On Richard Carrier

A depiction of Ecce Homo, as Pontius Pilate
delivers Jesus to the crowd (Antonio Ciseri, 1862).

Before reading Carrier, I imagined that there was a historical Jesus crucified by Pilate if we only eliminated all the legendary tales, miracles and resurrection stories that appear in the Gospels. As I have already said, it was not until the end of last year that I changed my mind.

Discovering the mythicists reminded me strongly of what happened to me in the 1990s with CSI literature, and especially when I read a book by Robert Sheaffer that made me doubt, for the first time, of the existence of ‘psi’. The fact is that the exegetes of the New Testament, starting with Albert Schweitzer, have been in bondage of the introjects of their parents. They could never encapsulate the viruses and malwares as I have done in my mentality.

All the liberal and even secular exegetes of the New Testament that I read since the 1980s were in bondage of parental introjects. The simplest hypothesis should have been, from the beginning, the theory of a mythical Christ because no single contemporary witness outside the Bible ever bothered to write about Jesus.

None. Zilch. Zero. Plenty of people, long after Jesus supposedly died, claimed he was real but outside the Bible, sorry: it is a tall tale. It is the same as happens with parapsychologists: they cannot conceive the inexistence of psi. By force of deep parental introjects the historicist exegetes (those who believe in a historical Jesus) cannot conceive the nonexistence of Jesus (which includes those who believe in the historicity of an ordinary, non-miraculous Jesus).

The implications of my finding of the last days of last year are tremendous. Now I see the tragedy of the West (and the demographic bubble that Christianity caused) in another way as I saw it before my December discovery. The nonexistence of Jesus crushes all Christianity and neo-Christianity in a most forceful way. Or rather, I can use Carrier et al for the thesis I’ve been advancing in this blog.

The Christian bug is incredibly stupider—stupid indeed was believing in the Gospels in the first place—than I previously thought. If what Carrier et al say is true, the result would be that the white race is even more ‘Neanderthal’ than I imagined before my December 28 discovery.

Richard Carrier may be a blue-pilled liberal as foolish as those at Columbia University where he studied. But just as we cannot dispatch the findings in physics or medicine of those who graduated there, neither can we reject what Carrier says in his book that, perhaps, I’ll start to review on Mondays.


  1. 1. What does it matter whether Isa existed? Lemmings believe he did, and it helped them shag each other (“be fruitful and multiply”), isn’t the end result all that matters?

    2. Did Bolshevik scholars have the same introjects as Westerners?

    3. I fail to see how it puts Whites lower in your eyes. Isn’t obeying a real Jew Isa more humiliating than obeying an imaginary Jew Isa? Or is there any point debating what’s worse? Still, “you worship a dead kike” has more power than “you have an imaginary friend” – most people have one and find it normal.

  2. Richard Carrier is a scientifically-minded liberal. CI are delusional antisemites.

    Normies are delusional liberals. Heinrich Himmler was a scientifically-minded antisemite.

    The question is whether the folks like CI do more harm or more good.

    • CI?

      • A simple Google search for “CI” antisemites finds Christian Identity.

  3. @alv,
    any “intelligent” being who feels the need to create a god in his own image that he must pay homage to in order to survive profanes nature. i honor — hold sacred — nature’s predator/ prey working model. cold and cruel to us intelligent humans as it seems. and i hold in high honor all who choose suicide to in effect say, “fuk it, nature, i refuse to play your game. it’s a game i’ve come to not like….”

  4. Jesus saves…his pennies.

  5. Bolshevik Saint MLK knew how to use the christinsanity to fool dimwitted whites. Now let us celebrate national negro day by not working.

  6. If this fictitious trial had actually occurred, not only would Pontius Pilate have crucified Jesus, he would have crucified the scribes and the elders and the chief priests.

    When it came to the nail gun, Pilate was very trigger-happy.

    Christians argue over 1st-century temple politics – which should be beneath our contempt.

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