Intentional causality

‘In order to solve the Jewish Problem Aryan males have to overcome Xtian ethics. To defeat the outer, biological Jew it is necessary to defeat the inner, mental/psychological Jew (Jesus)’.

—Joseph Walsh

Yesterday I said: ‘But white nationalists are not doing that. They still obey the inner Jew. Just see how they have treated Brenton Tarrant in sharp contrast to how Jews love Benjamin Goldstein’.

I also wrote: ‘Just compare the zero comments in our latest post… with the hundreds of comments that sites such as The Unz Review get’. But yesterday I was taken aghast by the number of advocates of conspiracy theories precisely in The Unz Review thread comparing the Tarrant reaction among whites with the Goldstein reaction among Jews. You can bet on it: I prefer zero comments in some of my threads than dozens of comments coming from conspiracy theorists!

But what really bothers me in that, unlike the Jews of Hebron who consider Goldstein a hero, quite a few people in the pro-white forums resort to paleologic thinking when confronted with the deeds of a Tarrant. This Monday I said: ‘It is fundamental to understand schizophrenia in general to comprehend why, during lone-wolf attacks similar to last week’s, the most bizarre conspiracy theories immediately crop up like fungi’. I also promised a future review of a treatise that explains the disorder, but I’d like to advance some of that explanation through a quote I also found yesterday:

Many conspiracy theories appeal to the basic ways we process information. We are, for example, hard-wired to believe in intentional causality. That means that when you’re camping and you hear a rustling bush, you probably assume there’s a dangerous animal lurking around. You know it’s probably just the wind, but still, it feels safer to assume the source is a threat. That same paranoia pops up all the time when you don’t quite understand the cause of something.

Indeed: our brains are built for the conditions of prehistory, when it was quite valuable to assign paranoid intentionality to patterns that, in reality, were not that threatening.

But as I said, what bothers me is the way many commenters reacted to Tarrant. The Jew does not spin webs around Goldstein but sees his actions as supportive to the Jews pure and simple. But the Aryan does not see the hero in Tarrant: a hero pure and simple. The asymmetry between the psyche of the degenerate Aryan of today, including nationalists, and the psyche of the Jew cannot be greater. Not only are there axiological errors in the Aryan psyche—Greg Johnson for one saying that Tarrant’s actions were ‘evil’. Those nationalists who, unlike Johnson, do not condemn Tarrant fall instead into the typical paranoia that pops up any time they don’t quite understand the (simple) cause of something.

And what we have to understand is very simple indeed: We have to transvalue the values of Americanism to the ethos of the Nazis so that, instead of condemning Tarrant as an evil man or elaborate conspiracy theories, consider him a hero as the Jews consider their Goldstein a hero.

But that won’t happen until white nationalists realise that the first priority to beat the Jew is to expel the inner Jesus from their hearts; even, in the form of Neo-Christian ethics, the secularised Jesus in the many Johnsons of the movement. That is the only way forward: to transvalue all values and be as psychically healthy as the Jews of Hebron.


  1. The Jew does not spin webs around Goldstein but sees his actions as supportive to the Jews pure and simple. But the Aryan does not see the hero in Tarrant:

    the aryan species is not the jew species. good. and when science advances to where mankind understands dna linguistics and grammar, that state will have none of the today’s religions of rascism, just as science debunked the church’s flat earth dogma.

    and because we N.S.’ers observe and intuit differences in behavioral attributes — and likely lots others like their signature fuking hook noses — between aryan and jews, let us aryans not, in our frustration of getting our asses presently kicked by jew man, mimic these jew uncivil behaviors.

    if and when the aryans ultimately dominate and cleanse the masses, their winning strategies and tactics will not be those of their enemies, just as the atom bomb was not. (yes, a bad example, since the fuking jew invented and developed such a despicable brute. typical of its misusing and abusing the magnificent and noble and beautiful delicacies of nature.)

    i will venture that the winning ways of the aryan will be small “fill in the blank”, not jew “bull in a china closet” big “fill in the blank. remember the 12 monkeys dr peters — he did it by himself, under the radar of big guv and big science.

    • There are no aryans left, modern day white man is the Jew ,not much we can do about it.

      Aryans were killed by europeans who embraced christianity, there is not much left of europe, now a white man is not a slave of Jew, he is the Jew , he is the manifestation of all evil on earth.

