Back to the Future

For years now I have been telling family members, on the rare occasions when I talk to them, that all films of the last decades have bad messages.

My late sister asked me some years ago, smiling triumphantly as if challenging me, what a bad message Back to the Future could have. I did not answer because I’d have had to speak in a big way on issues that she would not accept. But I do now, even though my sister can no longer read my answer.

The film begins with an experiment that Marty McFly (Michael Fox) makes with a huge speaker and his electric guitar. Well: the invention of the electric guitar alone was a blunder for Western culture. See, for example, this comment by the British Roger that we reproduced on this site six years ago.

So badly does Back to the Future initiate that the audience doesn’t disapprove of that experiment in which Marty harms his hearing with such decibels—something that, in the real world, many teenagers do with rock music.

Another bad message in the film occurs in the first scene inside the cafeteria of Hill Valley town, when Marty tells the humble black waiter that, in the future, he will be mayor of the town. The film implies that those changes from 1955 to 1985 would be seen as natural, that the inversion of values is perfectly okay.

I do not need to say more to show that even the funniest movie—Ronald Reagan himself loved Back to the Future when he saw it in the White House in 1985—may harbour a toxic message for the 14 words. But I could finish this brief review by pointing out that the film culminates with Marty playing the degenerate music of the future in the school dance of 1955: a time when the music for dancing was not so degenerating.

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  1. “that experiment in which Marty harms his hearing with such decibels—something that, in the real world, many teenagers do with rock music.”

    I’m actually really proud of my hearing – and yet, in war, any man worth his salt does lose it (you damage ears even when being on a shooting range without protection, no artillery involved). So, shouldn’t retaining good hearing be considered a mark of a coward?

    P.S. Do you not like the DPRK song Faith and Will?

    • A YouTube video advertising Asians?

      • Well, I want to vomit at the sight of any pro-White propaganda that has been released this century. Including White whores with children. Because I know that every single White country is a corpse with no control over its women or its culture or its borders.

        Kim Jong-il gave Koreans nuclear weapons. That is the model for any White ethnostate worth calling such.

    • Whores?

      You are guilty of the exact same thing you accuse satanists of. You have said in the past that they are inverted Christians as they listen to what Christians say, then go 180 degrees the opposite way. You just do the same in regards to feminism yet you lack self-awareness. This has gotten to the point of calling the Third Reich feminist simply because it gave women secretarial positions and, in the desperate times of the war, gave German girls machine guns. But now women who settle down with white children are whores? Are you serious? So, Marie Cache is a whore, or are you just having a bad day?

      • My position is that giving women any agency, any responsibility is feminist in nature. And that is the feature not only of all White countries – it’s a sin of 99% of all our nationalists! That’s why I call them suicidal faggots.

        The Incels. co forum has a better idea of the future than 99% of nationalists! That has to tell you something of the gravity of the situation.

        Giving women limited rights in times of war is acceptable (see the besieged DPR of Korea). But the hilariously funny part is that NS Germany did not have to fight Russia! (They had a big problem at home. Like Christianity. And whores.)

        And then when they did, they did not declare total war economy until two years later, in 1943… because they were afraid of their women being disappointed by poorer living conditions! You can’t make this level of cuckoldry up.

      • Adunai, anthropology shows us that, ironically, the societies that heavily restrict female “freedom” are actually more matriarchal than ones where women have less restrictions. For example, muslims stick women in burqas and prohibit them form leaving their homes, yet these same societies are rife with things like maternal abuse, homosexuality, pederasty, and even feminism. The Taliban could not even stop the brat Malala from not only thinking that her ideology was okay, but making a global presence.

        But when you compare this to aryan societies, where women had their beauty revered, were encouraged to engage in sports such as swimming and running, you can see that aryan societies were more partiarchal. This can be seen in regards to Sparta and its neighbouring Greek city states. Sparta allowed the most freedoms to its women while Athens and Crete were extremely chastising of their females, where they were sentenced to an existence of rotting inside of four walls. It is no coincidence that Athens and Crete allowed pederasty and the young boys were subject to abuse on the part of the women.

  2. What do you think of “Django Unchained”? If you want to see a proto-Bolshevik communist (((subversive))) at work; that is a movie to see. 48 is the key number.

  3. Marty’s father is/was a perverted peeping tom.
    Marty tortures his father into submission with heavy metal music.
    Marty plays in a band of niggers.
    Marty’s mother is an aggressive slut – she forcibly kisses him in the car. This is incest and it isn’t funny at all.

