Nordicism and National Socialism, 3

by Evropa Soberana

A woman from the North of Friesland.
Both the Nazis and the American eugenicists
agreed in considering the Frisians and the Saxons
as the purest ethnic elements of Germany.

Madison Grant (1865-1937) was a well known American Nordicist and eugenicist. Grant, who is sometimes introduced as a sort of Hispanophobe, actually praised the ‘virile blood of the Spanish conquistadors’.

The Nordics are, all over the world, a race of soldiers, sailors, adventurers, and explorers, but above all, of rulers, organizers, and aristocrats in sharp contrast to the essentially peasant character of the Alpines. Chivalry and knighthood, and their still surviving but greatly impaired counterparts, are peculiarly Nordic traits, and feudalism, class distinctions, and race pride among Europeans are traceable for the most part to the north.

The Passing of the Great Race, 1916 chapter 11.

The first is the Nordic or Baltic subspecies. This race is long skulled, very tall, fair skinned, with blond or brown hair and light collared eyes. The Nordics inhabit the countries around the North and Baltic Seas, and include not only the great Scandinavian and Teutonic groups, but also other early peoples who first appear in southern Europe and in Asia as representatives of Aryan language and culture.

The so-called red haired branch of the Nordic race has special characters in addition to red hair, such as a greenish cast of eye, a skin of peculiar texture tending either to great clarity or to freckles, and certain peculiar temperamental traits. This was probably a variety closely related to the blonds, and it first appears in history in association with them.

The Passing of the Great Race, 1916 chapter 2.
Karl Weinländer. Faced with these relatively reasoned positions, consider now a true exalted Nordicist who can be considered a radical. In Nuremberg in 1933, and with the assistance of the National Socialist Teachers League, Karl Weinländer wrote:

All races (Alpine, Dinaric, Mediterranean, Baltic-Eastern) are simply the bastards of the unnatural crossing of the Nordic man with the inferior races. This natural inferiority of the non-Nordic races is attested by the fact that the iris of the eye, the hair, and in worse cases, even the skin, are pigmented.

Quoted in Rassenkunde des Deutschen Volkes (see also Rassenkunde Europas).
Hermann Gauch (1899-1978) was a racial theorist. His theories were considered too radical even in National Socialist Germany, to the point that one of his books was censored by the Reich authorities because he called the Italians ‘half-simians’.

The Nordic man is… the creator of all culture and civilisation. The salvation and preservation of Nordic man alone will save and preserve culture and civilisation. Lasting success, of course, can only be achieved through the unification of all Nordic humanity of the Germanic countries, and a number of other strongly Nordic areas.

New Foundations of Racial Science. (USA: Encyclopaedia of the Third Reich, published in 1934).

Examples of Nordic ideal in the art
and propaganda of the Third Reich.

Hans F. K. Günther (1891-1968), the most famous example of Nordicist and German eugenicist, provided the basis of the racial theory of the Third Reich. Günther was a friend of Walther Darré and member of the NSDAP since 1932. With extensive knowledge of classical culture and Germanic, Persian and Hindu history, he married a Norwegian with whom he had two daughters, Ingrid and Sigrun.

In 1935, Günther was declared ‘pride of the NSDAP’, and in 1940 Hitler himself awarded him the Goethe Medal of Art and Science. At the end of the war, Günther spent three years in an Allied concentration camp, and denied the official version of the Jewish holocaust until his death.

The decline and fall of the Hellenic world must be attributed to the destructive result of a millennium of devastating wars and strife and, on the other hand, to the political and spiritual transformation that has particularly harmed the lineage possessed by the predominantly Nordic Indo-German race, which had descended from Central Europe, particularly from central Germany. De-Nordization is the main cause of this decadence.

Lebengeschichte des hellenischen Volkwes (Editor: Franz von Bebenburg, 1965).

It must be clearly stated that, within the German nation, Nordic blood should be considered ‘desirable’ and non-Nordic blood ‘less desirable’. It is the extended criterion of the immigration laws in force in America, for which, I point out, the Nordic blood represents what is desirable.

This criterion, drawn from the observation of important general circumstances, is not directed against non-Nordic individuals, it only wants to protect the desired Nordic blood against the danger of extinction, and to increase as much as possible this desirable blood. The teaching of genetics that tells us: ‘The value of a man as a subject is different from its value as procreator’, must inspire each of our considerations.

