A paradigm shift in pro-white forums

Today a friend in the UK sent me a link to yesterday’s article, ‘The Jewish Rape of Europa vs the Awakening Lion…’

What these guys don’t want to see is that Protestantism created the cultural milieu for accepting Jews again in the island after Edward the Great had expelled them centuries before. They also don’t get, as another overseas commenter said in a previous thread, that ‘The dominance of Christian ethics on the western mind is the real problem’.

There are even commenters using the term ‘psychopath’ or ‘sociopath’, one of which I did not let pass because I am fed up of their silly monocausalism (it was the thread quoting the Unz commenter’s thought-experiment about snipers on the border).

The article linked above, ‘The Jewish rape of Europe’ could easily be renamed as ‘Whites allowing the rape of Europe’ and precisely because of Christian ethics: which is why I am quoting the Unz commenter on a daily basis.

Commenting on the new subtitle of this site, ‘The JQ and Christianity are one and the same’, Joseph Walsh re-tweeted yesterday: ‘In order to solve the Jewish Problem Aryan males have to overcome Xtian ethics. To defeat the outer, biological Jew it is necessary to defeat the inner, mental/psychological Jew (Jesus)’.

But white nationalists are not doing that. They still obey the inner Jew. Just see how they have treated Brenton Tarrant in sharp contrast to how Jews love Benjamin Goldstein (pic left). Obviously, most white nationalists not only ignore that Jews are merely a secondary infection and that the primary one is Christianity. By obeying the inner Jew white nationalists are also traitors to the white race.

In other words, the point of view this site provides is a paradigm shift in pro-white forums. And as all paradigm shifts, the first stage means that most nationalists will simply ignore us. Just compare the zero comments in our latest post that substantiates that the JQ = Christianity with the hundreds of comments that sites such as The Unz Review get.

Feels lonely sometimes. But this is the price for breaking away from the current paradigm in white nationalism.

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  1. Happy to have inspired you. Not many here refute that the West needs to shake off the malware that is Xtian Ethics. What this site has not done is address why Xtian Ethics found a home in the @ryan mind. As mentioned in that thread you reference- other groups are able to shakeoff that malware and resort back to their natural state of @ttacking their enemies (you see this in the Middle 3ast and South Am) not the @ryan.

    • You don’t see the big picture. Again, context: Have you read the masthead of this site, the ‘Rome vs. Judea’ essay linked on the sticky post; the articles by Jack Frost or the essays by Ferdinand Bardamu?

      Also, if you post again another comment with those silly characters I’ll spam it.

      • I have and quite enjoy the prideful resonance from the material you publish. Likewise I do understand the 2,000 year battle of J vs R. However I believe we hear are stuck at a chicken-egg scenario: the West is naturally outwardly altruistic and sets the environment for Xtian Ethics to proliferate (along of course with other larger co-factors i.e capitalism) vs Xtian Ethics is the cause (plus co-factors). Monocausilism of WN and in particular that of the JQ is why many have taken up your material but I believe you give subconscience Xtian Ethical behavior too much credit.

        As the West reaches peak “civilisation” there are no gallows nor guillotines in their townsquares that would illustrate how the West treats internal criminality. Why would you expect for them to remove invaders via marksmen? Hence “toss ‘em back”. The West has an aversion to performing violense. Foreign drone strikes, prepackaged meat products and an abscence of death during childbirth have done a number on the Western psych. Man of the West is comfortable and soft. Why would he fight?

        Re: silly comments, sensitive material should be ill formatted to prevent this site and its commenters from being doxxed

  2. Recent comments a little too much for you Cesar? Perhaps logic leaves little room for ivory tower speculation. You do Jews a service by confusing the symptoms with the disease. Jews are indisputably the disease of which, like violently murderous Negros and Muslims, Christians are merely a symptom. Hell, Jews, along with their Christian cohorts, even admit Christianity was a Jewish invention. Why else would it commonly be referred to as “Judeo-Christianity?”

    I was studying and commenting on these issues before you were sucker-punched in Britain. You are an arrogant fool, a brilliant, but arrogant fool. You refuse to listen to any reasoning outside your own. You provide a tragic example of why the white race is doomed – massive ego. Your ego is your greatest hindrance to accomplishing anything of substance regarding these monumental problems facing the world.