    The whole quest of Marty’s hitching his father up is ridiculous and emasculating. That spineless omega would need five years of self-improvement before coming close to compete with Biff, who is an actual powerful Aryan exemplar and deserving of reproduction.

    The only funny parts of the movie is when Marty and Doc interact. The rest is degenerate subversive filler.

    • You are joking, right? Men engaging in voyeurism, especially at a young age, is both healthy and natural. Men are sexually predatory and voyeuristic by nature. The fact that you see it as “perverted” says a lot about your own mind.

      “who is an actual powerful Aryan exemplar and deserving of reproduction.”

      This is Jack Donovan levels of homo-eroticism.

      • @Cesar
        Ok. Testing now.

        @Clem Grogan
        The fact you see men as “sexually predatory and voyeuristic by nature” also speaks about your mind. I would say boys are sexually curious. When we were tribesmen, boys had to pass harsh rites of manhood, like hunting, fighting, building, woodsmithing, and then were betrothed to a young girl. Voyeurism was for the unproven.

        Biff was a strong man, George Mcfly was a weak wimp. Biff should reproduce, George shouldn’t. What is homo-erotic about this fact?

      • The difference between sexually “curious” and sexually “predatory” is just semantics. I fail to see the difference.

        And define “pervert”. Is a man watching porn perverted? If a man visits a nude modelling site like Body In Mind, does that make him a pervert? Is looking at a painting of a nude woman perverted?

        If not, then why is looking at a naked woman in real life through her bedroom window perverted? To deny that men have been predatory in the sex department throughout their entire history reeks of ignorance and an anti-male bias. Men rape; actually, it is only just recently in evolutionary history that wartime rape of the enemy’s women has been seen as a crime. I have also heard you endorse “the rape of the sabine women”, so if you still do then tell me what “harsh rites of manhood” that you or any other man has passed that makes him legible to kidnap a white woman for reproduction. You are from Portugal, so it should be safe to say that you are no Biff. So what separates yourself from the men you call perverts?

        “when we were tribesmen”

        We are not pre-christian tribesmen. But speaking even in those days, I would be honestly surprised if the boys did not sneak a peek at the girls bathing, especially when you bear in mind that men back then not only matured faster, but had a much higher testosterone rate than men today. The fact that you would see voyeurism as an existential imposition shows how unnaturally riddled with prudishness you are.

      • @Clem Grogan
        Yes, watching porn is perverted, degenerate, immoral, unmanly.

        Yes, spying on naked women, and making a habit of it, is perverted, degenerate, immoral, unmanly. The manly thing to do is to actively make a woman yours, not observe passively.

        Rape of women as a survival strategy is acceptable. Rape for sport is degenerate. The early Romans were Aryans, and kidnapped Sabines for reproduction.

        No, I’m not Germanic-looking like Biff. I’m a Med.

        Aryans have more self-control than other races. What you call prudishness, I call morality. The White Woman is a beautiful creature, and should be cherished and protected.

        Again: Biff is worthy of reproduction. McFly is not. What is homoerotic about this statement?

      • You have ignored the other questions: Is looking at a nude painting “degenerate, immoral, unmanly”? If not, then why not? Is looking at a nude model “degenerate, immoral, unmanly”? What about a clothed woman? Let’s say that somebody is constantly staring at a fully clothed woman with lust. is this “degenerate, immoral, unmanly”?

        McFly was not making a habit out of it, either, but the movie suggests he was only looking at his future wife stripping. I am still failing to see how this is degenerate, immoral and unmanly.

        “make a woman yours”

        This is a completely arbitrary statement. How does one “make a woman yours”? What is wrong with looking at the naked body of a woman you fancy in the meantime?

        “Rape of women as a survival strategy is acceptable”

        And when do you get to decide when it is a survival strategy or not? Is a nigger raping a white woman not just a survival strategy?

        “Rape for sport is degenerate”

        Then most whites throughout history are degenerates, according to you. As I said, wartime rape was considered an acceptable past time until very recently. So, maybe white males are not quite as sexually virtuous as you perceive.

        “The early Romans were Aryans, and kidnapped Sabines for reproduction.”

        What is the difference between them and McFly? They did not pass those rites which are so important to you, so how are they less degenerate?

        “I’m a Med.”

        Then surely you are in no place to perform this rape of the sabine women which is becoming a meme on this site.