Rassenkunde des Deutschen Volkes, 1922.

From the racial point of view, there is only one equality of birth: that based on the equal purity of Nordic blood. Racially, the noble of mixed race is not of equal birth to a Nordic peasant girl.

Going back to the origins of the peoples of Indo-European heritage, one arrives at a political and spiritual aristocracy of a predominantly Nordic race… These original Nordic-Indo-Europeans called themselves ‘Aryans’, ārya [Sanskrit word] in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Persia. We can see it in the Rig-Veda, in the inscription of the tomb of Emperor Darius, in the Germanic names, and in the nobility. They described themselves with Nordic characteristics.

Der Nordische Gedanke unter den Deutschen, 1927.


  1. Dear Ceasar,

    As a subscriber to your site I have to emphasize that your last posts “Nordicism and National Socialism” are really the essence of what you are trying to convey.

    The problem that we as Aryans face is that we are not really in contact with our spiritual nature. It has become all too intellectual, especially since Christinsanity has uprooted the health of our emotional functioning.

    So in my own words: The Aryan man originally is the noble man the creative man because he has an uninterrupted contact with the highest dimensions in himself, that which gives blessing and joy.

    The “blond beast” that Nietzsche is talking about is in his best cases somehow the carrier of that faculty, precisely because his righteousness and his amorality, you could say a certain fluidity of mental states, based on self respect (not self love that sounds too Christian).

    The following problem arises after many many generations that are involved in creatively shaping cultural life on this planet, and that is that the Aryan Mind gets stultified, attached to and efficient in his self created culture thereby losing his inner connection to the creative spark coming from the beyond.

    And it is not so simple that by adhering to discipline or Philosophy one can keep that flame alive. Once lost it will take immense efforts to rekindle it. In effect it is a very vulnerable inner state of mind that can only be maintained by being aware of it.

    In the east they have understood this better that is why meditation has taken root there. The side effect of that was however that in the east the material reality got neglected.

    Why has the Aryan mind of today not been able to reignite itself into its spiritual nature? A faculty that has been neglected too long starts to wither away, a process that is already going on for ages.

    It started somewhere after Plato and Socrates seduced the Greeks to abandon their instinctive sanity by going “dialectical”, becoming bookworms, and Christianity did the rest.

    Exactly the unpredictability and ferocity, and the very personal character of the religiosity of the “blond beast” is linked to the emotional and instinctive health of the nordic man, which in turn is allowing him to have that inner contact to the highest realms of creativity. Therefore he can at worst be feared by or at best be admired by the rest of humanity.

    The supreme value is to be spiritually rooted and to have access to the spark of real creativity (not industriousness). The Aryan man has to learn how to not to lose himself in his conquest and culture creation, to be so alert as not to be seduced into a false humbleness that the downtrodden and the Judeochristians would like to see.

    It is an inner stance.


    • So true Vig, and welcome to this forum.

      • Hello Ceasar, we met before . A long time ago I sent you some pictures of sculptured reliefs I made, and we mailed a few times.
        Your blogsite has a high quality standard and I really resonate with that.
        My only wish is that the work we promote has to move from the intellectual discourse to actual social interaction.

        To use Nietzsche s viewpoint again: The Aryan has given Apollo too much power and to me it seems that it is high time that Dionysos has to have a bigger say in things, just as the NS style of life was geared to do.

    • You have to understand that ” Christianity has destroyed ( killed ) many blonde beasts, it has forged a culture in which a blonde beast never emerges, even if the beast emerges like in the case of National socialism, it will be exterminated further by the whites ( like anglos and french ) who have become spiritual Jews ( christians ).”

      This is why i say often here,its not only the biological Jews but also their spiritual offspring which is responsible for the state we are in today,We need mass extinction event on planet my friend with 90% of humanity perishing and i dont see any thing like that in horizon.

      Christianity always favored outcasts , it is the religion of chandalas, and as long as they exist you can never inflict the harm on the chosen people of the chandala race ( The Jüde ).

      • So true. Truly a prison planet earth appears to be (been reading and trying not to take too seriously some Yukon Jack. Lawrence Chester’s stuff is just yet more untested / untried / religious theories. Please show me multiple independently verified cases of a man walking on water and teletransporting himself. Please show me multiple independently verified Roswell UFO incidents).

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