Schizo American WN

This discussion between Tom Robb and Matt Heimbach illustrates the split personality of American racists who, at the same time, try to be good Christians.

Pay special attention to what Robb and Heimbach say in the highlighted red boxes.

Friday postscript: It seems that this exchange happened in ca. July 2017 (before the scandal with Matt Parrott’s wife).

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  1. These people literally sound insane! I’ve always agreed with Heimbach and TWP on the economic and anti-empire stuff, but this Christ Insanity shit is too much! I never understood how seemingly otherwise intelligent people fall for it and even construct all kinds of kooky interpretations of the bible.

    • There’s something wrong that Tom (who seems to embrace CI) told Matt: that the latter was a ‘cultural Marxist’.

      He was not: Heimbach was simply following basic Christian tenets, including the Orthodox stance against phyletism, a word Matt himself uses in the last red box.

  2. Wow……… everyone who hasn’t yet read that short exchange must to understand why christianity of any flavour is no use if you really are a WN, NatSoc, traditionalist or anyone that wants to save our white nations.

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