      • Yesterday I went for a walk in the park, and saw a few Med couples with blond, blue-eyed children in the playground.

        I have a co-worker friend who has green eyes and a ruddy complexion. Smart, quick-witted fellow. His whole family is brown-haired and brown-eyed.

        The young pregnant waitress at the cafeteria where I shop for groceries has blonde hair and blue eyes, but her husbands’ a Med. I’m betting the baby will be blond too.

        I see Aryans every day. But yes, most behave like Jews.

        The Aryan gene is constantly trying to come out with each generation, even from Meds. Every White baby born today has the potential to inherit the Indo-European ethics and morality. It just needs protection from the mind virus.

        Here’s a tip: get out of the cities, move to the country. You’ll notice that nasty pessimism start to fizzle out.

      • Perhaps it’s because I live in Latin America’s largest city that I had no choice but become an exterminationist :)

  2. Greg Johnson’s comment that Tarrant’s actions were ‘evil’ really betrays the Christianity behind his thinking. What the Christians term ‘Evil’ is what Aryan man needs to behave like. The behaviour that appears evil to Christians is really Good for us. Nietzsche dealt with the Christians inversion of pre-Christian Aryan morality in On the Genealogy of Morality. Aryan man needs to undergo another revaluation of all values, one where he examines what traditional Christianity believes to be ‘evil’ and fully embraces it.

    I saw another article on another WN site dealing with Tarrant entitled Evil begets Evil. Once again, Christian thinking. They believe the Muslim terrorist attacks are ‘evil’ (they are not) and that Tarrant’s response is further evil. In reality it is eye for an eye. That is the morality of our pre-Christian pagan ancestors, and that is what we should return to. The Jews and Muslims both live by that moral code (which is actually the oldest law ever devised by civilized man) whereas Christianized Aryans live by “turn the other cheek”, Love and Forgiveness must triumph over Hate and Revenge, “Peace and Love”, “love your enemies”, sickly pacifist thinking. No. In the real world one should answer hatred with hatred, terror with greater terror (as Hitler said in Mein Kampf). Christians will whine “but where does it end?” Fact is it ends when ‘humans’ become extinct. Hate and War are perennial features of mankind, not love and peace. Any animal species or tribe or nation that abstains from the struggle for existence is not long for this world.

    The idea of non-violence is ridiculous, and completely at odds with the natural world. No-one truly practices non-violence towards all life. Even if one doesn’t kill people, one kills animals. Christians claim killing humans is wrong, but kill humans nevertheless. I totally support violence and killing as the only realistic option, as non-violence is an impossibility. Many people like Greg Johnson feel safe supporting killing when it is done on a large scale by militaries who are ‘legal’ and ‘official authority’ but when confronted with violence and killing in a direct manner on a small scale by individual killers who don’t have permission from whoever has power in a society and are thus ‘illegal’ they freak out. They start talking about innocent humans (innocent human is an oxymoron IMO) even when they are enemies, even though it is an unavoidable fact that women and children are killed in war. I’ve observed people who support the Confederates and the SS and speak with knowledge about historical wars suddenly say they disavow all violence when terrorist attacks like Tarrant’s occurs. Their contradictory thinking never occurs to them. What do they think happens in war?

    Only a Christianized person could think that killing one’s enemies, men women and children, is evil. To them everything can be attained through peaceful talking. But human history and the history of life on earth speak otherwise. The white race needs 10,000 more White Men like Brendon Tarrant. War and conflict are unavoidable. If whites don’t fight they shall be genocided, if they truly want to survive they have to kill. No escape from that.

    Btw Cesar I dealt with the conspiracy theorists relating to the Christchurch massacre on Black Wolf Radio episode 3. Have you listened to it?

    • i agree w/ most of the salient misfeatures you note about christinsanitiers. the [xtian] commoners’ blatant and pervasive cognitive dissonances in so readily not practicing what they preach ultimately drove me from the herd. thank gawd.

      buying the argument of universal “eye for an eye” bothers me at a tap root level. perhaps because my mother was 100% aryan and my wife, too. both gentle and kind and patient — too a fault!?

      one could easily argue that the jew man noted this foreign — to jew man — trait and invented/ evolved christinsanity to capitalize on such.

