Depressing days

El Greco’s landscape of Toledo depicts the priory in which John of the Cross was held captive. To see the Greco landscape in the original blue and green click: here.

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I do not have a single male friend in the metropolis where I live.

Since I have finished writing my third and last book in Spanish—I really should not write another one!—as often happens with writers, an existential void was created in my state of mind.

I visited the Café of the Gandhi Bookstore where many years ago I was meeting with a group of friends. But I did not see any familiar faces.

Back home I realised that I had forgotten to buy a book. I have been quoting the expression ‘dark night of the soul’ in this site, taken from a famous poem by John of the Cross (1542-1591). For centuries this Spaniard has had a reputation as a profound mystic, and I wanted to read his book explaining the poem on the dark night of the soul.

At home I saw the book online. It surprised me that it contained concepts such as fighting the demon of lust and the devil. That means that John of the Cross was another idiotic Christian like millions of idiotic Christians who have been there for two millennia. The only difference is that his poetry is good. His poem starts with these words (translated to English):

In an obscure night
Fevered with love’s anxiety
(O hapless, happy plight!)
I went, none seeing me
Forth from my house, where all things quiet be…

But Aztec poetry was also good despite its psychotic customs, as I have shown elsewhere. In other words, aesthetic qualities do not vindicate the poet.

When trying to invent an activity these days I caressed the idea of having a podcast again. But I dismissed it: even if I did find a technician to handle the audio, my revolutionary thinking is not legal even by First Amendment standards in the US. And if I cannot speak out as a revolutionary conspirator, it is better not to talk at all because not saying what I think depresses me.

It is truly a dark night of the soul to have to live in a world in which whites, for the first time in western history, refuse to fight. Both the image of my previous post and what a commenter said in that thread epitomise what I mean.

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  1. See for example this Canadian father, found guilty of ‘family violence’ for calling his trans daughter a ‘she’:

    Will he fight? If the Orwellian State ordered me to send a daughter to the doctor for hormone treatment (or a son in ‘transition’ to be castrated by the same doc), the judge who ordered it would not live.


    But is it legal to express this feeling in the US (let alone in Canada)?

    • Depends how entrenched they are. You see the world as is and likely have decent T levels or at a minimum are extroverted enough to express those emotions. Modern western man has none of those.
      The clown world tells Western man to be effeminate, chatty and civilized. While excusing and promoting the untamed behaviors of invaders.

    • It reminds me of when I started researching the problems of psychiatry. In the American context at least, sometimes parents were court ordered to give their children drugs like Ritalin. Or sometimes mother and father disagreed on drugging their child and the pro drugging parent would be favoured in custody disputes. I would bet even money that it’s usually the mother that is the prodrugging parent. Regardless, I thought to myself that if I was ever in such a position as a father, I would shoot my wife, my child, hopefully the judge, doctor and anyone else involved in producing that outcome, then myself. Yes, my child too. I wouldn’t suffer him to be raised by foster carers chosen by the state, or to live a curse life. It’s unfathomable to me how so few people think in this way.

      • I was thinking the same. If the state ripped my children away from me and sought to turn them into some transsexual abomination, I would make them suffer in return.

  2. call this thinking nihilist. i dunno. c.t., even if you quit writing & publishing today, as metaphorically the end of the present book, you’ve added lots of value to the earth. you’ve planted much seed that future miners of the web will unearth. eventually, a tiny portions of the planted seed will find fertile mind and germinate. and only one or several will be the successful leader[s] of the revolution.

    so your life was not wasted. and suicide is heroic. at any time. because it’s the ultimate and final expressing of one’s free choice saying, “fuk this present life. i find no game worth playing. i’m getting up from the gaming table and leaving the casino.”

    and the ultimate not cucking to the system, whose members universally cower in fear at the thought of their mortalness. fuk ’em.

    there is no comfort for the dark night of the Default Network Mode ruminations — “Narratives from the Crib” — except the temporary changing the channel and going full on Task Positive Mode of getting doing. that’s life.

    my free choice is i refuse the tarrant mode action simply to refuse giving the cuckers fuel for their propaganda furnaces. rather, if and when a leader of the revolution appears on the scene, i will lend my hand to the doing of the revolution. and if not, i will take the heroic action when i deem the time right.

