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On kike cock-suckers

There’s a recent comment in the thread ‘Fuck white nationalism!’ that I would like to respond.

I think at present, the only thing we can really agree is guaranteed, is that even at best, a large swath of the White Population – for one reason another – is soon going to go extinct, and that there are likely White Nations which will soon cease to exist or be gobbled up by another Nation with stronger resistance.

If the convergence occurs, and I have in mind peak oil and energy devolution throughout the rest of this century, billions will die in the Third World. This can only be a win-win scenario for whites, as it will be obvious by then that it was Christian morality what inflated the demographic bubble with their psychotic sense of altruism.

But we are going to be drastically reduced in numbers, and then comes the problem of ever finding the most Noble, Racially Pure and Moral beings that still exist among our ranks, and I can assure you that they are almost non-existent. They were even very few during Hitler’s era.

Again, don’t forget the psychological law: One week of hunger = the Law of the Jungle. Pessimists tend to think that reversal is impossible. They often forget that the present stage of degenerate whites has to do with easy bread and circus as in no other time in history. But this will change soon with the convergence.

We often underestimate just how grave and bad the situations and bad timing of all the events of the last century which plagued Europe and were the unfortunate tragedy for Hitler and National Socialism in the total rescue of Europe.

This is a huge problem in white nationalism. Folks in the Alt-Right are still living under the optimistic shadow of the 1950s. Greg Johnson for one believes that whites still have two centuries of opportunity, which is why he condemns any direct action against the System. Johnson is the rule, as we saw recently in how nationalists responded to Tarrant.

If Hitler won the war, he would have indeed far surpassed reputation and greatness more than any other leader in world history, even far past Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar. Nevertheless, Hitler still stands ranking within the Top 10 Influential and Immortalized leaders / figures of all world history.

This is a misunderstanding, and it still mystifies me why white nationalists don’t want to read any of the two histories of the white race by Pierce and Kemp. Both Alexander and Julius Caesar largely contributed to the mess that resulted in miscegenated empires. With Caesar and Augustus the Roman Empire betrayed the Republic, and after some centuries the miscegenated empire was eventually vampirized by a Jewish sect, Christianity.

Despite the Desperation of our modern world and existential threats to our existence, Hitler still stands as a measure of Hope and Light in this world, that even a Man who came from nothing was capable to raise himself to the top of everything out of nowhere…

The greatest tragedy however is this mindless, numbing stupor that Whites have been living in since 1945, where they are ignorant of the fact that we have been dealt a mortal wound and been sold a bill of false goods, which has made us live off of borrowed time, marching towards our extinction where nobody thinks it would have ever been possible. If more people knew the truth about what a tragedy the loss of WW2 was by the Germans, people would be in total devastation, depression and hold themselves solemnly even up to this time.

The greatest tragedy is that most of the self-styled white nationalist sites didn’t pay last Saturday any homage to Hitler, and that last Sunday they did pay homage to Jesus of Nazareth, a fictional kike.

White nationalism is such a gigantic fraud that only the Germans of yore could have detected the fraud. Alex Linder likes to say that white nationalists should attack conservatives. But Linder believes that Jews are the primary cause of white decline, something that recently has been debunked by Robert Morgan with his comments at The Unz Review, some of them reproduced here. It’s whites themselves who are causing their problems by axiologically sucking the dick of Jebus. But following Linder’s tactic, what about starting to attack white nationalists and call them names for what they are: cock-suckers?

What about going to their forums and troll them with pics such as the one linked in my recent ‘Fuck white nationalism’?

This site isn’t popular. I used to have a single donor who contributed generously to The West’s Darkest Hour but it seems that he died. If I had a Legion of visitors like The Daily Stormer I would ask them to go to all Alt-Right forums to troll them. If I had wealthy sponsors I would even go to the white nationalists’ meetings and troll them on the streets with pickets, inviting any of them to pick up my white glove on the floor: ‘White nationalists are ethno-suicidal—prove me wrong’. Or ‘Racist anti-Semites are Jew-worshipping cucks—prove me wrong’. Or ‘People in the Alt-Right, including Richie Spence, are reluctant to transvalue values back to sanity—prove me wrong’.

I am serious. I want to do this to them. You can imagine me, ethnically a non-Aryan, side by side with Antifa thugs unaware that I am criticising nationalists not from the left, but from the right!

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  1. Is there any chance you’ll be reading Norman Lowell’s recent text? He’s a Maltese Yockeyite.

