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On American schizophrenics

See what American racists are saying this Easter: — ‘Be kind. Love one another. Go to church or read the Bible’ (Occidental Dissent). — ‘Christ is Risen!’ (The Daily Stormer). — ‘This Easter Sunday we need to go back to church’ (Adam Piggott). — ‘The Promise of Easter’ (The Political Cesspool). — ‘Dr. Duke and Mark Collett on Taking Christ Out of Easter’ (David Duke). — ‘Happy Easter, in Spite of the Christophobia-inspired Spring Bunny’ (VDARE). — By referring to ‘god’, just before Easter while speaking about Notre Dame, Jared Taylor inadvertently was referring to the god of the Jews that his silly parents taught him in Japan.

With schizophrenics such as them and many others, who fancy they’re doing some work to save the Aryan but still worship the god of the Jews, no wonder why whites will go extinct. Look, in this Alt-Right aggregator, how most of these folks with split personalities didn’t pay yesterday any homage to Adolf Hitler on the 130th anniversary of his birth. Instead, they pay homage to the Big Jew, who didn’t exist by the way!

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Fuck white nationalism!

Fuck American southern nationalism!

Eternal glory to our eternal Führer!


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  1. Of course the Alt-Right did not pay any homage to Adolf Hitler yesterday on 4/20. They really are just pretenders. Instead they were out smoking marijuana! None of them really believe anything they claim to believe in, they are just in it all for entertainment and kicks, and I’ve found that countless amounts of White Nationalists and Alt-Right people have Jewish friends and acquaintances, and when you discover this and question them about it, they love to make the exception for “this particular jew” as a so-called “good jew” who has “proven to be of exceptional difference” and is like an Aryan. These people are dangerous!

    I’d also extend this to claim to anyone who refers to themselves as “Red-pilled” or “Black-pilled” or whatever type of pill color as well.

    If someone is “pilled” that means when they are off the pill, they don’t really believe or accept anything organically themselves, because they are drugged and indoctrinated.

    Christianity is always so cringing because of its love of Egalitarian values and weakness, choosing to love even all that is ugly and tasteless.

    One of the craftiest lies and confusion about Christ is that he indeed was actually a Jew, despite the claims that many White Nationalists or others try to suggest in that he wasn’t.

    Christ was a Jew which belonged to the lineage of “Esau” which was a rival and enemy of the line of “Jacob” also known as “Israel”. Christ was trying to assert his own Tribe of Esau as the dominant force over the Jacob line, and this is what actually led to the so-called “Jews rejecting Jesus” and the rest of the story to go with it. These two tribes still do not get along today, however they work and conspire together when it is both in their interests to do so.

    The same Alt-Right Trashbags which we are forced to deal with, are also the ones worshiping Brandon Tarrant behind the alleged NZ mosque shootings, of which Tarrant is a Certified Jew and MOSSAD Agent who had no true loyalties to any NS ideas, but simply composed a manifesto based on data mining common beliefs among White Nationalists and some National Socialists.

    If you ever notice, when trying to have any rational discussion with a White Nationalist / Alt-Right bonehead, they can never have any real serious intellectual discourse whatsoever without resorting to sarcasm, immaturity or outright ignoring, mocking or ridiculing what you say.

    They just love to parrot endless phrases and buzzwords and to continue their “Meme Wars”.

    • I have mentioned many times here in this blog, Whites are spiritual Jews, there is no difference between them and Jews-

      Whites are not aryans,they are Jews. Most nationalists are in it for money,some are homosexuals, low life idiots.

      There are no aryans alive today on earth, when you talk about aryans , you are talking to an extinct race which doesnt exist.

      Worst filth on earth are anglo saxons and their descendants whether they live in USA or Australia or Canada.

      Anglos are Jews, so are most of europeans,all nationalistic parties and movements are distraction. .

      • Most whites are trash, it’s true. But there are aryans (body and soul) left on earth today, don’t know for how much long though.

        It has become quite clear to me, the state of the white race since the 1945 defeat/suicide shows that this race has played its role on this planet and that was it. 1918 was already big big mess. Hitler offered an extraordinary last-stand. 1945 was Total Defeat from Total War. Enlightened White against Judaised White. Judah Won again and probably for the last time.