  3. In my area of the USA I have found that ballroom dancing classes are an excellent way to socialize with non-pozzed. Especially swing dance clubs. It’s simple and active enough to attract younger people yet non-whites self-select out of it.

    It’s also the most heterosexual thing you can do outside of a bedroom.

    I don’t know what the dance scene is like in Mexico but you might look into taking some classes. Among other things you are likely to meet other men who are there for similar reasons. Just don’t ever be the first one to bring up politics or race issues.

    I have something else to post that might fit in this thread but it is taking me a while to type it up.

    • and contra dancing. and it’s aerobic, too. so besides good heterosexual social environ, it’s aerobic sport. mentally and physically healthy. as old walt disney was known to say, “time to stop talking and get doing.”

  4. i offer this up for what it’s worth: a black local leader who teaches the lie that christianity is and the consequences of believng that lie in wrecking his people. if you have an hour & several minutes, youtube ray hagins: if christ be not risen,

    pls tolerate me, c.t. i’m don’t intend this as an insurgent, rather to show the wreckage christinsanity has done to the non-aryans, too. to all humanoids who buy generational lies — malware passed down via parents — causing them to misuse their incredible brain resources of imagination and cognition that nature has given each of us to successfully navigate this cumulative experience we call life. believing without also reflecting.

  5. talking about revolution made me think of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City. and some of the less known players,
    -Rep. Charles Key on the Facts of the Oklahoma Bombing
    -david paul hammer, the imprisoned w/o possibiity of parole life who supposed was a cell neighbor to mcveigh and wrote his account of the affair in two books, Deadly Secrets, and Secrets Worth Dying For. mr hammer may be a fantastical liar, i don’t know; yet one can’t argue with his tragically wrecked life in prison. he authored a third book, his autobiography, The Final Escape. another victim of the long term damaging effects of childhood trauma of extreme parental chronic physical and psychological violence.

    interesting that mcveigh died three months to the date prior to 9/11, April 11, 2001. (if dates meaning anything.)

  6. “refuse to fight.”
    The situation is much more nuanced than that…

  7. Democratie Participative has put up a lengthy analysis of the latest moves by the French government to suppress right-wing dissent.

    For those of you not familiar with this site, it is a French far-right site subject to unprecedented censorship efforts last year – every internet provider in France is legally required to block access to this site since September 2018. It was the first such total block ever implemented in France. Within France, the site is only reliably accessed via Tor, and accessing it in any way is a criminal act punishable under the law. According to the weekly Democratie Participative podcast, their pageviews and listener count went up significantly as a result.

    One of their recurring themes of discussion is the increasing restrictions on free expression; this latest article delves into that in some detail, along with predictions and prescriptions for the future. Given the parallels with what is discussed on WRSA, I believe it’s worth highlighting, especially as matters have progressed farther in France than they have in the USA. I’ve therefore typed up a translation.

    As the article is long, I’ll be posting the translation in multiple sections.

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      Macron only keeps his promises to the jews.

      Social Bastion was dissolved yesterday.

      “Promise kept. The Ministerial Council today decreed the dissolution of the association ‘Social Bastion’ which incited racist and antisemitic hatred. Against discrimination, facing down all hatred, let’s stay vigilant, united, and mobilized.
      “- Christophe Castaner (@CCastaner) 24 April 2019”

      [ed: Castaner is the French Interior Minister]

      Liberation: [ed: a left-wing French weekly]

      “Social Bastion, but also Les Petits Reblochons, the Lugdunum association, the Frederic-Mistral group, the Honore-d’Estienne-d’Orves group, the Arvernis and Argentoratum Solidarity association: seven ultra-right-wing associations have been dissolved this Wednesday in the ministerial council. All arose from the first, the Social Bastion, founded in May 2017 by former members of the GUD, an exreme right-wing student organization born at Assas in the 1970s. Its members had launched the occupation of a building in Lyon for housing the poor, with motto: ‘Ours before others.’

