Tarrant: the first domino falling?

Although I don’t agree with everything this guy says, listen from 21:40 to 27:20.

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  1. Whites deserve extermination, especially american whites deserve extermination, i have no empathy for these people for they have ruined this world and destroyed it in the name of the Jew that they loved so much

    • Do you include yourself in that group? If so, what makes you any different from the anti-white shitlibs on CNN or Rachel Dolezal?

    • Nietzsche is correct. Man is but a bridge to the superman. In ‘Thus Spake Zarathustra,” subhumanity is on one side of an abyss, mankind finds itself precariously suspended upon a rope-bridge above the abyss. Nietzsche calls upon the new species of Superman to quickly cross this rope bridge.

      In my humble opinion, once the new species of Superman or “homô sapiêns superior,” cross this bridge, it would do well to wield a machete, and send mankind and subhumanity tumbling into the abyss of extinction.

      Most people are scum. Especially in Ireland. I was talking to one fellow, and he said that even though drinking hard licor inflames his ulcers, and essentially dooms him to a bed of vomiting for two days, he drinks hard licor regardless. I observe women all the time driving with one eye on their mobile telephones. They place their addiction to Social media above the lives of others.

      They justify their irresponsible wielding of a lethal machine in the name of acting the THOT.

      Homo Sapiens Superior Aryus is my species. Mankind and subhumanity have destroyed this planet, and has sadistically tortured its wildlife with stuff like kosher and halal slaughter. This is their sin, not mine. The raison d’etre of the aryan overman is to reverse all of this; to become the consciousness of nature, and to enforce her divine laws.

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