      • @SS Division Poltergeist, such the truth. There is no doubt that since 1945, a lot more of who survived the war has been intermixed if not directly Jewish. Most of Ethnic Germans today are very sparse with true German ethnicities, less than 15% of them have the same racial stock from before the war, owing to admixtures with Jews, Normans and also forced rapes imposed by American soldiers which forever polluted their bloodlines after the war. With Italians, rates up to 50% or so of the average population in many areas is a Crypto-Jew or exists with part Jewish ancestry. Similar cases everywhere else. It’s a sure Hell On Earth now for True Aryans, nevertheless the fight still marches on, and now matter how disenfranchised or small we become, our one goal must be to form and steel ourselves with other Aryans somehow in all this mess, with the idea of preserving whatever left we can and forming our own racial communities.

      • @ pm SS Division : Exactly, after 1800 years Christianization not much is left of whites except some genetic features such as blue eyes or blonde hair which may convince some idiots to characterize whites as some mysterious aryan race.

        Modern day whites are Jews, at best one can say that they are spiritual Jews or have metamorphosed into spiritual Jews.

        The white race has failed its purpose and its time for nature to cleanse it and bring forth a much better race, perhaps Jews are chosen ones, but who knows

      • @Devan
        You wrote:
        “perhaps Jews are chosen ones, but who knows”

        Starting to open the closet door?

      • No, after seeing the current situation of europeans, and white race in general, I have given up , i made peace with reality . If the enemy we are fighting is an outside tribe or race. But when i realized the magnanimity of the problem, i believe we cannot solve it in one generation or two generations.

        You need nurture minimum 10 generations to see a change in culture. The damage done is too severe for whites, i can say that white race had become Jewish long ago.

        I realized the futility of this fight, i cannot join a jew or mix with them, nor i am rich enough to have any relation with them.

        I am being realistic, most white nationalists and other idiots do not even understand the magnanimity of the problem they wish to solve, nor they have any mental or political or military strength to make any significant contribution.

        All that idiots hope is end of the world scenario or complete breakdown of civilization, i believe the civilization will break apart, but it will take another 200 years for that to happen.

        USA may finish as a nation in 20 years, but the genetic cancer that makes up modern USA will arrive on european shores which will further destroy remaining whites in europe, i like the solution of racial miscegenation of USA, UK, France and Australia, this will solve anglo problem.

      • First learn to write in English, even if it’s your second language (‘magnanimity’ for example means generosity, not what you meant).

        You say it’s idiotic to think in a collapse in this century, but you provide no evidence contradicting, say, peak oil theorists.

      • I dont believe in ” Peak Oil theory” , or some hyper inflationary dollar collapse . Nothing will happen, there is a great possibility that USA will undergo political collapse in 40-60 years . By that time whites will become minorities and USA may end up as mullato third world nation.

      • I dont believe in ” Peak Oil theory”, or some hyper inflationary dollar collapse.

        Not an argument, just a naked assertion.

        In other threads, I’ve shown you links that demonstrate, at least, that the dollar thing is certain. But you have not advanced any argument to rebut it, including the fact that in your own country the Mark hyperinflated precisely because you guys printed trillions of it into oblivion right after WWI (just what is now happening in the US).

      • In weimar period, Yids positioned themselves nicely even after economy tanked .

        Today we live in global economy, and we underestimate the market reach and diversified portfolios that Yids hold in different nations.

        Most average folk in weimar period joined communism, some pimped theirb wife and children, some committed suicide. Hitler is an exception, most people gave up. Now you guys are day dreaming about some mad max scenario which i think will happen but by that time USA will become a mullato paradise.

        The people at top always have a place to go and many countries would invite them,white guys will die , i dont think there will be a fight back. I believe you are overestimating whites, most of them are decadent so i dont expect wonders, there will be no revival, 1945 is the end, the intelligent ones made peace with their lives after realizing this truth.

      • I don’t claim that after the crash it’s certain that whites will start to fight.

        But you are certain that they won’t.

        You are what I call in this thread ‘an absolute pessimist’.

  2. WN is worthy of Codreanu’s last bullet (“If I had but one bullet and were faced by both an enemy and a traitor, I would let the traitor have it.”)

    C.T., how familiar are you with the work of Miguel Serrano?

    • Almost nothing. If I remember correctly, he believed esoteric and bizarre stuff about NS and Hitler, right? Generally speaking, I don’t pay attention to Latin American authors.

