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For the 14 words the humanities are more important than the sciences. Greece and Rome were able to flourish thanks to a deep contact with their religion, history, art, language and architecture. The scientific method as we know it now would only begin until the 17th century. Our treacherous era prioritises hard sciences and technology at the expense of the arts and the humanities to demoralise and control the blond beast.

Among the humanities, the most important is that which tells the facts: History. As I have said repeatedly on this site, only two stories of the white race have been written: one by William Pierce and another by Arthur Kemp. Pierce died before I woke up to the real world, but I visited Kemp a few years ago at his home in a town in England.

One might think that the only American book (Pierce’s) that deals with the subject of the history of the white race would be an immense bestseller in the circles of white nationalism in North America. Today I realised that Amazon Books has vaporized all references to Pierce’s book. But that is not the worst. The worst is that Who We Are is very rarely mentioned in white nationalist forums. What is currently sold in white nationalism is a genre we could call Nazism Lite. For example, on this day, the Metapedia page has the Arktos Media Ltd. publishing house as its featured article. A glance at the titles is enough to see the ideological lukewarmness of that publisher whose books the white nationalists buy.

I see things in this way: In the English-speaking world what is closer, chronologically speaking, to the Third Reich was the noblest and true. That which is furthest removed by time, represents an attempt at a schizophrenic compromise between the 14 words and Americanism. From this angle, the only truly noble politician in the US was George Lincoln Rockwell. And the only non-schizophrenic intellectuals were William Pierce and Revilo Oliver. None of them, as far as I know, called themselves ‘white nationalists’. That is a term that originated after Rockwell and Oliver had died, and when Pierce only had a few more years in this world.

It speaks a lot about the so-called white nationalism that the content of Who We Are is currently only available, on paper, in abridged form in my The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour compilation (see the image at the top of the sidebar). It is as if every member of the Nazism Lite had decided to cut off a testicle from their bodies compared to the two-testicled racists of yesteryear.

Putting aside white nationalism, and speaking as racists spoke in more civilized times, just remember that the people with the longer memory are the people with the longest future (cf. Jews). Hitler, in one of his table talks, said: ‘Our history goes back to the days of Arminius and King Theodoric, and among the German Kaisers there have been men of the most outstanding quality; in them they bore the germ of German unity. This fact is too often forgotten, because since the 15th century it is only in Austria that the history of ancient Germania has been taught’.

That’s the spirit. The Nazis knew that we must reconnect with religion, literature and an architecture uncontaminated with Semitic religions. Remember that the Führer wanted to become an artist, either a painter or an architect. How many among the white nationalists of today have the same artistic proclivities? How many have websites appealing to the aesthetic instinct of the former Aryan?

In the Ancient World, the Spartan ephebes assiduously studied Homer, whose many verses they could recite. What should move to protect the culture of whites is the beauty of the Aryan woman. We can already imagine the Spartan women parading naked in a public event to invite marriage: those women had the reputation of the most beautiful in Greece. (Remember, the Doric Spartans did not contaminate their blood with the muds of the Mediterranean.) Precisely because beauty is the splendour of truth, the first thing the Judeo-Christian Semites did centuries later was to destroy the Greek statues.

The reason that Who We Are is not a bestseller is because Pierce’s pure neo-Nazism was not schizophrenic as white nationalism is. If the white nationalists have not published Pierce’s book to sell it in all their events, this is because the book does not make any concession to Americanism: it is not the chimera that has parts of a lion and parts of a bird.

Who We Are says things that are currently taboo in the chimera of today. For example, it is a Nordicist book. After the section ‘Unending Struggle Between European and Asian’, it is clear that even many Russians and Europeans from the Balkans mixed their blood with Asians and Turks respectively. In addition, Who We Are has some passages in which Pierce seems to promote the removal or extermination of the inferior races: the greatest taboo in those who have cut off one of their testicles. The book puts Christianity in its place, as a Levantine infection that grabbed the soul of the Aryan race. (‘It appealed directly to a sense of envy and resentment of the weak against the strong’. ‘But Christian ethics was like a time bomb ticking away in Europe, a Trojan horse waiting for its season’.) As if that were not enough, it isn’t a mono-causal book in the sense that it not only blames the Jews: the blunders that whites have committed throughout history, for example by placing economic gain above racial preservation, are conspicuous.

There is a way that the movement called white nationalism could be redeemed, and it is precisely that they abandon that term and embrace National Socialism. The bridge to do so in America is precisely the memory of politicians like Rockwell and geniuses like Pierce. Since Rockwell-like politics is no longer allowed in the US (cf. Charlottesville), at least a few Americans could be educated in private. Always remember what we have reiterated more than once:

We need to create the Aryan community—an ecclesia—, which whites never had. The Aryan ecclesias need to thrive in our towns and cities (think of the image at the top of this article). Our priests, for lack of a better word, are not experts in theology but in history, anthropology and Indo-European linguistics. They must be skilled in the various Indo-European traditions, with emphasis in Greece and Rome.