    I know others like you, intelligent men who believe that they, only they, know the truth; they, only they have the answers to which all must attend. And so they go along their way depressed, wondering why no one listens, why no one sees the obviously profound wisdom in their words. The reason no one listens is because others like themselves, are consumed by the self-satisfaction of an overweening ego. So what use is anyone else?

    Your bloated ego alienates others. It is a bloated ego that is responsible for your loneliness. You are alone because you think you are alone in knowing the answers. Only you know the truth only you have the answers. As long as you hold this viewpoint, your loneliness is assured.

    To the Jews’ advantage, you divide instead of unify. Like other ego laden intellects, you are simply another individualistic, intelligent fool barking at the moon. There you remain in all your aggrieved loneliness until, with any luck, you are completely and utterly destroyed to the point where your ego flees in terror of the knowledge that it is nothing, that you are nothing, that your views are nothing of consequence, for only then can the true self be rebuilt into a productive entity.

    No matter you provide catalyst for creative thought that can be put to good use elsewhere. Keep posting your work and I’ll keep posting mine. We’ll see who makes it to the finish line.

    • You do Jews a service by confusing the symptoms with the disease… Christians are merely a symptom.

      One of the reasons I’ll continue to reproduce the posts of the commenter at Unz Review is because he constantly rebuts the Unz commentariat by pointing to the fact that monocausalists like you presume that whites have no agency of their own; that poor whites have been hypnotised by the all-powerful tribe.

      It’s the other way around: white sinful swamps allowed the proliferation of the Jews, as Corneliu Zelea Codreanu stated.

      It is a bloated ego that is responsible for your loneliness.

      The fact that bi-causal intellectuals are a minority (just as heliocentric scientists were a minority when geocentric scientists reigned) does not mean that they have an inflated ego. You should read Galileo Galilei’s Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems. Simplicio, the defender of the Aristotelian geocentric view in Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems, was often caught in his own errors and sometimes came across as a fool. Similarly, you and the other monos are the ones who have been caught as fools in this site and at Unz Review.

      Keep posting your work and I’ll keep posting mine. We’ll see who makes it to the finish line.

      Monocausalism has no future. It’s not me who has the big ego. It’s you Americans the ones who cannot see that the double-helix of your nation, capitalism + Christianity, rolled over the red-carpet for the subversive tribe (sinful swamps first, then the mosquitoes). Like many monocausal commenters over the WN forums, your self-righteousness prevents even realising that your (Lutheran?) mother infected your mind with the ethno-suicidal virus of Jesus-loving.

      For the record, last August I wrote the article ‘On Arch Stanton’ that reproduces this image. Neo-Christians like Stanton will always have difficulties digesting the fact that, in his table talk, our Führer criticised more Christianity than Judaism. Unlike American white nationalists, the Nazis were—like the Unz commenter, Joseph Walsh and me—bicausalists. Just see the SS pamphlet linked on the sidebar and you’ll see.

      That the Jews wrote the New Testament is no excuse for monocausalists. It’s still whites, who do have an agency of their own, the ones who self-righteously drank the poison (Jesus-lover Stanton included). Certainly we’ll see who makes it to the finish line: he who loves the Big Kike or he who doesn’t…

      • monocausalists … presume that whites have no agency of their own…
        the essence of sick societies: citizens don’t own their own free choice, an attribute i’d guess is part of the human species dna. (as is fairness, and countless other attributes that function in varying degrees to make our homing device that enables each of us to track to target). again, sovereignty’s basis is free choice. yes, c.t., thx for staying on track and holding the line on mono’s versus bi’s. each of us owns our choices, whether or not we realize it.

        fuk the pagan yahweh god and all gods. i’d buy their (the gods’) shit if they’d dump their dammed invisibility obsession and make their presences known. empirically, man.)

  3. @ArchStanton

    > “And so they go along their way depressed, wondering why no one listens, why no one sees the obviously profound wisdom in their words.”

    White people around me are worshipping an undead Jew on a stick. This “wisdom” seems obvious and profound enough never to question my or César’s attitude towards Christianity.

    > “To the Jews’ advantage, you divide instead of unify.”

    What’s the point of uniting with the body-snatched pods? With those who have not severed their nerve cords?

    • He cannot reply you anymore.

