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Editors’ note: With this entry I am starting a new series collecting some aggregations from Robert Morgan, a commenter in The Unz Review webzine. Morgan has a good grasp of what I have been calling ‘the Aryan problem’, which, in my opinion, is enabling the Jewish problem.

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‘It’s a red herring to single out the media, since American culture is itself relentlessly anti-white in its mindset. For what is anti-racist but anti-white? Reflecting the culture at large, the average white American is anti-racist to his core, and has been for a long time now. A white man being against racism is the same thing as him agreeing to the eventual extinction of his race, since it’s patently obvious that the white race won’t be preserved without conscious effort; i.e., without racism. Negroes have been equal to whites under the law for over a century and a half at this point. That is the ultimate in an “anti-white mindset”, and it was put into place when America was virtually 100% white and Christian. No corporate media was needed’.

Source: here. The full title of the webzine is: The Unz Review: An Alternative Media Selection (A Collection of Interesting, Important, and Controversial Perspectives Largely Excluded from the American Mainstream Media).

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  1. Tonto say, “How this happen kimosabe? It heap big accident?”

  2. “American culture”.

    Something that was initially Xtian, then became anti-british, then anti-monarchist, then anti-slavery, then anti-rural, then anti-traditional, then anti-european, and now is anti-racist, becoming more anti-white with each passing year.

    One could imagine alternate-reality scenarios, like “what if the Germans had colonized N.America instead of the English?”, “What if the Confederates had won?”, “What if the Fed Reserve hadn’t been created?”, but all these possible turning points would only have slowed the necrosis of the Aryan problem, not prevented it.

    And even if these alternate histories could prevent the decline of the White race, would you still wish for them to happen? Would you allow this soul-cancer to linger on in the collective unconscious of Whites? Would you let the Aryan Titans march on, protected by pure luck, hoping for the soul-flaw not to metastasize in the future? Would you allow humanity to advance technologically along with sub-humanity, and spread defective humanity into off-world colonies and beyond?
    Sooner or later, Aryans will have to face this problem, and correct their course. I’m hoping this correction happens during my lifetime, I’d love to see it.

    America (and the West) must die a violent, gruesome death, that will scar and traumatize Aryans for centuries. A Second Dark Age.

    • Even in The Turner Diaries much of America was spared after the racial wars. We need something better, a punishment of biblical proportions: what I call sarcastically ‘el Apocalipsis de San Juan’: dollar crash, energy devolution and finally nuclear exchanges.

      Then, unlike the Book of Revelation, we will have the equivalent of a New Berlin (of course, after Old Jerusalem is nuked and perhaps turned again into Aeolia Capitolina).

      • The reason why whites are finished , you can actually listen Dr.micheal woodley

      • Devan:

        I won’t watch your video & I’m tired of your pessimism (and Joseph Walsh’s).

        No soldier of the 14 words can afford to be a pessimist: he simply terminates the enemy.

        Search this site for Dr Peters and you’ll know what the desperate soldier should study. But don’t come here predicating your pessimism.

        Thank you.

      • I am not pessimistic , i am realistic , it seems not much can be done at this point and i dont think large human catastrophic events are in horizon.

      • You are not listening.

        No true soldier is pessimistic, as his sole purpose in life s to destroy the enemy.

        Whether other soldiers will join the cause is not his concern: he only fulfills his duty.

        I cannot expand on the subject for obvious reasons.

      • The problem is being a soldier with no army at your back. The Jews control the military with soldiers that carry heavy weapons aimed at your heart. Far more importantly, the Jews’ military carries forth their ideology. They believe in the Jew, not in their race. Their very survival, along with their allegiance, depends on a Jews’ paycheck. What have you got?

        While Jews promote hive minded solidarity among their own and in their controlled, military forces, they promote “strong individualism” among whites. They do this because they know the individual presents no threat to their hive minded armies, fully backed by programmed populations.

        Take any war and look at what it takes to defeat a large, dedicated enemy force with advanced technology weapons. This is what it takes to fight a war. However, it takes more, it takes a will to fight. Cowardly Jews know whatever their weaponry, they cannot win an upfront fight with the white man, so they snuck up from behind and stole his mind, disabling his will to survive, never mind fight.

        The will to fight and survive has been bred out of the average, feminized white male. When a white male joins the military, his will is reprogrammed in a direction that serves the Jews’ agenda. White men willingly die for the Jew while ignoring their own race and their own instinct for survival. Witness the Jews Near East wars since the beginning of the 21st century; how many white men have marched off to die for the Jew, when he should have been making the Jew die?

        This is the force the lone individual must face in his war and make no mistake, the white race is at war, a war where the white man faces his worst enemy – himself. WWII is proof positive of that statement. The problem is Jews hold the information sources keeping whites ignorant of their situation – ignorant of the fact that they are being rapidly slaughtered wholesale though subversion by an enemy that hates them with a hatred they themselves cannot comprehend, let alone muster. A hatred carefully constructed on centuries of contrived grievances.

        Thus, the majority of whites will go to their grave never aware of what happened to them. Therein lies the real tragedy; never seeing the face of the duplicitous enemy that smiled in your face as he stabbed you in the back. Never understanding the reason why you died.

        Only in Jew movies are there armies of one that make any difference. In real life, a lone individual with opposing ideology can hardly be called “soldier.” What the majority will call him can be seen and heard in every incident where a White Nationalist, real or otherwise, took action without the backing of his racial brethren.

        By contrast, one only need look at Baruch Goldstein to see what happens when a Jew performs the same action. It is much easier to go to one’s death knowing they will be venerated for their efforts at preserving the survival of their brethren. That is what the Kamikaze special attack forces were about.

        What use is your death when the people you die for piss on your grave while yelling nasty, hateful invective about your motives? One must surly ask, “These are the people for whom I gave my life? People who hate me for dying so they might live?” I remember getting off the plane in San Francisco to be spit on by white girls yelling “murderer!” “baby killer!” Imagine that happening today. My hair length alone made me an unmistakable “enemy of the people;” the uniform did not help.

        That is how adroitly the hand of the Jew guides their goy herds. One day they hate your guts and the next, they are tying stupid yellow ribbons on your gravestone. Whites have lost the will to live and there is nothing to be done about it as long as Jews have the means to program their suicidal beliefs.

        There is a time to live and a time to die. The white race has been programmed with the belief it’s their time to die. Even as a “solider” of one, you face the very same fate as the rest. One cannot fight himself and hope to win.

      • The problem is being a soldier with no army at your back.

        Which is why I mentioned Dr Peters.

      • clarence james peters, the virus hunter? why? don’t use the enemies’ strategies & tactics. the enemy of my enemy is not my friend. he’s still my enemy. so fuk big guv, big science, big $$$. big weapons. big attracts the jew like a turd does flies. go small. hit the enemy where they are not looking.

      • I was not referring to C. J. Peters but to the fictional one. ☺

      • Race-based viruses… will probably never be scientifically viable. Always going to be the stuff of science fiction I’m afraid. Kind of like vaccines. Cool concept but won’t work in reality.

        But that’s just opinion 🤷‍♂️

      • No: I am talking of obliterating the whole human race. Better extinct that only whites disappear.

  3. >A man that flies from his fear may find that he has only taken a short cut to meet it.

    >It may be that we fled from the fear of the Dark, only to find it here before us, and nowhere else to fly to but the Sea.

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