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“After WWII, Jewish anti-white propaganda on the radio, TV, in newspapers, and movies, has conditioned whites to be like that… And it only took a few decades, while they were soaking up all this propaganda they were proportionally losing their Christian values. Up until WWI, whites correctly saw themselves as the ubermenschen.”

This is an historically ignorant narrative; a conspiracy theory that regards whites as easily manipulated fools who are not morally responsible for their own actions.

The fact is, American whites amended their Constitution to make negroes the legal equals of themselves by giving them citizenship and the vote in the 1860s, long before there was TV, radio, or movies, and at a time when the United States was virtually 100% white and Christian. Nor, despite the obviously disastrous results, have they ever made any move to reverse course and repeal those amendments. This is another characteristic behavior of Christians that has a long history: when faith and reality conflict, it is almost always faith that wins out with them, not reality.

U.S. entry into WWII on the Bolshevik (i.e., anti-white) side was yet another instance of its commitment to racial equality. Far from regarding themselves as a master race, much American war propaganda cast derision on the very idea of a master race, let alone that American whites, the majority of whom were themselves of German ancestry, were members of it.

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  1. Unfortunately, they’re wrong about when the propaganda started. If you listen to OTR ( Old Time Radio) you will see that propaganda started before the war. My estimate would put it at least a decade before WWII, and kicked into high gear during the war. This has been a far longer project than most suspect. I wouldn’t be surprised to find a correlation between the establishment of the Federal Reserve Bank and the beginning of anti-white propaganda.

    • (Con’t)
      The anti-white propaganda simply played into an existing pathology of White Christian society. I’ve never believed the opinion that Christianity was specifically designed to bring about the destruction of European society. That gives the creators some sort of mythical super genius intelligence and I find that nonsense. The talent that ((( they))) have is seeing a weakness and exploiting it. Christianity probably got a foothold among the lower classes and spread and they have been exploiting that weakness ever since. Nothing mythical and no super geniuses required, just White gullibility.

  2. The Republicans made niggers citizens, after the War between the States so they could throw their black asses in jail. That is, the courts had no jurisdiction over the freed slaves because they were not citizens of the United States.

    The problem white people are those ones who believe wrong ideas and hate those who do not share the same beliefs as them.

    • @Dan-0-lee “so they could throw their black asses in jail”

      Why not to the death camps?

      The failure to murder Negroes betrays the lack of faith in the future. The West is a tomb-bomb society, it is set to self-destruct already because Christianity presupposes the notion of the Last Judgement where the JEW will destroy and remake the world.

      Compare that fearful thinking to the bold, yet grounded in known science, ideas of the extension of the Sun’s lifespan to trillions of years!

  3. define identity/ tribal behavior := The problem white people are those ones who believe wrong ideas and hate those who do not share the same beliefs as them.

  4. The existing USG could’ve declared them conquered subjects and done what it wanted with them. Instead, the Union had negro soldiers and used Southern negroes as a political weapon against the South. We have to face reality: the American problem encompasses the negro problem.

    • Or as Hunter Wallace used to say, BRA (‘Black-run America’) in the sense that the US has become a huge social engineering project to help blacks.

      • as the cute aphorism states, [for believers.] god helps those who help themselves. explains both the BP and the JP:
        – blacks as a statistic don’t help themselves. (so god does not lend them a hand.)
        – jews help themselves to other folks’ property. (so god lends them a hand in stealing/ killing/ destroying the societies of the world.)
        only whitie is dumb enough to be more a giver than a taker.

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