      This is the third time that I block permanently commenters who fancy themselves as non-traditional Christians while obviously professing Xtian beliefs (such as the belief that Jesus existed and that he was a lovable person).

      The first one was Thordaddy, who always called Jesus ‘The Perfect Man’.

      The second one was Matthew Crawford, who tried to push here his Christian Identity theology.

      The third one is Arch Stanton, who wrote a novel about Jesus (click on his name at the left of his avatar to read it) and like the other two is completely tone deaf to our side that debunks the Jesus story.

      All of these commenters have in common a bizarre, mutually exclusive view on Jesus. For example, when I allowed both Arch Stanton and Matthew Crawford comment on the same threads, Stanton made fun of Crawford’s CI without realising that his own version of Jesus, although different from Crawford’s, is equally mythical.

      However, since Stanton won’t be allowed to post here anymore, as a courtesy I’ll reproduce below his last comment that went straight to the spam filter after I blocked him. Pay special attention to what I highlight in red letters; for instance, in Stanton’s very first sentence he’s assigning absolute powers to the Jews (I also highlight his personal attacks). He wrote:


      ______ 卐 ______


      Are not capitalism and Christianity merely two sides of the Jews’ shekel of power?

      My self-righteousness? You project your traits on me.

      I am continually astonished at how your subjective viewpoint completely blinds you to my thoughts about Jesus’ connection, or lack thereof, to Christianity. My effort is to discredit Jesus as the Christian myth of savior; to frame his story in a manner that puts his existence in the real world of Jewish conspiracy and intrigue.

      A real-world, Jewish framework anyone can understand, especially those Christians aware of the Jew. I know by your words and the words of others, none of you have ever bothered even skimming over my work. Yet I have read much of yours. I bought your book. Go back and read my comments lauding your work. So who has the ego? Who is self righteous?

      Instead you constantly rail at how I “love the big kike” and how my “monocausalism” will never resolve the Jewish problem, a problem you claim is founded on my “Christian self,” a label blithely applied without the slightest idea of whom you address. Your only view of me is the one created in your egotistical mind, despite the fact I have repeatedly made clear comments, not only about my views on Christianity, but all three Judaic religions.

      I am not a Christian and never have been. I tell this to Christians who, after talking with me, know for certain that I am not a Christian, for I do not ascribe to any traditional Christian viewpoints. I tell them

      “Jesus was not a Christian so why should I be a Christian? You claim Jesus is god your savior. I say Jesus was not god, but an Essene master. Yet by either account, Saul/Paul was a man who ostensibly held Jesus up as his master. Yet he disobeyed the master’s command by going to the gentiles. Why would anyone who believes Jesus is god, listen to a mere “apostle,” a mere mortal, who went directly against their god’s command? Isn’t that what got the Israelites into trouble with god in the first place?

      What Christians cannot understand is how a non-Christian heretic can talk intelligently about their Bible and savior. They are curious to know how a heretic can know more about their religion and its characters then they do. While my search for spiritual progress led to examining Christianity, never for a moment did I swallow Christian lies. [But Stanton believes in the Xtian lie that the good Jesus existed.] That is why I was expelled from my brief foray into catechism studies, I asked too many questions about the Bible stories they were telling me. However, I did not stop there, I kept asking questions. Eventually, I got the answers for which I searched.

      I am as far away form Christianity as one might hope to get. Much further than naysayers dancing around the head of a pin as they try figuring out how many of the Christian lies they can expose. I am further along because instead of parroting traditional naysayer platitudes, I have studied and researched the heart of the Jews’ history, religion and culture (studies that led to my dreaded “monocausalism,”) I have likewise studied and researched the heart of the Christian matter, i.e. the mistaken interpretations that resulted in Christian belief in magic and mysticism.

      I am not a Christian and never have been. I am an American by nationality, but a white man by birthright. The closest one might ever get to labeling me would be to call me an adherent to Sufism, but I am not a Sufi. Unlike the lies of the Jew’s religion there is great truth in Sufism, truth of man’s nature, but then few understand the profound concepts Sufi masters like Mawlana Jalal-al-Din Rumi put forth.