      • I think that’s a simple way to put it. He’s more like an artist. I’m reading his “Adolf Hitler: The Last Avatar” and it’s really good. He and Savitri Devi met NS heroes like Hans-Ulrich Rudel, Hanna Reitsch, Leon Degrelle, Otto Skorzeny, Otto Ernst Remer, Marc Augier and others which is in itself quite amazing. I think they have their place, though they can appear crazy at times.

        He has nordic blood.

        Is the world certain of no longer having salvation? I think so. One more reason to look towards the Führer and his exemplary life.

    • @SS Division Poltergeist Sure, he that is with us is not against us, but Serrano’s interpretations of gnosticism are actually in total conflict with the life affirming principles of NatSoc. Hitler did not subscribe to Schopenhauer’s pessimistic view of a life drowned in suffering and misery, or in this case, a prison managed by a lesser deity to be escaped from. Also, Serrano mingled NatSoc with aforementioned bizarre beliefs (i.e. Hyperboreans, UFOs). Brian Ruhe is strongly reminiscent of this trend.

      Savitri also had her deviations from NatSoc, buoyed by a predilection for the Hindus. To start off, she was a fatalist who subscribed to Nietzsche’s fable about the “Eternal Return”. She saw the world as purely cyclical and believed that Hitler had subscribed to a cyclical view of life in Mein Kampf (Table Talk Hitler and Rauschning’s Hitler said it was cyclical and ascending/descending). Her belief that the Kalki would be just one man (the sum of all great men) is also a fallacy and could be considered a typical Hindu monopolization (Kalki/Christ comparisons). It’s also perfectly untrue that this Kalki must go on a murder-spree to resolve our problems.

      We literally need a legion of great men to engage the Jews this time around and there’s no need to carry out a worldwide systematic liquidation. We just need someone to engineer an ultimate ideology destroying creed/worldview, with the intent of eliminating countless belief systems and myths.

      Neither Serrano nor Savitri are properly representatives of NatSoc’s esoteric aspect, although Savitri and Rosenberg occasionally hit upon points that no one else at the time could formulate on.

      NatSoc’s actual esoterics can be found in Hitler’s preferred maxims (employed in speeches and also occurring in table talks and Mein Kampf) and behind the red herring/propagandist expression “Providence”.

      His maxims included: healthy mind in a healthy body, struggle is the father of all things, god love those who demand the impossible, and god helps those who help themselves (which is literally the antithesis to the Christian belief in a Providence. In this connection, it’s also worth mentioning that he employed in speeches and at least one private conversation the title “Lord/God of the Worlds” over the Jewish-Christian title “Lord of heaven and earth”).

      The basis of knowledge was strictly grounded in reality (race, eugenics, self-help/self-reliance).

      • Yes: the UFO thing is what bothered me.

        The US started that urban myth right after the Hellstorm Holocaust ended (1947)!

        I guess UFOs were prolefeed for the proles…

    • I will grant that they did interact with NS individuals, did unwaveringly champion the German cause, and that Savitri can still have a place, but I’m still highly skeptical of Serrano.

  3. Table Talk
    7th January 1942, evening

    “I don’t see much future for the Americans. In my view, it’s a decayed country. And they have their racial problem, and the problem of social inequalities.
    It goes without saying that we have no affinities with the Japanese. They’re too foreign to us, by their way of living, by their culture. But my feelings against Americanism are feelings of hatred and deep repugnance. I feel myself more akin to any European country, no matter which. Everything about the behaviour of American society reveals that it’s half Judaised, and the other half negrified. How can one expect a State like that to hold together—a State where 80 per cent of the revenue is drained away for the public purse—a country where every-thing is built on the dollar? From this point of view, I consider the British State very much superior.”

    To think something can come out of this wasteland is sheer lunacy. It is the antithesis of everything a healthy mind/body/soul should stand for. It is the first place to be nuked.

    • @SS Division Poltergeist, I agree… America is a spiritual and cultural wasteland. Even Goebbels once said, had it not been for European Innovation and Spirit that drives American industry and Nationhood, that the country would soon return to the prairie as wide, empty and soulless as the inhabitants on this soil. And that the day that the US stopped importing European people or values would mark its very end of existence. Everything about America and Americanism reeks of cancer and opportunism and business ventures at every turn.

