Feels lonely sometimes

This morning I was looking for another of Linder’s archived quotable Gab quotes and, while finding this one—:

The theory that “exposing the jews” would solve the problem was first put out there by Henry Ford. We now have 100 years to judge “how’s that theory working out for you, White man?”

—at the same time I was listening to the first episode of Black Wolf Radio: two voices of English men I’ve met personally. In the podcast, one of them used the word ‘Marxist’ repeatedly.

(Left, Soviet Union stamp commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Manifesto.) Luis Salazar, a Marxist teacher of the Madrid School (a school founded by those Spaniards who fled the Franco regime), taught us Marxism in Mexico City in the middle 1970s. This word has changed so much since the 70s that presently it means something altogether different.

In white nationalist circles, it now means the ideology of white genocide through the inversion of values. I still remember pretty well the content of the Communist Manifesto that we had to study at the Madrid School, and thus I believe that the term ‘neo-Christian’ would better describe the ideology of white genocide.

Of course: ‘cultural Marxism’ is the term in fashion in white nationalist circles after the old term ‘liberalism’, in the sense of liberalism ran amok, fell into disuse. But since classical liberalism and classical Marxism weren’t ideologies aimed at the extermination of whites, the priest of the 14 words should try to develop a more concise vocabulary. From the POV of the priest, white nationalism uses terms very loosely because it has failed to settle accounts with Christianity.

If one cries ‘Marxist’, the impression on the listener is that things were going on well until Karl Marx in the 19th century. But the French Revolution enforced egalitarian principles before Marx was even born. And long, long before the French Revolution white culture was overwhelmed by an ideology of Semitic origin that erased almost all vestiges of the original Greco-Roman world.

The terms used by white nationalists only convey the level of awakening in the movement, and this includes Linder’s quote above. Yes: some of those who destroyed the Greco-Roman world were anti-Semites, but the virus of enforced egalitarianism in the Ancient World (that could only be implemented by destroying everything noble that whites had created) was far more destructive for classical culture than to Judaism.

This is White history, as every regular visitor of this site should already know. Alas, as Mauricio said, ‘The leap from level 5 to level 6 is astronomical due to the Xtian malware rejection. Feels lonely sometimes’.


  1. Languages change, and at a different pace. Russians still use the word “tolerast”, a portmanteau of tolerant and paederast, even though the talk about tolerance has been a dead meme in the West for years.

    I hate the phrase “cultural Marxism”. It betrays a speaker who has come quite far, but not far enough. And that’s incredibly sad. I fail to see the difference between all the different kinds of Christians. Those who howl at the Moon annoy me even worse.

    It’s like in the US politics – democrats deny inherent racial/sexual inequalities, republicans deny evolution. What’s the difference between them again?

    Ukrainians can name the Jew no problem, there’s less of a stigma. And yet, two of the three most popular candidates for the upcoming elections are of the Tribe (Zelensky open, Timoshenko allegedly, and even Poroshenko is rumoured to be one, however baselessly).

    This is the like of propaganda I sometimes spread against Christianity.

    >(((Christ-insanity))) is exactly what got us in this predicament. Read Galatians 3:28. Ultimately, Christians believe that all men are created equal, with equally worthy of saving souls – too bad science has not found said souls. Don’t get tricked by traditionalism – Christianity looks “healthier” because it’s an older, more archaic poison, and thus appears like a remedy in comparison to what we have now. But all its vigorous aspects are pure hypocrisy and inertia left from pre-Industrial times.

    • ‘Those who howl at the Moon annoy me even worse’.

      Recently monocausal Arch Stanton, commenting on an Our Lady of Fatima article authored by a Xtian white nationalist, called Jesus ‘the master’. I’ve told this neo-Xtian to go elsewhere to offer his comments but he continues to comment on our site.

      I cannot ban him because there are hundreds like him in American white nationalism. He just happens to like our site and offers his comments here once in a while. But he’s part of the problem as much as Jews are.

      • Christianity has corrupted european soul, there are no aryans left, modern europeans are spiritual jews living in deformed state of existence, not much can be done about it at this point.

