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I am writing this entry from a borrowed computer. It now looks like I’ll need some time to stabilize my financial situation, probably overseas, to the point of resuming my blogging.

Meanwhile I’d like to add something to what I had said in previous entries, that in order to understand our woes you must purchase and read a copy of Tom Goodrich’s Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany (1944-1947).

Readers of this book have complained a lot that a detailed account of the Allies’ atrocities committed during and after the Second World War—a true Holocaust of German victims—is too ghastly and painful to contemplate. The author himself told me that he died ‘a thousand deaths’ while writing Hellstorm.

In his Archipelago Solzhenitsyn said that in prison you have to ‘eat a mountain’ of pain to be able to metamorphose your soul instead of becoming mad, as other zeks became mad in the Gulag. He meant to go across the Dark Night of the Soul all the way through the other side. Some passages of his book convey beautifully what I want to say here.

Recently Andrew Anglin, in his first article on his critical series of the white nationalist movement, mentioned George Lincoln Rockwell, William Pierce and David Lane as the background of today’s movement. Anglin made it clear that the new generation of nationalists did not rely on these names, as the chain had been broken. Anglin says that the new generation of American nationalists emerged from internet chats.

It is curious, but it is just this new generation of nationalists, to which Anglin himself belongs, the ones who are unable to delve into the subject of white decline—precisely because the chain of what was left of the spirit of National Socialism after WWII was broken. I mean the spirit not only of Rockwell but Pierce’s clever books, or the very learned texts by Revilo Oliver.

The figure of Oliver has always reminded me of the American aristocrats that I saw in the black-and-white films when I was a child (aristocrats not in the sense of riches, but of the educated bourgeoisie of a nation). If there is something antithetical to the aristocrat Oliver, it is precisely the vulgar kids who contribute and comment not only to Anglin’s blog but to other similar sites.

The neo-Nazis of today boast of naming the Jew constantly, but are incapable of telling the plot of a single opera by Richard Wagner, something inconceivable in real Nazis when my parents were children, or among learned Americans in Oliver’s generation. In the movement of white nationalism, people like Tom Sunic are the exception when it comes to what in Europe is considered an intellectual: a man with vast knowledge of History and Literature.

I cannot take the authors of the Occidental Observer seriously in this regard as they aren’t as radical as the real Nazis; or like Rockwell, Pierce and Oliver. For example, unlike the Observer, Pierce and Oliver knew perfectly well how toxic Christianity has been for Aryan and Western preservation. I cannot take Counter-Currents seriously either. Its anti-Nordicist editor would be considered a charlatan from the National Socialist viewpoint. For example, CC’s editor has said, ‘There is no evidence that Rome fell due to race-mixing’. Compare it with what a Swedish scholar who died in the times when I used to watch the above-mentioned films wrote about racial mixing and Roman decline.

But I am not talking to older folks such as those who contribute to the Observer or Counter-Currents. Young people in the United States should be modelled after the aristocrat Revilo Oliver instead of pubertal sites where one competes for who produces more LOLs. Just eat the mountain of pain that Solzhenitsyn talked about. Reading Solzhenitsyn and Goodrich is the only way to get out of the frivolity of those sites and develop the proper gravitas.

Last week I told a female friend that my gravitas is so severe that even when, unexpectedly, my sister—the only family member I loved—died in January 2016, I hugged nobody or shed a single tear in public. (They did embrace themselves sobbing, as everyone does at funerals.)


  1. *at the funeral

    I believe, part of it might be the idea that Germany’s loss discredited many things, and some other way is being sought. Just like liberals, racists may hate the past. You know this feeling as well, don’t you? You think that fathers should not have the right to burn (or beat) their kids. I myself have no idea about the evolution of culture, and have no idea where to read about it. I consider everybody who is not a militant atheist insane, and yet I sympathize more with Pakistanis than with Western atheists.

    Remember when you used the word “humanist” in one of the entries? Historically, it does mean Christian, but it’s hard to imagine nowadays how it can be anything but god-hating and Darwinian. “Materialism” is historically Marxist and pertaining to economics, but it could also mean genetic determinism…

    How could the Enlightenment not lead to the reevaluation of all values? Why does “rationalism” not puncture Christian axiology?

