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This idea, pervasive on the right, that white people can’t defend themselves is a pet peeve of mine. Granted, there would be penalties for doing so, but they could be a race of Brenton Tarrants if they wanted to be. The truth is, nobody is responsible for white compliance with the culture of political correctness but white people. White people invented this culture of totalitarian control and worship of the Other. They enforce it and inflict it on themselves. The idolization of the Jew Jesus is the prototype for 2000 years of it. For what was and is Christianity but worship of the racial Other? During the Christian takeover of Western civilization almost every vestige of what preceded was intentionally destroyed by the fanatic devotees of the crucified rabbi. Temples to the gods were demolished, pagan philosophers were tortured and murdered, whole libraries consigned to flames, and—the ultimate in “de-platforming”—even the possession of pagan literature was declared a capital offense.

That these totalitarian trends again visible in the modern world continue and arguably even originate from America, a country founded by Christian religious fanatics, does not surprise me, nor should it surprise anyone. Americans have their own history of worship of the racial Other. They fought a Civil War over it, the point of which was to elevate the negro to a status equal to themselves, as shown by the subsequent passage of amendments to the Constitution granting him citizenship and the vote. A big part of this was again driven by religious mania, notably white and Christian.

So, “Whites do not enjoy these same privileges, …”? I don’t buy it. They have all the privileges they allow themselves. The only thing keeping them in check is their own unwillingness to act in their own defense. Throwing off two thousand years of religious nuttery and prostration before the racial Other isn’t going to be easy. It will take a cultural revolution, and can’t happen without lots of bloodshed and tears. But possible? Yes.


  1. Christ’s message was intentionally distorted: “I want mercy, not sacrifice” resulted in sacrificing the messenger and creating a “religion” on top of that. Result: The confusion we have seen throughout history …
    One more Jewish trick?

  2. cognitive schizophrenia: “I want mercy not sacrifice.” and then the christinsanity culture builds its paleologic central liturgy around idolizing their pagan sky god’s sacrifice of “his only son” — again, the threadbare and overused abrahamic myth — using symbolic human sacrifice! (nod to the deviousness of jew religious capitalism, “hey, some cheap wine and crap old stale flour in the form of a tasteless miniscule wafer labeled as “holy” by the priests costs lots less in time and materials than buying kosher animals for sacrifice and then having to maintain and stoke up the ovens every sunday.” making the central sacrific affordable to the mass markets, yeah!!! hear the fuking cash registers?! ca-ching, ca-ching, ca-ching.)

    what a mentally sick scene. white adults should be whipped as they walk in the doors of their churches to get their sunday entertainments.

  3. Nature abhors a vacuum. If you could magically disappear Christianity today, what would replace it tomorrow ?

    Hitler worship as hero of the white race ?
    Creativity, or Cosmotheism, based on Science and the advancement of the white race ?
    National Socialism ?
    A revival of Greek Mythology or Hellenism ?

    Christianity has most white people at the promise of eternal life.
    Most white people only care about themselves.
    They’re willing to sacrifice everything on Earth to avoid the possibility of eternity in Hell.
    The don’t give a damn about the white race.
    They hardly care about the future of their own children, let alone their own kinky haired grand kids.
    They have no awareness of the unique value of the white race.
    And getting people to accept the harsh reality that their own life is mortal and only their race might be immortal is too much to ask of people who are much more comfortable accepting the delusional belief in personal immortality.

    By all means, get rid of Christianity and Judaism and Islam.
    But what replaces them ?
    What can inspire the white race to reject and replace Christianity ?

    • Nature abhors a vacuum. If you could magically disappear Christianity today, what would replace it tomorrow?

      Yes: Hitler worship as the hero of the white race should be a new religion. And it would be now the new religion if the Americans had not been sucking Jebus’ cock before, during and after WW2, to the present day.

      From this POV white nationalists are still part of their race’s decline.

    • What gets me is people in the west saying our town/country is ruined forever by all these muslims/blacks etc and we have to leave, why don’t they make the invaders leave, its not like they are permament.

      Christianity is already dead, unfortunately its moral teachings have infected us still. Each new generation now is successively breaking the christian idiocy. White people are hardcoded for their own religion. I can see a form of nature & ancestor worship (probably what the old celt/nord/greek folkish religions were) taking hold.

      We already have Green policies pushed super hard on the young kids now – this is not a bad thing. Also DNA genetics is very popular, Ancestry DNA testing, family trees etc this is opening up the truth of race beyond the (((marxist))) lies.

    • Christ-insanity is a sickness. A cranial wasting disease. I think Nietzsche referred to it that way. Does a tumor need to be replaced? It (christ-insanity) must be fought & exposed. It is NOT about replacing it. It IS about destroying it.

      I know about the memes that state that man needs religion. Bull. The evidence given for such claims is very weak. The masses don’t invent religions. A super tiny minority of men created all the religions & sold them to others. Sometimes the intent was benevolent other times malevolent. There are countries in Europe where the majority are atheists. Unfortunately, like Whites everywhere they are still infected with christ-insanity morality. The secular lefty version mainly.

      For those that want religion Creativity is fine. The old warrior religions will do. Cosmotheism will do. It does not truly have any mumbo-jumbo aspect that would appeal to the dolts, but if you read about it you will discover that the dolts could easily “think” there is a comforting mumbo-jumbo aspect.

    • Most all people are lemmings (98%). They are mainly their programming. In modern times much of the programming occurs via kikestream media & academia. People are programmed/indoctrinated to believe as they do. Lemmings stay with their programming (most all of it) their entire life other than when new programming (reprograming) replaces it. Repetition is the key. The religious programming starts when they are very young. Usually it involves Sunday school, church, books, & TV/videos. Don’t program it (christ-insanity) into them & they will never miss it. Just like the tumor you never had.

      • A couple of days ago I did some driving for my mother: She was on the back seat always listening duckspeak—Catholic prayers from her cellphone. Truly pathetic. I could not believe the doubleplusgoodduckspeakers that Catholics still are, but Protestants are the same (see for example the pious Lutheran duckspeak by Occidental Dissent’s admin when he refers to his ‘Christ’).

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