      if aryan man is presently the highest level of evolved human species, which i guess i buy on intuition/ paleo thinking and not on emprical fact, then we have to allow for differences — big or tiny — somewhere in the spectrum of creature attributes. as i despise the “bull in a china closet” uncivilness of the litvaks and the levants and all human species except the nordics, then why the hell would i look to these subspecies for memes that i want/ need to emulate to survive this prison planet existence and, even more, to thrive and flourish? no fuking way.

      and if this tunnel vision results in my suicide, so be it. it’s not in me to behave as my mortal and immortal enemies. as a sovereign, i own the consequences of my choices and look forward to moving on.

      as yes, i allow for different behaviors as context determines: jungle law to survive a personal assault. civil law to live a life of gentility and peace amongst fellow citizens of my nation-state. (which the fuking muddies and blackies show no affinity or natural attraction to. only fuking chimping tribal warfares. they with their primitive grunt-drowned grammars, as today’s rap shit so screams from the mountaintops.) my meme is dr. peters in the twelve monkeys.

    • Btw Cesar I dealt with the conspiracy theorists relating to the Christchurch massacre on Black Wolf Radio episode 3. Have you listened to it?

      No: I havent’t listened to it:

      I stopped a couple of minutes after Chris started to say that ‘for legal reasons, we cannot condone’ Tarrant’s actions, etc.

      That’s the problem with living in Europe. The Jews are free to worship their Goldsteins and no one will incarcerate them. But whites cannot honour their Tarrants. But again: what bothers me is that not even WNsts are rebelling against this set of values imposed on whites.

      • I am now listening to the podcast.

        Had you obtained a microphone as good as Chris’ mic I’d have embedded the podcast in a article.

      • I’m not sure if it’s my microphone that causes my voice to have such low quality, I think it could be something to do with the way Chris records the audio. Previously I’ve recorded using my computer microphone and it has sounded better than what it sounds like on Black Wolf Radio. He records his voice directly by speaking into his phone, while recording my voice coming out of a speaker on his mobile with a microphone. Thus it ends up with him having a clear sounding voice and my voice sounding crap. I hate when he does that as it makes is sound like the show revolves around him and I am merely background noise.

        I am recording another episode today and I’ll try using another microphone (that I used for my interview with Norman Spear). If it still sounds bad I’ll tell Chris I’m not recording with him until he gets things sorted out at his end.

  3. Chechar, are your West Darkest Hour podcasts available anywhere?

  4. You’ll have to wait for the current generation of cucks to die off, then their descendants may perceive the heroism in Brenton Tarrant’s action. I’m sure that current generation of young people are drawing lessons from current events that the controllers of the West would not approve of.

  5. I do not entirely agree !
    Whereas I agree that we need to find an inner cold and hard ” arayan ” .. I do not think the actions of Brenton Tararnt will lead to the desired outcome .. on the Contrary !
    I could explain but wont .. because the explanation is too long .
    But I can give a Hint with the names of Isaac Avranavel for ex .. I could also have named Albert Pike .
    Considering the Geopolitical Situation NOTHING could be more beneficial for the JEWS than creating an ireversible HATRED between the Muslims and Europe .
    A development which could vent of the current Animosities in the Muslim World directed at Israel…. an animosity which in reality puts Israel and therefore the Jews at OUR Mercy.. even if that FACT is never talked about !
    But ..Could such Hatred be created a complete BLOCK may be established between Europe and the Levant ( our Neighbour ..if I may remind ) and that region would be an exclusive JEWISH TURF ..a Turf , they desire and as it looks recon they can master…. At least with American , British and French bayonets ..
    Recent developments in the relations between Muslim Monarchies and Israel indicate that this is exactely what the Jews hope and work for …currently.
    Equally the most intelligent Jews in Europe are already working HARD on such a development … a development I can exemplify regarding my own Country , Denmark

    A NEW REDIRECTION … so to speak…. a redirection similar to the conversion from being hard core Bolsheviks and Libtard Multiculturalist to become hard Core Neocons and Nationalists

    Apart from this it is against my morality .. indiscriminally to gun down defenceless Women and Children … as that would make me like one of them. … and I am not ! … Such acts are COVARDICE !

    Anyone who desires BRAVADO should contemplate targeted , well executed eliminations of KEY Individuals , traitors and leaders of our Foes…or Demolition of Key Tools of Subversion for ex Media Monopolies …. The List of worthy Targets is ENDLESS !

    THAT would have the desired Effect !