      “End of February, on the occasion of a dinner of the CRIF [ed: French equivalent of AIPAC] marked by a resurgence of antisemitic acts, Emmanuel Macron indeed promised ‘procedures aimed at dissolving groups promoting hate’.

      “Judicially delicate, the operation was also politically risky. Besides the fact that this action gives credit to claims of victimhood by this type of movement, it can also force clandestine activity, escaping all control. Another problem: the hydra phenomenon, where each cut head grows two new ones. Questioned by Liberation in June, when the Insoumis [ed: a far-left French party] deputies presented a resolution aiming to ‘dissolve extreme-right groups’, the historian Jean Garrigues explained: ‘What we’ve learned from the dissolution of these groups is that they reconstitute themselves. Some of their leaders even won local elections.'”

      The jews and their marxist associates have in effect created a parliamentary inquisition with the objective of destroying all organized opposition to the complete invasion of France.

      A touching initiative which, understandably, doesn’t apply to antifa.

      “In the sights of the parliament members of La France Insoumise [ed: previously mentioned far-left party], groups such as the League of the Midi, the GUD, Generation Identitaire, L’Action Francaise or again Social Bastion. Among the feats of arms of these groups, cited in the resolution: aggressions while occupying school buildings (in Montpellier, Strasbourg, Lille or even Tolbiac in Paris), the blocking of the Franco-Italian border in the Hautes-Alpes by Generation Identitaire militants, claiming to block the passage of migrants but also threatening certain parliament members. The proposition finally produced a Parliamentary commission of inquest on the struggle against far-right groups. Its conclusions are expected in June.”

      The beauty of the thing is that these hearings are normally broadcast, but are closed as soon as comrades are called up.

      They must respond to a soviet composed of kikes, freemasons, and communists.

      “Thursday I am called to appear before the Parliamentary Commission on the struggle against the far right (sic) presided by a deputy of #FranceInsoumise. The repression continues. Let’s tighten our ranks!
      “-YVAN BENEDETTI (@Yvan_Benedetti) 23 April 2019”

      “The spokesman for Generation Identitaire called for closed-door hearings before the parliamentary commission on the struggle against the far right
      “-Michel Janva (@Michel Janva) 12 April 2019”

      I’ll take the occasion to remind everyone that the philosemitic yellow rag “L’Incorrect”, stable of blessed assholes bought and paid for by Marion Marechal ex-Le Pen, thought it good to add their spiel to those of the jews and marxists in an article stinking of kike for leagues around, against Social Bastion.

      This to say that the bloc confronting us has for a common denominator the jew and that the reactionary wing of the bourgeoisie is no more well-intentioned toward us than the Melenchonist clique [ed: France Insoumise] or the CRIF [ed: French equivalent of AIPAC] itself.

      We were the first, at Democratie Participative, to announce the dissolution of Social Bastion. This was in April 2018, that is to say exactly a year ago.

      The members of Social Bastion probably weren’t seriously considering this hypothesis at that time. For us, it was an inevitable development.

      Anybody can predict the future as soon as he understands the jew.

      I think I already said here that everything to the right of the Rassemblement National [ed: former Front National] will be hunted and dissolved by this jewish republic. The RN being objectively barely to the right of the Socialist Party, that gives you an idea of the space remaining for nationalist action.

      And by action, that includes even simple conferences.

      Even that old impotent sodomite Renaud Camus, in spite of his being on his knees to jewry, can be forbidden with an ironic word.

      “Among the Camus, we prefer Albert! Before these ignoble suggestions, @_LICRA_ seizes justice.
      “-LICRA (@_LICRA_)”

      [ed: LICRA is the French equivalent of the SPLC and/or ADL]

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      The jews wish to destroy our line, eradicate our blood, pulverize France and repeople it completely with all the races, ethnicities, tribes and sects of this earth. To make of it a grotesque and infernal theater where shall be acted out our own disappearance, to the hyena laughs of these jews.

      This may seem to you very exaggerated and possibly hair-pullingly crazy. But the dissolution of Social Bastion, a year ago, seemed equally an excessive scenario that only paranoids would take seriously.

      The jews of Slate and the LICRA – who act at the governmental level via DILCRAH – therefore conflate all Whites opposed to their own eradication with “jihadists”. This is the new narrative of the judeo-globalist system for preparing attitudes for its future terror campaign to keep control of occidental states.

