New Zealand’s attack

The shooter Brenton Tarrant wrote:

Well lads, it’s time to stop shit-posting and time to make a real-life effort post. I will carry out and attack against the invaders, and will even live stream the attack via Facebook. The Facebook link is below, by the time you read this I should be going live. [broken link]

It’s been a long ride and despite all your rampant faggotry, fecklessness and degeneracy, you are all top blokes and the best bunch of cobbers [Australian term for pal] a man could ask for.

I have provided links to my writings below, please do your part by spreading my message, making memes and shit-posting as you usually do.

If I don’t survive the attack, goodbye, godbless and I will see you all in Valhalla!

Tarrant posted his plans to 4Chan before beginning the massacre. He also uploaded his manifesto, ‘The Great Replacement’, a reference to the Kalergi Plan. In the manifesto, which I cannot find (the gruesome videos of his recent attack are also down), Tarrant apparently explained his plans to ignite a civil war through his actions.

Incidentally, don’t call for immediate violence in this thread. Just remember what happened last year to this site because of some revolutionary comments. This post is merely informative.

Update of 9:45 A.M.:

Tarrant’s manifesto can be read: here.

For those who only want to read excerpts of it, see The New Observer’s article, ‘Rise of White Terrorism Inevitable Response to Nonwhite Invasion and Terrorism, Says New Zealand Mosque Shooter Manifesto’ (here).

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  1. See how he wrote “Kill Kebabs” on his gun.

    • He also had names of previous ‘lone wolves’ like Luca Traini written on his gun and played a song called ‘Remove Kebab’ while going on his shooting rampage.

      • His manifesto expressed support for Anders Breivik, Luca Traini, Dylann Roof, Anton Lundin Pettersson, and Darren Osborne, asserting that they took a “stand against ethnic and cultural genocide”.

    • Filthy cuckservative scum are virtue signalling to muslims about this event, i have seen the video, what ever it is , best part of the manifesto is when he writes

      Q : ” Are you a christian”
      – it is complicated

      Christian morality is the root cause of all these problems, western society is full awash with christian ethics, Islam is just like christianity a mongrel faith which calls its believers to abandon their ethnic ,racial solidarity for some arab pedophile and his moral teachings, similar to christianity , islam attracts all degenerates , bottom feeders to its bosom and energizes them to wage the war of any one is noble race.

    • most of the notch count that this guy triggered in mosque , seems somali , bangladeshi ,indian and paki muslims. Surely, these people breed a lot, in his manifesto the guy talks a lot of breeding rates of these cockroaches.

      They have moved here for nice benefits and cushy life , so they can breed senselessly, rationality and reason will not work on these people, even buddhists in Myanmar resorted to violence against bangladeshi breeders, they do have 7-8 children, all stunted , weak,violent ,ugly , they prostrate before their desert god & prophet, pry of young girls for rape and spreading their ugly seed, truly despicable people .

  2. All in all, a great event. I am really pleased.

    • I’ve found his manifesto (see link above in ‘Update of 9:45 A.M.’). It’s only 74 pages, compared to the 1000+ pages of Breivik’s.

  3. This is just wonderful. It is nice to hear about our people standing up for themselves. And in New Zealand, of all places! I had always heard that in that country the Judaeo-Corpo Matriarchal Cuckocracy had achieved total domination. I guess not. There are glimmers of hope for our race in both hemispheres after all.

    Does anyone know yet what became of this man after he did these things? Did he kill himself?

    • Don’t think so. In his manifesto, he said he’ll try to survive and also:

      * Do you believe those you attacked are innocent?

      * They are no innocent in any invasion, all those who colonize others peoples lands share guilt.

  4. A small correction – the board he had posted the message on is 8chan, not 4chan.

    Nice to see Luca Traini’s name remembered!

    Centrists again whine that media generalizes White people while opposing the generalization of Muslims… I, on the other hand, greet such generalizations! Because more and more Whites learn to hate indeed.

  5. Regardless the name of the town “CHRISTCHURCH”, is highly symbolic as been the first place for a serious anti-islam terror attack on mosques in the west.

    It took me hours to realise the obvious symbolism of it…..

    • In the Ancient World: No Christianity, no Islam.

      In the Modern world: No Christian ethics, no massive non-white immigration into the West.

      Xtianity is to blame in the past as in the present.

      • I agree christianity is going to be the biggest cuck out over this, they are already starting about “religion of peace one world people etc”

        Still its highly symbolic……non-europeans will pick up CHRIST and CHURCH right away, we westerners are conditioned to those words so don’t notice there strongly western civilisational links and meaning.

  6. I’ve read a lot of comments of whites about this truly great action. Most of these whites are totally disgusting weak degenerated molluscs.

    • See how the Christians in the movement are the first ones who don’t get it when shit hits the fan. This is today’s scolding to Hunter Wallace at his own site by Harold Dooley in the very thread about the New Zealand’s shootings. Harold wrote:

      ______ 卐 ______

      I’ve always been a huge supporter of this site until this yang [Andrew Yang] bullshit. He is an anti-White commie that wants to grab guns. He is very open about both of these stances. Brad getting yellow fever killed this site for me. Now some Lauren Southern stance about ChristChurch?

