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As should be obvious to anyone except a complete buffoon such as yourself, if whites don’t believe the races differ—and in vast majority they quite obviously don’t, and aren’t shy about telling you so—then there’s no reason to be distressed about being replaced.

The truth is, your sort of conspiracy nonsense is nothing but phony opposition, taking up space that should be occupied by real opposition such as that of Brenton Tarrant.

It exists so that whatever revolutionary sentiment there is can be diverted into harmless channels.

It exists so that the real, cultural cause of the ongoing white racial suicide can never be understood and addressed.

That is the place of conspiracy nuts like you in the political ecology, and a large part of the reason why the white race seems likely to become extinct.

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  1. I have heard a Ukrainian woman say, “Negroes differ from us in skin colour, in Mentalität, in genes… Yet they are still the same.”

    What else could she have meant but the immortal soul, equally gifted to every human being by the JEW?

    That’s the bitter joke – Ukrainians have no stigma about declaring the existence of races, but what good is that? Inconsequential words. The axiology is what matters. Christianity is our sole archenemy bar anything in the world – our survival depends exclusively on ripping off Jesus from our culture.

    P.S. If this generation is the worst since prehistory, are such as Brenton Tarrant the best of our kind since the Ice Age? They have no terrorist organization to back them up, they are pure individuals, children of our dead race; they come to this on their own.

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