Nordicism and National Socialism, 1

Editor’s note: Left, a drawing by Wolfgang Willrich, ‘This is what the German soldier is fighting for’.

‘We cannot forget the predilection that the Hellenes felt for this colour [blond]: they could not conceive their noblest deities in another form’ wrote Joseph Arthur de Gobineau 165 years ago in a quote reproduced below. You can imagine what happened to the Aryan psyche after the Judeo-Christians destroyed the statues and temples of the Greco-Roman gods and replaced them with churches and iconography of a Semitic god (which is why we believe that Aryan liberation will only come after we burn down worldwide all Christian churches to the ground).

Here I translate and adapt for this site the first instalment of ‘Nordicismo y Nazismo’, an essay originally published by Evropa Soberana in 2013.


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Nordicism was not born with European colonialism or with the rise of Nazi ideas in the interwar period. It is a trend that comes from classical antiquity, which is closely related to art and the human model to which art must aspire. Nordicism tries to answer the question of what is the source of the Indo-European tradition and which is the human race that laid the main foundations of Europe since prehistoric times.

However, the Nordic wave that is closest to us is the one that flourished under the Third Reich. To understand the ideas that underlie National Socialist Nordicism, the content of this piece, we will provide a selection of written fragments from:

• Adolf Hitler

• the SS doctrine

• Nazi ideologues such as Alfred Rosenberg

• Scholars who, without being Nazis, are considered avant-garde precursors of a mentality that culminated in Nazism, like Nietzsche. (H.S. Chamberlain has been omitted since he designates as ‘Teutonic’ what has finally been called ‘Nordic’.)

• Other authors that have nothing to do with National Socialism (they even ended up opposing it!) but that deal with the Nordic race, like Madison Grant.

• I also include images of National Socialist characters as well as propaganda and works of art from Nazi Germany, in which the Nordic type is represented as a reference, ideal and goal to pursue.

Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860) was a German philosopher who influenced, among others, Nietzsche and Hitler. During the First World War, Hitler always carried with him the book The World as Will and Representation. Schopenhauer wrote:

The highest civilisation and culture, apart from the ancient Hindus and Egyptians, are found exclusively among the white races; and even with many dark peoples, the ruling caste, or race, is fairer than the rest, and has, therefore, evidently immigrated, for example, the Brahmins, the Inca, and the rulers of the South Sea Islands. All this is due to the fact that necessity is the mother of invention, because those tribes that emigrated early to the north, and there gradually became white, had to develop all their intellectual powers, and invent and perfect all the arts in their struggle with need, want and misery, which in their many forms, were brought about by the climate. This they had to do in order to make up for the parsimony of nature, and out of it came their high civilisation. (Parerga and Paralipomena, 1851, Volume II, Section 92).

Arthur de Gobineau (1816-1882) was a French ambassador, historian and philosopher with a vast culture and a great intuition. His innovative and monumental work Essay on the Inequality of the Human Races is well-known, but few venture to say that Gobineau was a ‘Nordicist’ in the sense that he identified the original Aryans with the ‘Nordic’ human type.

The colour of the Aryans was white and rosy: so were the Greeks and the oldest Persians; so were the primitive Hindus also. Among the colours of the hair and the beard dominated the blond, and we cannot forget the predilection that the Hellenes felt for this colour: they could not conceive their noblest deities in another form.

Essay on the Inequality of the Human Races, 1853 and 1855, Book Three, Chapter I.

In that very remote epoch, the civilising force did not reside in the South: it emanated from the North. It came from Thrace with Orpheus, with Mousaios, with Linos. The Greek warriors appeared tall, white and blond. Their eyes looked arrogantly at the sky, and this memory so dominated the thinking of successive generations, that when a darker polytheism invaded with the growing influx of Semitic immigrants all regions and all consciousnesses, and replaced it with their sanctuaries, for the Olympians the highest expression of beauty, of majestic power, was no other than the reproduction of the Aryan type: blue eyes, blond hair, white complexion, high stature and slender complexion.

Essay on the Inequality of the Human Races, 1853 and 1855, Third Book, Chapter III, on Ancient Greece.

