Feminism in Game of Thrones

‘8 damn seasons of build up and the White Walkers lose on their first battle past the Wall? And no major [human] characters even die in the biggest battle, how? —disillusioned Game of Thrones fan.

Today Counter-Currents published ‘Women & Game of Thrones’ which contains a phrase pronounced by the actor who plays the role of Jon Snow (now, aspiring to the throne): ‘the show is feminist’. Yesterday HBO released the third episode of season 8, and the feminism of Game of Thrones has reached its zenith.

Throughout eight seasons the audience was patiently prepared for a final confrontation between the Night King and the forces of Good. To begin with, this betrays the claim of the author of the novels: that unlike The Lord of the Ring, Game of Thrones would not be Manichaean.

Very independently of the idea that George R. R. Martin may have to finish his final novel of the series, what ‘Jon Snow’ said is absolutely true: the series is feminist.

In 2017 I spoke on this site about the teenager Arya Stark as ‘capable of wiping out an entire House (in the previous season she killed the Feudal Lord)’. Yesterday, this girl did what LOTR’s Frodo achieved by destroying the One Ring: she alone, not a male warrior, killed the Night King (thus automatically destroying his whole army)!

It is useless to argue with a normie that we males have more agility and strength in sports than women, not to mention in hand-to-hand combat. Feminism has been so malicious cancer to the West that even in his final novel of the saga on the creation of a White Republic, the novelist Harold Covington puts a woman murdering the president of the United States at the climax that would define whether the White Republic would survive or not.

I repeat, it is not clear what George R. R. Martin has in mind for the outcome of his novel series. But the fact that the Game of Thrones writers have spoiled the tension accumulated in eight seasons with this scene of the girl Arya making her Frodo, reminds me that LOTR itself does not end with the destruction of the One Ring. It ends with a chapter on a final battle in the Shire that Peter Jackson did not film—the anticlimax.

Either way, the culmination of the TV series Game of Thrones happened yesterday. We were led to believe that the Night King, who had prepared for eight thousand years to invade the south, was surprised by a young Ninja female who, for some reason, appeared out of nowhere even though the Night King was surrounded by the Army of the Dead and the White Walkers (a sort of Praetorian guard for the Night King).

Yes: it can be argued that the final season ended yesterday in terms of climax, despite the fact that three more episodes remain for the next Sundays. In those episodes we will probably watch intrigues between the two houses about who will stay in the iron throne: Queen Cersei or Queen Daenerys.

If Germany had won the war, the feminist crap written by Jewish screenwriters to demoralize the Aryan male would never have reached Western television.

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  1. First time I hear of this but I checked the wikipedia page and it says:

    Game of Thrones is an American fantasy drama television series created by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss for HBO.

    Two kikes. Dismissed.

    Likewise, to appreciate the good and danger of a philosophical or scientific theory one must first ask about the racial origin of its author. If he is a Jew, then this theory must be false and harmful to non-Jews.

    • We are Jew-wise but for millions of normies, GoT is a show created by whites.

    • both freud and einstein: misses are as good as miles. the jews and their incessant need to weave disparate observations into universal theories. why? laziness, maybe? theories that yield consistent results mean recipes jew factory owners can hire goy proletariates to follow on production lines.

  2. Why did Nature create the Jew? The devastation he wrought upon this Earth is greater than what 10 Chicxulub might have done.

    • Semitic races are by product of miscegenation,semitic languages belong to family of afro asiatic language group.

      Jews are counter race. Judaism is a counter religion,it evolved as a normative inversion of Egyptian religious tradition.

      Every ideology emanating from Jews is anti natural, against the natural law.

      Jews are by product of miscegenation of asiatic,afroid,semitic and some indo european blood, they are most resilient parasite evolved on earth.

      Christians are by nature ” spiritual jews”. Both Christianity and judaism are parasitic counter religions

      • Do agree, but still, I think you know what I’m talking about.

        And it is precisely because it is anti-Nature that the Jew will meet its demise. It may take some time, but it will come.

      • None of those postulations try to answer his metaphysical question.
        As to what you said, very materialistic.

      • Devan, that is the pithiest analysis/explanation I have ever read. Thank you and well done!

  3. Feminism ruined Westworld as well. I know they’re supposed to be robots but when the “women” robots are able to kick everyone’s ass while the “men” robots are wimps, it amounts to the same thing.

  4. The most abominable character in the series is that tall blonde warrior woman, Brienne of Tarth.
    It’s more than just disgusting pro-transexual propaganda.
    This bitter bitch stubbornly behaves like a noble man all the time.
    This testosteronous twat managed to beat the second strongest man in the world, the Hound – in a fistfight!

    They created a character that embodied all the chivalric qualities of a knight, who lives by a strict code of honor, and gave it a woman’s body.