        “Aryans have more self-control than other races. What you call prudishness, I call morality”

        I don’t understand the first sentence. It is almost as if you believe white men are these chivalrous little gentlemen who are incapable of sexual violence. As for the second sentence, it is a pretty anti-male morality. I pity the child whose father tells him that he is unmanly for watching the cute blonde girl take her clothes off.

        “The White Woman is a beautiful creature, and should be cherished and protected.”

        for fucks sake, you aren’t serious.

        “What is homoerotic about this statement?”

        You didn’t say it like that. You used the term “aryan exemplar”, which sounds pretty faggy.

      • @Clem Grogan
        All this talk about voyeurism and nudity is moral deconstruction. It’s all fine and dandy until it’s your daughter’s turn to be looked at while naked by some stranger who fancies her.

        As for rape, it’s only justifiable for White reproduction. For niggers, there is only extermination. And yes, Whites, in general, rape less than non-Whites.

        I am serious when I say the White Woman is beautiful. She’s the reason for the 14 words. If you disagree, then you should stop frequenting MGTOW forums.

        Biff is an Aryan exemplar. Blonde, blue-eyed, tall, strong. There’s nothing faggy about recognizing this. You were shit-posting, and this is okay on the internet, but you wouldn’t muster the balls to call me a faggot in person.

        On the topic of the movie.
        I think this is the most toxic message of all: presenting Biff, the dominant Aryan, as the villain. It did get one thing right, though – violence was the final solution.

      • Mauricio, you still have not answered my questions. You whine at me for not answering yours, yet you do not return the courtesy. Is looking at a nude painting “degenerate, immoral, unmanly”? If not, then why not? Is looking at a nude model “degenerate, immoral, unmanly”? What about a clothed woman? Let’s say that somebody is constantly staring at a fully clothed woman with lust. is this “degenerate, immoral, unmanly”?

        “It’s all fine and dandy until it’s your daughter’s turn to be looked at while naked by some stranger who fancies her.”

        You are just assuming that I have a problem with it, simply because you do. Do not project your own sexual insecurities onto me. As for perversion, I think that it says a lot about your own mind that it is such an issue for you. You seem to have “peeping tom” on your mind like a broken record. I, on the other hand, don’t even think about it. It simply does not matter to me that some kid is looking at the girl he is sexually attracted to as she takes off her clothes. It makes sense for a father to be protective of his daughter, but it puts you in no place to tell me where to place my gaze.

        “As for rape, it’s only justifiable for White reproduction.”

        This completely contradicts your previous point that men should pass rites of hunting, fishing ETC. What rites did the Romans pass so that they could kidnap the young Sabine girls? Let’s address the rape of the Sabines for a second: There is no evidence that it actually happened, outside of mythology concerning the founding of the Roman kingdom lead by Romulus and Remus (is there even evidence that these two existed?) could you provide evidence of aryan men kidnapping a young white woman for reproduction because he HAD to?

        “And yes, Whites, in general, rape less than non-Whites.”

        Irrelevant; the point is that whites are just as capable of sexual violence. Think of how brigands, pirates (even white ones), and bandits would rape female captives or rape them while on the road. Don’t forget that American soldiers, who were taught to be respectful to all the little white southern queens thought it perfectly fine to rape German girls.

        “I am serious when I say the White Woman is beautiful.”

        The problem with this thinking is that it is idealistic and narrow-minded. a child who is beaten by his obese white mother would not necessarily agree with you.

        “but you wouldn’t muster the balls to call me a faggot in person.”

        Dude, calm down. This is not a dick measuring contest. Why do you Mediterraneans constantly insist on flexing for no apparent reason?

        “Biff, the dominant Aryan”

        If he was so manly, why does it take a single punch to knock him out, and then make him swear to a life of polite servitude?

      • I’m not answering a damn thing until you take back your accusation of faggotry.

      • @ Mauricio,

        Re: the tech problems we’ve already discussed on this thread (below), check your email.

    • @ Mauricio:

      For reasons I still don’t understand, WordPress software continues to send all of your comments to the “pending” filter.

      If you want that your comments appear immediately I’d recommend a little experiment: What about including your email when the WordPress software asks for it? This usually works but again, sometimes I suspect there are Gremlins in the WP software that hinder the comments of our best commenters.

      • Yes, including my email worked.

        This computer that I use is “dirty”. I browsed many bad goy sites with it. There are probably a few Big Brother sub-programs monitoring my activities. I don’t care.

      • Nope, didn’t work!

      • @Cesar
        It seems WP hinders my replies to you for a few minutes, even with Email. Testing now.

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