What was, in the physical and moral realms, a Roman of the 3rd, 4th or 5th centuries? A man of medium height, of frail constitution and appearance, usually dark, running in his veins a little blood of all imaginable races; believing himself as the first man of the universe and, to prove it, he was insolent, creeping, ignorant, thief, depraved, ready to sell his sister, his daughter, his wife, his country and his sovereign; and endowed with an insurmountable fear of poverty, suffering, fatigue and death. Apart from that, he had no doubt that the Earth and its courtship of planets had been created for him only.

Faced with that despicable being, what was the barbarian? A man with blond hair, white and rosy complexion, broad on his back, tall in stature, vigorous as Alcides, reckless as Theseus, skillful, agile, feeling no fear of anything, let alone of death.

That Leviathan possessed above all, righteous or false ideas but reasoned, intelligent ideas that he struggled to be spread. Within his nationality, he had nourished the spirit of a severe and refined religion, of a shrewd politics, of a glorious history.

Able to meditate, he understood that the Roman civilisation was richer than his, and sought the reason for it. He was in no way that turbulent creature that we ordinarily imagine, but a very attentive adolescent with positive interests, who knew how to arrange himself to feel, see, compare, judge, prefer.

When the vain and miserable Roman opposed his tricks to the vital cunning of the barbarian, who decided the victory? The fist of the latter. Falling like a mass of iron on the skull of the poor grandson of Remus, that muscular fist showed him on which side the force was then. And in what way was the Roman humiliation then avenged? He cried, and he asked the centuries to come to take revenge for his oppressed civilisation. Poor little bugger! He resembled the contemporary of Virgil and Augustus as well as Shylock to King Solomon.

Essay on the Inequality of the Human Races, 1853 and 1855, Book Three, Chapter VII, On the Decline of Rome.


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  2. Savitri Devi said that the Nordic branch of our race was the youngest race on Earth. I’ve read articles about blond hair, red hair and blue eyes being only about 10,000 years old. I don’t know if that’s true or not. There is often talk about Nordic genes being recessive and that would seem to suggest to me that Nordics are new and young compared to older races, especially Negroes, who’s genes are more deep-seated and dominant, more primitive because they are closer to the animal kingdom. It seems the further North one goes the younger humanity becomes, until yu reach the North Pole, where the center is said to be Thule (the German Thule Society founded the NSDAP), the capital of Hyperborea, according to the ancient Hyperborean tradition.

    The defeat of NS Germany in 1945 may have been the last chance for the continued survival of the Nordic race. Now the millennia-old Jew vs. Nordic struggle is reaching it’s climax. Even though there’s more Nordics alive now than ever before they are vastly outnumbered on this globe by more prolific races, and their own territories are being taken over by foreign races who are miscegenating with them. It is said that the hair/eye colour combination of red hair and blue eyes is the rarest hair/eye colour combination in the world. Once those genes begin to become submerged in the great bio-mas of mud, the end is nigh. After that will follow blondes, then the whole white race will reach the point of no return.

    Looking at how the Nordic nations were 80 years ago in 1939, when Germany was in pristine condition and Hitler hoped for peace with England, one is astounded at how far our race has fallen in such a short space of time. 80 years ago the whole of Africa was under white rule. Now Africans rule Africa again AND have access to North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Same for the rest of the coloured world. The degeneration of our race is an incredible spectacle to witness. If Nordic Aryans really do not recover from the false Christian ‘morals’ then in a certain sense Jews will have proved Nordics inferior and not the master race after all. Looking at the sheer wreck that has been made of Germany, England, Sweden etc. I think it has maybe already been proved that Nordics are not the master race. Sweden in particular, which contains the highest number of pure Aryans is a total cucked nation, total goyim slaves. It is the purest Aryans who are the most deeply cucked.

    Things should reach a climax by the end of this century. If Nordics are finished I couldn’t give a fuck about ‘humans’ after that. Even with Nordics in existence I’m not sure I care about humanity now.

    • The last battles are still ahead.

      Faye, who died last Thursday, predicted a convergence of catastrophes in this century. After that, ‘this century will be that of the metamorphic rebirth of Europe, like the Phoenix, or of its disappearance as a historical civilization and its transformation into a cosmopolitan and sterile Luna Park’.

      After the first catastrophe, cucked whites in the most enriched cities will suffer the most. Many will even die, and the time for this poetic justice is approaching every day.