    The past episode they dedicated an entire scene to knight the freak. When the Big Red Barbarian asks “why can’t she be knighted?”, she answers “Tradition.” to which he retorts “Fuck tradition.”
    Men go to war so women don’t have to. And here a Nordic, tribal savage, says ‘fuck tradition’…

    I could go on, but I’d be preaching to the choir. This show is pure concentrated poison, and I’m glad it’s almost over. I pity the white idiots who wasted time and money watching, purchasing, discussing, and even worse, reading, this trite tortuous trash.

    • The whole point that men go to war is to protect women and children: pure tribal survivalism. What is good is that even normie fans of the show (e.g., those mentioned by this guy) are now saying that they hated the episode because of the Arya scene vs. the Night King.

  5. I have a question that is never answered – why didn’t White men exterminate Jews CENTURIES ago?

    • Because Jews were worth a lot of MONEY.

    • The Romans had a big opportunity to wipe them out (see the masthead of this site, Rome vs. Judea).

      After the war,​ they believed they could handle Jews as they had handled Semitic Carthaginians after the Punic wars.

      They were mistaken obviously. If Hadrian knew what would happen after enslaving the survivors (spreading Xtianity, etc.) he would have killed ’em all.

      • But why didn’t he? I know he came close – Hadrian was probably the best – but there have been so many opportunities through the centuries.

  6. The female assassin/perpetrator was nearly realized in the case of Manson Family acolyte Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme and her attempt on President Ford.

    • But that’s the point.

      In real life, this Fool (looks like the archetypal Fool!) was unable to fatally reach President Ford. In Hollywood and TV, on the other hand, you can make a girl very powerful (see the ropes that hold Arya).

      Again, in the real world Lynette Fromme was sentenced to life imprisonment (though released on parole a decade ago after serving 34 years). In GoT Arya became the female equivalent of Frodo.

  7. Alright, I’m going to be “That Guy” and defend both Arya Stark and Game of Thrones.

    For the record, I make this defense as a White Nationalist who believes that the Germans were the good guys in WW2, who accepts the reality that not all Whites are created equal,* and who strongly endorses your position that Christianity is a form of malware that must be removed if the White Race is to survive.

    *My new answer to liberals and race deniers when they ask me “who is White?” is this: “All Nordics, most Alpines, and some Mediterraneans are White. Everyone else is a Colored Person.”

    So then, all that being said, allow me to address your main point head on:

    Yesterday, this girl did what LOTR’s Frodo achieved by destroying the One Ring: she alone, not a male warrior, killed the Night King (thus automatically destroying his whole army)!

    It is useless to argue with a normie that we males have more agility and strength in sports than women, not to mention in hand-to-hand combat”

    Everything you said here about women being physically inferior to men is true. However, that biological fact did not and does not prevent me from enjoying those moments and loving those moments. I have zero empathy for those who didn’t like this climactic battle against the White Walkers, because that moment where she puts seven years of training to use against the Night King was the single most amazing scene I’ve ever seen on television.

    Benoiff and Weiss went with the tried-and-true directing method of allowing the audience to feel that all is lost until the day is saved. That trope may be tiresome to a lot of disillusioned people who don’t even believe in Good and Evil, but to me, it was executed to utter perfection on Sunday night. The move that Arya used to destroy the Night King was foreshadowed in Season 7 during her duel/training with Brienne of Tarth. She feigned with her sword one way and then caught her foe in a compromised position with her Valayrian Steel dagger the other way. Brienne even asks her, “where did you learn that?” Well, she learned it from combining the different techniques she picked up from Syrio Forel (Season 1), from The Hound (Season 4), from Jagen Hagar (Season 5), and from her arch enemy The Waif (Season 6), who she slays by burning out the candle and forcing the Waif to fight in the dark, where Arya had experience from fighting blind.

    Simply put: Arya was absolutely qualified to sneak up on the Night King and pull that stunning move. By Season 7, she had become basically the most deadly killer in Westeros next to The Mountain, who wasn’t in Winterfell for that battle. And here’s the key thing: At no point does Arya overwhelm anyone with brute strength like Brienne of Tarth does, or like The Hound, or like The Mountain. Her jumping in the air to kill the Night King is an athletic feat, and it should be obvious from previous seasons that she has the athletic ability to pull that off. She kills her enemies through superior guile and craft. Now, you can say, “but a woman would never have those kind of skills in the real world,” but that’s a totally different point than saying, “a woman can’t physically do that.” I don’t care whether a woman would or wouldn’t do the things Arya does, because 1. She can indeed physically do them. 2. It doesn’t detract from the quality of the story as far as I’m concerned.