      • When Europe gives Waffen SS, America gives Superman (Jerry Israel Siegel and Joseph Israel Schuster).

        That sums it up. A place to be drowned in fire and blood.

  4. @Devan, I understand what points you are trying to convey, but for the sake of semantics, it’s technically inaccurate to refer to Whites as Jews, from the standpoint that Jews are a demonic race that have peculiar origins. But sure, many Whites behave like Jews because we live in a very Jewish century.

    There are still Aryans that exist, some are also mixed, I am an Aryan myself.

    For sure the Anglo-Saxons and the people of the British Isles and any Anglo-Saxon Nation are of the worst stocks because they are the most Jewish worshipping and have had their bloodlines tainted with Jewry.

    This planet is really a prison for any True Aryans which still exist.

    • Indeed. I’d put it in this way. Most whites have problems with their software (infected with Xtian morality), but they still have their hardware largely intact (in contrast to ‘whites’ in Latin America, that have already lost their pure DNA).

      In other words, there’s still hope for those who have not miscegenated. The convergence of catastrophes will open a window of opportunity: the very last chance for whites to put their shit together (including rejecting Xtian ethics) and reclaim their lands.

      • Optimism is cowardice

        What makes you think that europeans will come out of ” convergence of catastrophes”, they will never come out of the hole that they have dug for themselves.

        The genetic features like blonde hair and blue eyes characterizes aryans, well makes Yids especially Ashkenazim have even got same features, the biggest myth that was circulated after WW2 was that some facial features makes one aryan.

        This is why every sodomite bottom dweller in good old USA started imagining himselves to be aryan.

        Whites are not aryans, the Aryan stock was long extinct. the racial features that whites had will soon become diluted, nothing can be done about it, even convergence of catastrophes will not change anytime.

        Why cannot you accept that in evolutionary order whites are losers and have lost, they are unworthy . so they will be washed away, and they deserve to be washed away.

        Many whites made some good choice , they mixed and joined hands with much superior , cunning race of Yids to continue their racial survival.

      • We have discussed this many times, right?:

        After the dollar crashes white Americans will change from “Happy mode” to “Angry mode”.

        Angry mode is not enough for revolutionary action.

        We will need “Combat mode” (defending your property thanks to the 2nd Amendment: something that you Germans lack).

        But combat mode is not enough for revolutionary action.

        “Killing mode” will do the trick (assassinating Uncle Sam à la Turner Diaries, ca. 2070 C.E.).

        American whites need time to digest our literature that will become fashionable after the crash.

        The only way you can convince me of your pessimism is that the convergence (currency crash, energy devolution and wars as a consequence of that) won’t occur.

      • Continue to live in fantasy world, nothing will happen,and even if dollar or whatever crashes , the events are not going to unfold as you have imagined in your mind.

        One who cannot see the truth has to invent fairy tales to justify their future predictions.

        Your metaphorical aryans died long ago, what remains today are spiritual yids, and if you seek any bright future for humanity, you should seek extermination all whites on earth.

        The host and parasite both have to die, but for the host (whites) have to die so that parasite (Yid) loses his power.

        I believe there is not much difference between host and parasite, both are same, they always were same.

        Whites have to perish, not some but all of them, everyone, including me.

      • ‘Continue to live in fantasy world…’

        I am not saying that the Diaries novel is the certain future, only that a window of opportunity will be wide open during the convergence of catastrophes.

        The future is still open, not closed: it depends on whites to remove all their malware from their software or die. Neither secular white nationalists nor Christian southern nationalists are doing it for the moment. But again, none of them have suffered the convergence yet.

      • @Devan, based on the premise that you do not believe the US Dollar will collapse and do not see a future of hyperinflation, it is understandable why you believe as you do. While it’s a whole different topic, hyperinflation and collapse is inevitable, and I’d say probably in much less than 5 years. It’s not going to be like something decades from now. In any case, whites may be living decadently today, but what happens tomorrow when their money is gone… This system can’t be kept afloat that much longer. If Whites go out with a whimper, only time will tell. But I know that American Whites will not revolt on anything until the food disappears from the shelves and the Cars are off the road.