      Like many of the clueless who cling to the title “Christian” with no understanding of Jesus, many others cling to the title “Sufi” with no understanding of the Sufi or the path he travels. In fact, few can even properly define the term Sufi, thinking this is merely a mystical religious sect of Islam. As the Sufis say, religion provides a good start, but one must transcend religion to reach the truth. My story of Jesus transcends religion.

      So what do you hope to achieve by telling everyone their beliefs make them their own worst problem? How many have listened to this self-defeating accusation? Have you listened to me when I say you are your own worst problem? Why not? Why do you think this tactic will work on others?

      Again, I point out how for millennium, honest men have been making the very same attempt as you to discredit Christianity. In fact, your work is primarily centered on their ongoing efforts. Yet what good has it done? If their method worked, Christianity would have collapsed over fifteen hundred years ago, yet it is stronger than ever.

      By contrast, I have used a wide variety of work, much of it empirical, to make a case for Jesus that has yet to be recognized by anyone. I have yet to see anyone, anyone that has attempted to remove Jesus from the Christian narration. Instead, they hammer away at the attempt to deny his existence, while railing at the results of a neurotic Jew megalomaniac trying to seize Judaism’s power for himself. How obvious can it be that these methods don’t work now and never have, as evident by those preceding you, those on whom you base your work, those whom you constantly quote.

      That is why I say you “bark at the moon.” Dogs continually bark at the moon, never realizing it does nothing to change their situation. Or as that great Jewish plagiarists once said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

      Bark as loud and as long as you want, but it will fall on deaf ears, as it has since the day Saul/Paul had his mystical vision. And as usual, things only change for the worse.

    • White nationalists are funny – they accuse jews of having high verbal IQ, which is the reason why Jews made up the big lie ” Holohoax”.

      The idiots dont understand , the biggest ever lie Jew made is not ” Holohoax”, its christianity.

      Infact Holohoax is simply retelling of christian ( Jew) persecution story, instead of one Jew jesus died for sins of the world .

      6 Gorrillion Jews (Yahweh’s chosen) died for the sins of European people.

      In Christianity the original sin is done by eve ,by eating the forbidden fruit from tree of wisdom ( some how Yahweh , doesnt like people to acquire wisdom).

      In holohoax the original sin in ” Racial nationalism”.

      Whites accept Holohoax myth because they first internalized christian myth, whites suffered immensly for internalizing christ cuck myth during inquisition and now they are suffering under holohoax myth.

      The same Jews who made up fairy tale eye witness stories about WW2 , are still making fairy tales stories about Iraq,syria and every stupid middle eastern war.

      The first big lie they made it up is ” christianity” and whites are guilty for internalizing christianity and its slave morality.

  4. Thank you for this site, and please sustain this effort, don’t give in.

    It is a mind-control virus, Christianity. Salvationism & Messianic belief systems are mind control viruses.

    I am in my early 30’s, and was raised Catholic. I consider myself a white nationalist. I rejected my Christian upbringing a long long time ago. Only learned about the JQ in 2013.

    For better and worse, been rockin’ with the daily stormer crowd. I am not one of those blind dick suckers of Anglin’s, as many if not most of the bro’s are there, and I have some suspicions about his motivations/agenda.

    I clearly recognize the creed/cult from Judea’s threat. Though it may somehow be possible to try to “revive” a “true christianity” (so the deluded Jew aware bro’s fantasize about) to unite whites against the Jews, I know that the best long term outcome that that strategy would yield is a postponing of white’s being exterminated by the Jews.

    We cannot defeat the Jews so long as we embrace their hostile creed. We won’t. It is so painfully obvious. Nonetheless, if some “christianity revival” is the only way we can unite whites and motivate them, i would support it.

    The only way we can possibly defeat the Jews is a new religion, or a political movement.

    The good news I can share from my extensive time over with the Stormer crowd is there are more Jew aware people there besides myself who are also aware about the Christian Question.

    It’s a minority, definitely, by all indications. Yet, there are others.

    I have been very vocal about challenging those “white nationalist” bro’s about Christianity. Exposing it for what it is.

    Satire is most effective. Directly criticism provokes the most resistance (still should be used). Direct real talk beatdown truth bombs should be used. Yet, humans are humans.

    We should learn from and emulate the Jews tactics whenever possible so long as we don’t also compromise our core mission, the 14 words, by doing so.

