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“So Christianity is responsible for the rise of the current progressive ideology that sees all nonwhites as victims of omnipresent white supremacy (a.k.a. critical race theory)? I didn’t realize that the Frankfurt School was full of bible-thumpers.”

I’m sure it’s only one of a great many things you haven’t realized.

“All Communist systems in the West are in fact derived from Christian theological thought… Christian theology is the grandmother of Bolshevism.” – Oswald Spengler, in The Hour of Decision.

This is equally true of so-called cultural Marxism. It’s not at all surprising that a civilization shaped by Christianity, given that religion’s obsessive concern with and championing of the underdog, should give rise to something of the sort. It’s even happened before, and with no Jewish involvement, unless Christianity itself is conceded to be a Jewish influence.

The American abolitionists of the nineteenth century are a paradigm case. Their fanatic Christian “virtue” led them into America’s bloodiest war, rending their nation apart, all in order to lift up the negro and place him on parity with whites. Back then, that was the ultimate in being anti-white supremacy.

It’s very interesting to me that you, evidently a garden variety anti-Semite, want to defend Christianity, a destructive product of Jews just as much as the Frankfurt School ever was, or even more so. How do you explain your double standard? Or are you one of those lunatics who claim that Jesus and the apostles were all white men?

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  1. Morgan has been mentioning the American Civil War quite a few times on the comments section of Unz Review in his discussions with self-righteous Americans that don’t want to take any blame for the current situation.

    Exactly the same has happened to me on the other side of the American continent. In my discussions with self-righteous nationalists, I’ve pointed out the fact that without Jewish influence Latin Americans ruined their gene pool by fucking not only the Amerind women, but the imported black women that came from Africa.

    Recently I saw on Mexican TV a couple of intellectuals discussing the fact that more blacks were brought here than whites in the times when Mexico was called New Spain! (*) Since throughout 300 years the Inquisition kept Jews out from this Spanish viceroyalty, Iberian whites are to blame as much as those Americans who fought for the 1861 mess.


    (*) American tourists don’t see many pure blacks in Mexico because their genetic amalgamation with whites and Amerinds took place long ago.

  2. Christianity responsible for our current state of affairs? Hardly!! This is the work of Babylonian Talmudist/Zionists mentalities.

    • You must be an absolute newbie on this site. Have you read at least the masthead?

      (And by the way, the previous subtitle of this site was ‘Christianity and the JP are one and the same’.)

  3. Oswald Spengler had many insights, but, blaming Christianity for Bolshevism was not one of them. Bolshevism is born out of Babylonian Talmudism.

    • Ibid – what I said above.

  4. I believe Bolshevism was born out of much money from ‘Wall Street.’

    • Communism is 100% xtian:

      “The Münster rebellion was an attempt by radical Anabaptists to establish a communal sectarian government in the German city of Münster.
      The city was under Anabaptist rule from February 1534, when the city hall was seized and Bernhard Knipperdolling installed as mayor, until its fall in June 1535. It was Melchior Hoffman, who initiated adult baptism in Strasbourg in 1530, and his line of eschatological Anabaptism, that helped lay the foundations for the events of 1534–35 in Münster.”

      Communism is nothing but Christendom without Yeshua the Rabbi.

      “After the German Peasants’ War (1524–1525), a forceful attempt to establish theocracy was made at Münster, in Westphalia (1532–1535). Here the group had gained considerable influence, through the adhesion of Bernhard Rothmann, the Lutheran pastor, and several prominent citizens; and the leaders, Jan Matthys (also spelled Matthijs, Mathijsz, Matthyssen, Mathyszoon), a baker from Haarlem, and Jan Bockelson (or Beukelszoon), a tailor from Leiden. Bernhard Rothmann was a tireless and vitriolic opponent of Catholicism and a writer of pamphlets that were published by his ally and wealthy wool merchant Bernhard Knipperdolling. The pamphlets at first denounced Catholicism from a radical Lutheran perspective, but soon started to proclaim that the Bible called for the absolute equality of man in all matters including the distribution of wealth. The pamphlets, which were distributed throughout northern Germany, successfully called upon the poor of the region to join the citizens of Münster to share the wealth of the town and benefit spiritually from being the elect of Heaven.”