      All this will become much clearer once the Boomers are gone, withdrawn to their secondary homes or in retirement in Morocco. Or dead.

      It will be true in the streets and on the political level.

      I have already spoken of this but I invite you to see this conference by Jerome Fouquet on the topic. He’s a left-wing type and cannot be suspected of taking up our theories to sell papers.

      This guy is politically hostile to us and naturally tends to discount our predictions. Nevertheless, his predictions are apocalyptic.

      Overall, once the Boomers have largely left the scene, French society will explode in several concurrent ethnic and racial blocs, ending logically in the Lebanonization of the country and the fundamental destabilization of the State.

      This is nothing but what we have been warning against, since forever.

      The jews act like they’re discovering the moon for the first time, but, in reality, this is what they’ve been aiming for from the start. What they didn’t anticipate was being hunted like rats by their brown auxiliaries.

      We, racists, know that any state is the product of a race. A racially negrified and semitized France can only turn itself into an interethnic powderkeg far more unstable than Yugoslavia given the racial, ethnic, and cultural divisions in question.

    • (3)


      The jews are not excessively worried: they can leave.

      This is what they’ve done for millennia, once their crimes become known and recognized.

      These jews, more French than the French and more German than the Germans [ed: reference to “That’s not who we are” type arguments, usually made by individuals who happen to be jewish, and usually in opposition to populist sentiment] make their suitcases in less time than it takes to say it when they judge the moment has come. They were the first to pull out of Algeria and come to France, where they immediately set about importing millions of North Africans who, the day before, were sharpening their blades to cut their throats.

      It’s a well-earned lesson for the French: if you are weak enough to show any goodwill to the jewish serpent, don’t go complaining when it bites you.

      Except for a few million French, the bulk of the French population can’t leave. The jews talk like they do because their backs aren’t to the wall: they believe they can fall back to Great Britain, to America, or as a last resort to Israel.

      Israel isn’t the first choice because the jew, lazy scammer that he is, knows that his racial brothers will require of him a certain daily effort that elicits no enthusiasm in the fat kike of Paris.

      The Whites, in France, don’t have this spread of choice. First because it’s their country, while the jews leave one foreign state for another, indifferently.

      Native-born ethnic French have one real option: exchange time for territory.

      The jews will use all the force of the state which they control to keep going, for as long as possible, the status quo allowing them to pillage the country.

      Once France has become a multiethnic hell, the bulk of jewry will leave seeking some new nation to vampirize while the strongest ones will have bunkered down in the most luxurious and well-connected spots in what will be left of the country: Deauville, Courchevelle, central Paris.

      From there, they’ll suck the last remains of vital energy from totally lobotomized white plebeians, encased in an iron fist by a police state regime in the bolshevik style, corrupt and brutal. When the native-born French population, forced by suffering and violence, will begin to awaken from its hypnosis, it will discover itself a stranger in its own country.

      The jews know this day will come, their efforts consist of putting it off for as long as possible.

    • (4)


      We are observing, in real time, the total collapse of France, as with the other states of Occidental Europe.

      You have liberals, confected of egalitarian moralisms, who cannot manage to unravel the current equation. Defying the kikes, living in their bourgeois bubble, what they see happening before their eyes seems mysterious but nonetheless worrisome.

      “You’re waking up about 5 to 10 years too late. The universities are totally gangrened by the decolonials. And the EHESS also. And the ENS also. And this isn’t going to decrease, because determined minorities force the placid masses to submit.
      “-Nicolas Moreau (@lordmahammer) 24 April 2019”

      Without jews and Boomers proscribing the word “race”, these fine people would have a revelation.

      This republican state, edified on the cosmopolitan ideology of antiracism, simply cannot oppose anything to the conquering tribalism of the vindicated brown masses infiltrating everywhere under orders of jewish finance and its relays in the existing bourgeoisie.

      It’s the fundamental stone on which it has been built by the jews.

      First article of the Constitution:

      “France is a Republic, indivisible, secular, democratic, and social. It assures the equality before the law of all citizens without distinction of origin, race, or religion. It respects all beliefs. Its organization is decentralized.”