    I wish i had saved the quote of that Jew, Stanley Kubrick. About how to most effectively have your message absorbed by your target.

    It is so easy to satire the idea Christianity can save whites. Same as it has been to satire Q Anon’s “the storm” gibberish.

    It is quite easy to show someone how others are fooled. It is much more difficult to convince them they have been fooled. Especially about religious gibberish they believe they must believe or they burn in the Lake of 🔥 for eternity after they die.

    • So true, and welcome to this forum.

      • Thank you.

        Sometimes I can clearly envision a global white revival and the eventual overthrowing of these literal Demonic/Djinn/Archontic humanoids, the Jews.

        Others, I can envision the opposite because of how bad the situation on the ground in real life is in the area in which I have lived, Jew Orleans.

        Whites are a minority, black Africans a solid majority, and there are a lot of Jews for a city of this size. It is nicknamed “Sin City,” but I call it “Babylon” &/or “Hell on Earth.”

        As you’d expect, the city gov’t is an extreme example of third world style corruption. The Jews rule from the shadows behind mostly black figureheads.

        To give an example, during Hurricane Katrina in 2005, which caused the city to flood due to the flood barriers/levees having been poorly designed {they were designed for “category 3” conditions & not one part of the city experienced that intensity at any time of the storm}, there were tens of thousands of vehicles that were destroyed beyond repair.

        They were everywhere, I saw it myself. I was back in the city within 3 wks of the storm’s passage, when there were less than 10,000 ppl there.

        So, the black mayor figurehead, Ray Nagin (who openly vowed to make New Orleans a black city again after it was rebuilt, a “Chocolate City,” as he called it) was offered a wonderful deal for the city as to how to salvage all those destroyed cars strewn everywhere.

        A company offered to pay all the costs and do all the hard work of retrieving the vehicles itself; and to give the City of New Orleans a percentage of the profits from wrecking and selling/recycling the parts.

        In simpler terms, this company offered to do all the work on it’s own dime and pay the city for doing so doing an absolutely necessary massive task. The proceeds would presumably have benefitted the people who live in New Orleans somehow.

        Jewish sponsored black Mayor of New Orleans Ray Nagin instead apparently gave that contract to a firm who charged the City of New Orleans a fee to retrieve each & every destroyed vehicle and who gave no profits of the wrecking/recycling process to the city.

        They did apparently pay Nagin a generous bribe somehow for giving them that contract (i don’t remember exactly how, Ray Nagin is still serving his prison sentence in the federal system for bribery/corruption, as far as I am aware, a tradition among Louisiana politicians for quite some time).

        The city is a degenerate’s paradise, and a very demoralizing place for a nationalist to live. I am working and saving to move elsewhere as soon as I can.

        The ugly as hell truth few white nationalists want to hear is what is happening on an industrial scale down here. Race-mixing among young and older white European women has become widespread. I am in my early 30’s and it has been a total transformation in this regard.

        Ten to fifteen years ago, it was very rare to see any white woman openly with a non-white male {especially a black}, and when I did see it, it was always highly unattractive obese diseased looking white women.

        I remember how white men stupidly shrugged it off and even tried arguing it was somehow a positive development, something something about allowing a literal failed species of monkey to have our less desirable women being a “good” thing for our gene pool, or something.

        Well, starting a few years ago it became much more commonplace, and it was no longer only the downright unattractive white women. There were young top shelf white women who were very good looking in their prime years, openly with black males.

        Now, it has become so commonplace, i have entirely lost interest in dating any of the women around here, because I do not want a woman who has had sex with these creatures even once. It is dehumanizing, and beyond repulsive to me.

        The thought of sacrificing my mind and body to provide on behalf of a woman who serviced one of these creatures (who they are acutely aware absolutely hate white men & are criminals/rapists/murders who target us) even once, “for fun” and free of charge for this racially inferior enemy is something I am unwilling to do.

        This last Mardi Gras, during a 40 min period of filming a video documenting this phenomenon I saw no less than approximately 10 young good looking white women in their late teens or early 20’s with black males.

        The breed of negro in this areas is one of the ugliest, most violent, and low nature I have seen in America.

        Perhaps even more problematic is the high incidence of friendships between white males and negros.

        I can tell that most of them are genuine friendships and not for virtue signalling, as far as the white males are concerned.

