Bye, bye Alt-Right!

Why I won’t visit again the sites of
the white nationalists is explained: here.

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  1. I’ll make an exception with The Unz Review not to read their articles but because, in the comments section of that webzine, a commenter has been saying things similar to what we say, that ‘the Aryan problem encompasses the Jewish problem’.

  2. Thank Effin God…

    The Alt Right was always a joke, hellbent on subverting all arenas of National Socialism / White Nationalism, and I’m tired of their childish Meme Wars, Inventing new words and the parenthesis! We must ruthlessly stick to our Classic National Socialist views, despite the flood of these skinheads and crypto-jews. More than ever, it is solid proof that we just cannot trust anyone who descends from people of the British Isles. Even the NZ shooter had that crypto-jew Scots-Irish ancestry I’ve spoke of. He admitted it in his manifesto.

    The one thing I want to remind you of, CT is that the people of the Alt Right were always majorly composed of Anglo-Scots, Scots-Irish and Norman ancestral groups, who have always been involved in clan warfare and have unstable minds and opinions which change on a day-to-day basis. They are unreliable allies and traitors, always have been.

    The only reason they are turned-off by the NZ shooter is because they are fearful of being exposed for their own Scots-Irish ancestry like the shooter and having their guns taken away. That’s all they care about. There is no brotherhood or unity between them on any level, all they care about is their guns before brothers, because if you study the Clan Warfare about these tribes and who they descend from, especially the Scottish Picts, you’ll find that their chief career and means of survival were always exclusively through warfare.

    My point in all this, is that we can never expect any kind of loyalty or principles on any Wing Ideologies. I’m the Eagle’s Head!

    When the civil war becomes fully unleashed to when it becomes more personal, we will see these Anglo/Celtic scums fighting and bickering among themselves, as they always do.

    • If you don’t mind, I’ve merged your second (the brief one) post within the above one.

      This thread is very important for me, and I am pleased that you liked the post.

      • Absolutely, and no problem! I swear your website is one of the only few corners in the Internet left these days which has a very sound and seasoned approach to National Socialism and European Culture. The way it was meant to be.

      • Just compare our approach to the current fads in the Alt-Right: ‘Let’s vote for Yang!’ Even Richard Spencer has said this on Twitter.

        A big cull is needed, and fortunately, the collapse of the currency presently used for international transactions will bring great tribulations to all of these valiant defenders of the Aryan race, these Yang voters, hopefully before the 2020 elections…

    • @rhnegatives Could you please shut up about your idiotic delusions of the Scots-Irish being Jewish on the genetic level? Devan treads a dangerous line, but at least everyone does agree that all Whites are spiritual Jews (Devan just goes farther and doesn’t believe in the possibility of a rebirth from this low point). In your world, however, even Normans are Jews! To hell with the Y-DNA haplogroup I1 remaining traceable in the modern populations of Normandy and Sicily!

      • Yes most Normans have Jewish Blood but it was from admixture with them. Originally they were a Germanic tribe, but they were the most Cucked of all Germanics. They sold everything and everyone out for Monetary gain, no less from the Jew.

      • Hope and optimism are signs of cowardice, there is no rebirth for vast majority of whites, few whites that undergo spiritual rebirth will suffer from mental and emotional anguish in seeing the deterioration of their nations.

        This is the Karma for worshiping the god of Jews and destroying the antiquity of ones forefathers , whites have got a chance during 1930, they abused it and still continue to malign it.

        Nothing can come out of destruction of current system or order, i believe islamization of europe and further mongrelization will result, europeans may blame the jew but when one accumulates so many sins, one has to pay a severe prize.

        One thing all of the people here must envy is the Wehrmacht soliders who died in Stalingrad,painful death but a honorable death.

        Worst punishment for ones sins will come to anglo race, the despicable race will never recover again.

      • rhnegatives: do you have any evidence people from Normandy are part Jewish? Is there some sort of texts that lead you to believe this? I do think you present some interesting ideas, and I am not trying to invalidate some of your intuitions on things, so I think there might be validity to the general tone in which you are speaking, however the allegation that Normans are part Jewish or that the Franks were cucks is a very serious allegation, and if you could I would like to see direct textual evidence to support those allegations because they are very serious.

    • Anti-British sentiment doesn’t exactly fall under “Classic National Socialist views.”

      “Unstable minds and opinions which change on a day-to-day basis.” Didn’t Carl Jung describe the German people that way? The Americans also fall under this category. The British and Italians have more stability and experience in administration and politics.

      • Nope, in fact the Germans are just the opposite, very rigid, stubborn and determined on their path. Of course the Americans are unstable in their views, just look at the people who settled the country and that will explain all.

  3. I’d say it’s best for us Aryan revolutionaries to gradually remove ourselves from the internet. The war for the survival of our race can only be won in the real world, off the internet, outside the safety and comfort of our own homes. It is through self-sacrifice, endurance of prisons, torture and death that Aryan man will achieve the 14 Words. David Lane used to say the same before he died. Unless practically all white males who want their race to continue to survive become radicalized and kill their enemies it is a certainty that our race will perish.