      Let’s thank the grandson of rabbi Michel Debre for this edit which has turned the French State into a monster inspired by the jewish spirit, ready to devour the last racially French man for the greater glory of Israel.

      This state must, inevitably, put into practice this racial philosophy. The one we see, daily, developing before our eyes.

      The French “universities” become swampy sewers financed by the money of the white proletariat with croaking she-niggers and islamists chanting the race war to come.

      The army specifically recruits this ethnic fauna, buoyed by the enthusiasm of the box seats.

      The police forces charged with watching the native population are massively recruiting in the afro-muslim poopulations imported by jewish finance.

      In short, this state conquered by the jews is pursuing a methodical racial policy of which the final objective is the extermination of the natives.

      The descendants of those who created France.

      But there is a counterpoint to this policy: the drastic weakening of this same state due to the weak racial potential of the masses used as recruits.

      When the Boomers will have disappeared, French society will experience the greatest leap backward of modern history.

    • (5)



      This racial alteration necessarily results in the weakening of the State, which in turn brings the collapse of the culture.

      “France in free fall: we must massively invest in education and research. Exit the reality denial that causes @BrunoLeMaire to believe we can magically become a world leader in artificial intelligence
      “-Laurent Alexandre (dr_l_alexandre) 27 December 2017”

      Before speaking of politics, that is to say of collective action, I want first to speak of what you can do and owe to your personal scale if you are between 16 and 35 years of age.

      This makes the link with the collapse of which Laurent Alexandre speaks in his tweets.

      I mean your descendants, your biological perpetuation.

      Your objective, except if you are in an extremely precarious situation, must be to found a family of 3 or more children.

      But that is merely the biological dimension of the equation, the most imperative but also the least complex. It is the education of those children which shall be the true challenge you must conquer.

      You see those schools, those primary schools and high schools but also those universities foundering under the flood of hateful stupidity of the niggers and the mohammedans: do you want to send your children there for them to be psychologically infected, ruining all their development potential?

      “The reality of class in the schools of deep France? We understand why the average french IQ is in free fall … Thanks to the left that has been the gravedigger of national education and failed integration, here are tomorrow’s replacements …
      “-CA SUFFIT N*9455 (@lacavapeter) 12 June 2018”

      It would be the annihilation of your efforts to perpetuate your line, your blood, but also that of the hundreds of generations that gave you life for you to do exactly that.

      Your children are your investment on this earth, not in theory but in practice. You must educate them such that they respond present if you need their aid, and vice versa.

      You must offer them an education which permits their racial potential to express itself fully. This will then give them the means of dominating the inferior races with their intelligence, their know-how and their high level of conscience.

      Developing the historical conscience of your children will permit them to understand their environment, by what eternal laws it is ruled. This will reduce for them the risks of failure but also the dangers. In short, maximizing their chances of success and survival. Mastery of racial, social, and economic determinisms is fundamental for this and it’s what you must do.

      Your children must not only learn mathematics or physics, they must be capable of mastering these topics in order to associate them to their ongoing analysis of the world, and, more concretely, anchor their racial and social domination in everyday life.

      Your role does not therefore consist merely of transmitting life – it’s the function of the mother – but of transmitting knowledge to lead a purposeful life.

      In the same manner that one doesn’t grow roses in the middle of a garbage pile by pouring Destop on it, one doesn’t raise a healthy descendance in a neighborhood soiled by niggers or mohammedans. Nor does one place it in one of these jewish regime schools where degenerative racial proximity is actively encouraged by obese white whores who’ve absorbed all the poison of jewish marxism.

      Your children must at all costs be raised in a physical environment free of all foreign presence. In the same manner as the school where you place them, for don’t forget, it’s your investment for the future, including your own personal level.

      You must do all that is in your power to give the best possible education to your children.

      You may envisage the creation of free schools – “out of contract” – functioning on the basis of elitism and order. Such initiatives already exist, such methodologies, etc. It’s much harder but the result will be suitable to your sacrifices. For your sacrifices are investments.

    • (6)


      Your children must recieve an integrally racist and antisemitic education – therefore scientific.

