Quoting Mark Twain

In his video about James Watson, Jared Taylor quotes Mark Twain, who once said: ‘There are times when one would like to hang the whole human race and finish the farce’.


  1. Sometimes I wonder if a few commenters of WN forums should not be hanged too. Occidental Dissent for one published yesterday ‘Andrew Anglin Involved in Problematic Lawsuit Situation’ which contains this sentence:

    The duplicitous Andrew Anglin from Daily Stormer is once again in the middle of potential shitstorm. He is a man who has endorsed violence, mass shootings, White Sharia, and torturing; in fact, he used to call Daily Stormer: The World’s #1 Rape Legalization Website.

    So Aryans are going to reclaim their nations peacefully, right? No Revolution. Does the author at least approve mere fictional novels by Pierce, Covington and Lane as to how the race wars might unfold?

    As to White Sharia and rape, right-wingers usually complain that those at the Left have no sense of humour. Does Occidental Dissent have humour? What about the stuff this site has said about The Rape of the Sabine women?

    • Occidental Dissent seems like the mouthpiece of the couch-potato right. The same crowd who were posting on stormfront, talking about “stopping those kikes!”

      For decades. Say what you want about Anglin, but his antics and positions attracted a lot more people than HW’s whining about misogyny ever has or will.

      • ‘Couch potato right’ – LOL!

        ‘Misogyny’ is leftist newspeak referring to those who want women to behave like Melanie (played by Olivia de Havilland in the 1939 epic historical romance film Gone with the Wind).

        Apparently, self-styled ‘southern nationalist’ Wallace is, in fact, siding the yanks regarding basic sexual mores.

        Incredibly, Olivia de Havilland still lives. She’s 102 years old! She knew a world that Wallace will never see…

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