  1. What the Lutherans at Occidental Dissent don’t get is that, as Pierce says in his book, ‘Luther could not have it both ways. He had already sanctified the Jews by elevating the status of their history, their legends, and their religion to that of Holy Writ. His translation of the Old Testament into German and his dissemination of the Jewish scriptures among his followers vitiated all his later warnings against the Jews. Today the church he founded studiously ignores those warnings’.

    A couple of paragraphs later Pierce adds: ‘The Reformation did more for the Jews than merely sanctifying the Old Testament. It shattered the established order of things and brought chaos in political as well as spiritual affairs—chaos eagerly welcomed by the Jews. Everywhere during the 17th century the Jews took advantage of the turmoil, moving back into countries from which they had been banned (such as England)’.

  2. The “ecclesia” is a “calling out” of the best and brightest to run a city state. A pre-christian conception defiled by Pauline-ism.

    A lot of Catholicism is like that: pure Roman ideas, but with the Pauline Taint.

  3. I don’t really see why Greece and Rome need to be prioritized given that their respective religions absorbed an absurd amount of semitic and pre-indo European practices.

    • Any reliable source for that?

      (Have you read this and this? If your gods are white there’s no much Semitic influence there.)

      • I must say Cesar, your articles on the decline of Nordics in Greece and Rome and your translation of Europa Soberana’s piece on that topic are the best pro-white articles I have read in years. I was always dismissive of Nordicism because of the accomplishments of the Greeks and Romans, and had always brought them up to defend Mediterraneans. But after I read Soberana’s piece in The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour, my mind was forever changed. It is the best case for Nordicism ever, and I have no idea why the rest of the Pro-White scene does not discuss it.

      • I’m glad you liked it. I believe that the Spaniard Soberana is a genius.

        Curiously, before WW2 Madison Grant and other Americans took Nordicism for granted.

        I can think of no other reason for the gigantic step backward that WN took after Pierce than what I quote on the sidebar: ‘1945 was the year of the total inversion of Aryan values into Christian values’. Alas, such values linger in WN.

    • Greece and Rome are prioritized because they laid the bedrock for almost all other achievements the White Race would go on to do. Given the dysgenic mess those regions of the world have since fallen into, they are also a critical case study on the dangers of race-mixing brought about by imperialism, capitalism, and Abrahamic religions. What you say about their religions is untrue, especially what you said about them absorbing semitic influence.

      • No, it isn’t. Greek mythology was neglected by scholars for a good deal of time due to the sheer amount of residual indigenous elements left in it. While many gods did wind up being cosmetically Nordicized, their semitic nature reared it’s ugly head sooner or later (See: the Orgies in the name of Dionysius). Not only that, but tales of the Minotaur and the like were almost certainly of a Pre-Indo European origin.

        So really, I still fail to see why we need to pay extra attention to their religion specifically.

        Everything else you’ve said, of course, I (mostly) agree with, but it’s common knowledge that Indo European cultures in the Mediterranean, specifically Greece, absorbed a considerable amount of Pre-Indo European religion.

      • Also, for a direct source on the massive amount of Non-indo European myth absorbed into Hellenic religion specifically, this should suffice.

        Telegrin, D. Ya.; Mallory, James P. (1 December 1994), The Anthropomorphic Stelae of the Ukraine: The Early Iconography of the Indo-Europeans, Journal of Indo-European Studies Monograph Series, 11, Washington D.C., United States: Institute for the Study of Man.

      • A residual Med (mud) tail in Greece’s gods does not mean that most of them were Semitic. Many authors of the fin de siècle décadence stress those aspects because they want to prevent Aryans to recover their historical memories. That’s why one must start reading Pierce, Kemp, Soberana, the Nazi literature (or this American Renaissance piece) on Greece and Rome before reading non-racist scholarly literature.

    • I know that Greece and Rome don’t have “pure” Indo-European religions, but you are really exaggerating the amount of Pre-Indo-European practices. And the Non-IE influence comes from Old Europeans, Pelasgians, etc. and not from Semites. Dionysus is generally regarded as an “Old European” god, not a Semitic one. The most common explanations for the origin of his cult are either Thrace or Asia Mino. Either way, he is not a “Semitic” deity.

  4. The dates that every Whitie ought to know: Tours 732 (victory), Manzikert 1071 (loss), Kalka 1223 (loss) and Vienna 1683 (victory).

    Jews are proud that whenever they dig up inscriptions in Israel, they are written in the same script that an ice cream shop advertises in nearby. Europeans have no such luxury outside Greece and Italy.

    What’s about Xenophanes who hated Greek gods for being anthropomorphic? He also despised games. Was he a Jew?

  5. There’s no doubt that William Pierce was the most powerful influence on the development of my thinking. I first came across his writings in 1980 in my mid twenties and it was his clarity of writing that was so compelling. Clear, concise and precise English which always seemed to go right to the heart of the matter. I met him a couple of times at his place in West Virginia but have to admit that I was not impressed so much by his personality. However, that has never detracted from his compelling writing which remains to this day some of the best that can be read.

    • Does anyone know if there is a collection of Pierce’s essays anywhere? Or perhaps an archive online? I read a .pdf copy of “Who We Are” and the “Turner Diaries”… I would love to read more of his writings.

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