      What we are going towards, all of us, by the force of adversity, is the constitution of an aryan racial elite conscious of itself which shall be cured of the jewish viruses of egalitarianism and incapacitating humanitarianism.

      From the youngest age, you must make their education be ideological and political for them to gain the most time possible when faced with the practical problems which they shall inevitably meet.

      What we are doing here, for example, at Democratie Participative, is to gain time for readers of the white race by offering them an analytical system of reality, freed of the weeds of jewish egalitarianism. For the jews do not seek to enlighten the white masses, but rather to maintain them in ignorance and obscurity in order to dominate and exploit them.

      You must educate your children that they may understand the true mechanisms which move men and society and do not lose time with inoperative abstractions.

      Social-racists are idealist-realists, that is to say their idealism is the extension of their comprehension of the realities of the material order.

    • (7)


      The most important: your boys must be educated in war. They must have a mental structure turned entirely toward warrior activity. All their life must be organized towards carrying out racial war even when it constitutes activities that, strictly speaking, are non-military.

      Do not worry: this mental structure is inherent in the brain of your boy due to millenia of genetic experience accumulated by his ancestors. You need simply activate it with a daily education process, as much physical as intellectual and psychological.

      You must activate his racial memory permanently, but in a pedagogical fashion. Notably by communicating to him the stories of heroes of his blood.

      This is not a vague idea but a reality: a niglet of Africa will remain inert before the Song of Roland.

      Not your children.

      The young white boys don’t need to be convinced to be receptive to heroic themes: it’s the blood of an aryan warrior responding to the vibrations you’re sending by putting them in touch with the antique memories of their race.

      It’s an elementary genetic phenomenon.

      All literature which passes between their hands until their adolescence must be carefully supervised to this end.

      It goes without saying that the same obligation applies to music: no nigger music, under any pretext. This music destroys the brain in activating its archaisms.

      When you travel with your children, don’t do like the herds of drooling serfs that coagulate on beaches to lounge about like niggers: make of these voyages a method for your children to discover part of their interior life. How? By anchoring your itinerary with visits recalling feats of arms of the ancients.

      Don’t opt for the easy destinations of the masses, but rather those requiring effort. The North and East rather than the South, save for evident cultural reasons as with Greece or Italy.

    • (8)


      If the jews deploy so much energy in the destruction of the family in Occident, it’s not just to pass the time. It’s to prevent white humanity from perpetuating itself with the goal of racially eradicating it, conforming to their genocidal spirit.

      To respond in the most effective manner to this collective danger, a white collective conscience must form in order to take necessary defensive measures.

      You must therefore, for the survival of your children, transmit to them this collective racial conscience such that the necessity of communal defense never leaves them.

      You must teach your children to function as a clan linked eternally by blood. Notably in teaching them household chores, for example.

      As with soldiers, never leave them inactive in order to develop their cohesion.

      Racial, generational, and social de-responsibilization instituted by the nanny state will not survive that state’s disappearance, once its piles of debts have imploded. Your family, organized as a clan, must function as an autarky without any exterior support from the State.

      A literature exists on these questions, do your research.

    • (9)


      After the quantitative notion, the qualitative: you must give them the awareness that they belong to a racial aristocracy, throughout time and history, forming a whole, united by blood and genetics.

      They must possess a radical racial pride. Racial equalitarianism has a more insidious form: ethno-differentialist relativism which consists of saying that if differences exist and must exist, yet no hierarchy exists between races or peoples.

      It’s a soft-headed vision of the old owner, sure of his rents, who doesn’t perceive himself genuinely threatened and quenches the thirst for domination without which, daily, no ambition can exist.

      We have ambition because we have the awareness of power, therefore of duty. Whites were unquestioned masters at home when they desired to dominate all that existed on earth.

      To obtain 50, one must aim for 100. It’s a basic psychological rule.

      Your children, especially the boys, must be feral young racists, intelligent, full of empathy and fraternity for themselves, and pitiless toward the enemy.


      Inculcate this moral principle.

    • (10)


      I return to the political sphere, the immediate collective level by which I began this article.

