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“There was a Christian alliance which defended Europe from Ottoman/Muslim onslaught.”

Because Christianity is congenitally anti-racist, any Christian alliance that defends race defends it only accidentally, not as the main point of the alliance. Christians in those days would have been glad to accept Muslims as their Christian brothers and intermarry with them if they had agreed to convert. Some of them did. See Shakespeare’s play Othello for a literary depiction of this.

This is shown in another way by the nowadays little-acknowledged fact that Christianity first expanded to the east before it went west and conquered Europe. Christianity penetrated as far as India and China before many of these outposts were overrun by the Muslim onslaught centuries later. So there never was any racial barrier as far as Christianity was concerned.

My point stands. Christianity is anti-racist, and anti-racism is obviously toxic to the continued existence of the white race, because it encourages race mixing and hence its extinction.

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  1. “There was a Christian alliance which defended Europe from Ottoman/Muslim onslaught.”

    Yes, and wasn’t it in 1623 or something?

    From the Crimean War 1854 to the end of the Ottoman Empire in 1919 there was a series of western powers allying with Turko-muslims, Germany, England, France and Russia are all guilty of helping Turkey at some times during then, YET also trying to defeat them barely 50 years apart.

    So much for any great christian brotherhood, their thinking was only on supporting their own christian sect (ortodox, catholic, protestant etc) rather than european people.

  2. The West is the innermost circle of Jewry, its most faithful servant. Then goes Russia – its eastern pillar, being part-White and Christian. Then Latin America – born at the nexus of unholy theory and practice. Africa was colonized, and is now Christian and savage. Even the dharmic India was not spared; it now understands English. Islam is many ways more intimate with Jerusalem than the West. China is capitalist. Only one place remains the farthest from Israel…

    The antipode of Jerusalem is Pyongyang.

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