      How many of our children have been raped or sold into sex slavery? How many of our people have they killed? FUCK THOSE SCUM.

      The government under Trump of Yang isn’t going to do a fucking thing for us. They are not going to remove the predators they shipped in. The solution is to stop sucking up to politicians.

      You’re push a chink now? SMDH [“Shaking My Damn Head”].

      • Why on earth do you bet of USA or UK or france or russia, these decadent nations should burn for what they have inflicted on europe and rest of the world.

  7. The nativesare getting restless.

    • restless in giving oral to Jew on stick, Yeshu the Jew you love and worship will save ya

      • Question, is this comment made out of ignorance or stupidity? If it is ignorance, happy day! All you have to do is visit my websiteand read my work. If you have already done so, than I regret it falls on me to tell you there is no hope for your condition.

  8. Many whites have become Jews, or already are Jewish, there is a finite 1% of whites who are non jews ( spiritually ), almost all USA and anglo ,french, russkie world is thoroughly Jewified .

    Who has the courage to take on them ?.

  9. To Christians

    “The people worthy of glory, the people blessed by God Our Lord, moan
    and fall under the weight of these outrages and most shameful
    humiliations. The race of the elect suffers outrageous persecutions, and
    the impious race of the Saracens respects neither the virgins of the Lord
    nor the colleges of priests. They run over the weak and the elderly, they
    seize the children from their mothers so that they might forget, among the
    barbarians, the name of God. That perverse nation profanes the hospices
    … The temple of the Lord is treated like a criminal and the ornaments of
    the sanctuary are robbed.

    “What more shall I say to you?

    “We are disgraced, sons and brothers, who live in these days of
    calamities! Can we look at the world in this century reproved by Heaven
    to witness the desolation of the Holy City and remain in peace while it is
    so oppressed? Is it not preferable to die in war rather than suffer any
    longer so horrible a spectacle? Let us all weep for our faults that raise the
    divine ire, yes, let us weep… But let not our tears be like the seed thrown
    into the sand. Let the fire of our repentance raise up the Holy War and the
    love of our brethren lead us into combat. Let our lives be stronger than
    death to fight against the enemies of the Christian people.”


    P.26, New Zealand Shooter Brenton Torrant’s manifesto

  10. Hail the conquering hero!

    From what I’ve read of his Manifesto, Brenton is a man whose heart is torn between Germania and Jerusalem. Obviously, his actions brought him back home to Germania. Bless this man! We can only hope that New Zealand’s prisons are as comfortable as Norway’s.

  11. Ronan O’ Gara who is an Oirish sportsball player said that Christchurch must remain “United and defiant.” By this he meant no doubt that New Zealand must continue to import Muslims to enrich whites just to “defy” us “lunatics.” Our day of victory will arrive not when muds fear us… but when our own people fear us; when Sportsball players fear to condemn us. This is the genius of the IRA. The IRA sought their people’s fear before they sought their love… and they are still loved to this day. Tiocfaidh ár lá. Our Day will come.

    • You are spot on!

    • @gaedhal, yep, exactly… I’ve been saying for years, that despite whatever the Scots/Gaelic people say, they can never be trusted. They speak out one mouth about White Rights and so forth, and then out the other mouth they are Pro-Immigration and support race mixing and LGBT rights, etc. A lot of these bastards even mixed their blood into American Negros and other races so that not only their bloodlines could prosper, but so they could use the Negro as their dog to further the damage on White Europeans and lead us into our graves. The people who descend from the British Isles are jealous and hate all other Europeans and all races in the world in general. I hope more Europeans and Americans wake up real soon to recognize the filth that Scots and Celtic people are in general. As much as I am not a fan of the English, even the English had a good reason for confiscating their guns, banning them from military, politics, policing and leadership. That’s why they are so fearful of losing their guns.

      • As an Irish Catholic myself – however, I prefer the term “Ulsterman,” – the problems that the Irish have are these:

        Natural inferiority to the Anglo-Saxon. Most of our great “Irish writers” are really White Anglo Saxon Protestants.

        Drunkenness and stupidity.

        Childishness. Never wanting to discuss anything serious or high-minded or philosophical.

        A “luks-at-me” negroid over-confidence in their intelligence. As Linder puts it, the Anglo-Saxon is smart, paradoxically, because he is self-aware of just how stupid and ignorant he is; how the paltry sum of his knowledge is as nothing compared to the whole.

        What few Nationalists there are are biblical literalists and Catholic Christian Identitarians. Saint Patrick was the first British Invader!

        Ulstermen, in my opinion, are a separate ethnicity, and slightly superior to Southern Irish. But not by much.

  12. The decay continues apace. The blood bath approaches.

  13. Willperks wrote yesterday:

    This is day three.

    Media have quietly forgotten their own history of reporting about the mosque.

    ISPs have shut off access to free speech and alt-right media.

    The Prime Minister is dressing in Islamic clothing.

    Politicians are walking lockstep to ban guns.

    Kids are in court for sharing links to a livestream.

    Police are asking people to report each other for sharing “objectionable material.”

    • THOT prime minister-ess.

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