MacDonald’s failure

by Robert Morgan

“The Catholic Church and other Christians were bamboozled into accepting the integration of the races…”

This idea that whites don’t know what they’re doing is malicious. Once you assume that whites have no responsibility for their own actions, the battle is lost.

Cultural pressure is intimidating, but no external force compels whites to act as they do, or have the culture that they do. It wasn’t Jews who launched and fought the American Civil War, or who freed the negro slaves and made them citizens, the legal equals of whites. Nor was Jewish control of mass media necessary to achieve that result. America was virtually 100% white and Christian at the time.

They weren’t bamboozled into anything. Denial of the importance of race flows very naturally from the basic tenets of Christianity.

“Christianity was cucked in recent times, and prior to the cucking it was the single and only cohesive group strategy that we had, as Kevin Macdonald has observed in his brilliant work.”

It can be argued that whites (i.e. Europeans) cucked when they accepted Christianity from Jews (i.e. non-whites), as Kevin MacDonald has failed to observe in his rather stupid books. MacDonald tries to pass his theories off as science, yet if Jews and whites are competitors locked in Darwinian struggle as he claims, haven’t they always been so? And if so, what does it say about Christianity? Letting the enemy draw up your game plan isn’t a wise decision.

Nietzsche and others drew the obvious conclusion that Christianity itself was the original subversion. MacDonald’s failure to address this issue of Christianity-as-subversion is a fatal flaw in his so-called scholarship.

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  1. For an expansion of the same argument vs. MacDonald, see this 2015 post on the backup of this site.

  2. “but no external force compels whites to act as they do”

    Yes, yes there is. Whites where burned in the middles ages for challenging Yahweh and they were burned in the 1940’s for doing the same thing.

    Acting in a concerted and thoroughly Volkish manner is illegal in our nations and has been for hundreds of years.

    Jews created Chrstianity and bought our leadership class over 1000 years ago through their monopoly over all money. And that fact has not been substantially alter in that time, up to the present day.

    • @ Blake,

      If you want that your comments appear immediately after you post them, I guess you have to add some email when the WordPress software asks for it.

      • Robert Morgan has spoken. If you’re not advocating for miscegenation and empowerment of minorities; you are not white because only white people are doing these things to themselves. If you want Robert Morgan to consider you white; get on board with the libtard program. If this is the collective will of whites; then, who has any right to defy it?

        Two Jews caused the so-called American Civil War. Their mother said that if her sons didn’t want wars; there wouldn’t be any.

      • You remind me the discussion taking place at Unz Review with Morgan:

        Robert Dolan: “Furthermore, despite the jewing and kvetching in the comments above, Kevin Macdonald’s trilogy is by far the best explanation for what is actually happening in the world today.”

        In Culture of Critique Kevin MacDonald tries to understand twentieth century developments without taking into account what happened in the nineteenth. Naturally, the picture that results is distorted. Civil rights for negroes wasn’t an invention of Jews in recent decades. Citizenship and the vote were granted to them long before by white Christian American voters. The source of America’s civil rights movement can be found in the 1860s, among white Christians.

        Robert Dolan: “There is no other source that comes close. KMAC correctly identifies jewish influence as the reason for the decline of the west.”

        Christianity is a Jewish influence.

  3. When Darwin said survival of the fittest; he didn’t mean survival of the strongest.

    Who said vampires cannot live on vampires? If Robert Morgan wants to learn more about the relationship between Jews and whites, maybe, he should try reading “Mein Kampf”?

  4. One of the most interesting things on WestDarkestHour was Chechar highlighting the difference of Spanish colonies vs British colonies, Early British colonies had a hard colour bar on race mixing while the Spanish/Portugese were promoting race mixing.

    Is this a Protestant/Catholic divide? Of course these days all christian denominations judeo-christian and are pro-race-mixing.

    • IMO it was not a Catholic vs. Protestant thing. The real culprit was miscegenation in Hispania in the 7th century. Iberian whites were body-snatched ever since Christianity infected their minds, precisely in the 7th century after Recceswinth, king of Hispania in 649–672 CE, accepted mixed marriages for the first time.

      This was a millennium before Catholics wars vs. Protestants.

  5. “Citizenship and the vote and the vote were granted to them…”, you left out, at the point of the bayonet.

    These changes were not an organic development of society, but were structural changes imposed by a small minority through brute force for their own political advantage. Might is right is the founding principle of the post-war American political order(the Lincolnite settlement) and America has governed in accordance with Yankee delusions ever since.

    All whites cannot be held responsible for the actions of a minority of corrupt demented white people with an axe to grind.

    It’s a principle of law that a valid contract cannot be made under duress.

    • > ‘All whites cannot be held responsible for the actions of…’

      You live in Ireland, right?

      Aren’t the Irish responsible for their replacement? How have they been voting in the last couple of decades? As to the British, why the hell didn’t they vote for the BNP? Aren’t they responsible for their own replacement either?

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