    And even if terrorist attacks on the scale of 9/11 are carried out by ‘far-right extremists’ it may still not be able to save our race. Our enemies, who control the militaries of the West through control of the money system, could still crush us through superior force (backed by greater resources like the media and far more money than we can accumulate) just as NS Germany and the Axis were crushed. Israel may unleash it’s nuclear weapons if the Jews are cornered etc. In reality it may already be checkmate for the white race.

    Most of the internet is full of crap WN sites anyway. There are only a tiny minority I can recommend. No, the internet is a means to an end, that end being actual change in the real world. It is not an end and solution in itself. The endless generation of words, as I and most others do, cannot save our race. If our race does end up becoming extinct, except for a tiny minority of White Men who actually killed their enemies, we all will have richly deserved our race’s extinction due to our craven cowardice and collective refusal to fight. Moreover, a race who’s men fell for the false morality of Christian ethics, co-operated with the Jews in destroying the indigenous pagan cultures of their own kin and empowered their own women in the name of equality really can’t be that great. Although our race certainly has potential, in reality the best days of the Indo-Europeans may be far in the past. Looking at, not just the pathetic and humiliating state of completely Judaized and degenerate Aryans (in all areas-physically, morally, culturally etc.), but the state of the white resistance movement in general I think it can be understood that I tend to think we are in the final century of the white race’s existence. The WN movement is full of symptoms of the end. But I would like to be wrong and maybe Rockwell, Pierce, Lane etc. are men in a long line that leads to a glorious future for the white race.

    • Our enemies, who control the militaries of the West through control of the money system…

      For a while… for a while…

      Right after the dollar tanks, no country will accept that fiat currency anymore. The US military will withdraw from Germany and a hundred other military posts.

      It will be the beginning of a new era.

      • “when the dollar tanks…” then walmart, the nation’s grocer tanks. and then a great caustic in history begins, as occurred in old russia at the hands of the bolshkevites. the grinding, excruciating starvation of the amurkan masses, too many dead in the streets to even rack. the cities leaving the wrecked bodies where they lie. and who will be listening to the talking heads?

      • But precisely because this will be a scenario in the big cities (those who vote blue) I am optimistic: apocalyptic justice will be delivered to those sinners.

      • Sinners and meek will inherit this earth, as the Jew Jesus prophesied , read gospels of matthew

    • “…the pathetic and humiliating state of completely Judaized and degenerate Aryans (in all areas-physically, morally, culturally etc.)…”

      So many Whites are merely genetic waste material not noble beings tragically misled by Semitic trickery. Our hope for the future does not lie in the proles.

      • Modern whites , most of them are genetic trash, the noble ones were killed of by the forefathers of these genetic trash when christianization of europe began.

        European Aryan man and his spirit is long dead, what remains today is genetic trash who calls itself an Aryan but worships the alter of dead jew and follows his morals till the point of self annihilation.

        I always insisted in this blog, that Aryan man is an extinct species , his memories are preserved in some ancient Vedic texts or some prechristian writings of greeks,romans and norse men.

        Modern day european is a spiritual Jew, his entire thought process is consumed by jew, he is at best a slave to the Jew or at worst he is the Jew.

  4. @CT Richie Spencer himself says the YangGang thing has come from the place of despair. It means the normies are starting understanding that legal political action leads nowhere. It’s good.

    @Joseph Walsh Israel has about 100-400 nukes. Is that scary or not? They can probably decimate Poland, Italy and Romania, also save some for their neighbours, but that won’t mean checkmate for Team Aryan, and Israel will be overrun shortly after.

    @CT I don’t know what websites you are visiting, but the comments under JF’s video are not bad. The folks there are reading the manifesto. Overall, YouTube’s atmosphere (I love this word) is more conducive to discussion than certain “holier-than-though” know-it-all blogs (except for this one, hehe). E.g., Styx’s channel has a strong and confident cvckservative base, but JF’s audience is more diverse and critically-minded (even of JF himself).

    • What would the German Nazis think about the valiant defenders of the race, at the other side of the Atlantic, that fell under the Andrew Yang meme: Wallace, Spencer & Anglin included (Yang seems to have now hypnotized most of the racial commentariat)?

      The sole fact that the Canadian JFG shows the American flag on his shows demonstrates he’s historically clueless, as the US is the most offending nation for the 14 words. And as I have said, he does not even know (as the authors of the latest Soberana series I am working in knew) that the ancient Greeks and patrician Romans were Nordic. JFG’s ignorance of such relevant matters is encyclopedic. Like other Alt-Right volggers (with “v”) he makes me sick.

      Most WNsts, bloggers and volggers, are just fooling around. They completely lack the necessary gravitas to found an ethnostate.

  5. Hi Im trying to actually reach Mr Kendall to inquire about a book of his that is no longer available. I would like any information you are able to provide. I can be reached at a friend of mine is very interested in Beyond This Horizon which seems to be unavailable on Amazon at this time. Thanks!

  6. March 14th, 2019 – “New Zealand mosque shooting” – The same day Israel strikes 100 Gaza targets October 27th, 2018 – “Pittsburgh synagogue shooting” – The same day Israel strikes 80 Gaza targets

    • Who gives a damn if semitic shit kill each other, the arab filth and inbred jews deserve each other.

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