Linder responds to Johnson

Greg Johnson has seriously criticised Brenton Tarrant in a recent conference at Sweden. He seems to be saying that we can save the white race through peaceful means alone:

Alex Linder has just responded (I will be updating my quotes of what he’s saying this day):

______ 卐 ______

What Prof Poofter doesn’t understand is that no one joins a cause that only suffers blows and never delivers them. No essay ever has or will deliver the heartfelt joy of seeing for once, a white man slaughter the enemy.

[Tarrant] wrote a manifesto too. Unlike yours [Johnson’s manifesto], it’s been read by millions. It explains clearly and plausibly why he acted. Even on your own terms he beat you…

May thousands of Breiviks and Tarrants bloom.

Update of 7:45 am

It’s fine to write, but why denounce those who act?

The funny thing is, too, that guys like Johnson are always saying let everyone do what he feels comfortable with. Then when someone does his own thing, they complain. They’re hypocrites.

It’s child’s play to outargue the left. The left isn’t interested in ideas but in power. At some point there has to be fight back and obviously more people are concluding that time is now.

What needs to be done is organize people into an overt public force. But short of that, individual acts are fine too, and should never be disparaged.

You can disagree with someone’s actions and explain why, but to call Breivik or Bowers or Tarrant “nihilists” is simply to smear in the manner of the left.

Update of 8:47 am

He’s also a hypocrite when it comes to banning speech. I tried to post comments on his site [Counter-Currents], he censored them. This was years ago. He wanted to come here [VNN Forum] and post, but he wouldn’t tolerate responses on his site. So fuck him. On his own terms he’s inconsistent.

Update of 9:50 am. Linder also said:

If what Tarrant did hurt white people, they wouldn’t have immediately censored his video and criminalized distribution of his manifesto. “Nihilism” is a jew-tier smear. What we need now is a White Liberation Army; the age of essays has passed, it is Time to Kill.

Update of 10:50 am. Editor’s note: I for one recommend the perfectly legal tactic of saving precious metals preparing for the coming crash of the dollar. Only after that, the freedom fighters will find a collapsed society where a revolution is comparatively easier. Linder added:

Maybe you explain in your manifesto how you do it legally and peacefully given demographic change and shrinking base for promoting your message. The future is our views banned as hate. Everybody knows that. It’s already the reality in the world outside the US. There’s nothing left but violence.

We’ve been watching this for 20+ years; it has only gone one direction and until there is physical destruction of the agents of white genocide—the jews and their tool-races and whiteskin lackeys—nothing will change except things will get worse.

The problem here is you refuse to accept yourself for what you are—here I’m talking in the non-sexual sense. You’re a publisher who fantasizes himself as revolutionary. We had great essays, even almost as good as yours, 100 years ago. We won the “battle of ideas” (what a fruity concept) that long ago. But it turns out it’s not a war of ideas, it’s just a war.

We need to fight back. Would be better if it were organized, but if we can’t do things that way, or that way yet, then fight back as lone heroes.

The irony that those pushing your approach don’t realize is that all the softer democratic-political stuff would eventually flow from the harder stuff, but you wrongly thing it precedes it. It took Hitler just a few years to go national and huge and then win. This stuff is not long buildup, it’s incendiary.

But address this: how are you going to build a counterculture when it’s illegal? You have no answer to this because there is no answer to this.

It’s time to fight. You can self-characterize your arguments as sober strategy but they’re self-serving mush in reality. Write your essays. Who cares? I’ll give you 20% better than Tarrant—but he acted, and so he’s the one who creates persuasion and belief and gains followers. That’s where we are now. You’re trying to gain at the table what “we” haven’t won on the battlefield. The enemy will be reasonable when it’s on the verge of being wiped out; until it will continue to laugh at your “moral and intellectual” strengthiness and beat our race into the ground.

The way forward is violence. Tut all you like, but Breivik, Roof, Bowers and now Tarrant show us the way.

Update of 11: 12 am.

Yes, we are against right-wing terrorism, because the enemy who is literally exterminating our people from Earth through genocide is going to be defeated with movie/tv reviews, intelligent essays about Heidegger and memes!

My review of a Batman movie [Johnson writes movie reviews of the Batman films] is more powerful than all the political power they have in USA and EU! My porcelain gun [Johnson’s words some years ago] is more powerful than their M4 and their F16!

What a bunch of pussies you are, all of you. No wonder why the enemy is going to win.

Regarding what the commenters are saying about Johnson’s speech in other forums, Linder said:

Sometimes you gotta be a dick. These people make me puke.


  1. A. Breivik’s murderous rampage was done for the State of Israel. Not that the state of Israel would praise his actions. Breveik was a rabid Zionist and the Church group the children belonged to were in the process of Boycotting Israel because of their abuses of Palestinians. This fact will never be reported in the mainstream media.

    • You really must read ‘Linder on Breivik’ (here).

  2. “no one joins a cause that only suffers blows and never delivers them”

    Didn’t Christians use precisely this tactic with the development and propaganda of their martyrology? I’m confused.

