It is interesting that, after the 20th minute of this Q & A session in Stockholm a year ago, Greg Johnson answered a question about the repatriation of non-whites in a diametrically opposite way to The Turner Diaries, and that in the final minute of the video Jared Taylor said he’s located at the ultra-left in racialist circles regarding hatred: a feeling he disapproves.

Interestingly, it was this same Taylor, who says he doesn’t even hate the invaders from the south of the Rio Grande, whom the European Union banned a few days ago from entering the same conference in Stockholm that was held this year…

What kind of man has the best chance of regaining their lands: hawks like Pierce and Linder or doves like Johnson and Taylor?

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  1. “The most intolerant wins.” –Nassim Taleb

    Yup: Tolerance is weakness in politics.

    Intolerant Islam (or intolerant SJWs) use a winning strategy. Tolerant Alt-Right use a losing one.

    • Jared Taylor is half Juden, married to Jewess, who worked for SPLC, he always had regular contacts with Jews.

      Only a moron will trust this snake, he says he worked for 40 years in this movement, what he did in 40 years was never asked, his purpose is to sound professional,intellectual and repeat all the talking points of nationalists while sending their lists to SPLC ,ADL or some other Jewish organizations.

      Those who are foolish enough to trust this snake are unfit for any nationalist movement. Anglo snakes like him are the source of the problem, they are the insiders, sodomites like greg johnson only care for buggery, sodomites are last ones to be in this movement.

      Altright from the beginning is a failed movement which no right thinking person should associate with.

  2. Taylor is an insufferable ass, and most likely a CIA asset. His parents were “missioniaries”. “Missionaries” ARE CIA assets. I don’t know about the “half-Juden” bit, from Devan, above, but I’ve heard lots of things about the (((wife))). He LOATHES ordinary Whites. His own behavior and words reveals him for the subversive TRASH he is. Taylor is anathema. I laughed when I heard he was banned from Europe. We need to give him the same treatment.

    • I don’t see things like you or Devan. Taylor’s collection of IQ studies and color of crime is rock-solid. But his Christians parents moved to Japan to convert the heathen when Jared was a kid. They instilled in him the notion that hatred is a sin, and unlike me, Jared is no autobiographer and ignores that demonizing hatred is a parental introject that only makes us vulnerable against the enemy (Jews, etc.).

      In a nutshell, Xtian ethics screwed his mind as well as Greggy’s.

      • It doesnt matter how you and i see things, what matters is the results, and which ever movement Jared taylor was involved , that was subverted from inside, and idiotic kids are in jail because of the fraudulent entity Alt right.

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