    • What makes you think whites are not demonic, the actions done by many americans, russians,french and anglos upon germany after WW2 are worst, Whites are spiritual Jews, they are the devils on this earth, they love to defile anything noble and holy.

      • They are indeed demonic, but unlike Jews their problem lies in their software, not in their hardware.

        Theoretically, it’s possible that whites run 8 antivirus programs becoming Aryan again.

        Jews, on the other hand, can’t help themselves. They’re programmed to behave like the eternal subversives they are (as in the fable of the scorpion and the frog).

      • Even hardware has for long become corrupted, the software virus can only enter into the system because system has already become defunct and its primary drive has already been corrupted.

        Whites have become spiritual Jews long before any biological Jew has set his foot on european soil.

      • @Devan, it seems like you are hoping for the total destruction of the White Race and have perpetual animosity towards it. Also, the Jews are not a better race than Whites whatsoever.

      • What’s your ethnic background, Devan?

      • I am an Aryan

      • But Aryans are gone according to you, right?

        You are contradicting yourself.

  5. The attacks in Sri Lanka may be used to dope the remaining Christians in the West to sacrifice themselves in a World War between the West and Islam—with the Semitic plutocrats sitting back and profiting while they watch the sparks fly. Bannon predicted (perhaps yearns for) a third World War with Islam and China (albeit I don’t foresee the latter).

  6. Difficult to know what to do at this point in history. It really does appear whites have become losers in evolutionary terms, as Devan said. Compared to how they used to be, it is like they underwent some defective mutation in 1945. Even most of those whites who fought for and supported the Axis and survived WWII just seemed to disappear back to obscurity after 1945. Nearly all whites are degenerates and the vast majority of them appear thick as shit, dumb peasants.

    Though we are not living in a world of only coloured, non-white races, it already feels like true Aryans are a thing of the past. There are Aryans by blood on Earth, but hardly any in mind and soul (if such a thing as a soul exists). It is now planet insanity or planet crap. As the latest meme goes, it is clown world.

    On the internet now there are very few racist sites that I would consider worthy so it’s like whites have died mentally before they’ve died physically.

    What keeps me interested in the white race at this point is that I can’t be certain it is finished and is going to go extinct. I believe it still has a chance to continue to survive and, as long as pure-blooded Aryans exist, achieve a full regeneration of the race. But maybe my belief is wrong, maybe it’s last chance was in 1945. Until I can be absolutely certain my race/species has no chance to continue to survive, if I can ever be certain in my lifetime, I’ll retain an interest in the survival of my race.

    • For the white race, the light came from one Man. You know his story. Whites have begun to think racially at too late a point in history to compete with a race who did it for more than 4000 years now. The loss of identity is astronomical. The soviet tube test man aided by homo americanus finished the European.

      SS galvanized all that remained of true warriors and daring thinkers on the old continent and they were utterly destroyed. Those who remained alive became too separated from the human condition. Europa died in 1945. How can one expect anything from it at this point? It’s just a slow, ugly death from this point. Seek no salvation.

      • @SS Division Poltergeist: And the worst part about that is that the White Race overall still does not seem to equate 1945 with their death. When the war was lost, it never entered the consciousness of most people of the unfolding tragedy and implications this meant for the white race. Instead they were only bothered by temporary discomforts like bombed buildings and infrastructure, food shortages and no work. In fact I read countless stories that within days after the war, many in Germany, Italy etc acted and lived as if Hitler and Mussolini never even happened and they were instantly forgotten and the workings of the Allies made them believe they were suddenly Liberated. However nobody could speak up if they believed otherwise. But even to this day, Whites are still psychologically detached from the loss in 1945. Even our enemies outside of our National Frontiers with lower IQ’s than us recognize weaknesses in Whites, such as that Whites are the only people that don’t communicate with each other about real life issues together. We are mostly at the end of the road here, and over time a lot of Whites among us have become a part of covert government programs which also include merging them or having had them interbreed with Reptilians. That’s why so many are like zombie drones and lack empathy or concern but yet are eager to sell us out to enemies.

      • Although whites could very well go extinct, there’s something that bothers me about absolute pessimism. Absolute pessimists seem unaware of a psychological law:

        One week in hunger (after the crash, especially in the big American cities) = law of the jungle.

        In other words, the reset button to healthy barbarism may still be pressed.

