Ethnosuicidal GoT fans

Further to my Monday post ‘Feminism in Game of Thrones’.

For those who believe that Jewish subversion is the primary cause of white decline and poor little whites their blameless victims, see what one of the main webzines of white nationalism, Counter-Currents, just published: ‘Guide to Kulchur, Episode 17: Game of Thrones Seen from the Right [sic!]. The Return of Good & Evil to Westeros’.

From the right? Really?

I stopped listening to the first audio right after minute seven when Fróði Midjord and John Morgan agreed they weren’t bothered with the (Jewish script) placing the girl Arya as the New Frodo. This tolerance of feminism reminds me very strongly what I said about Harold Covington in my ‘Feminism in Game of Thrones’.

With these brilliant commentators from the right, who needs the Jews? Haven’t they heard that feminism has been a weapon of mass destruction directed against whites? Are we living in parallel universes?

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  1. You are right in everything and all that (unironically), but are you sure about using such terms as Right and Left? Even “liberal” has rightfully fallen out of use, and you did pick up “neo-Christian” (although it’s clunky and ultimately unneeded, imo).

    But Right? Doesn’t the Right support capitalism? Aren’t American racists only right-wing because [they’re indoctrinated by capitalists and] lefties support the most disenfranchised and those are negroes?

    Can’t one be moderately left and still recognize racial struggle?

    From what I’ve seen, no right-wingers talk against stopping treating child diseases. Medicine should only be reserved for adults, and adult diseases.

    But hey, in modern academia, “materialism” is exclusively reserved for economy-based Marxism! Even though racism is ultimately Darwinian mechanicist materialist and anti-supernatural world-loving atheist in nature. But you simply can NOT be a homophobic atheist in Amerikwa.

    You know, there is an untapped potential in post-middle-Christian* Ukraine – the return of old school Christians in the 1990s coincided with the coming of homos. Robert Bowers and John Earnest were old school Christians, however.

    Old school Christianity – Uncle Tom’s Christianity & French atheism.
    Middle Christianity – Bolshevism, Chinese empire, Russian Orthodoxy.
    Neo-Christianity – “Cultural Marxism”, cvckoldry, faggots.

    Good ideologies – Army First (Songun)!

    • Yes: the term ‘right’ is deceiving, but I used it simply because Greggy used it in the article linked above.

      The issue of people in the Alt-Right commenting about GoT and not being bothered with its feminism reminds me those Daily Stormer commenters a few years ago that replied the first anti-feminist articles by Anglin with sentences like ‘I am not a feminist but…’

      The point is that all of these Alt-Rightists and WNsts who fail to condemn Jewish screenwriters suggesting that cute girls can be as brave warriors as males–and even better warriors (see the other article in Greggy’s webzine linked in my Monday post)—are part of the swamps that are contributing for the (((mosquitoes))) to thrive in Hollywood and in HBO.

      That’s the whole point in yesterday’s discussion with Rhnegatives in my previous thread.

      • I am sorta proud to state that I have never spent one second of my precious life’s time on kike sewage like “Game of Kike Porn Normalization”. I know we must engage with popular culture – but True Whites should be trying to convince other Whites to refrain from supporting such anti-White kike GARBAGE.

    • Hello Hymie! Earnest is a Jew. His Mommy, Lisa Newberg, is a JEW. She’s the female equivalent of Ron Perleman, and I am NOT kidding. Robert D Bowers doesn’t EXIST. No old Jews were shot up in Pittsburgh, PA last October. Negroes are NOT disenfranchised, but they are the most coddled Race of Orcs on Earth.

    • @AdunaiLeVierte

      One more thing too about the Right-Wing that is SPECIFICALLY different, which they become highly defensive about compared to our National Socialist beliefs, is that since the Right-Wing is essentially Ultra Conservative and without exception rooted in Religious Fanaticism (Christianity), they also oppose Abortion in every instance even if it means the girl has been raped by a Non-White (they suggest giving the mixed race baby up for adoption), along with the fact that the Right-Wing also wishes to keep racial monstrosities like Autistic and other Mental Liabilities as something acceptable to keep alive. They believe that any abortion for any reason is totally evil, since they don’t have any allegiance to the concept of Race or maintaining a healthy gene pool.

      And this, to answer your wonder about it, is exactly why the Right-Wing has little to no concern about correcting disease. It is simply not profitable or in the interest of their elite circles to do so.

      As far as Left/Right Wing nonsense, what I have noticed is that in any case to describe National Socialism, the jews have a strategic advantage in instances when and where they want us to be known as Right Wing, and in other cases as Left Wing. In the current Pro-Zionist Right-Wing regime of Brazil, for example, Bolsonaro is adamant about Nazis being regarded as “Left Wing”. It really is just ridiculous, since we are in fact neither.

      • Do you have a link of WNsts saying it’s okay to leave the mixed baby to live even after rape?

        I am not doubting your story but it would be better if I knew their own words.

        Many years ago I was flabbergasted that a neo-nazi commenter said at Age of Treason that the Nazi program to euthanize defective German children was Allied propaganda. He and other commenters of that old thread were of the impression that Nazi axiology was like Neo-Xtian moral tenets.

        Pure American projection of course! The real Nazis had left Christian moral tenets behind.

      • Um, I don’t have links but these are actually from conversations I’ve had with them. I can name you one individual who is well known in scouting and monitoring online White Nationalism, who is very adamant about never aborting even a Race mixed baby and you can feel free to message him on Facebook if you wish. His name is Nathanael Justin Provan. In addition, I will send you some screen material I have of a conversation that took place with former TWP leader Matt Heimbach, who admitted some things you may be shocked to see. It also created a major uprising at a public event I went to when it was revealed.

      • Yes, I have posted some articles about Heimbach on this site: another American who tried to mix oil with water, Christianity with NS.

  2. ethnosuicidal. i.e., white slavery. or rather, all of us “dumb masses” slaves. what else can we really be? the accepted norm being working 40 hours a week, the majority of us not liking our jobs. how much time have we got left for reading good literature. and reflection of a tough read? most choose the easy way out and turn on the smart tee bee and select from the mass of jew written and produced utter shit story telling products — of which GoT is just one of many, and incidentally not worth 30 seconds of brain energy to critique, instead instinct telling the good volks “Turn This Shit Off.” simple statistics, tallying the products consumed, tells the story: our consumptions dribbling out of the many supply chains of jew capitalisms.

    praise for andrew nelson lytle, the proponent of southern agrarianism. and he practiced what he preached. living in a log cabin and growing his food. far from the madding crowds of jew owned and operated northern industrialism.

    • ethnosuicidal: we mostly have ourselves to blame for our free choices: choosing too frequently to slop at the jew troughs.

    • > ‘of which GoT is just one of many, and incidentally not worth 30 seconds of brain energy to critique…’

      Actually, if WNsts and folks in the Alt-Right are not being bothered by GoT’s bad messages, it’s legit to criticize them. Remember, I said recently that we must troll the nationalists as a sort of Linderesque tactic: punching those to our immediate left.

      WNsts are on my left…

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