      As I’ve explained here on multiple occasions, in an antiwhite jewish democracy on course for submersion, the law of numbers coupled with the invader’s compulsive racism renders via ballots any victory illusory which might otherwise be of a nature to resolve the anthropological problems we face.

      Sooner or later, Whites must seize their only escape: racism. The only thing dissuading them comes from the judeo-marxist state clergy teaching Whites to integrate self-destructive reflexes, beginning with shame for themselves and this poison sentiment of guilt.

      A sentiment which can be cured only by exalting racial pride.

      Without destroying this mental cancer at its root by shattering the jewish racial taboo on racism, this acquired incapacity with which the demon has inoculated us, no will to life nor strength of body will take form.

      Inversely, those who dare shatter the jewish idol of antiracism demonstrate, by their mental force, that they’ve passed the psychological test of survival instinct.

      To survive, you must displease the jews, the half-breeds, and those in your family infected with mental AIDS.

    • (11)


      Politically, it would indeed be better to control the Elysee. But even under control that would not cause the disappearance of the enormous apparatus of the judeo-marxist state which administers France.

      Look at Trump: he was undeniably seeking to save the white majority in the USA. The state, finance, and the media prevented it.

      If in the american democracy, the most powerful man on earth can be stopped by a handful of journalists and politicians, what do you think would happen in France in a similar case?

      Elections can serve to mobilize masses but not to make a revolution.

      Believing in the electoral miracle is to believe we may dispense with the sacrifices of a revolution by playing hooky in the voting booth. No: once out of the booth, Mr. Cohen is waiting for you firmly with his press and his finance.

      We obtain nothing on this earth without working, fighting, taking risks, and especially, failing. Victory is obtained by ceaseless failure, that is to say by learning from the innumerable errors committed without which one cannot know what is true and what is not.

      Certain among us like seeing Adolf Hitler’s electoral success as an example. It was certainly an extraordinary accomplishment. But it is a nuanced success: supported by 3 million SA in the streets, having acquired the favor of an army stronger than that of any modern European state, Adolf Hitler owed his accession to power only to proportional democraty and Hindenburg’s goodwill.

      Adolf Hitler had acquired 42% of the vote in 1933 and, in and of itself, that wouldn’t have sufficed without the willingness of the German aristocracy to negotiate.

      Our jewish republic imposes a threshold of 50.01% and that will not suffice.

      It is not chance that Adolf Hitler immediately militarized the German State to lead his social revolution: all the garbage of the ancient world would have sabotaged all his efforts.

      Also, even with the electoral and legal forms, Adolf Hitler did not make a complete economic revolution.

      What would we look like, tomorrow, if a vague rightist president took the Elysee only to then find himself besieged by the jewish press, the communist trade unions, the anarchist vermin and the afro-islamic scum?

      And we are only speaking of a single State while all of Europe is assaulted.

      All concepts currently in play are obsolete.

    • (12)


      What we must create is a new formula corresponding to what we are living. The realist-idealism of which I spoke earlier.

      And this formula cannot be some bourgeois thing, vaguely xenophobic and opportunistic. It must be a rational political formula, solidly anchored in empirical social and racial reality, but no less revolutionary.

      On the contray, since it is scientific this formula will be revolutionary in a universe where judeo-equalitarian obscurantism prevails.

      We must systematically cause the flight of the bourgeois who never fail to orbit us, these poisoners who always, eventually, play the game of the jews. And to succeed, it will be necessary to adopt a revolutionary tone that scares away these impotent babblers.

      The destruction of Social Bastion coupled with the demographic dynamics must cause us to opt for revolutionary political action.

      “Young muslims of 20 years are those born at the START of the demographic acceleration begun at the end of the 90s. In a handful of years there will be twice as many young muslims of 15-20 years as there were in the riots of 2005. The 2020 decade will be decisive.
      “-Matthieu (@MYvelines) 23 April 2019”

      The fateful pivot is the disappearance of the Boomers. After that, antifascism and antiracism will die like a sick dog in the gutter.

      The future generation must have a simple formula, key in hand, to be the army when this historical piot will occur. That is to say between 2020 and 2030. That is why, here, we prioritize awakening those of 15-30 years.

