Nordicism and National Socialism, 17

by Evropa Soberana

We can finish this list of quotes with a phrase of a SS general who never came to deny Nazism, Leon Degrelle (1906-1994), founder of the Rexist Party, the fascist movement of French-speaking and Catholic Belgium: ‘Every time you look for civilisation anywhere in Europe, you see the blood of the North’ (‘Europe Will Live’).

The Nazis had in mind that, in the future, the selection of the leaders and the best ‘Aryan’ spiritual talents should be carried out over the entire body of the ‘white race’, while the selection of the racial elements to predominate gradually in posterity should be done on the basis of the best specimens of ‘Nordic’ blood. For them, the value of the individual to the community was not necessarily the same as their genetic reproductive value.

In the same German National Socialism, we see a great variety of characters. Thus, Adolf Hitler and Hess; Göring, Heydrich, Darré, Schirach, Todt, etc., were predominantly ‘Nordic’. Goebbels, Streicher, Himmler or Frank were not.

(Adolf Hitler, in colour.)

The ‘Nordic’ ideal was what National Socialism was trying to promote for the future of Europe, since it was what it took as the mould of the Overman, divinity in power and the germ of a superior humanity. Thus, in National Socialist art and propaganda, Nordicism is extremely clear. Even in the National Socialist documentaries (such as The Triumph of the Will, Tag der Freiheit, Olympia, The March Towards the Führer, The Eternal Jew, etc.), whenever you see German crowds, the camera tries to draw close-ups of more or less perfect Nordic specimens with the aim of inculcating in the mind of the spectator the ideal of racial selection promoted by the NSDAP.

This ideal of Nordic beauty as representative of the most treasured heritage of a people is common to all eras and all Indo-European civilisations. Both the Indo-Iranians and the Iranians, the Hellenes, the Romans, the Germans, the Celts, the Slavs, feudal or Renaissance Europe, the colonial empires, etc., considered the Nordic aspect as ideal, ‘authentic’, aristocratic, pure and uncontaminated; depositing in it the hopes for the future.

In our days, normally without realising it, the birth of a blond boy with blue eyes is seen as a good omen of prosperity and happiness for what it symbolises by our instincts and by the hereditary cultural load that, unconsciously, takes root in our brain since ancient times.

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  1. “For them, the value of the individual to the community was not necessarily the same as their genetic reproductive value. ”

    Then why not vote for Yang? (In this thought experiment, Yang is a perfect Nordicist NS.) Because he’s a non-White? Then what is the fundamental distinction between non-Nordics and non-Whites (pertaining to the well-being of the Nordic subrace)? Both want their genes to survive at the expense of Nordics! And both will be given such an opportunity if you allow Goebbelses to attain high ranks in the population. How can such a positive eugenics model not contradict itself?

    It’s meritocracy for all Whites that at the same time tries to breed Nordics a little more… In what way will an edge to them be given? A one-child policy for non-Nordics? Again, these non-Nordics must be quite suicidal, what will their value be as worthy members of a hateful identitarian movement? Of course, suicidal non-Nordic Whites are not always useless… But we’re mostly talking about populations here, and good/bad individuals are indeed present in all populations.

    P.S. “Thus, Adolf Hitler and Hess; Göring…” – Why is there a semicolon there? And “and”?

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