        In Jungle’s law scenarios like liberated zones, as in Pierce’s novel, could become reality as in that passage that a would-be soldier ‘could be readmitted permanently’ in the baby ethnostate, ‘only by bringing back the head of a freshly killed black or another nonwhite’ (non-gentiles included).

        You cannot fathom the wonders that hunger can bring back to the presently rotten Aryan psyche.

      • the jew msm bullhorn that spews poisonous jew propaganda 24/7 must be silenced. the crash & burn of what is presently jew “america” precipitated by hyperinflation will result in jungle law, but w/o a hitler leaders operating more synchronously than maliciously, which is only possible w/o the jew bullhorn media, in the hinterlands, no revolution.

        all my life, the heroes and demons are the result of jew media controlled narrative. and i’ve not met a true aryan in person, someone who personally respected the pre-ww2 nationalist socialist german society. and the german pagan gods of pre-christianity. (i was raised in the missouri synod lutheran church (lcms), a near one hundred percent german lutheran church; the lcms was already jew-ized and worshipped the jew capitalisms gods. the role & pervasivenesss, i.e., the presence, of the jew capitalisms gods has played the central cultural role all my fuking life: watch the evening news, be a regularly attending church member, work-work-work, consume-consume-consume.

        the media plays a central role in defining and propagating the culture: tee bee does the gentle nudging, hollywood does the heavy lifting. any next-revolution must silence and destroy these two jew operatives. as long as a society has tee bee lite and motion picture heavy, jew values will thrive and flourish in the mass minds.

      • @highrpm

        I agree with your difficulty in meeting True Aryans. I live in Massachusetts, and there are very few of them here. And certainly anyone who is within the Nationalist circles or claims to be a “Neo-Nazi” does not exhibit whatsoever, anything to do with Aryan Character or Values.

        I can tell you for a fact, that people who are the way are, are really relegated to the fringes of society, pretty much made to live like a Hermit at best. And there are very few people who ever want to have anything to do with us.

        The fact that everyone gravitated like bees on honey to the Alt-Right Movement by Richard Spencer shows that there was a jewish hand and incentives for all who followed.

        There are a few reasons for this, degeneracy and lack of Aryanism in Americans. First of all, America is a racial hodge-podge, much more so than the people of Europe but even Europeans today have been more mixed that in the past. Racially Mixed offspring lacks the inner intellect and spirituality to remain towards any true kind of cause.

        Secondly, American society only respects and prioritizes “success”, particularly “financial success” as the be all, end all of what is considered desirable in society.

        Thirdly, Americanism is still by and large, defined by its Protestant / WASP values which the Scots-Irish established, which were Judeo-Christian in value – entirely opposed to Aryan Values.

        Most people in America lack any kind of spirit whatsoever.

        I just watched a short clip on RT on YouTube from recent where Mike Pompeo bragged about the CIA in how they were pretty much given training courses on how to Lie, Cheat and Steal, and the American Audience was actually happy and applauded. You can look it up right now on YouTube, and that pretty much sums up the Americans…

    • >On the internet now there are very few racist sites that I would consider worthy

      I concur. What’s your view on SemiticControversies? By far, it’s the only ex-Alt-Right site I acknowledge. Unlike the pseudo-intellectual site Counter-Currents, this one actually points out errors and mistakes, such as addressing Marcus Eli Ravage’s satire and an interpolated quote in the Protocols of Zion. It also factors in anti-Semitic testimony from pre-Christian antiquity (i.e. Julian the Apostate, Plato, Porphyry, Celsus).

      I heard that it’s run by a former Stormfront mod (Karl Radl) but can’t confirm it. It’s linked with PuritySpiral (apparently consisting of former Alt-Right adherents?).

      • Eli Ravage’s satire, Julian the Apostate, Porphyry, Celsus… we also have had them extensively covered here.

      • I’ve noticed (especially your articles on Julian), but I wasn’t sure if this site had started off as Alt-Right from the onset. I acknowledge this site as well.

      • Never started as Alt-Right.

        I’ve been an anti-Xtian for a long time. In 2012 I even quoted some of what was left of Porphyry’s Against the Christians after Constantine and his successors ordered all copies of Porphyry’s book to be burned.

      • I see. Splendid!

      • Celsus has been also covered here. See the entries quoting Catherine Nixey and Karlheinz Deschner.