    @DonHermiston What’s wrong with Zionism? They just want the Jews to live in their own land, without bothering anyone. It’s even better, for in time the IV Reich will gather strength and nuke them easily in Yerushalaim.

    But I know what you mean. You just use the words common among the cuckservatards. Zionism, Palestinians… John Mark, a YouTuber, is now blaming the maternal instinct for the liberals’ insanity! An instinct that would see all alien children murdered! Blaming and badmouthing everything but the crux of the problem – Christian/monotheist axiology!

    • Didn’t Christians use precisely this tactic with the development and propaganda of their martyrology? I’m confused.

      Most martyr acts were faked, as Deschner has said on this site. Martyr stories were concocted long ago as a Jedi trick for whites (just as today WW2 mythology was concocted as a psyop for whites). But Xtians in the Ancient world only wanted power just as non-whites today want power over whites.

  3. It still amazes me how the VNN forum attracts all kinds of faggots and cucks. Let’s see whether my post praising one simple photo (The Last Jew in Vinnitsa) gets through.

    • The only cuck I met at VNN when I commented there was a Joe Smith (a penname I guess) who insulted me (spic, etc.) because of my Nordicism. My guess is that he’s a mud himself.

      • You need to look no further than than the thread you have linked – Thomas Gregory is praising cuck Varg and the cuck vests in France. And he’s confused why Tarrant did not mention the JQ (my idea – in order not to frighten normies into a mental block, obviously).

        Check out my anti-Russian post from January 2019 – it got 4 downvotes! Google

        Linder seems like a fine fellow, but his forum is the definition of a normieland. I swear, the Incels. co is far, far better.

  4. Solving problems peacefully is Plan A.
    Resorting to physical force is Plan B.
    Both plans should not be in effect at the same time.

    • ‘Peacefully’ is not ‘plan A’ for the freedom fighter, as all white traitors must be hanged (and external enemies exterminated).

      You’re a Christian (a Catholic), right?

      • >You’re a Christian (a Catholic), right?

        If I said openly what I really believe; the Roman Catholic Church(the one true faith) would have to say NO.

        We not that far apart actually; it’s more a question of terminology. Where you say Christian; I read Roman Catholic.

  5. The comment about the porcelain gun is mine, not Linder’s.

    • I hadn’t noticed it. Linder’s sloppy writing style is sometimes confusing.

      • It’s that an insult? lol

        I was really pissed off when I wrote that. I’m really sick and tired of those effete ‘intellectuals’ who think that we can win this war by writing essays about Heidegger and movie reviews in websites nobody cares about.

        You, like me, understand the gravity of the situation because we are literally living in the future (third-world non white countries), and know that this is not the time of words but of action. Maybe it’s already too late (the enemy has too much power) but better to die trying it…..

      • No insult, but Linder’s sloppy style (small letters, no apostrophes, no crystal-clear attribution of quotes, etc.) sometimes confuses me.

        Yes: it’s precisely because I live in Latin America’s largest city that I had no choice but become an exterminationist. WNsts really have no idea what means living in a city like this—the future for the West, as you say.

  6. In ‘Tarrant: the first domino falling?’ I have already linked to this semi-censored YouTube video.

    The comments section is really amazing.

    As I have said many times, the Alt-Right makes me depressed because it’s largely composed by pussies.

    The freedom fighters on the other hand energize me.

    These are only some of the comments in that thread. They show that not every racist is like Greggy & Co.:

    Dragon Energy

    He definitely shifted the Overton window – 10 years ago I would have been appalled. Now I’m “meh”.


    10 years ago I would have been “meh” but watching that video today put a big smile on my face

    Jonny 5ive


    World is a Honk 1984

    I feel bad saying it, but I too enjoyed the video. For me, it was because it gave me a sense of justice.

    An “About time they get a taste” kind of thought.


    A sense of justice is literally in our European DNA. It’s why Usery was banned in Europe for so long.

    Dont feel bad about it, nothing wrong with the good feeling you get when your enemies get what’s coming to them.

    Ghost Cookie

    Stop fearfully clinging onto your life. If we aren’t willing to sacrifice ourselves then we don’t deserve what our grandfather fought and bled for and it will only get worse.

    tyler durden

    Without the pain, without sacrifice we gave nothing.


    What other group crys and weap when the enemy falls? Whites better grow a spine, that video was tame what do you think war looks like?

    David Pinckney

    In those 10 years there’s been about 175,00 Muslim terrorist attack murders world wide. “Meh” indeed.

    Ghost Cookie

    …and on top of that do think there’s a easy way out? To believe so would be a lie.

    Nationalist Finn

    It was just so satisfying. I giggled for hours because of the memes the lads in the chan made of it.


    I suggest uploading this to bitchute as youtube might censor the video.


    I’m from New Zealand—this will be flagged in my country and possibly yours… the noose tightens every day… please be prepared as you will be hit either sooner or later… God bless.


    There are many redeeming qualities to the accelerationist’s philosophy. Time is not on our side.

    There are almost a thousand comments on that thread.

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