiled for a year…

What was not ‘of profit ‘ could easily fade from view. The shocking death of Hypatia ought to have merited a good deal of attention in the histories of the period. Instead it is treated lightly and obliquely, if at all. In history, as in life, no one in Alexandria was punished for her murder. There was a cover-up. Some writers were highly critical—even to fervent Christian eyes this was an appalling act.

But not all: as one Christian bishop later recorded with admiration, once the satanic woman had been destroyed, then all the people surrounded Cyril in acclamation for he had ‘destroyed the last remains of idolatry in the city.’ The affected myopia of Christian historians could be magnificent: as the historian Ramsay MacMullen has put it, ‘Hostile writings and discarded views were not recopied or passed on, or they were actively suppressed.’

The Church acted as a great and, at times, fierce filter on all written material, the centuries of its control as ‘a differentially permeable membrane’ that ‘allowed the writings of Christianity to pass through but not of Christianity’s enemies.’


  1. And in the place of humour, came fear. Christian congregations found themselves rained on by oratorical fire and brimstone. gee, not only in alexandria. this paragraph describes my experience in the fundamentalist churches. utter psychological violence. putrid chronic child abuse. as bad as the infliction of sexual abuse on children by the pedophiliac priests in the catholic churches.

    how i long for the destruction of all belief systems. ain’t gonna happen. pagan gods that demand animal sacrific as well as the abrahamics. all shit. (i can’t forgive julian for his crazed shedding of animal blood to his fuk’ed up pagan gods. as well as the profane communion liturgy of the xtians with their fake’d up symbolic drinking wine for blood and chewing on a wafer for human flesh. sacrifical porn.)

    • That is a good point that I happen to share. Which is why both Wm. Pierce and Evropa Soberana failed miserably when saying that Sparta should be our model (who also sacrificed).

      The model for our age, of course, is National Socialism, but beside Carolyn Yeager who is really promoting it in the WN community? And how is it possible that a woman is promoting it in such a community while the most radical males admire psychos instead?

      Whites (including WNsts) in your country really really need a prolonged societal collapse before a few of them come to their senses…

  2. @highrpm

    That should be the first Aryan Commandment:

    Thou shalt not commit blood sacrifice.

    • Next time you may link your reply after the one you respond, if you want (by clicking, say, on “Reply” within Highrpm’s comment above.

      • Ok. I just consider “thou shalt not commit blood sacrifice” very important. I didn’t want it to get lost in the replies.

  3. There is some truth to that fable about Cain and Able. Cain represented that portion of humanity that considered Blood Sacrifice abhorrent. Abel represented those who considered Blood Sacrifice “an odor of smoothness” to their demonic deities. Unfortunately the conscience of the descendants of Abel won out. We would probably all be vegans, now, living in an edinic world, in harmony with the other species on this planet, with zero pollution, had Cain won. The Freemasons – in this respect – are correct in claiming spiritual lineage from Cain. Pike – so demonised by Christians , condemned the blood sacrifices of “Adonai” as he called Yahweh. Yahweh always has the vapours of burnt flesh – even in the Christian era – in his nostrils, says he.

    • “Yahweh always has the vapours of burnt flesh in his nostrils.”

      a quote i won’t forget. thx.

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