    • yes, well executed processing of KEY targets… endeavors that take great investment in time and masters level skills. as opposed to simpler broadsides. precision. (if one attempts only the first draft of a highly sought after wish in a lifetime, that life was worth it.)

  6. Have you ever questioned why Westerners seem to lack an inferiority complex towards the Graeco-Roman civilization of antiquity?

    Lately, I have watched once more the insane videos by Russian pagans. I have come to the conclusion that the evolution of thought in Russia is even more schizophrenic than among Westerners.

    While Christianity hates all existence, they still love one thing – their book. Russian pagans are Christians par excellence – they deny all things worldly, including all books! All empiric facts, all methods, the entirety of academic tradition!

    That is a trap Westerners have somehow avoided falling into. Higher IQ? A longer tradition of city-building? I would guess, Russians believe in a nuclear war with Napoleon partially because they associate all knowledge with the West, and the West is bad and hostile…

    This issue is pertinent to your blog not only due to concern for mental processes in diseased nations, but also due to the traditions of Rome, Sparta and Athens which Westerners have no trouble appropriating – and that gives us some hope. Imagine if Germanic White Nationalists started disbelieving all history, calling it Jewish propaganda! I guess, the saving grace might be Nordicism – it proclaims that there was no fundamental difference between the noblest of Romans and Germanics. But it has to be quite deeply buried in modern mind? Or is it just Christian cosmopolitanism that considers Romans Westerners because they converted to Christianity… This would be enough of a joke that it’s probably closer to the truth (see that disgusting article from The Unz Review you have linked – they are talking about the Copts! Ugh.).

    • While Christianity hates all existence, they still love one thing – their book. Russian pagans are Christians par excellence – they deny all things worldly, including all books!

      masses of both groups — russian & non-russian xtians — have this in common: they can’t shake the luv of mammon & materialism. capitalists at their core. despite what their fuking book says, they just can’t seem to deny where their tap root finds its nourishment.

      now nordicists? they do better at attempting socialist utopias.

      • and this key difference, aryans are socialist at heart, others are captialists at heart, is why the christinsanity myth appeals and roots in white societies. (read veronique de rugy’s “Living the Nordic American Dream.” and George Watson’s “Hitler and the socialist dream.” and go deeper into the apparent “gear and cog” fit of socialism and aryans with Watson’s book, The Lost Literature of Socialism.

        the other species are mostly tribal at heart. including the eastern euro litvaks and therefore apartheid: neoisrael and post-mandela south africa. utopian socialism is not in their playbooks, i.e., at heart they are more takers from their nation-states — of handouts and welfare, rather than givers, as are the aryans.

        and don’t waste time reading Rutger Bregman’s book, Utopia for Realists. It’s a pro-globalism narrative: the author fills his book full with anecdotes and wave-of-hand references to studies showing losers who reversed direction of their deadbeat lives when given a fixed-income. and narry a nod to the many statistics showing the opposite results, the many failures of socialism in cuba and venezuela and all mudskin nation-states.

      • christinsanity –judeaism, revision 2 — broadens yahew’s appeal beyond the warrior species that clearly the eastern euros are: it adds magic — the instant healing, the walking on water, and time travel to instantly move from one space to another. for the mestizos. and altruism for the aryans — sell all and give your possessions to the poor. (what islam, judeaism, revision 3, offers, i don’t know. maybe the allure of forever mating to the arab?)

        with the result that the litvak remains forever dominant as the warrior species, the blood-capitalist-bully predator forever preying on the weaker in body and mind and weapons.

  7. Yep… Afterall, the Alt Right had no problem enlisting Jews into their movement, and even the AfD party in Germany freely permits Jews to become members… Hence, the mentality among these gentiles is “Even the Jews are getting sick of the Jews and the whole global situation overall and want to become a part of the resistance.” LOL! What a joke. This is why the Right Wing, like the Left Wing, can never be trusted or ever taken seriously. They are always willing to make exceptions and compromises, and even Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera made statements about how the right wing and conservatives love to even conserve ill elements of society, even Injustice.

    • I was really really shocked when I learned that some years ago Kevin MacDonald published articles of a couple of kikes on The Occidental Observer.

      WN must be abandoned. NS is the real thing.

      • @CT, exactly. As far as I’m concerned, *White Nationalism* is like the side dish, rice or pasta with a meal. The meal shouldn’t be named after it. I’m all about Aryanism…

      • A side dish. Lol!

        Yes: it’s merely an appetiser.

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