      Young whites must be brought to accept the white idea by the hundreds of thousands and that thanks to certain slogans, a few synthesizing books and a banner.

      A white Hezbollah based on a white Juche, with economic effectiveness into the bargain.

    • (13? I’ve lost count)

      The cardinal axis of north Korean politics is national independence. Many joke willingly about the state of economic under-development of that state, as of the repression practiced there.

      It’s abstracting out the fact that this is the cost to be paid for a nation to be really independent.

      North Korea doesn’t have the choice between poverty and prosperity but between independence and vassalization. The North Korean state has proven its willingness for independence such that it prefers to endure an eternal famine rather than to submit to any foreign power whatsoever.

      This isolated and impoverished state holds its ground, for decades, against the great power of the planet: the USA, controlled by the jews.

      It’s not a small accomplishment.

      If I speak of North Korea, it’s because in comparison, our spiritual force is currently close to zero. We accept letting niggers rape our girls, we led mohammedans tread the land of our ancestors, and finally, we thank the jews for insulting us and soiling the greatest accomplishments of our fathers.

      To close it out, we must applaud the traitors who give us to the enemy.

      There is something more costly to preserve than a full belly: the honor of a nation.

      We joke about this penniless North Korea with its starving deserters. But if a single foreigner ventures to scar by a millimeter the national honor of this state, he is pitilessly punished.

      North Korea is poor but, spiritually, it is to this day a block of steel. Which is, even if it collapsed tomorrow, an extraordinary performance.

      It is exactly thus that we must punish our enemies who speak a single wrong word, had we still a semblance of self-respect. But the jew has taught us to hate ourselves to the same degree he’s taught us to love him, him the enemy of the nations.

      What little North Korea has done, in spite of the huge coalition against it – how much, with greater reason, could we accomplish with a white revolutionary force?

      It is because at the origin of North Korea was revolutionary fervor that this state still exists

      Obviously, I am not comparing Koreans to Frenchmen or Europeans. There are ethno-psychological determinisms and cultural and historical contexts which forbid a comparison.

      But I let you imagine what 100,000 Whites, galvanized, organized, and united by a single will could do. Imagine, then, what would be done by 1 million or 10 million Whites.

      It is this revolutionary flame that we must light in the youngest possible white hearts.

    • (14 and final)

      And we must do it, on our scale, immediately, by a revolutionary propaganda, that is to say a propaganda targeting the enemy frontally. The international white party – our party! – will be built first by propaganda, as a tool for diffusing our revolutionary idea.

      To believe that the jews will allow us to lead our revolution out in the open is absurd. These demons will put all on the line to bury us alive, us and our children.

      I therefore want to emphasize to what point we must be revolutionary fanatics, impermeable to any form of compromise whatsoever.

      We will not pass the present crisis except by a leap of a nature to envelop the enemy. To crush the enemy everywhere, we must act everywhere, on the scale of the peoples of European origin. Our objective, wherever is found white revolutionaries, is the creation of a global white state, a white empire controlling without contest the northern hemisphere of this planet.

      Dialectically, France, due to its status as a jewish colony and the European country the worst infected by the judeo-globalist power, is de facto on the forefront of this racist revolution. It is she who is the most advanced in the hebraic decadence.

      Historically, France has played a motivating role in the acceleration of ideas and of political ruptures, for the worse as for the better.

      Our task consists of giving to young Whites the synthesis formula for the 21st century. It shall not be done without sacrifice, nor without risk.

      Comment thread:

      • I am happy that these French use the word ‘racist’ from an already ‘transvalued values’ POV.

        But like the American WNsts, who are reluctant to blame themselves (Mammon worship + Christian ethics is the double-helix DNA that founded the US) these French are unwilling to cite the havoc brought by French Revolution axiology.

        IMO the first step for a cure is a good diagnosis.

        Both American and French racists focus on the Jews because they’re still unwilling to face the fact that they empowered them.

        Just remember how after the French Revolution they discussed if the Jews would be emancipated. Alas, the faction that accepted them as citizens won.

        Just as churches must burn worldwide, all monuments in Paris celebrating the 1789 revolution must be destroyed in a western Revolution à la Turner Diaries.

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