A message for Catholics

A few days ago some Santería practitioners ritually sacrificed a poor chicken and they came to throw the decapitated corpse at the corner of my house in Mexico City.

I want you to know that I blame the Catholicism of the Counter-Reformation, brought here by the Spanish and Portuguese, for these cruelties with animals.

If the Iberians had practiced ethnic cleansing in Latin America as the English did in the northern countries, there would be no reminiscence of ritual sacrifices in this part of the continent. Remember that, before the Conquest, the Amerindians practiced the sacrifice of children, as I explain in Day of Wrath. When the Spaniards banned such sacrifices, the Amerindians simply transferred their cruelty towards these poor animals.

Christian love for the Other is not only murdering the white race: it is contributing to a kind of cruelty to animals that is easier to outlaw in those nations that were Aryan. The Catholicism that the Europeans brought to the Americas—Thou shalt not cleanse; just marry the Indian women!—is a damn shit, recognise it!

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  1. Thou shalt not commit blood sacrifice. The reason that the Romans hated Carthage so much – Carthago est delenda – is because Roman Religious Law condemned human sacrifice, whereas the Carthaginians would sacrifice children.

  2. If you ask me, we didn’t cleanse the north of this continent thoroughly enough.

  3. Whites are not aryans , they are spiritual semites.

  4. The English didn’t cleanse enough. In fact, the Americans sought to make citizens and fellow Christians of any indian that would not directly wage war upon them.

  5. You are right Cesar. I can’t believe that no one else in the pro-white blogosphere has made the connection that Catholicism contributed directly to the disastrous errors of Iberian Whites south of the US. It is such an obvious and important connection to make.

    • WNsts are so hypnotized with the JQ that they don’t want to see that Judenfrei New Spain (now Mexico), which lasted from 1521 to 1821, managed to commit ethnosuicide sans Jews. IMO the CQ is more serious than the JQ insofar as suicidal behavior among whites is worse than tribal subversion by an external enemy.

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