Yesterday I watched again the 1953 film Shane (which I first saw in the mid-1970s).

Those who are home-schooling their kids and, at the same time, do not let them see the poisonous crap that comes from Hollywood or the MSM, should have the DVD of this movie in their homes. Unlike virtually everything we see today, the message of this movie by George Stevens cannot be more benign for an American white family.

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  1. Of the cast, the only actor who could be alive is the kid who played the role of Joey Starrett in the movie. But he died in a car accident when I was in my early teens. In a healthy society, these actors should be celebrities even if they passed away long ago.

    Instead, the lesbian Kristen Stewart is the one who gained wide recognition for playing Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga film series (2008–2012), which collectively grossed over $3.3 billion worldwide.

  2. Don’t forget a good Sergio Leone western. Beta Cuck Quentin Tarantino wishes he could make moves like The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

    • The Spaghetti Western genre is for the Untermenschen.

      Tarantino is the perfect example of poisonous crap movies and The Good, The Bad and The Ugly is not an inspiring film for white America (which Clint Eastwood film is really benign?).

      • What’s wrong with The Good, The Bad and The Ugly? Is it that he saves the mexican in the end?

      • I didn’t say there’s something ‘wrong’ with that Eastwood movie, only that it is not an inspiring film for the 14 words. (Remember what Yockey said about art, linked recently in my entry on Ethnosuicidal nationalists.)

      • Okay, I understand. It’s not art “practiced in conformity with the cultural task”, not that it’s an inherently bad movie.

        What do you think about the Clint Eastwood movie Dirty Harry? It was accused of being fascist because the vigilante cop kills degenerates.

      • The same: unlike Shane, Dirty Harry is not inspiring for the 14 words (pay closer attention to everything that Yockey says in that post).

        Recently I also watched Deliverance that originally I saw on the big screen in 1973. It is an excellent film from a strictly cinematic POV. But my POV are the 14 & the 4 words. Therefore, even Deliverance is not a film I would recommend for a family of whites watching a DVD in a weekend.

  3. Concerning degenerate media, where would video games go? All to the trash, or some good some bad?

    • All to trash, obviously.

      Remember: Winter is coming. Although Game of Thrones is also one of the products of the poisonous media, could you imagine survivors at Winterfell playing all day?

      Once today’s degenerate whites have their guts growling in hunger, the circus will no longer be fun.

    • Video games are absolutely a weapon of mind-numbing escapism.

      “Wolfenstein 3D” is credited to be the first/inventing the “first person shooter” genre; this game consists of slaughtering Germans.
      I’m not sure of the possible jews involved in publishing that game.

      • What strikes me about many older films is the beautiful cohesion and happiness in the party and celebration scenes, which I assume was considered normal to audiences at the time.

        In contrast modern films depict parties and celebrations as chaotic and discordant with rap type music as the peak if the night, even one Harry Potter movie did that!

      • Yes: they were dancing decent music at Hogwarts and then came the rock band to displace the old musicians. Of course: this happens in a miscegenated Hogwarts where even Potter danced with an Indian girl. It goes without saying that all these films should be banned in the ethnostate.

  4. “The Shootist” is another great western (although set in 1901) that has more depth than more celebrated B grade westerns.

    In it an aging ex-gunfighter John Wayne is dying of cancer but has to face off enemies who are trying to kill him while he’s weak. He looks back over his life and also befriends a young boy who despite his mothers fears.

    • John Wayne should be a paradigm of manliness for WNsts. Instead, these normiefags like Fight Club, based on a novel by a homosexual. Brad Pitt et al represent utterly degenerate and nihilistic values in that film—but demented WNsts call those values ‘fascist’!

      Now you understand why the Tarot’s Moon appears in the sticky post of this site…

  5. About video games, I would break them down into three intertwined categories by function. Those from the first one are for sport/competition (e.g., StarCraft). Others are for the particular experience (e.g., military simulations such as the Post Scriptum game). And the third category would be those trying to convey a message like art does (games with storytelling).

    I fail to see any of them as inherently unhealthy. Most of human lifestyle post-Neolithic is unhealthy in some way. @Reader if you focus on the degenerate messages in games, imagine if you could only watch American movies from the latest decades.

    Of course, video games are not for terrorists (imo, a better term than “freedom fighters”). But many things are not. Would you compose music in a siege?

    People have done all sorts of weird and inefficient things for the sake of experience. They have written poetry, caught birds, watched gladiator fights. Siegfried died on a hunt. Singling out video games is unfair.

    By the way, in 2018 a premier StarCraft 2 competition was won by a non-Korean, a Finn Joona “Serral” Sotala. And the other day, a neuron-network AI for the game has been showcased, AlphaStar made by DeepMind.

    P.S. Happy NSDAP Day!

    • Not to forget that great art can easily exist in a video game. The Final Fantasy series is both musically and visually excellent on par with classical opera [the old games being superior to the new].
      The LOZ franchise is also incredible and could easily be interpreted as the closest attempt to creating a pro-Aryan game in all of the genre’s history. OOT standing out in particular with its malevolent quasi-Semitic, desert-dwelling villain being defeated by a brave, blonde ephebe from a green land of life.

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