Tarrant explained in 5 minutes

In the context of the New Zealand attack coach said, ‘I think we are in our way to the civil war, the Second Civil War. And I don’t think there is anything to stop it’ (start watching: here).

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  1. I’m surprised you keep up with CRP. I’ve been watching his channel for some time. I’d say that he’s one of the better, at least more honest, right leaning people on YT.

    • I don’t follow him. But recently a pro-white commenter linked to the above video elsewhere and I watched it.

  2. stopped listening after 1 minute when he started going on about the
    “innocent” victims. Not one of them is innocent – they are all invaders and they know exactly what they are doing.

    • Did you start to watch the video at minute 13 (or the WordPress / YouTube software failed)?

  3. He looks like a swarthier Harold Covington.

    • Since you didn’t watch it you missed that he described himself as ‘Hispanic’.

      • There are no white aryans any more, there are only spiritual Jews left.

        Whites are spiritual Jews

      • You have been told many times by other commenters that Jews are ethnocentric and degenerate Aryans are not. Therefore, whites are not ‘spiritual Jews’.

        Rather they are Xtians and Neo-Xtians (i.e., ethno-suicidal folks). The Old Testament is a monologue for the Jew: ‘Ethnocentrism for me’ (cf. the first volume of MacDonald’s trilogy). On the other hand, the New Testament commands whites: ‘…but universal love for thee’ (see our January post on Romulus vs. Jesus).

        Again, whites are not spiritual Jews as that would mean they are ethnocentric like Jews. They are fucking Xtians and secular Neo-Xtians, including those in the Alt-Right who are now condemning our street fighters; which is why this site focuses on the axiological bug that our parents implanted in our minds.

      • “Since you didn’t watch it”

        Except that I did. And about 7 more videos of his before I became too annoyed by his mannerisms to watch anymore. [Mostly focusing on his personal experience of cultural degeneracy involving the family and marriage].

  4. Devan is right in that Whites are spiritual Jews in that they wish for the destruction of everything orderly and beautiful.

    Whites are Jews in that they wish for the death of Whites – see? no difference there. A distinction only arises when you focus on what a Whitie thinks about “my people”. Then, the only way spiritual Jews act like Jews towards their real tribe is when they deny reality and consider themselves Jews and see the real Jews as impostors instead (see a city upon a hill or Christian Identity).

    • Fundamental question should be why did whites accept christianity in first place ?.

      If they posses really an Aryan spirit , the decadent morality preached by church will never be internalized by them, instead whites spent last 1800 years as spiritual Jews.

      I believe whites accepted chistianity because they have seen the universalism of christian faith and they found that the desire to subvert and conquer other races can be best realized with christianity.

      Hence , i state many times, as often as possible, there are no aryans left on this earth, whites are Jews, some are deformed Jews ( half christian and half pagans), there are no aryans left.

      • My take on it is that Whites (Germanics and Slavs) were young and inexperienced. Also, Rome was considered incredibly fashionable at the time (modern Russians still see emigrating to America as a commendable life choice). I would blame Chlodovechus, I would curse Charlemagne, and I would most definitely despise his father Pepin the Short for not letting Lombards stomp the Papacy out of Rome, but can we put that much responsibility on the barbarian kings from the dawn of civilization?

        Luther deserves more blame Even worse are the traitors from the centuries of Newton and Darwin, of Nietzsche and Hitler. But Christianity was stronger, too.

      • There is no use to blaming the past, whites have accepted christianity and now are at receiving end.

        You cannot undo the past, Germanics and slavs converted to christianity because they were slave races of rome, they were never master race.

        Like i said before, whites are not aryans, they are spiritual Jews

  5. The past happened; live with it. No matter what happened there would be morons whining and complaining that if “that hadn’t happened we would be living in a perfect world, waah, waah waah!”.

    • Which is why I focus almost entirely on the future. A future without xtianity, mohammadism or yids.

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