  2. “The theory that “exposing the jews” would solve the problem was first put out there by Henry Ford. We now have 100 years to judge “how’s that theory working out for you, White man?”

    Profound thought Alex. Makes me wonder if I might paraphrase this as . . .

    The theory that “exposing Christianity” would solve the religious problem of cultural dissolution was first put out there by the early pagans. We now have two millennia to judge “how’s that theory working out for you anti-Christians?”

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ § ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    You are double-minded. First you attack the Bible. Then you attack the churches in order to prove that the Bible is a load of garbage.

    So I say, what does the Bible have to do with these churches, and I defend my position. Then, total lunacy, you write me this blabber, that the churches are not in conformity with the Bible, and they ruined the Bible, whatever.

    No joke. So what’s your beef with the Bible? I do not get my beliefs from the Catholics. I get them from my Bible. My church growing up did teach me some Bible, from my Sunday School teacher. That is the only place in the church anybody ever gets to learn any Bible, is when they are a little kid and some mother teaches the children what they call ‘parables’ and ‘stories.’ But that is the heart of Christianity.

    So that’s where I got my foundation, from the nice lady who taught me Sunday school and handed me cartoon leaflets teaching me Bible stories. The Congregational church did the same – and the pastor there would come into the schools and use flannelgraphs to teach Bible stories also. Not doctrine, just things that happened in the Bible, Jesus feeding the multitudes, healing, stuff like that.

    So leave me alone. I don’t like you. You are not honest. You are like a slithering snake in the grass, and it’s frankly repulsive the way you slide around.

    You’re insane. The Bible promises power, love and a sound mind. You could really use some of that. I don’t talk to insane people. They creep me out.

    I don’t love these horrid lies against God and the Bible. I am repulsed and disgusted and angered by all of it. So yeah, I’m not wasting my time reading your disgusting crap. So don’t waste your time. I am a Christian, not a committed Satanist like you are.

    I don’t want to hear your blabber. Anymore. Ever. Done.

    This to the same “committed Satanist” that gets crucified on these websites because “he loves Jesus.” Funny how Christians don’t see it the same way. I don’t get any further dispelling mythical Christian delusion than you, but I try.

    As I wrote to this dear lady –

    “I know many Christians that feel like you, Christians who listen to small voices having at best, maybe a few thousand adherents. How many does your cyber minister have? Other Christians listing to other small voices would no doubt disagree and argue with you over the views espoused by the small voice to which you listen.

    Divide and conquer has long been the Jews’ method of destroying people and their cultures. Christianity is now so fractionalized by these various numerous small voices, it will soon come to the end of its days, just as Jews have long envisioned and planned for.”

    I do not seek to end Christianity, Jews will do that in due time. Instead, I try to awaken people to the reasons behind Christianity’s creation, to move them beyond the myths, lies and religious delusion to which they desperately cling so this might not happen ever again, but no one listens. I feel your loneliness.

  3. I remember the term ‘beta-leftist’ from the manosphere, back in 2014-15. Some still use ‘shitlib’.

    We should call them Traitors, like Blake Hood did to a bunch of Christians in a youtube video.

    ‘Marxist’, ‘Communist’, ‘Liberal’… even ‘Christian’ doesn’t go back far enough to denounce the first point of diversion.

    It’s the White race that has been wronged. Political ideologies and philosophies are ephemeral, and many times misunderstood. These men are traitors to the White Blood; they carry it without merit, they have stolen it from their ancestors.

    ‘Traitor’ has a militaristic flair to it. It puts the accuser in a position of moral superiority while labelling the accusee as untrustworthy, unreliable. It shows Team White as serious business.

    A rebuttal of “I’m no traitor, because I never swore allegiance to your Neo-Nadzee party” can best be retorted with: “You’re White, and you don’t care about Whites; that makes you a White traitor.”

    • I’m afraid Devan is right: most whites are spiritual Jews (traitors as you say). What bothers me the most is that even anti-Semite nationalists cannot see their treasonous behavior by the mere fact that they’re endorsing the Book of the Jews.