    I could not more strongly disagree with the dismissive take that seemingly the entirety of the pro-White Movement (radical or mainstream) has expressed towards this episode and this show. I also don’t care that Benoiff and Weiss are Jews, because those two know how to write and how to tell a great story. (I dare say, one of the reasons Jews have taken control of the key institutions of our societies is because they are flat out better than our own people at telling great stories and pulling at heart strings). In the Battle of Winterfell, they ditched the terribly annoying “Gray Morality” that defined George R.R. Martins books and went with straight up Good vs. Evil, which is exactly what the this was: The All White cast of Westeros (Good)* going up against a horde of zombies (Evil). I liked how that battle was portrayed from a moral standpoint, and the only complaints I have are some of the poor battle strategies on both sides (I wish both the Night King and Jon Snow were more creative in their overall scheme, as both of them made predictable moves and avoidable tactical errors). That being said, this was basically like the Battle of Helms Deep from LOTR, with equally important ramifications, and I thought it was spectacular.

    *Grey Worm and Missendei, along with brief appearances from House Martell, are the only main characters of color in the entire show, and since they both serve at the pleasure of Daenerys Targaryen, it can be argued that neither of them have any agency. The Dothraki also don’t have any agency, as they all pledged to serve Daenerys. This has been a major complaint among leftists, who are used to getting whatever they want from pop culture these days.

    White Normies clearly agree, because to be honest, the people who are dismissive of this show (on both the Left and Right) are people with ideological axes to grind. This isn’t the Ghostbusters remake or even the new Star Wars movies where a LOT of reasonable people strongly disliked them. This is a show that basically every Normie who has watched it has loved it, and that says something about the complete and total disconnect that the Movement has with something like 90% of Whites worldwide.

    I know that probably doesn’t give you any pause Cesar, but it gives me pause. In a backdoor way, it proves Joe Walsh right about the critiques he’s made of Whites in the comment sections of this website (I’m most definitely a prime example of what he was critiquing). I hope one day Whites wake up and defend themselves against their enemies, but if that requires adopting the cultural beliefs that are espoused on pro-White websites, then I’ve got serious doubts whether such an awakening will ever happen, because it is self-evidently clear, even in the case of myself, that the far majority of Whites want nothing to do with those cultural beliefs.

    tl’dr Yes, men are physically stronger then women. So what?

    • End you life.

    • I didn’t read beyond your sentence:

      I have zero empathy for those who didn’t like this climactic battle against the White Walkers, because that moment where she puts seven years of training to use against the Night King was the single most amazing scene I’ve ever seen on television.

      Have you read Collin Aisling’s ‘Women & Game of Thrones’ or at least what we said about feminism and GoT a couple of years ago (here)?

      If you indeed are what you say above, you should abhor screenplays authored by Jews that are making white teenage girls believe, in all seriousness, that girls can be as effective warriors as tough males.

      This translates in girls trying to emulate Arya (motherhood—forbid!): a psyop to exterminate Aryans. Can’t you get something so obvious?

      • “Have you read Collin Aisling’s ‘Women & Game of Thrones’ or at least what we said about feminism and GoT a couple of years ago (here)?”

        Yes, I’ve read both. As a matter of fact, when I binge watched GoT in March right before Season 8 started, I decided to click on your blog to see what you had to say about it, as I know you’ve discussed GoT in the past. Suffice to say, I have a different worldview and system of values then you, even though we ironically agree on the important things I mentioned before. I do not agree with most of the points you made in that link, although I won’t go into that in this comment.

        “If you indeed are what you say above, you should abhor screenplays authored by Jews that are making white teenage girls believe, in all seriousness, that girls can be as effective warriors as tough males.”

        So here’s a quote from Ferdinand Bardamu, who wrote that outstanding essay deconstructing Christianity that you published in 21 parts on this blog back in March 2018. Bardamu’s essay was published in two parts on “Council of European Canadians” in April 2018, and that site continued to publish more of his work:


        I highly recommend you publish his article about the Aryans in India and his article about Slavery, but the one I wish to quote from is his disturbing and eye-opening essay, “Will Eugenics Save The White Man From “Idiocracy”?


        His hypothesis, which also was stipulated in an article by Charles Wood on American Renaissance in October 2015, is that the collective IQ of Whites worldwide has declined by 14 points over the last 150 years. Whereas there was upward breeding/eugenics from the time of the Black Plague until roughly 1873, since then, there has been downard breeding/dysgenics, where the stupid and dull among the White Race are vastly out-breeding the intelligent and creative. Here’s the quote from Bardamu’s article that is pertinent to the point I’m going to make:

        “The race-conscious White man is faced with a dilemma: because of liberal elite hostility to his own ethnic genetic interests, any program of eugenic enhancement would be outlawed under the current totalitarian leftist order; at the same time, he cannot simply wait out the elite-managed decline of Western civilization. In less than a few generations, most of his race may become drooling mental defectives, (emphasis mine) if they haven’t already miscegenated themselves out of existence into the burgeoning mass of Third World “migrants” who now infest his homeland. If he must take action, he must take it now, otherwise all is lost.”