    Things are confusing. I wouldn’t blame modern kids for losing their heads. I would, however, blame them for not looking for the Jew hard enough – in the heart of hearts of Christianity. Those who can’t see Joshuah are indeed lost.

    P.S. Joseph Walsh professed his love for the eyes of poor (low-IQ?) White trash from prisons. I would like to admit that speech without swearing weirds me out. Even the uncultured neo-Nazis on YouTube never use swear words, whereas on the Russian internet, it is all too common. Westerners are indeed NPCs (by the way, a silly meme, we can’t be anything other than NPCs, it’s just some want to live, others die).

    • @adunai

      I wanted to comment about your take on vaccination in the other thread but commenting seemed not to work there.

      Previously you’ve stated that you “worshipped” science (as opposed to religion), or something like that. Did you ever consider that such an outlook entails the pitfall of being susceptible to groupthink to maintain such a self image?

      I think that your belief in the mythology of vaccines is a prime example of this. You’d might as well accept the mythology of bioreductionist psychiatry, since that would also be consistent with the consensus of the “scientific community”. Cesar is a conspiracy theorist by normal standards due to his stance on biological psychiatry and the validity of child drugging, for example.

      I mean what else do you believe, that water fluoridation prevents tooth decay?

      • @Peter What do you mean by the “mythology of vaccines”? I do believe that they remove diseases, that’s why I oppose them. The immediately useful effect is putting Nietzschean values into perspective (and Christian axiology into a trash bin).

      • @ Peter,

        Nobody among the major critics of psychiatry (Foucault, Laing, Szasz, Breggin, Masson, Whitaker, etc.) has ever been called a conspiracy theorist. Not a single one. There is no conspiracy in academic pseudoscience. You either comply with the litmus tests for real sciences (falsifiability & Occam’s razor) or not.

        Psychiatry is unable to do that.

      • @adunai

        “The immediately useful effect is putting Nietzschean values into perspective”. That’s a little confusing could you elaborate what you mean by that?

        “Mythology of vaccines”:

        *The danger to human health posed by injecting unnatural substances into the body is negligible, and it’s a given that the benefits far outweigh the risks.

        *Vaccination programs eradicated deadly diseases like smallpox, and curtailed epidemics of other deadly diseases

        *The growing popularity of vaccine refusal poses a public safety risk, and could cause a resurgence of deadly diseases and make disease epidemics as common now as they were in the past; when there’s a breakout of measles somewhere or a baby somewhere dies of whooping cough, its bcuz they must have come into contact with a deadly unvaccinated child, for some reason unvaccinated children are vectors of disease in these cases but not adults, it’s always unvaccinated kids that didit, unvaccinated people are vectors of disease but vaccinated people can’t be; modern vaccination programs are responsible for lower rates of disease and infant/child mortality, as well as increased life expectancy in modern times (really, all of this is the result of better sanitation and less food shortage).

        *Vaccination is immunization; it works, never mind that people can and do get diseases they’ve been “vaccinated against” all the time, it’s not true that there’s no point to getting vaccines, just because they dont work is no reason not to get them.

        *Muh herd immunity; vaccines only work when 95% of the population get them, thats why individual choice shouldn’t be permitted, your right to personal choice ends where the publics right to herd immunity beginz, just like you cant smoke inside because it effects others too.

        It’s all about as logical as the idea that race doesnt exist, or holocaust tall tales about geysers of blood and efficient cremation of millions in limited timeframes. That’s why I’m surprised that you believe in vaccination mythology, most WN types realise that the system is lying to them about all these other things, and therefore they also tend to have a healthy skepticism for academic pseudosciences like psychiatry, and medical frauds such as vaccination programs, etc.

        Belief In vaccination programs can even be attributed to paleo logic thinking, hysteria about mass death being caused by antivaxxers is the equivalent of Aztec or other savages believing that the sun will stop rising if they dont commit human sacrifices, etc. You should also know that the whole concept of vaccination has its origin in ancient superstitious practices, google “the origin of vaccination in superstition” it should be the first result on

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