Greg Johnson’s pacifism

I just flipped through yesterday’s article ‘Against White Nationalist Terrorism’ because Johnson repeats his arguments in Sweden, that Linder and others already rebutted (see my excerpts: here).

Yes, we are against right-wing terrorism, because the enemy who is literally exterminating our people from Earth through genocide is going to be defeated with movie/tv reviews, intelligent essays about Heidegger and memes!

In the post I erroneously attributed this quote to Linder. It was actually penned by Joseph Curwen.

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  1. Consequentionalism vs deontology. If Brenton Tarrant’s actions have a hope for enough of an effect, they are good.

    But at the same time, what good has he done? It’s so weird. If we are in a war, we can expect violence. But if our teammates do not support us, we will only hurt ourselves.

    Imagine that you know what to do, but you have to play with morons! And your correct choices prove out to be “incorrect” because nobody can support you! You have to keep a realistic outlook!

    Good or bad, killing monotheists is never explicitly evil :)

  2. The West isnt going to let go of Xtianity let alone rally against it for a while at that. I do wonder if a boycott of bread and circus activities would be a more effective use of their efforts rather than the current JQ obsession. These activities appear to be the main distractions that prevent straight western males from organizing. Especially during periods of poor employment. These activities are also heavily influenced by ‘the ring’.

    • Yes the obsession with sport is sickening especially the euro-fag mass manipulation that football (soccer) is somehow important, when its just grown men kicking a ball around a field.

      Its amusing though that anti-coloureds rascist chanting at matches is forcing draconian measures by the football associations.

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