Liz Warren endorses Tarrant

by Andrew Anglin

Pure Aryan master race Liz Warren endorses the “Tarrant Plan,” pledges to arrest white nationalists for their beliefs:

Last year, Democrat candidate Elizabeth Warren publicly released her DNA test results after Donald Trump had repeatedly accused her of being a “wagon-burning prairie nigger.” She was shown to be a pure member of the Aryan race, with the 1/1012th bit that might be unpure within the margin of error.

She is sticking to her race and endorsing the meticulously planned plan for America laid out by Knight Templar Brenton Tarrant.

On Twitter on Monday, Warren went beyond the standard line of “shut down the internet to stop hate” and said she would begin prosecuting white nationalists for their beliefs. The only possible reason she could want to do this is to release a string of white nationalist terrorist attacks across the Western hemisphere, thus inciting a global race war.

In other words, she is pledging to do exactly what Brenton wants the president of America to do. He wrote in his manifesto, under the heading of “Why did you carry out the attack?”:

To agitate the political enemies of my people into action, to cause them to overextend their own hand and experience the eventual and inevitable backlash as a result.

Further in, he writes:

The United States is in turmoil, more so that at any other time in history. States hate other states, the electoral college is under attack at every turn and the races are at each others throats. On top of this is a two party political system, split by racial, social, cultural, linguistic and class divides.

The end result is a nation in gridlock, unable to respond to any great change, unable to commit to any great projects. A political and social stalemate that makes any advancement impossible.

Meanwhile the 10000 ton boulder of demographic change rolls ever forward, gaining momentum and possibly destroying all in its path. Eventually, when the white population of the USA realizes the truth of the situation, war will erupt. Soon the replacement of the whites within Texas will hit its apogee and with the non-white political and social control of Texas; and with this control, the electoral college will be heavily stacked in favor of a democratic victory so that every electoral cycle will be a certainty.

After an election cycle or two with certain Democratic victory, those remaining, non democratic voting, non brainwashed whites will see the future clear before them, and with this knowledge realize the impossibility of a diplomatic or political victory.

Within a short time regular and widespread political, social and racial violence will commence. In this tempest of conflict is where will be strike, a strong, unified, ethnically and culturally focused pro-white, pro-european group will be everything the average white family need and long for. With these boosted numbers, and with our unified forces, complete control of the United states will be possible. Above all be ready for violence, and when the times comes, strike hard and fast.

There is no way that Elizabeth Warren would come out and announce that she is going to do exactly what Tarrant wants American politicians to do, which he planned in order to start a race war, unless she is an Aryan accelerationist shill and a pied piper for the Democrats, purposefully inciting a race war in order to create an America that is as racially pure as her own blood.

If she was not an Aryan shill, then coming out after a mass casualty shooting and announcing that as president she will do exactly what Brenton Tarrant wants her to do would be completely insane.

No one is that stupid.

We’re into some serious shit now, lads.


  1. Elizabeth Warren and all the other congressmen and women, as well as Senators, should be more concerned with Jewish Lobbyists such as AIPAC than a few so-called ‘White supremacists.’ The stupidity of concerning yourself with a small group of rednecks instead of the real groups destroying the American Constitution is palpable.

    • There is no Jewish lobby in USA, its a myth. The superficial group AIPAC or ADL are allowed to exist in USA and shape the political culture because christianity already laid the ground work for Jews to influence american society culturally .

      • ‘There is no Jewish Lobby in the U.S.A.’ Either you are sleep-walking or just naive, but, most assuredly there is a Jewish lobby in America and it seems to be running the show. Not only foreign policy but domestic policy is also shaped by the Neo-Cons who are mostly dual Israeli/American citizens. Christianity never laid the groundwork forTalmudist supremacy in the United States and many if not most European countries, but, still it is there.
        If you are referring to the Schofield influenced Christian-Zionism, be assured that is not Christianity. It is basically wannabe Judaism created by a man who was paid by Rothschild money to concoct a Bible for Christians which would take away the stigma of deicide from the Babylonian Talmudists or the modern day Pharisees. But, the main reason for this pseudo-religious work was to construct Zionism in a way which would be acceptable to Christians. Well, it was overwhelmingly successful and soon there was a marriage made in hell which the world is still suffering from.

  2. She’s a complacent liberal cuck. She, obviously, believes that there is a majority of voters out there that will support her if she takes this position. Warren is no hoper race traitor who deserves the DOTR. What she is hoping is that she has found her Trump Wall to campaign on and make her relevant to the contest for Democrat primary voters.

    “White nationalism” is really American nationalism: if it’s assumed that only white people can be Americans; then, Warren is really calling for the abolition of the United States without really realising it.

    “Remember, lads, subscribe to PewDiePie!”

  3. By their recent votes, every member of the House and Senate, every single one, revealed themselves our implacable enemies. Warren is just more vocal because she wants to be President and is overall more stupid.

  4. Speaking about Tarrant, Richie Spence says he condemns violence after minute 2:

    That’s the big difference: most sincere Muslims don’t condemn their jihadists’ violence.

  5. Elizabeth Warren isn’t Aryan racially she’s alpine with Nordic admixture

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