      P.S. A young soldier has no right to be a pessimist. Even against incredible odds, his duty is to become a Dr. Peters as the last resort.

      • On Faye’s convergence of catastophes-a climax is definitely on the horizon. Whether it’s the extinction of whites and the transformation into a non-white world, or a brutal struggle for survival on the part of the white race, or simply a nuclear WWIII I don’t know. I was listening to a man named Frosty Wooldridge the other night and he said oil would run out for humans by 2075. I really think this is the biggest climax in the history of Earth so far. There’s been many prior ‘climaxes’ in human history (i.e. WWII, WWI, the coming of Christianity, the invention of civilization, the invention of farming just to name a few) and before the numerous species of talking hominids collectively termed ‘human’ were on the Earth there were other big events like mass extinction events in the history of life on Earth. I say the coming climax is the biggest so far because it involves the survival of the most advanced form of life on Earth, the Nordic-Aryan race. Given the technological potential that lies in Aryan blood, their passing may even alter the destiny of the Universe itself, to some extent. Indeed, if our planet is the only planet in the Universe with life on it then we could say we are reaching the biggest climax in the evolution of the Universe so far.

        Other events like the sixth mass extinction, Jews coming close to rebuilding the Temple in Jerusalem for their Messiah’s coming and the opening of the Messianic Age in which every Jew will be a King and every Gentile a slave according to the Talmud, the development of Artificial Intelligence etc. all point to a convergence of various ‘climaxes’. We are at the end of a great cycle of human history. In the early millennia of humanity there were very few humans, man was a minority species while animal species outnumbered him, but all those humans were of a high quality tempered by natural selection, ad man was in balance with Nature. Now millennia later there are billions of humans, more and more brown and black ones being born everyday, countless noble animal species have been wiped out, the environment destroyed, earth is like a giant inernational slum and now even the noblest of the humans, the Aryan aristocracy, is about to be wiped out. Essentially human history has followed a downward trend, a steadily increasing rebellion against Nature, toward an ugly Earth filled with billions of unthinking black and brown subhumans ruled over by the Jews. Hitler tried to stand in the way of centuries (perhaps millennia) of human decay and degeneration but the forces of decay absolutely crushed him and his movement.

        Certainly there will be an economic crisis fairly soon. Basically humanity is locked into this ‘rush towards a climax’ now and no-one or no group of people can stop things reaching a head. But then humans never were in control, Nature always is. Even if there was to be a Third World War I would welcome the colossal fury of the End as a prelude to a new Beginning in the evolution of the Earth. And the mass nuclear holocaust that would engulf humanity couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch. Despite all their talk about “love” and “peace”, it is hate and war that are the constants of human history and nothing would demonstrate that better than WWIII as the thin veneer of ‘civilization’ is stripped away. Undoubtedly there will be a sort of End Time Judgement Day for mankind, maybe not necessarily favouring the white race but inevitable nevertheless.

        On pessimism, I like to think I’m a realist, not swayed by feelings of optimism or pessimism, by you are right that I lean towards pessimism. As far as I can tell, the Aryan race has a chance to survive, therefore for someone who wants Aryans to continue to survive there is no reason to give up. But maybe the last chance was 1945, or even centuries earlier? I don’t know. I will say the evidence appears to support the pessimists rather than the optimists, there are near-impossible odds to overcome (although the more impossible the odds the more I like it), it is basically ‘humanity’ against the minority of white males who want their race to continue to survive. Our enemies have all the resources, they own the money, weapons, media etc. And I admit the moral and physical degeneration of the white male since 1945, his craven cowardice and refusal to kill his enemies does not fill me with optimism. But it’s not over until it’s over.

      • You say that someone has predicted that oil will be gone by the 2070s. But this is exactly what I’ve said for so long on this site (and Ronin even wanted to form a party on this very premise).

        No unthinking black or brown subhumans will be ruled over by the Jews for the simple reason that Jews are almost as suicidal as whites. Per the fable, as the frog goes to the bottom of the lagoon the scorpion goes with the frog too. (The Chinese or the Islamic world will never empower the kikes as the West did.)

        Artificial intelligence is a rather toxic subject that my priests should avoid at all costs. Just as the System conceals the past, the race of the Hellenes and the patrician Romans to demoralize the Aryans, so they invent a future with the same demoralizing propose: that AI is just around the corner—a pseudoscientific claim with no basis on reality (some philosophers of science know that the human mind is non-algorithmic, etc.).

