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The wall is a good example of why the issue is cultural, not the result of a conspiracy. Endless excuses are given for not building it (too expensive, won’t work, will cause too much environmental damage, will interfere with local jurisdictions, etc.), which of course is part of its charm for those who, like Trump, really don’t want a wall anyway. But a moment’s thought shows that calling for a wall in itself proves the lack of seriousness with which American whites take the problem of illegal immigration.

The approximately 2000 mile long border with Mexico could be better protected by perhaps a hundred roving snipers who shoot to kill, and this at an infinitesimal fraction of the cost of a wall. Each sniper could be made responsible for a 20 mile stretch of border, upon which he could station himself at random, ever-changing locations. After only a few illegal crossers are shot and killed, it’s overwhelmingly likely that attempted infiltrations would drop to close to zero. After all, would you want to cross the border illegally if you knew for a fact that there was even a 1 in 100 chance it would be the last thing you ever did? Thus, instead of billions for a wall, the problem could be made to disappear essentially for the cost of a few bullets.

A simple solution like this is ruled out though by Christian ethics, which has so influenced Western culture that it’s considered outrageous; completely beyond the pale even by those who nominally are opposed to Christianity itself. When even non-Christians and anti-Christians subscribe to Christian ethics, then you know that Christianity’s cultural dominance is total.

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  1. I said this when the Israelis killed at least 58 Palestinians and injured 2,700 more when the U.S. Embassy opened in Jerusalem. Imagine the international backlash against Trump if these snipers were positioned, while what the Israelis did is already forgotten. The shackles of this hypocrisy must be broken.

    • Not hypocrisy: Xtian ethics pure and simple.

      • The irony is Xtian ethics are hindering Western nations from implementing proper border security, while the origin of the virus doesn’t have to subscribe to their own malware. The importers of this virus are beyond scrutiny in that sense.

      • West needs to die, there is not much left, infertile whores, gay men and treacherous leaders.

        The christian desire to create a meek subservient race of untermenschen succeeded , modern white man is that untermensch, next thing he will do is send his whore women to the beds of negroes or muslims.

        There are not aryans left, modern white man is an enemy to nature and world.

      • Devan: I just spammed your other comment saying that niggers and Muslims​ should impregnate our women because I am sick of your bullshit, which reminds me very strongly Private Hudson:

  2. Why fund snipers at the border when there is a police state at your command? All one needs do is to make life extremely uncomfortable for aliens by rule of law and it will stop.

    Return to the Johnson immigration act act of 1924, the act that Emmanuel Celler spent 41 years countering with Jewish legalese, and it will stop.

    No need to murder these poor shills for the Jews’ multicultural, tan-every-man vision of the future; just quit them drooling at the prospect of a free ride on an endless gravy train of white plenty and it will stop.

    It worked before, why wouldn’t it work now?

    • No need to murder these poor shills…

      Only neo-Xtians care for the Untermenschen.

      • Only psychopathic fools look first for a solution in murder as evidenced by Jewish actions.

      • We are not talking about solutions, but about your neo-Christian sense of pity.

  3. The w@lll is just a symbol, a rallying point. Most who favor the w@lll would favor military presence with a fence, etc. Its not xtian ethics that makes them choose the wall over what you describe. its the fact that whutye americans are genetically low on the psych0path scale. The US is also a massive country and the Angolo-american serf will ignore it until its outside his loft- at that. please dont Xian ethics everything the way some are jayqueing everything

    • Next time please write in proper English.

      • He makes a reasonable point though doesn’t he?

        Isn’t your perspective a little reductionistic? You seem to have a hypothesis that all out group altruism or counterproductive pity for others is the result of Christian ethics/axiology etc, and you almost seem to present this hypothesis in an unfalsifiable way.

        Not all aversion to violence or cruelty can be attributed superego, surely? Isn’t there a lack of parsimony to that explanation?

      • The unfalsifiability litmus test applies to hard sciences, not to the humanities.

        I am not saying that Christian ethics is the sole cause of Western malaise, as there is another big factor: the greedy civilisation or what I call the One Ring (cf. Pierce’s history of the white race).

        Look what the above commenter says, that whites “are genetically low on the psychopath scale”.

        This is so wrong—this is Xtian ethics coming from the POV of the commenter.

        See the essays by Jack Frost and “Why Europeans must reject Christianity” on this site. Both provide examples of how whites had no trouble doing this “psychopathic” actions (neo-Xtian newspeak for fighting) before Christianity crossed over the cables of the white mind.

        In other words: shooting the invaders means a sound mind. Having remorse about it is, literally, Xtian madness. Values must be transvalued back to sanity (just as today Muslims and Jews honor their freedom fighters, that the enemy calls “terrorists”).

      • Respectfully disagree. There are genetic differences in the # of psych0pathic, low empathy individuals and whytes hover around 40% while other groups are closer to 60%. Why do you think other groups are able to shake off the malware without blinking an eye? “Survival Mode” decreases outgroup empathy and forces the other 60% of whytes to man up, shutup, or die. Most whytes up till now fell under the shutup catergory (dont want to go to war, but dont want to die). Now they’re just suicidal. Culture had the same effect where most whytes would go along with whatever talk of war was occurring so as not to be socially ostracized. Others gullible or ignorant. For the moment they can socially go against the survival of their tribe, the physical is nearing.

      • Context please. We are talking about the Unz commenter’s thought-experiment, the sniper thing.

  4. Unz has a good point here. The dominance of Christian ethics on the western mind is the real problem.
    The falsity that it creates in the mind, the unconsciousness of the fact that it has uprooted and diseased the whole emotional health of western man is not as yet understood.
    It is a psychological problem. It is a Mental Disease.
    The only answer here is Therapy, and on such a total scale that after that for the ones who have gone through it western culture a a whole will be impossible anymore, transcended so to say.

    Of course that can only be for a courageous minority . To use the word “elite” will raise the bloodpressure of the SJW types unnecessarily , but nevertheless it is the only option.

    We have to brace ourselves for a cataclysm.

    • The only answer here is Therapy

      I would say Shock Therapy.

      I have been saying on this site that only continuous suffering, from say 30 years to a century (I have in mind the coming convergence of catastrophes), can reboot the Aryan psyche back to Survival Mode.

      Presently whites are on the terminal phase of suicidal psychosis, but the young ones may be the hope after the 30-100 years process of big-time suffering.

      • Yes Ceasar, you said it a bit more undiplomatic but you are 100 % right.
        There is no way however that clear reasoning can help certain commenters a bit further to understand what you and I have stated. This is also the problem of all blog sites. real understanding comes only through the suffering that real life experience gives.

        The only thing I hope for is that after this cataclysm is over and the majority of humanity has extinguished itself the whites that have survived will be able to set the standards for the rest of planetary life and start real culture.
        This will all revolve around a natural religiosity based on blood and soil, blood and honour .

      • At heartiste a couple of days ago a commenter said:

        Chechar on how woke you are. I’m 9-10. Most people top out at 5—quantum leap is 5 to 6. You make it to six you’ll probly go all the way


        But the author of that brilliant WDH post is Mauricio.

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