  4. One of the reasons for having children within Catholicism is to breed souls for heaven. In preconciliar Catholicism, parents assist not only in the creation of children, but also in their redemption, through “Christian education.”

    So having white children is only so as to populate “the New Jerusalem” above and in the future, and not white homelands in the here and now below.

    This is the rationale for breeding blacks abroad: to populate heaven with negroes. The more negroes a Catholic can breed, the more he can “co-redeem” and the more glory he can attain to in heaven.

    As Alex says: it is the thing itself, i.e. Christianity, and preconciliar Catholicism in its present traddyland form, that is the problem, and not modern perversions of it like Vatican-ii novus-ordo “catholicism”.

    Indeed these modern perversions are suggested by the thing itself.

  5. The fundamental problem with the Judaic religions is that they are mere tentacles radiating from the Bible to engulf people with their murderous, psychopathic insanity. Cut off one of the arms and like a Hydra, another arm will regenerate in a more virulent form.

    Cutting off the Christian arm of Judaic belief will at best, only allow room for Islam and Judaism to grow and strengthen among the gullible and ignorant. At worst, it will be replaced by another insanely bizarre belief system like “Holocaustianity.” In fact, that is exactly what is presently happening.

    As Christianity withers, Islam grows in power and strength. Today Islam, with the support of global Jewry, is far more virulent than Christianity in its aims to oppress and murder those not willing to concede its religious dictates.

    Islam is viciously persecuting people around the world today, just as Christianity did during the Spanish Inquisition, but on a much larger scale. Islam is a Judaic religious tentacle, just as Christianity is a Judaic religious tentacle. The problem is the Bible, the head, the mind, of the Judaic Hydra that controls the religious arms.

    If mankind is to be free of these destructive religions it is the root of the problem, the Bible, that must be addressed. However, exposing the Bible’s fallacies and incongruities will not suffice to end the Bible’s reign of terror, as proven by millennia of such attempts.

    Critical to this issue is the Judaic concept of “god” as put forth in the Bible. For Christians, this “god” was cleverly morphed from the Old Testament’s god, YHVH, into Jesus. Thus, if Christians are to be disabused of their religious beliefs, it is the character of Jesus that must be effectively addressed. Simply saying “god,” in this case Jesus, does not exist will not suffice to achieve this end.

    “You would be right at home in those places, because you could share your special information about what a joke the Bible is, a book of lies, and they would love it, because they all have their own ‘books’ they prefer over the Bible.”

    ”The Bible is no joke. It is not a book of lies, but is in fact the most powerful book of social control ever written. As a book written by Jews, for Jews, about Jews, the Bible is the basis of all Jewish parasitical predation upon host cultures.”

    There is an interesting movie alluding to this fact titled, The Book of Eli. After a nuclear war, all Bibles are destroyed save one. Recognizing the inherent and immense power of the Bible, the evil antagonist character, “Carnegie,” finds a Negro possessing the sole remaining copy of “the book” and sets out to take it from him. Here is an interesting clip that provides a perfect description of how the Bible has been used since the day it was written. Purpose of the Bible, the Book.

    Proof of this use can be found throughout Old Testament stories. This is the very power used by Christians like the Pope, John Hagee, Joel Osteen and the Mormon Prophets to build their religious empires. This is the power that must be fully destroyed to ensure some future tense, “golden” Negro does not once again bring it to life in the minds of the unwitting, gullible goyim.

    Burning “the book” will not suffice, as it was committed to memory and oral tradition for some 1500 years. Interestingly, this very aspect is portrayed in the movie. Instead, the Bible must be destroyed in the mind. The Bible’s instructional stories, as related through myths, legends and misinterpretations, must become absolutely unacceptable to the mind.

    Judaism was Moses’ inversion of Egyptian religion and culture. The Bible must become as irrelevant to people as the EgyptianBook of the Dead, one of the books from which Judaism sprang. Anything less and its virulence will rise like a phoenix from the ashes of whatever attempts are made to neutralize the Judaic religions fostered by it.

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