        So then Cesar, my grand point to you is this:

        It’s damning enough that the (((media))) and (((education system))) successfully convinced Whites that Muds are actually their intellectual and moral equals despite all evidence to the contrary. That fact alone means Whites already have dangerous levels of gullibility. HOWEVER, in the case of Muds, the plausible excuse for how Whites fell for that one is that Muds are able to mimic Whites to the point where Whites can accept that they are, indeed, “just like us.” Of course, any Racialist worth his salt knows that’s a lie, but lets be honest: At a bare minimum, we have to point to evidence such as IQ stats and crime stats to have a case that Colored People are different from us. If we just state it outright, it’s not exactly obvious.

        By contrast, there’s no need whatsoever to turn to IQ stats, or crime stats, or ANY stats to demonstrate the differences between men and women. They are bloody self-evident as soon as you walk in the weight room, or watch a sporting match between school children at recess in which both boys and girls are playing. The differences in physical ability between boys and girls are so obvious and self-evident that the ONLY way White people would fall for the lie of physical equality is if they are ALREADY a race of drooling mental defectives that Bardamu describes. If the White Race is THAT far gone – if a show like Game of Thrones can actually convince White girls that they are the equals of boys – then I for one choose to accept the inevitable fate that awaits all Whites, because I do not want to spend my 30s and 40s feeling hopeless. I want to enjoy life while I have it.

        But I don’t believe the White Race is actually that far gone. I refuse to believe that my race is already a bunch of drooling mental defectives, and therefore, I do not think they are vulnerable to the brainwashing you describe. Racial brainwashing? Yes. Gender brainwashing? There’s no way. I’ve never met a girl in my life who insisted to my face – or to anyone’s face – that women are the physical equals of men. They know better, and I doubt that watching “Game of Thrones” will convince them otherwise.

        “This translates in girls trying to emulate Arya (motherhood—forbid!): a psyop to exterminate Aryans. Can’t you get something so obvious?”

        They’d be emulating a girl who has demonstrated a remarkable commitment to telling the truth about thorny situations (most notably the Butchers Boy situation in Season 1, Ep 2), and who has shown an admirable hatred for the evil people who have wronged her and her innocent family members. Arya Stark is my favorite GoT character because she’s basically an Avatar of me in all her sentiments. Like Arya, I pride myself on telling the Truth no matter what. Like Arya, I have a Sith-like hatred of people who would do harm to me and other innocent people like me. That’s why I’m defending her so strongly.

      • I didn’t read all of your long-winded ‘reply’. But your phrase

        Arya Stark is my favorite GoT character because she’s basically an Avatar of me in all her sentiments

        makes me think that your soul has been snatched by the Jewish creators of GoT.

        I will leave other commenters to respond to the other sentences I didn’t read.

        (And please, never add bare URLs in the comments section fo this site.)

  8. @DP84 I binge-watched Game of Thrones in April 2018, and if you were a true fan, you’d despise what it became after Season 4 (and I didn’t read the books). Arya’s arc has always been a travesty, a cheesy affront to the overall tone and message of the show. She was somewhat bearable as a comic relief when the Hound’s slave, but after that she became a robot, a boring terminator loli (with a stone face).

    Season 6 was a bit better than 5. But 7 was just a corpse mutilation. 8 is an exercise in destroying and mocking anything left.

    Nobody in America has probably noticed this, but to me the verdict on Season 8 is clear from the the introduction cinematic – it only shows two locations (King’s Landing and Winterfell)! That’s literally an American sitcom now.

    P.S. My favourite character is Tywin Lannister. A strong, proud pater familias.

    • Also, my absolute favourite female character is Catelyn Stark. A strong and proud mother/wife. She was sidelined later on, but in Season 1 she reminded me of Morwen.

      A stark contrast to the whore Sansa. Again, this show is a joke when it portrays an intercourse between a husband and his wife as rape.

      On the topic of females, the cutest was definitely Nell Tiger Free cast as Myrcella Baratheon. It’s great they killed her off before marrying her to a negro. See, this show isn’t even that bad.

      • No major female GoT character is so likable for me. Catelyn Stark committed a gross blunder (abducting the dwarf) that started the war with the Lannisters. This happens when you empower women, even by medieval standards.

      • I like when characters make blunders and pay for them.

      • That’s okay.

        But my point is that there are indeed lovable female characters in cinema before the Jews overwhelmed whites in Hollywood. One of them is Melanie in Gone with the Wind (1939).

        Incredibly, Olivia de Havilland who played Melanie still lives today at age 102!

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