        The stupid, brainwashed white Negro Felon League Sportsball fans.. they don’t understand that their negro friends (who they surely believe “are not like most black thug criminal drug dealing rapist murderers”) are coldly using them for a couple of reasons.

        These negros who “act like black ppl” are more clever and cunning than most negroes. They realize that they will have a far easier time meeting and successfully attracting white women by infiltrating white male social circles.

        It will seem more natural, and its usually going to be easier to pull a woman in for sex when meeting through a social circle than making a cold approach as a total stranger.

        Also, these negroes who latch onto our brainwashed young men are also using them for social connections; i.e., future business opportunities and so forth.

        I am not sharing these very unfortunate realities to lament nor to say our struggle is “hopeless,” because it is not. I am sharing it because this stuff is..widespread in this area, and many white nationalists seem to be deluding themselves entirely.

        I want to see decisive actions taken in real life by united Jew-wise white European males who manifest the 14 Words into reality, on any scale.

        It’s wonderful to fantasize about a GTKRWN scenario wherein whites unite and go on a massive global offensive, or at least retake our countries the only way we actually can {which I think we all know}.

        Yet, it seems most white nationalists still, even after the Trump fiasco, believe we can make decisive breakthroughs via American democracy Soros voting booths.

        Anyhow, keep at exposing cuckold-christianity for what it has always been, a Jewish psyop of psychological warfare they invented after our lad, Roman general Titus sacked Jerusalem in 70 AD.

        Lucius Flavius Silva chased the remnants of filthy rats to Masada and showed the Jews how determined, intelligent, capable & talented, and proudly ruthless our people were back then.

        Spent years proving to the Jews there was not only any way to defeat Romans militarily, there was also no escape if they dared to try defy our will. Built a ramp up alongside a mountain to besiege what should have been an impregnable fortress.

        Jews didn’t learn their lesson, of course, there were two more major racial wars between us and the Jews. The “chosen” were utterly defeated each time.

        They realized they would never defeat us openly militarily. The short version of the story is they set out to conquer us in a far more devastating ways by conquering our {racial} souls. We haven’t been the same since Christianity was embraced by our people.

        I am sure you have heard of the Jew, Marcus Eli Ravage’s essay from the early 1900’s, “A Real Case Against The Jews.”

        Finally, I simply do not understand why the Romans didn’t exterminate these Jews {wish they had!}, presuming today’s Jews are indeed the descendants of the Hebrews/Israelites from Roman Judea {which I believe to be true}.

        I am familiar with the basics of the Khazar theory though, and I expect that in truth that theory is itself probably something invented by Jew-wise Christians to peddle their bizarre, utterly ridiculous “Christian Identity” religion.

  5. >the only way to defeat the Jews is to create a new religion..

    Great, but your no. 1 priority is to prevent the Jews(and crypto-Jews) from infiltrating and hi-jacking this new religion of yours. This is the weak point of all organisations. The mule laden with gold gets them in everywhere.

  6. Edward was a Freemason according to Doctor Mackey. He may have kicked some lower Jews out of England for window-dressing purposes but he kept the big Jews in his counting houses to fleece the goyim with taxation. He also planted Wales with Jews, when he annexed Wales setting up the United Kingdom, the first Masonic superstate. He is a Saint of the Catholic Church! A Masonic genocidal scoundrel!

    Tom Jones has a Jewfro. Some Welsh are very Jewy even today. A penchant for Low-church Protestantism – the famous Protestant choirs of Wales; the Welsh Revival – is also a sign of Jewish DNA. Only semites are attracted to Semitic religion. This is a principle of “Natural Religion” as Volkish put it that I term ‘Jung’s Law.’

    I will say this, though: Scottish-rite freemasonry is a slow red-pill against Christianity. The Christian is baited and switched, mistakenly thinking that he is joining a Christian guild. He is taught that Abel was evil for initiating the cult of blood sacrifice, and that Cain was justified in killing him in a futile attempt to stop this cult. Little things like this that slowly dechristianise the Mason until he becomes a Thomas Paine or a Voltaire.

    No wimmenz either. They are red-pilled on MGTOW as well.

    I said before how I want to take over the preconciliar Catholic Church. I hope that some white nationalist is trying to take over the Scottish Rite.

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