    • Hasn’t this guy been ‘been found guilty of inciting racial hatred’? In Europe you cannot say anything substantial or you pay the price.

      • Yes I believe he has. I am aware that would limit him and his message, hence why Arktos published it. He seems to be one of the only individuals who actively promotes the end-goal of Imperium in contrast to the European Union.

  2. The biggest loser in WW II was mankind

    • Salvador Borrego wrote Derrota Mundial after Germany lost the war.

      • I have never heard of this individual… I presume Worldwide Defeat has not been translated into the English language? Would such a project be worth it?

  3. Yeah, Alexander and Caesar were nowhere of anything the figures that most historians and history books make them out to be. In fact, both of them and even Napoleon were known to have very bad temperaments and personality traits. They are only remembered because they were born into their situations.

    And most people and so-called “Historians” fail to draw a different parallel between historical figures like Adolf Hitler versus most Imperial Vanquishers.

    Historians only look at History from a Pragmatic means, so they never illustrate concise differences that exceed the Ambitions of leaders. Napoleon was a very ambitious leader, but all he did was in total vanity. Few Historians can appreciate the selflessness demonstrated by a leader like Adolf Hitler.

    Hitler’s methods were completely different than anything that Traditionalists and typical Ruling Dynasties would use, and represented a turning point in Europe’s history in moving forward towards a new era, and in demolishing thousands of years worth of human domestication in zombie lockstep.

    Most Greek and Roman rulers were actually nothing but mediocre individuals who just happened to luck out from inheriting their role in leadership. It was always the philosophers and historians which drove the innovation and spirit behind Greece and Rome.

    I am also no fan of Augustus and indeed consider him too, to be a traitor. What I find interesting is that Pragmatic Historians always seem to be obsessed with a fascination for Augustus as well as Marcus Aurelius.

    It is often stated that the perfect rulers are when its the Philosophers who are the ones in charge. Personally, my favorite Roman Statesmen is Cicero!

    I personally don’t believe in Peak Oil, it was actually a conspiracy designed by the CIA to program Americans to fear for possible oil shortages. The world is actually flush with more oil than ever, and the USA has plenty of reserves capable to supply enough oil for its own consumption for probably 1000 years or longer. There is plenty of oil everywhere else, too.

    Another thing that sickens me about today’s modern world, outside the borders of White Nations, the Non-White peoples continue to bicker about “Whites being obsessed with wars” and how White Nations were involved in WW2. Very soon, these cretins will begin to realize and regret their ignorance, for the failure of Aryanism to succeed in WW2 also has been a direct consequence for the looting and ravaging of nearly every Nation on earth since.

    What distinguishes us National Socialists from the Right-Wing, is that the Right-Wing only actually exists or unites on the basis of rigid beliefs that are usually rooted in religious and conservative fanaticism. True National Socialists and Fascists were as much against the Right-Wing as they were against the Left-Wing.

    The key difference (usually undeclared) behind the motivations of Right-Wing forces is that they are mainly looking for financial opportunism and abilities to live within a Capitalist society where they can continue ways of using Racketeering schemes and other incentives as their bread and butter of what they consider “Liberty”.

    National Socialism would absolutely deprive them of those rights.

    My overall opinion is that Nationalism shouldn’t even be up for debate. It’s an integral part and process of any Nation to uphold its dignity, so it’s never really been my focal point of attention. Without the driving spirit of Aryanism, Aryan unity and Aryan values, there is nothing to give Nationalism any value whatsoever. White Nationalists want to celebrate and claim supremacy in a time when they are doing nothing worthwhile to celebrate over or take pride in. In a culture where one White will not even be there in a situation to lend a helping hand to a comrade, but has no problem to make Superchat donations on YouTube to get paid advice from a video blogger.

    • I personally don’t believe in Peak Oil, it was actually a conspiracy designed by the CIA to program Americans to fear for possible oil shortages.

      Sounds like a conspiracy theory to me. And I believe in none of them (JFK assassination, 911 or that the New Zealand’s attacks were staged).

  4. WN is best consigned to the internet or books, it should only be a form of intelligentsia propaganda (or crusty memes pilloring our defective rulers), like Samizdat in ex-USSR, spreading literature and ideas banned by the state.

    What we really need are people that actually form political parties or activist groups, not a bunch of guys propagandising each other.

    • After Rockwell, who was killed when I was a kid, who has seriously tried that in the US?

      • To be fair the history of the US “far-right” movement is 50 years of infiltration, traitors and misdirection by government and (((free-lance))) agents.

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