      • You seem to understand how to properly undermine Christianity. Dogmatists, Jews, pagans, and militant atheists merely provoke disputes, galvanize Christian fanaticism. They don’t want to emulate the aforementioned pagan intelligentsia. What links Celsus, Porphyry, and Julian is their attack on the Old Testament as well as their emphasis on what is above them (stars and planets, which were neglected by Jews and Christians). Hitler laid down in his table talks that Christianity would finally come to an end once the tripartite division, particularly between body and spirit, was resolved. His monism is closely related to Ernst Haeckel’s, despite never invoking Haeckel.

  7. Carolyn Yeager was probably the only one on that list (she’s also one of the few that speaks up for contemporary German affairs) who provided her own opinion on Hitler, as well as a new photo I hadn’t seen before.

    IIRC NationalVanguard merely posted a speech. It’s not even listed on the front page anymore. On an unrelated note, I also find fault with Hadding Scott’s article about Abraham Lincoln being a white nationalist. Neither Table Talk Hitler nor Rauschning’s Hitler mentions the North/Lincoln in a positive light. What he says about Lincoln in the Bormann Diktat is largely unreliable.

    RenegadeTribune likewise merely posted one of Hitler’s speeches. Concurrently, in another RT comment section, two German commenters were being ganged up on by Americans after raising issues (their distrust) concerning Slavs/Poles. They didn’t take kindly to being told to kiss and make up with Poles.

    At least these three put up their articles before the clock turned 12.

    The most obscene article was the one kvetching about Hitler on his birthday, titled “Why I Am Mad At Adolf Hitler”.

    • Yes: I had seen Hadding Scott’s brief article.

      The guy I’ve been promoting on this site, Robert Morgan, has recently debunked the Lincoln myth at Unz Review, a myth so widespread in the racial right. The reason that racialists are spreading the Lincoln myth is that they cannot see that America’s double helix since its beginnings has been Mammon worship + Xtianity: a very bad omen for the white race.

      Americans, including pro-whites, are so incredibly self-righteous that they simply cannot see that Europe was far superior to them before they sided Stalin’s ((willing executioners)) to stab our Führer on the back.

      If the race goes extinct, it will be courtesy of Anglo-Saxons, including these schizophrenic racists who have not answered my elemental question: How do you claim to be an anti-Semite while at the same time you obey the (mythical) Big Jew?

      • Hmm looks like a quality read, his article. Thanks, I’ll check it out.

        I concur that Americans fail to discern a distinction between them and Europeans. Kurt Ludecke cautioned about this tendency, pointing out European’s cultural background and experience with Jewry. Their historical Puritanism governs all their actions and interests (hence the prevailing obsession with morality, the uproar over scandals, etc.).

      • “Hmm looks like a quality read, his article. Thanks, I’ll check it out.”

        Do you refer to Morgan?

      • Yes, Morgan.

  8. “Christ is Risen!” followed by “Stormer, Volume 87: Let God Arise and His Enemies Be Scattered”.

    If only the DS was satire. Pathetic.

  9. Chechar: regarding Christ’s existence, have you read James George Frazer’s “The Golden Bough”?

    I think you would find it intensely interesting. As the book has been issued in multiple very different editions, I particularly recommend the 1994 Oxford Classics edition from Robert Fraser.

    • I haven’t read it. It must be important as Boasian anthropologists hate it (and Franz Boas✡ as we know distorted anthropology beyond recognition).

      Glad you’re commenting here since your last comment in 2014.

      • Thank you. Life has its hiccups and I had other things to focus on for a little while. It’s all been for the best.

  10. @ Devan: I told you the following in another thread last month:

    I just spammed your other comment saying that niggers and Muslims​ should impregnate our women because I am sick of your bullshit, which reminds me very strongly Private Hudson:

    You are either an absolute pessimist like Hudson, a non-white or something (((worse))).

    • Right. There is no point in defeatism.

      If the outcome is fixed, it makes people miserable to no productive effect.

      If the outcome is not fixed, it helps the enemy.

      In neither case should it be tolerated.

      Identifying problems is one thing. Insisting that no solutions exist and therefore nobody should look for them is something very different. People who genuinely believe that can go to the bathtub with razor blades or something similar. Failure to do so indicates hypocrisy and sabotage.

      Be optimistic. Optimists tend to win. And we ARE going to win.

