Paleologic modes of cognition

If there is something that bothers me in the forums of the racialist dissidents, it is the abundance of conspiracy theories right after attacks like the one in New Zealand the previous week. However, as I have decided not to read these forums anymore, but rather to convert this site into a platform for disseminating National Socialism, today I will present my conclusions without dwelling on the subject with due detail.

I believe that conspiracy theories, inside and outside of white nationalism, have to do with the immaturity of the human mind in the sense of archaic atavisms: what Silvano Arieti (1914-1981) called ‘paleologic thought’: a phenomenon that I explained in Day of Wrath.

In addition to a few more articles critical of psychiatry that I still have to translate, it occurs to me starting a new series, based on Arieti’s texts, explaining the paleological thought in greater detail than Day of Wrath. For the moment, suffice it to say that the paleologician reasons in a similar way to that of the schizophrenic although, unlike the latter, the former can function reasonably well in modern society.

It is fundamental to understand schizophrenia in general to comprehend why, during lone-wolf attacks similar to last week’s, the most bizarre conspiracy theories immediately crop up like fungi.

The university faculties do not understand schizophrenia insofar as they study it under the pseudo-scientific medical model of mental disorders. But the work of Arieti and others opens the door to the inner world of the schizophrenic, which sometimes seems indistinguishable from the most regressive aspects of the urban myths of today.

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  1. For the moment see: ‘Day of Wrath, 6’.

    • arch stanton’s comment there on what the diggers found at tlaxcala is worth reading and reflecting. human feed lots. presumably to fatten for sacrifices to the gods. just as we maintain feed lots today to supply animal products to satisfy us, the gods of the animals. really sick shit. (“the scent of burning flesh is always in the nostrils of yahweh.”)

    • a very corrosive effect of christinsanity to what would be otherwise a not schizophrenic person — i.e., one who was raised in a healthy flourishing household where the parents did not damage their children with psychological violence, is that maintaining the paleothink that christinsantiy requires of one, its magical thinking mantra “faith is the substance of things hoped for — the after life — and the evidence of things not seen” makes an otherwise rational human schizonphrenic, only not from suffering the trauma of chronic childhood abuse. but from being preached at that one must give credence and place to magical thinking in order be seen as righteous in the eyes of their [fuking — i can’t help myself] yahweh jew god.

      i did not shake free of these swaddling bands of psychological cloth strangling my mind until i tossed christinsantiy and embraced sovereignity, the ownership of my free choice, and its consequences. with a new found respect for nature, that it had devised and produced such intelligence beings — as well as all families of organismis — as humans and endowed them with many many truly matchless resources to function and live on this prison planet.

      • the seed of christinsanity-derived schizophrenia: “and abraham believed god and it was accounted to him as righteousness.” paleothink at it’s best — or worst.

  2. Paleological Thinking as Arieti saw it seems to be a manifestation of narcissism, I will explain that after the quote. This is a quote from another article you wrote:

    The conceptualization of external happenings as impersonal physical forces requires a much more advanced level of cognition than seeing them as personal agents. Arieti wrote:

    “If the Greeks are afflicted by epidemics, it is because Phoebus wants to punish Agamemnon. Paranoiacs and paranoids interpret almost everything as manifesting a psychological intention or meaning. In many cases practically everything that occurs is interpreted as willed by the persecutors of the patient.”


    In the case of people on the far right developing baseless conspiracy theories for events that happened such as what happened in NZ, the internal processes of the conspiracy theorists may be as follows:

    1. What happened in NZ may serve the leftists in promoting their agendas.
    2. The leftist agenda is the jewish agenda.
    3. Therefore jews are responsible for what happened in NZ.

    What is happening here is the jews on a psychological level are occupying the seemingly all powerful position that the parent had when one was a small child, so everything that happens in the environment can be ascribed to jews.

    This thinking is fundamentally narcissistic because at this stage of development is natural for children to be narcissistic. It’s narcissistic because it explains everything in terms of jews directly acting against them without allowing for the fact that not everything that happens is due to jews, some political situations are due to jews. Many political situations are related to jews, however making the world judeo-centric in terms of the way events occur is not rational, at times though the world is close to being judeo-centric.

    I wouldn’t be so quick as to banish all forms of paleological thinking from culture. It probably serves a purpose in folk customs. However the ability to think logically is very important. A fully judeo-centric view of the world is similar to learned helplessness where a person does not recognize the personal agency of their own race or themself.

    • Very, very astute comment, Patrick. Thanks.

      Since you quoted a chapter from my book above, here there is another chapter. What you say strongly reminded me of Colin Ross’ example #1, a little girl—how children think in narcissistic ways (link: here, after the heading ‘The locus of control shift’).

      • That article you linked to does a good job of explaining many examples childlike thinking, which appear to me the basis for paleological thinking. Like I said, I think such thinking can have a place in certain situations but such thinking should not invade territories where it does not belong.

        If politics is an expression of the brains of a population, and if the brains neurology is heavily affected by child-rearing practices, then we can speculate that political situations are the result of how parents raise and treat their children, and how schools/etc raise those children. The jewish dominance of western social institutions may be related to some sort of flaw in how westerners are raising their children.

      • Your latest sentence is so true that I’ll probably say a little about the subject tomorrow, with a very brief post criticizing MacDonald (but with a couple of substantial links).

      • w/o knowing shit about shineola wrt ‘paleologic thought’, having seen the term now for the first time, pls allow me a reflexive thought: the god-centric christinsanity culture is ‘paleologic thought’. god is the cause of everything. god is forever raining his judgement down on this and that. i grew up in that culture. paleologic thought is deeply embedded malware in me. (by your definition, patrick, christinsanity is schizophrenic thinking.) i think the prevalent and pervasive reflexes by the masses to the NZ kind of happenings simply show how much christinsantiy still rules the world, both right and left thinking, regardless of how many leftists say they tossed their childhood thinking and presently embrace atheism or whatever. dream on.

        btw, thx c.t. and patrick for introducing me to yet another new term at this late stage of my life. your site is wide and deep.

      • god is the cause of everything. god is forever raining his judgement down on this and that…

        So true. My extremely pious mother doesn’t believe in IQ studies for the simple reason, she says, that Christ created everybody equal and that, according to her (paleo)logic system, He wouldn’t allow such differences.

  3. btw, following in the line of my childhood paleothink, what is your take, c.t., on arieti’s novel, The Parnas: A Scene from the Holocaust. (highly rated, as typical, by Jew commenters on amazon. my reflex? silvano fell in his own trap of paleothink w/ the hollowed jew.)

    • I didn’t know he had written a novel. In any case, I have criticized Arieti in ¿Me Ayudarás? He had a pretty dark side, but his work on schizo is sound.

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