On the Tarrant controversy

Brenton Tarrant

I’ve deleted my previous post that linked the RamzPaul video because it is more relevant what Greg Johnson says in his article today. The problem with continuing to think as civilians, which is what 99.9 percent of white nationalists do, is that they assume that the problem of Aryan genocide around the world will have a democratic solution.

The near future will disabuse them.

Although we do not recommend going out for a killing spree, we do recommend saving on precious metals—something perfectly legal—so that, once the dollar tanks, the purchasing power of your savings will increase one thousand percent. If enough nationalists did that around the world, they would be well-prepared for the looming civil war, something that even the mestizo Tim Pool, speaking about the attack in New Zealand, says will come in a couple of years.

Johnson and company will always think like civilians, forgetting what Alex Linder says: ‘People keep saying there is going to be a civil war or race war, but this is wrong. There is one now, by official policy. It’s been going on for decades. As demographics change, the government will get bolder and the war will get hotter’.

My two cents: think like revolutionaries but do not do anything illegal now. Just prepare. Winter is coming. Save gold and silver and you will thank me when winter finally arrives.

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  1. What I find deeply troubling is that quite a few commenters and bloggers of the Alt Lite, Alt Right and even white nationalism are saying that Tarrant’s actions were ‘psychotic’ or ‘evil’.

    On the tomb of Baruch Goldstein the inscription reads: ‘To the holy Baruch Goldstein who gave his life for the Jewish people, the Torah, and the nation of Israel’. Goldstein had murdered 29 Arabs and wounded 125 in the Mosque of Ibrahim in 1994. Do nationalists plan to engrave similar words on the tomb of Tarrant?

    No wonder why Jews are winning!

    • Precisely.

      So 99.9% whites or so are now the exact opposite of Jews.

      In fact, it is WE, the true racists, the 0.1% or so of whites, who ARE like Jews in that sense. ‘Sense’ meaning, common horse sense, with which every man is naturally gifted with at birth.

    • The point that I am trying to make is that those who recently pronounced negative judgments about this man (*) have disappointed me to the point that I won’t visit their sites again.

      Wasn’t the name of this girl, a victim of a Muslim terrorist, written in Tarrant’s gun (as a vendetta)? The West needs a million of soldiers like this man, so that the nations may be re-conquered from the white traitors. But even among most of the Alt-Right we see exactly the opposite attitude of what the Israelis have done with Baruch Goldstein—exactly the opposite!

      You cannot win with a mentality that despises our street soldiers. Compared to the Jews, most whites, including nationalists, got their wires completely crossed. It is extremely toxic for me to continue to visit the sites of these Alt-Righters as they seem to function with a program hostile to white preservation, in the sense that they prioritise Christian ethics over racial preservation.

      Again, I am not advocating for immediate violence. But the fact that the Israelis have exactly the right attitude about Goldstein while most folks in the Alt-Right prioritise Xtian ethics is a non-starter. They could simply shut their mouths or write something similar to what I write: not recommending immediate action but honouring the fighters, at least in your heart if you don’t want to go public with your sentiments.

      The inversion of Aryan values into Xtian values (the Old Testament: ethnocentrism for me—the New Testament: but universal love for thee!) is now almost complete.

      After posting this comment I’ll write an entry in my diary, a handsome book with black covers by the way, to promise myself that I won’t visit again the sites of those who have insulted this man. It’s truly demoralizing for me; and my time is better spent translating Evropa Soberana or other pieces from the real defenders of the race, the NS men.


      (*) To put a couple of examples, Styxhexen-hammer666 and Red Ice TV—but there are many others like them found through this Alt-Right news aggregator.

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