        As to the convergence I see things this way:

        Economic crisis: I am positive this will happen. The US government simply cannot have trillions in debt, monetize the debt and then expect that the dollar won’t fall.

        Peak oil and energy devolution: This is very probable. I very much doubt that the West can invent nuclear fusion for the 3rd World in time to prevent that billions gradually die out of hunger while oil is depleted.

        Nuclear exchange: This is a possibility. In a world where even nations like India, Pakistan and Israel have nuclear toys (and soon North Korea), as energy devolution reaches its peak some will be tempted to play with them.

        As to your last paragraph, I see that you missed my point about a Dr. Peters.

      • Jews do have a pattern of ethnosuicidal behaviour but historically this has strengthened their survival strategy. They thrive in dangerous situations. Look at NS Germany and WWII. What could have delivered a mortal blow to the Jews ended up giving them domination over the planet and enabling them to drive their enemies the Aryans to the point of near-extinction. After WWII, whereas a normal race would have stopped or lessened its behaviour toward Aryans after the Aryan reaction across Europe in the 1930’s and 1940’s, Jews instead doubled down, going straight to work on genociding the Aryans, dangerous behaviour that could very well get them exterminated. But they thrive on destroying their hosts. It’s in their nature. Of course it’s a possibility that if Jews genocide Aryans, they will perish and the Mongolians, headed by the Chinese, will come to dominate (in fact the Chinese should dominate as a superpower before Aryans go extinct). Such a possibility makes me think of what George Lincoln Rockwell wrote in 1962 “…the White Man will soon sink forever in a brown chaos of degradation, slavery and eventual death. For, while it is mathematically certain that, except for a miracle, the Jews will soon conquer the earth with their Marxism, subversion and Zionist imperialism, their victory will be their last act on earth. Like the eternal parasites they are, the Jews will soon perish in the eaten-out corpse of their dead host.” But I’m not certain Jews will perish with us. However even if they do rule over non-whites it will only be a brief period of rule, the whole global order would collapse in no time.

        “Artificial intelligence is a rather toxic subject that my priests should avoid at all costs.”

        Wtf? I’m not ‘your priest’. You really betray your Catholic roots with phrases like that, as well as phrases like ‘the sin against the holy ghost’. I’ll decide what subjects I explore and what I spend my time thinking about. I’m not part of any priestly order dedicated to Nordicism. In fact it shows how degenerate the Aryan race has become that you, as a Mexican, are listened to and view yourself as a leader of priests of the 14 Words. Before 1945 such a thing was unthinkable and in a sane world no Mexican would be teaching Nordics. Is it any wonder I’m pessmimistic? Things like this seem like evidence of the end. Truly the West’s darkest hour when a Mexican understands Nordicism far better than the VAST majority of Nordics themselves.

        As for your point about Dr. Peters, I wasn’t sure who that was though he sounded like a fictional character so I guessed he was that guy in 12 Monkeys that you wrote about a while back. I don’t watch films, old or new so I wouldn’t really know.

      • I never implied that you were ‘my priest’. I had in mind the words in my Tuesday post: ‘We need to create the Aryan community—an ecclesia—, which whites never had. The Aryan ecclesias need to thrive in our towns and cities (think of the image at the top of this article). Our priests, for lack of a better word, are not experts in theology but in history, anthropology and Indo-European linguistics. They must be skilled in the various Indo-European traditions, with emphasis in Greece and Rome’.

      • P.S. I didn’t invent the anti-Christian expression ‘the sin against the holy ghost’. I read it for the first time in 1976 in a couple of Nietzsche’s books, referring to the Xtian unforgivable sin against Eros. Later in his Zarathustra, I learned that Nietzche used many paraphrases of the gospels but with a twisted, anti-Christian meaning that some consider blasphemous.

  3. I always wondered about the US/British propaganda of fighting WW2 because Hitler wanted a race of blue eyed blondes. Especially as some ~20% of US/Britain are blue eyed blondes!

    Chechar is the first site that explicitly called out the obviousness (so obvious and hateful we subconciously have to deny it) that WW2 was fought against the european race itself!

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