      A perfect union between old-testament yid and bible-thumper:

      “The city was then besieged by Franz von Waldeck, its expelled bishop. In April 1534 on Easter Sunday, Matthys, who had prophesied God’s judgment to come on the wicked on that day, made a sally forth with only twelve followers, believing that he was a second Gideon, and was cut off with his entire band. He was killed, his head severed and placed on a pole for all in the city to see, and his genitals nailed to the city gate.”

      • I believe you are blaming the wrong religion. I might have bought into this idea if the Talmudists didn’t loathe Christianity so much. One represents benevolence and the other Malevolence. It is a fact that about 90% of the original Bolsheviks were Jew and Christians were persecuted in the most torturous and horrible ways. Christian churches and cathedrals were burned to the ground while Synagogues were left alone. Priest, Monks, and Nuns were tortured and murdered with impunity. Anti-Semitism was a crime punishable by death and anyone caught with a copy of ‘The Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion, was executed on the spot. You didn’t even need a kangaroo court for that crime. Communism is Jewish and it was bankrolled by Wall Street.

  5. “Communism is Jewish”

    Please read again. Especially the part describing the “communal sectarian government”. Emphasis on “communal”. Then compare the various equality-focused riots and uprisings [done in the name of Jesus] such as the Levellers and Diggers.between the Munster rebellion and the Bolsheviks. Finally draw a few Venn diagrams with one side being “Munster rebellion” and the other “Digger”. Compare the two and then do the same with “Leveller” and “Digger”. Rinse and repeat with “Marxism” and “Munster rebellion” and make as many comparisons of these movements until it becomes obvious what is what and which is which.
    If you don’t understand how biblical fanaticism evolves into Marxism then you will understand less than 10% of the problem concerning egalitarianism in the west.

    “I might have bought into this idea if the Talmudists didn’t loathe Christianity so much.”

    The stereotypical hatred of the Jew for Jesus is not so much a hatred as it is a very good financial asset. The Catholic Church from the time it functioned as the universal Church of Rome to the present day has always been a frenemy to the Jews. For all the expulsions of the Jew from Europe, almost all of them were done by monarchs or other heads of state. With the exceptions of the expulsion from the Papal states by Pope Pius IV [which did not include Rome and Ancona] and Clement VIII [who again allowed them to stay in Rome, Ancona AND Avignon] the Catholic Church has been one of the most lenient forces for the Jews. Clement in particular demonstrated a ‘flipping of the tables’ moment when he invited some Jews to Leghorn, Tuscany for “commercial” reasons.
    Not to forget that the ban on usury by the Catholic Church led the Jews to securing a great store of wealth for themselves. No wonder they could so easily finance wars and revolutions. The ‘good chrisschans’ on the other hand could never beat them because “usury iz ebil accordin’ to da beebel” therefore no one but the Jews could win in this game.

  6. …..I believe you are blaming the wrong religion…..

    No one here is promoting judaism, but to say its the sole reason for every problem is too easy. For a sole reason i would say the sin of love of money and riches is the flaw.

    Christianities crimes (have you read much on this site????) document the persecution of europeans by early christians, and after christianity achieved some status they started the symbiotic evil of church and royals with hundreds of years of siphoning the wealth of the country for themselves. The christian-kings then reintroduced slavery and allowed mass migration of slaves to North and South America. etc etc And all the time this “brotherhood-of-christianity” was waring among themselves instead of reconquering the Turko-muslims advance into the south-east of europe.

    Tell me something good that *only* christianity could have brought that outweighs any of the above?

    • “For a sole reason i would say the sin of love of money and riches is the flaw.”

      I understand that César agrees with you. But isn’t it a natural desire? The more riches you have, the more women you can buy.

      “And all the time this “brotherhood-of-christianity” was waring among themselves instead of reconquering the Turko-muslims advance into the south-east of europe.”

      No. Warring between themselves is the natural state. Look at the Eternal Peace in Europe since 1945 to see what the total triumph of Christianity looks like. You are like that insane guy highrpm who is parrotting “war is bad”.

      • Summarising what Clauswitz wrote in 1780’s …for one tenth of the effort in a european war we could conquer the world….

        and for a while Europe did conquer the world, then something went very wrong in the 1860’s , industrialisation and capitalism.

  7. I ask, “Was the American Revolution of 1776 a product of Cultural Marxism? Marx hadn’t been born at the time!”

    I don’t like your term “purple-pilled”. Oh no, they are red-pilled. That’s the crux – the red pill is not enough. The black pill is where it’s at. You can’t be an optimist when you see the full height of that dark spirit that has been sitting on Europe’s chest for the past two millennia.

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