      • Amen.

      • nature is going to win. as the sands of time reveal. and, as failed dogmas demonstate, humanoids succeed in creating their gods in their own image — their gods are mortal, rather than eternal.

  11. @Janus

    I agree with your assertion that Serrano, Devi and the likes do not add (if not detract) much to the cause. Certainly, I do not subscribe to their (cranky) supraphysical views. My question to C.T was only an innocent curiosity.

    For the real Hitler one should always go straight to it: Mein Kampf, Second Book, Table Talk, Speeches, Otto Wagener’s and August Kubizek’s memoirs (the most important books written on the Führer) and then to Paul Carrell’s 2 Volumes on the Eastern Front, Degrelle and others.

    I still find Hitler something unexplainable and far greater than all men of action who came before him, the swansong masterpiece of humankind maybe. Imagine that Germany after 100 years of National Socialism – it was a child of 12 when it was murdered and it had to spend half its life fighting – it makes you sick when you look at the shit the Jew replaced it with.

    That said, I don’t believe there is a way out for us – I, for one, feel nothing for this world or this species anymore, do not even know why I continue to live – and I do not consider this absolute pessimism, just clarity.

    • @SS Division Poltergeist, for sure…

      I think at present, the only thing we can really agree is guaranteed, is that even at best, a large swath of the White Population – for one reason another – is soon going to go extinct, and that there are likely White Nations which will soon cease to exist or be gobbled up by another Nation with stronger resistance. But we are going to be drastically reduced in numbers, and then comes the problem of ever finding the most Noble, Racially Pure and Moral beings that still exist among our ranks, and I can assure you that they are almost non-existent. They were even very few during Hitler’s era.

      We often underestimate just how grave and bad the situations and bad timing of all the events of the last century which plagued Europe and were the unfortunate tragedy for Hitler and National Socialism in the total rescue of Europe.

      If Hitler won the war, he would have indeed far surpassed reputation and greatness more than any other leader in world history, even far past Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar. Nevertheless, Hitler still stands ranking within the Top 10 Influential and Immortalized leaders / figures of all world history.

      It is important to recall that both Alexander and Caesar basically inherited their positions. Alexander was a mostly mediocre figure in actuality, who just happened to be dealt a favorable deck to accomplish what he did. But both Alexander and Caesar also were content with keeping many things status quo in terms of how wealth distribution worked and other factors. Although great Men to some extent, Adolf Hitler brought us a completely new idea of respect for Work and Countrymen in which the idea of social classes and castes were eliminated in favor of being united in a sense where few people ever experienced such a type of unity and comradeship.

      Adolf Hitler also had the balls to challenge a monetary order which has been in existence for at least 6000 years, which no other leader in any recorded history was ever known for challenging. That is quite remarkable when you think about it.

      Throughout most of history, work, especially construction fields and other dangerous or undesirable types of work, either slaves fulfilled such jobs or what people thought of anyone who worked in those fields was that they were the bottom of the barrel in society. Hitler employed not only revolutionary safety methods and leisure for workers to maximize their productivity but also so that there was no shame based on one’s field of work.

      Coupled with all the other facts, his speed in restoring the German economy while waging war, escaping over 40 assassination attempts.

      Despite the Desperation of our modern world and existential threats to our existence, Hitler still stands as a measure of Hope and Light in this world, that even a Man who came from nothing was capable to rise himself to the top of everything out of nowhere. Hitler knew how to opportunistically leverage himself according to the situations and times he was in, and how to work things to the greater advantage which allowed him prominence to rise into his position of power. He truly had Europe and by extension the future of the world in his hands.

      The greatest tragedy however is this mindless, numbing stupor that Whites have been living in since 1945, where they are ignorant of the fact that we have been dealt a mortal wound and been sold a bill of false goods, which has made us live off of borrowed time, marching towards our extinction where nobody thinks it would have ever been possible. If more people knew the truth about what a tragedy the loss of WW2 was by the Germans, people would be in total devastation, depression and hold themselves solemnly even up to this time.

      Many many tears will be shed in the future, and a growing sense of internal hatred will consume White Europeans when they learn the truth, and the lie they have been living since then.

      • Which is why it’s imperative that people like us start linking to the book-review of Tom Goodrich’s book in as many forums as we can.

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